This   prophetical   letter   to  you   &  many   other   Christian  USA   lead- ers   is   a    follow-uo   to  my   October  4th   letter    (*see  below)  which was   also  sent   out   to   God's   leaders.     As   your  brother  in  Christ, I'm   asking   you   to   consider    the   seriousness  &    urgency  of    the content   of     both    of     these    letters   &    to    put   me    on   record concerning    the    specific   prophetical   things    that   I've   laid   out   in both   letters   that   are   ahead    for   the   United   States.       We   who are   leaders   of   God's   people   must  speak  out   with   a   loud   voice to   all   Americans   at   this   time,    prophetically. 

Hurricanes  Katrina  &  Rita  were  birth pangs.    (Math.24:8).    They  are warnings   to  the  United  States  to  Repent!    from   the  abominations before   God  of   aborting   millions  of   babies,   rampant homosexuality, immorality,   pornography  &  corruption  within  our country.      Katrina  &  Rita   are   God's   most   recent   wake-up  calls to   the   USA   to    "turn from  our  wicked  ways".         (2 Chron.7:14).

Jesus  said  that  just   before   the  beginning  of   the   Tribulation  period, then   various  birth pangs    (ie. hurricanes; Luke 21:25)   would  occur  in places  worldwide.     (Math.24:8).

Why  New Orleans?    Since  God's   Word   says  that   various  disasters like    hurricanes   &   earthquakes    will   take   place,   then   the   next question    is     "where?"     will    they    take     place?        From   God's perspective   He    is   going   to   allow   these    End  Time   catastrophes to   occur   in   locations   worlwide   where   the  most  evil   &   the   most sin  exists.      In   the   United  States,   the   city   of    New  Orleans   is well    known   for   its   voodoo   &   witchcraft   practices   plus   its    sat- uration   with   corruption   from   organized   crime.     That  city  is  gone.

Thankfully,   God's   mercies   so   far   in    the   United  States   (&   New Orleans)   have   largely  protected   Americans'    lives    when   compared to   the   magnitude   of    these   disasters   &   their   potential   for    lost lives.   But,  these   2   catastrophes  are   God's   most   recent   wake-up calls   to   the   United   States.

What's  next   in  the  USA ?                                       

More   birth  pangs    will    come   to    the    United   States    until    we  Repent!   as   a   nation.     Other  locations   (Gulf   states  still   included) that    are   in   line    for    more   coming   warnings    of    earthquakes, hurricanes,   man-made    fixtures  collapsing   (ie.  dams,  bridges,   build- ings)    are   specifically:    the    east   coast    (namely   MASS.  &   NY.) Las  Vegas,   Los  Angeles  county,    Hollywood  &    San   Francisco   to specifically   name   a    few.     Their   results   will   bring   more   fear  & economic   collapse   to   the   USA   in    order    to    bring   our    nation to  national   repentance.     

The  Solution:                 (2 Chronicles 7:14)

God's   Christian   leaders,   including   our   President   Bush,   are being called   to   stand   up   right  now    shoulder-to-shoulder   &  call this nation   to   repentance  before  God    for   all   of    our   abominations. How  much   longer   must   the   body  of   Christ   in   the   USA endure listening     to     our     favorite    celebrity     preachers   publicly ponder "when   &   how"     the    next    revival    in    the    USA    might  possibly take    place ?      How    much   longer    will    Christians    be    barraged  with    ear-tickling    messages   from   USA   ministers    who  are  more concerned   about   their   own   agendas   &   building   their ministry rather   than   speaking   as   an    oracle   of    God   to   God's  people  in the   United  States ?

Think  of   how  powerfully   God's   voice   would   be   heard   in   America with    President   Bush   &    dozens    (hundreds !)    of    God's    leaders (both Christian ministers   &   Christian  politicians)   across   our   country standing   together   with   1   unified   voice   of    Repentance.    "Surely, God  does  no  thing  unless  He  reveals  His  secret  counsel  to  His  servants  the  prophets."          (Amos 3:7).

My  brother  in  Christ  &  fellow  leader  in  charge  of   God's   flock,  this is    the   prophetical   word    of    the   Spirit    that   He   desires   to    be spoken   right  now    through   His   bond-servants   &   leaders   to    His beloved   country,   the   United   States.        Will   you   speak   as   an oracle  of   God   at   this   critical   point   in   American   history  ?    

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After  Katrina,  What's  next  in the United States ?
October 21, 2005
FROM:    Rob  Conrad,   brother in Christ
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TO:    USA Christian Leaders,  MInisters and Pastors
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