Trouble  is coming  to our nation  &  to  other nations.    Great  &  terrible things  are coming upon our nation & the nations of  the earth.    Within  our own country (USA)  there is coming a severe breaking internally.    Many leaders  &  politicians  in  our  nation will  side  with  the enemy  &  take  a  stronger &  final death-grip on  the side of  the enemy.     But  God's  people  who  have  Him as  priority in  their  hearts  &  lives  will  be  freshly  anointed  in these days  to  perform  the  things  that  God has  foreordained for  these  last  days.    And  His  people  will  know  their  God and  He  will  be  their covering.    

In  our nation  the predatory  nature  of  man  will  grow worse as horrific evil continues to manifest within our communities.  Many of these problems will only be addressed & conquered  by God's people in  His Spirit since these problems are spiritual &  cannot be solved by the natural world.    But  God's  people will  discern the enemy  &  overpower  him when he surfaces.    The  enemy's defeat will be immediate &  overwhelming to  the honor &  credit of  God's power through His people who  walk in His Spirit  &  ac- cording  to  His word.     And  God's  people  will  be  honored  & revered  &  even  feared  by  many  because of  the  great  signs  & wonders performed by  their hands in front of all as  a witness to  the  glory of  Christ  within  them.   

There is coming an outpouring of His Spirit.   It will be a unique & obvious  move of  God's  Spirit.     It  will  overwhelm  His  people who have walked with Him for years &  will overwhelm  many who will suddenly  take hold of God for the  1st time.    But  when  this Spiritual  outpouring comes it  will  be great  & awesome  beyond what  this generation will  have  experienced.    Yes,  it  will  be a flood  that  will  occur in  the Spirit.    Many  IN ONE DAY   all  over this  world  will  become God's people  overnight.     Yes,  in  one day millions worldwide  will suddenly  become  believers  in  the Lord Jesus Christ.   And  the whole Christian body will know  it  & the world will also be aware of its occurance because of the loud voices that believers will be proclaiming Christ with.   Many  from all   religions   including   Catholicism,   Islam,   Judaism   &   even lukewarm  Christians  themselves  will  become  on  fire  for  God in  1  day   because   of   the   great  &  terrible   things   that   are coming  upon   this  earth.    Suddenly,   in   that  1  day,    multiple millions of  God's  people worldwide  will  be  singing  & proclaim- ing  the glories of  the soon coming  King,  the Lord Jesus Christ. This  day   will  be  marked  in  history &  the  world will not  forget it  because of  the  multitude of  anointed  voices worldwide  who continually  proclaim  the  great  name  of  Jesus.    And   that  day will  come  about  because  of  God's  Word  which  is  written.

There  will  be no doubt or confusion  in  these people of God  as His Spirit  &  word saturates  them afresh with  His anointing.   His angels   will   also   show  signs  &  wonders   that   confirm  God's people  to  be  His  own.    And  the  enemy  shall  not  harm God's people but  God's  people shall  bring great  wisdom &  insight  to many  inquiring  persons  &  leaders  as  to  the  great  &   terrible things  that   are  coming  upon   this  earth  in  these  End  Times. God's   power   will   be  demonstrated  by   His  people  &   mighty works   of   miracles   will    take   place   through   His   people   in
order  to  re-affirm  God's  favor  &  backing  of  His  people.   God will  be  exalted  mightily  during  these  upcoming  days. 

The spiritual  fire  upon His people  will bring awe &  fear upon all those  who  witness God's  demonstrations  through  His  people. Those  who would  oppose  God's  people  &  attempt   to  deflect God's  will  from  going  forth in these  last days will fall  &  will  be exposed  as  from  the evil one &  shall  not  prevail.     But  God's believers  will  gain  strength &  wisdom &  power  in  the  face  of this  coming  darkness  &  will  go  forth  as  radiant  bright  lights in  this  last  generation of  wickedness &  darkness.

Do not fear, little children, for  I,  Jesus,  am with you.   My gaze is upon you  & My power will surround you  & guard you.    Look up &  stand  firm  for  I  am  about to do great  &  terrible things upon this earth  that even  the unbeliever  will look up  &  say,  "God is great &  is to be feared."    In one day  I  Myself will draw more  of My children to me in this world so that  no  1 man could ever take claim for it.    Even  My  own people will  say,   "Who am I to serve the most High God?"     And  I  Myself  will  be  glorified  &  all  will know that  I  am  He  from  what  I  am  about  to  do  on  this earth. I  Myself will  be glorified  &  no other.     My  WORD  is  about  to be  exalted  in   this  earth   &   all   will  know   that   the  great  & terrible day  of  the  Lord  has  come.     Great   will  it   be  for  My people....but  terrible  will  it  be  for those who oppose  Me.    My people  shall endure to the end  &  will prosper  until  the  culmi- nation of things.    And  I shall  be  their God  &  they  shall be  My people  &  no one shall  take them from  My  embrace.      I  Myself will  be  exalted upon  earth  in  one  day  that  is  soon  coming  & ALL  will  know  that  I  am  the  Lord.
Prophecy / Rob Conrad / April 26, 2005, 3am.
The Spirit says  this  to the body of Christ    [ worldwide and  in  the  USA ]  :

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