the Vatican, Rome, Italy
The  Vatican  rests  within  the  108  acres  of   Vatican City  &  employs  over  2000 persons &   boards  several  hundred  Catholic  leaders,  administrators.
[  Rome:  coming End Time headquarters of the EU  ]
Vatican City  is literally the smallest  independent country  in the world,  established in 1929  under the
terms  of  the  Lateran Treaty of  1929.    The  Pope of Rome  himself  is  the  ultimate legal ruler of  this recognized  country.                     [ Vatican City info / history / government ]        [ Lateran Treaty of 1929 ]

[ The Vatican castle, at night ]
'And  the  woman   [Great Harlot]   whom  you  saw  IS  the  great  city    [Rome] .....'          Revelation 17:18
Benedict XVI  on his throne  /  Dec 2006
Vatican City Flag