Vatican  Council


    The   Vatican   Council   of   1870    declared   &     the    Vatican  Council  II   of   1965           confirmed     these   following   claims  about  the  Pope    (verbatim  from  VC II)  :


     “is    SUPREME  RULER   of   all   Christians”

     “is    the   HEAD  OF  THE   ENTIRE,   WHOLE   CHRISTIAN   CHURCH”    on   earth

     “is    SUPREME  JUDGE   of   all   Christians”

     “has   absolute   &   full   SUPREME   power   over   the   whole  Christian   church  so               that    all    Christians   may   be    taught   &   guided    by    him   in    the    way   of                salvation”

     “is    father    &    teacher   of    all   Christians”

     “has    full   power   of   tending,    ruling   &   governing   the   whole   church”

      “possesses   infallability   to   define   all   doctrines  concerning   faith   &   morals  to                be    held    by    the   whole   church”

      “alone,    has   the   highest   word   of   authority   on   earth   &   is   not   subject  to                revision   by   anyone”

       “has   SUPREME    power    &    character    which    is   supported   by   the    clear  
       witness   of    Holy   Scripture”

      “has    the    sole    power,      that    if    anyone    rejects   him,     or    any   Catholic 
       doctrine,    that    the    Pope    alone    may    pronounce    that    person   anathema                (accursed  &  eternally   condemned)…..”

      “has    determined    that     no    one    can    depart    from    the   Catholic   doctrine 
       without   endangering   his    faith   &   salvation….”                 [News / July 10,  2007]

Benedict XVI   April 2006
Being venerated by Dean of the Holy See  /  Jan 1, 2008
Who does the Pope   ( and over  1  billion  of   his followers )   think he is?