Fri, July 24, 2015
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Brothers-Sisters in Christ: 

I    feel   strongly  about   sending  you   this    copied-and-pasted  
EMAIL   (below)   which   I   emailed   last  night   (Thurs, July 23) 
to  my  sister  in   Christ  right  after  our   conversation  last  night  on 
the  phone.     She's  also  getting  this  EMAIL-OUT  too.

I  had  explained  in detail  that  in  the  last   9  years  of  this ministry
(since  Dec 2006)  that  NO  MORE THAN  9  persons  in  ANY   parti-
cular   month  over the  last  9 years have  contributed  to this ministry.
ALL  of whom  have  initiated  contact with me  in  their  original  giving.

And  typically,  about  4-5  persons   PER  MONTH   give  sacrificially,
which  can  cause  a   'BUMP'  in  the  road  like occasional  interrupt-
ions    to   the   GLOBAL  "LIVE"   Broadcasts   recently   if   just   1  contributor  has  slowing   income  for  themselves.    BUT,   the Lord   has  been  100%  FAITHFUL  for   9  straight  years   to supply this ministry's   needs  through  small  numbers  of   individuals  moved  by
the   Spirit of  God.

AND,  I  personally have  lived  at a poverty level  (gladly!!)  for  9  years
since  retiring  in  JUNE  2006   &    including  the   last    7  1/2  years   
(since  Feb  2008  when  I   arrived  here  in  Georgia).     My  sister  in
Christ,  Carolyn from Florida  &  her husband  &  son,   visited me here
in this  small  quarters  for  40   minutes  on   July  2nd, 2015   &  saw
for  themselves.   Carolyn  herself  being  a  strong  & Christlike lady of
God  who  prays  hard  for me  &  this ministry  &  the  people  globally,
&  she is also receiving this email.

I  hope this can bring  clarity to this ministry's principles  & operations,
along  with  a  little  of  my  own  testimony  as  a  minister.

I'm  available  at  ALL TIMES  right at the  other end of  this  phone  for  you  AND   with  ANY  questions  you  might  have  ON  ANYTHING  :

your brother,  Rob
404- 914- 7914

Email   (below)   to  my  1   sister  in  Christ 
LAST  NIGHT   ( Thur, July 23, 2015 ) :::::::::..........

HEISNEAR.COM's   MINISTRY     VS.     today's  Lukewarm  flashy  Preachers:

As   I   said  &  have  proven  in  my  9  year  track  record  in  ministry  here  that the  way  I  conduct  things  here  is  totally  opposite from  how  the   TV  Preachers &  TBN  &  Daystar  conduct  things.

Example, on  the  subject  of  MONEY  &  offerings :    

At  TBN,   then  TBN   lines  up   the  BIG  NAME   PREACHERS   for 
TBN's  Praise-a-Thon     ( Benny Hinn,  Mike Murdock,   Rod Parsely, 
TD  Jakes,   David Jeremiah,  ETC)  ....&   has  the   TOP-NAME   preachers   INITIATE   the   topic  of   MONEY    (over  &  over,  month after  month) ....&   MANIPULATE  GOD'S  people  to  GIVE.  

But  at  the  end  of   the  day   (at  TBN, DAYSTAR, ETC) .....who   DID IT?      Who  initiated it all ?      Who  manipulated  it  all  to  happen ?     THE PREACHERS  !!         Who  gets  the  Glory? 
THE  PREACHERS !!       (although  they'll  hypocritically  say  "praise God"   &   "give God the glory".)

HERE  in  this  ministry  (,   it's the  EXACT  OPPOSITE.  

Who  initiates the  topic  of  MONEY in  9  years of's   Ministry ? 

I   RARELY  BRING  the  topic  up  at   ALL,  in  the  entire  9  years.  
Up   until   about    NOV  1st,  2013    when   I    started   the   first 
Broadcast,   I   had   NOT   mentioned   even   the    "word"   offerings 
NOR   "tithes"    nor    "ministry needs"    .....NOT  EVEN  IN  THE   Prophecy  Newsletters  for  the  prior   5  years.  

It's  only  been  the   last   20  months  or   so   (since NOV  1, 2013)  when   I   felt  comfortable  enough  to   even   bring  up   the  topic  of   'giving'   or   'offerings',    &   is  STILL  RARE  so  far,   as  I  say.

AND  SO,  who  gets  all  the  glory  here,  in  THIS ministry,   for
the  tremendous  things  happening ? 

NOT ME.     But  the  LORD  OF GLORY DOES  !!    HE  ALONE  has  initiated  it  all   &  made  it  happen !!     And,  without  me  doing  any  PUBLICIZING  of  it,    except  to   keep  it   to  myself   &   before  the  LORD   IN   PRAYER,   mostly  THANKING  HIM   FOR  HIS   FAITH- FULNESS.

AMEN !!!    I'm  all   fired-up   just  talking  about  the  Lord  & what  He  ALONE   HAS DONE  HERE  !!!

( I"m  only  a   NO-NAME  servant   who  has   humbled  myself  before  Him  as  His  co-worker,   &   NEVER  SO  FULFILLED  THAN   I   AM  AT  THIS  POINT  IN  MY LIFE !!   )

ALSO,  since   I   ran  through  quickly the  'reasons  WHY'  a  BUMP    in   the  road   takes  place   here   periodically   RE:   'offerings' ..... I  thought  I'd   type  it  out   for  you   hopefully   w/   more  clarity than  I   may  have   fired  it  at  you  on  the  phone  tonight :

#1)     80%  OR  MORE  of  church congregations  DO NOT GIVE AT ALL  to  their  own  church.    Only  5% - as  much  as  20%  are  the  givers  in  any  particular   church  or  ministry.

So,  obviously,   MOST  people   "eat"  of  God's  word....but  do NOT contribute.

#2)    In  this's  ministry here,    I  RARELY  verbalize out  loud  publicly  that    "There are needs here in this ministry".        

I   simply  post   a   simple   LINK      (  at  the  offerings  page  at    AND   YouTube   &  Spreaker;   NOT  at  Twitter   or  Facebook as a  rule)   which  simply  is  a   "FYI" -type  of  wordage,   which  lets  people  know  'HOW'  to  contribute  if  they so choose,   by  clicking  the  LINK.   

( A   few   RARE   times   I've   made  a   longer  comment  when  an  INTERRUPTION   was  imminent,  like  the  current  July  13th  (2015)   Interruption,   commenting  about it   at  the  site  &  at   Facebook  & 
at  Twitter  too  this  time).     

So,  MOST  people   (out of millions visiting the site & YouTube)   are  probably   UNAWARE  of  the needs  here.

#3)   Many people  (so far)   who  actually  are  AWARE   &  possibly even   in   agreement   with  the   critical   teachings  of   God's  Word
going  out  from  myself   &  this  ministry   ( ie.  ID of antichrist, ETC )
are   (so far)  HESITANT  or  even   FEARFUL  of   being  associated  publicly  yet,   so  they  don't  (yet)  give,  not wanting to  be  publicly  associated.   (like the  5000  believers  at  Facebook,  25K  at  Twitter, 
18,000  at  YouTube,  ETC).  

#4)    IN  FACT,   what  the  Spirit of  God  HAS  done    (so far in 9 years)  have   individuals   initiate   contact   with  me     (almost exclusively   they   THEMSELVES   initiated  contact    with  me  to  
'give  their  offering')   in  order  for  the  needs  of  this   ministry  to be met  over  the  last  9  years,   like   yourself    &   others   who  give sacrificially  &  devoutly.    

:::::::........... END of   (July 23rd)  Email  to
my  sister in Christ

Brothers-Sisters in Christ,
CONTINUED:    Fri, July 24, 2015  EMAIL
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I  hope  this  copied-pasted EMAIL (above)  helps  in understanding  that  this  MINISTRY is   ON  FIRE  from  every  angle  !!

The  ONLY  "bump"  in  the  road  here is  the  offerings  & incom-
ing    contributions ...which    as   I've   pointed  out  ....can  falter  at  times  for  the  reasons  above.   

I   know  these  details  are  "new"  to  you,   but  please  remember, 
it's   my  own  way  of   life   for   9   years   &  brings   humility  &  a  closeness  with   the   Lord  which  I   would   NOT  exchange  for  
$1  BIL  dollars. 

As  you've    heard   me   say,   "I  will  walk the streets GLADLY" before   I   EVER   hype   God's  people  for  money  or  manipulate  people  to   'GIVE  MONEY'   or   run  constant   'praise-a-thons'   as 
the   TV   Networks  do   (TBN, Daystar, ETC)   to  fleece   the  body
of  Christ    OR      sell   CD's    OR     my  books  to   get   people's 
money  !!!       I  just   keep   it  before  the  Lord  in  prayer.    AND 

AND,   the  Lord  has  been  100%  FAITHFUL &  has  placed 
me   &   this   ministry   at   the   EXACT   RIGHT   PLACE   &    AT

WE'RE   ONLY   STARTING   TO   WARM   UP   compared   to  the  explosion  of   MILLIONS  OF  SOULS   RUNNING  TO  THE  LORD 
as  the   Bible  Prophecies   foretell.      (*Dan 11:33  /  Matt 24:33  / 
Ezek  38:19, 23, ETC).

(sorry for any TYPOS;  typed this out fast)

THANK YOU  for  PRAYING  that the Broadcasts will start up quickly.

Fri, July 24, 2015
brother Rob Conrad
404- 914- 7914   /  Metro-Atlanta, GA  /  USA

First,  on  Thur  July 23, 2015,   I   emailed  to  my strong  sister in Christ  who  is   very  close  to  me  a  personal   email  regarding
"HOW"   this  Ministry  operates.

Then,  I  was  prompted  by the  Spirit  of  God  to  Copy-and-Paste
my   personal   EMAIL    (to my sister in Christ)     &   EMAIL  it   to   another   500  believers    (in this ministry's global database)    the  next  day   (Fri, July 24),   for   their  awareness.   (*BELOW, unedited.)

Then,  on  Mon, July 27, 2015, the  Email  to the  500  was  posted
(on this page, unedited)     at   for   public   INFO:

Metro-Atlanta, GA / USA
Personal  EMAIL  from
founder  Rob Conrad,   Made PUBLIC  (on July 27, 2015)