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*Usually,   ENLARGING   the  "Welcome Page"  of,    should     ENLARGE   the  entire  site,   as   opposed   to   enlarging   each  individual   page   while   viewing   it.
Want  to   ENLARGE   on your screen?

SIMPLE:     Typically,   this  will do it:

a)   while  HOLDING DOWN   the  "Control" button  on your  Keyboard   (in the  bottom left  corner),    then  use  your   +   button     (to  the  extreme  right    on   the   key- board).     This   will  enlarge   the   site. *the  negative  or  subtract  button  ( - )  also  to the right  will   REDUCE   the  size.

b)   Also,   some   Keyboards,    toolbars   &    even  your  MOUSE    (by  right   or   left  clicking)     may   have  the  ability   to    "zoom"   (enlarge)    to    a larger   or   FULL SIZE    on  your  screen.