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Return of Christ Battle of Armaggedon
3  1/2 years
1000  year  Millennium Reign of Christ on earth
Rev.6:2  Dan.9:27
[ Revelation 8:9 ; 16:8,9 ]
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"And   the   fourth  angel  poured  out  his  bowl  upon  the  sun   &   it   was  given  to   it   [the  sun]   to  scorch  men  with  fire;   &  men  were  scorched  with    fierce   heat;     &   they   blasphemed   the   name  of   God.....;      And
the  great  river....Euphrates &  its  water  was  dried  up...."     [Rev.16: 8,9,12]
"And   a  third  of   the  creatures  which  were   in   the  sea   &   had   life,  died......."      [Rev. 8:9]      which  occurs  from   numerous  torches  of   fire  being   thrown   from   heaven   into   the   earth,   seas   and   rivers.  
[Rev. 8: 5-10]

August   11,    2007       /       ABC  NEWS
Arctic   sea   ice    'Lowest   in   Recorded  History'
[  '.....polar  ice  melt  driven  by  global  warming.....'  ]
September   29,   2005      /      ABC  NEWS
"Scientists   'flabbergasted'   at  Arctic  melting"
[  '.....sea  ice  has  shrunk  for  a  fourth  consecutive  year.....'  ]
Major Bible prophecy now readying for fulfillment...
October   20,   2007      /       MSNBC  NEWS
Georgia  Governor  Declares  Drought  Emergency
[  '....a  drought  of  historic  proportions.....'    Georgia Governor  ]
August   27,   2008     /     Fox News
Arctic  Sea  Ice  Melts  to   2nd  Lowest   Level  on  Record                [  ' .... another alarm  bell  warning  of  global  warming....'  ]

Ice Shelf off of Northern Canada  /  photo from Aug 27, 2008  Fox News above
Great Tribulation
3  1/2 years
Mid-7 years
Today's  Global  Warming  scientists  differ   about  the  realities  of  the  existence  of  global  warming.   However, in  the  near-future  inside  the  imminent  7  Year  Tribulation,   the  sun  and  true global  warming effects   will  suddenly  cause  a  global  catastrophe  so  that  a  THIRD  OF  SEA  LIFE  WILL  DIE.      [Rev.8:9].        This   will   proceed  from  bad   to  worse  in  the  final   3 1/2  years  as   'men  will   be  scorched'   by   the  sun's   global   ferocity  which   will   even   dry   up   the   great Euphrates   river    in   the   Mideast.         [Rev. 16:8,9,12].