BIBLE  PROPHECY:    "Mark of the Beast"     (False Prophet  will  invoke  an economical  solution  for  all  of  the  world's  people  to  live  &  eat.)
"will cause be given a mark.....&  he provides that no one be able to buy or sell,  except the one who has the mark...."         [Rev.13:16,17]
Fox News  /  Nov 12,  2006
"Pope  (Benedict)  Calls for efforts to Fight Hunger"
"..people around the globe do not have enough to eat....which must be combatted by changes in consumption & fairer distribution..." ;   Benedict wants to   "eliminate the (structural causes tied to the)  system of governing the world's economy..."
BIBLE  PROPHECY:    False Prophet   "will  tell  those  who  dwell  upon  the  earth  to   make an image   (Greek:  "statue")   of  himself   to  the 1st   beast     (Euro-kingdom)...            [Rev.13:14]
BBC  News  /  May 13,  2006
"Pontiff Statue attracts hundreds"
[ The  2 1/2 ton,  7 foot  statue  is  "the United Kingdom's first of the late pontiff  (John Paul II)...."     /     "...marble statue....unveiled in Lanarkshire."  ]
Statue of John Paul II / 2006
24 Dash News  /  May 14,  2006
"UK's  First  Statue of  Pope John Paul II  unveiled"
[..."Hundreds of people turned out....the UK's first statue of the late Pope John Paul II ..."    /     "...(pope)   has been immortalized  in  2  1/2 tons of marble.... installed in Larnarkshire."  ]
News  /  October 25,  2002
Rome, Italy   authorized  as  1st  country  in  Europe  to  test  the  new  Veri-chip   (microchip placed under skin for ID & buying-selling)  /  (ie. forerunner to mark of the beast)
Benedict XVI
Coming:   The False Prophet's End Time meal ticket & his global "mark"  for ID:
Coming:   An End Time STATUE of the False Prophet:
BIBLE PROPHECY:   the False Prophet  will make the  statue "speak", 
that the statue  might cause all to  be  killed who do  not  worship the statue of  the False Prophet.         [Rev.13:15]
For  1700  years  (since 314AD),  the  Roman Catholic religion  is  unmatched  in  its   idolatrous &  worshipful  rituals  towards  statues   of  Jesus,  Mary & various religious  icons,  resulting in demonic statue phenomena  of  statues  which  cry,  bleed, move,  etc.    The End Time result:  a statue which speaks.

Bible prophecy, not many years away...    Mark of the Beast
Bible prophecy, not many years away...    Demonic Statue
    Bible prophecies  ready to be fulfilled
Chapter 9      (continued)
Abomination of Desolation
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At  the  Mid-7 year  point  which is  the Abomination of Desolation,  the  False Prophet  will also force upon all people  the   "mark of the beast".     He will then will dictate that a statue be made of himself to be worshipp- ed   by  all  people.    Through his demonic powers he will cause the statue to actually speak.    Today,  these  Bible prophecies are unquestionably in place to occur in these End Times.
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Abomination of Desolation,
Statue of False Prophet,
  mark of the beast
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