From:   Rob Conrad,  brother in Christ
Patmos Ministries
brothers & sisters in Christ,

Powerful News Headlines are filling the  "Mideast Peace"   section  of  the website hammering the truth that we  are the generation of the End Times.  The  man of sin is on the world's stage right now  & quietly preparing to come to the world's forefront. This is ready to take place at any time, even this year.   Literally,  it  could  take  place  today!  How many more   "Mideast Peace talks"  stories does someone need to see?   

But, how many ministers do you hear constantly sounding the prophetical trumpet on these deeper prophetical things to the body of Christ?   Where are all of God's oracles & prophets who stand up  &  speak to His people  & sound the trumpet of warning?    So far,  the  true "oracles"  of   God  are  on  the  sidelines.  However,  this  is about  to  change  powerfully.  God's  true  men & women of God are about to stand up  & shout  that the  "King of  Kings is about to stand up from His throne!  And He is about to receive to Himself all of His godly ones who have readied themselves for the union with their King,  the Lord Jesus Christ!"

You won't hear these deeper prophetical things at your Sunday morning church service from your local Pastor-prophet,  the  Most Reverend  so-and-so.    He's too busy building his own ministry &  making a  name for himself.    You  also will not hear  it on  the top Christian TV programming as they continue in their  "entertainment tonight"  presentation with dead,  un- godly  music  &  the  empty  "ear-tickling"  sermons.  You  also will  NOT hear  it  from the hottest  new  "prophet"  who's  just popped  into  town with  his  latest  "seek your destiny"  pitch. 

God's people are thirsty right now:

Brothers & sisters, God's true prophetical  word  of   "destiny" for  His people  right now is:   "Get right with God  &  forsake all ungodliness right NOW!     Get  READY  TO  MEET THE LORD JESUS HIMSELF,  FACE-TO-FACE!"    This   is  God's  true   "destiny"  word for His people TODAY.    It's  an   "eternal destiny"   word!     Not  just  the shallow,   short sighted   "destiny"  which   we  see   today's  false  prophets  mesmerizing  God's   people  with.    No  true  prophet of  God  these  days is  going  to spend all of  his time in ministry telling  God's  people  to   "seek their destiny",   &  then  leave  the  people  empty-handed  &  without  the  greater &  more critical  prophetical word  for today!    That is  to:  "Repent!  Stand  upright  before  God!     Your  "eternal destiny"  is  at  hand,   right now!"    

But,  God's  people  (His body)  across  the USA  are  thirsty TODAY.   They  are  ready for meat  &  the  powerful  things of  God  for  these  End Times.   God's  people  are  about  to hear His voice & heed  His prophetical  word  which is to  get  ourselves ready NOW as  the spotless,  blameless,  holy bride of Christ.  (Eph.5:27).    This  is   also  YOUR  calling,   to speak as  an   "oracle of God"  to  God's  people.    To   "sound the trumpet"   now  to all  those  who  the Lord  has  placed  around you.    Many of  the people  around you  are ones who the Lord  can  ONLY REACH  &   touch  "through YOU!"     You  don't  need  to  be  an evangelist.   Directing those around  you  to  &  encouraging them to look closely  at  these  deeper  things of  God  which are  coming upon  this generation is a good  move  & a  non-threatening  approach.   People are  thirsting right now for the  deeper things of  God.  

Prophetical Geo-Political things:

Prophetically,  right now  the  Mideast Peace efforts are ripe for the man of sin to step in & negotiate  the  7  year  agreement, starting the final 7 year Tribulation.  (Dan.9:27).    The  "Quartet"   (as they've been called for years)   of   the  United States,   Russia,   the United Nations &  the European Union  have now set themselves up so  that antichrist can easily step in  &  complete the deal.  Why?   Today's News shows that the  United States  is  all but   "out"  of  the  negotiations  since  the new Hamas Government in  Israel  will  still  not renounce their goal of wiping Israel out.    Russia  is,  as always,  sitting mockingly  at  the whole situation.   And, the  United Nations won't do  anything  about  it except twiddle their thumbs & occasionally toss out ideas of resolve.  

Who does that leave?   The European Union.   And who is going to arise from the End Time Euro-kingdom  to solve the  Mideast problem?   Exactly.   And who is being almost begged right now  by  Israel &  the Palestinian  Leaders to step in  & solve the problem?   Exactly. If  you've  not  yet  seen  the   "Here is Wisdom"   prophecy-book,  it  lays  out  dozens of  shocking  News articles  that show clearly what  I am speaking about.    Only a  spiritually-blind  person with his head in the sand would not see it.   Brothers & sisters,  I'm not trying to  "sell"  you  a  book!!     Email  me  &  I  will  email  the  Ebook  to  you  or  anyone  you  request  immediately.   (no charge!!).     Why would you wait?     I   have  full  trust  in  your discernment  &  wisdom  as  to   "who"  is  ready  for  it.

Also,  now that  Israel's  top leader,  Ariel Sharon,  is out of  the  negotiation-picture  & still  in a  comatose state for months now from his massive stroke,  then  top  News stories are  NOW  asking:  "Who  will  finally step in  &  solve the  Mideast problem?"   Anybody gotta guess ?     Exactly.

Prophetically,  the  United States:

brothers, sisters:  the body of  Christ  in the United States is  about  to  hear  God's  bond-servants stand  up  on Christian TV &  speak as  the  true oracles of God.   God's  people will  soon hear  His  anointed  Leaders standing in the  forefront & sounding the  trumpet to His people about the imminent return of the King.   All  those who hear God's voice  will  get ready &  glorify God when these deep prophetical things are spoken.  God's people  will  be the  ones  to  hear  FIRST.   Why?    Because   "Surely  the Lord God does  nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets."   (Amos 3:7). 

Then,  a  sweeping  powerful  move of  God's Spirit will  ignite  His people in  a  fresh fire  of cleansing  &  with an  End Time  anointing that  will  supercede any previous anointing upon God's people, including the dynamic earth-shaking anointing of the 1st century.  The time is at  hand,  brethren.   Look up!     Our redemption is drawing near!     Bless His Holy Name!

Thursday, April  6, 2006