The  Bible  prophecy  of   false  prophets  arising  in  the
End  Times   exists  today  and  will  increase  in  the  days  ahead...
in  today's  End  Times
"My  dear sir  ....thank you  so,  from  the  bottom  of  our  hearts; all  of  these leaders represent  literally  tens  of  thousands   of  people   that  love you,   that  believe  God  with you.... (more of same here, then >)...

....Our   desire,  sir,   along with you   (pope francis)   is  in  the 4th  chapter of  the  book of  Ephesians :  'till  we  ALL  come  to the  unity of  the faith   &  of  the  knowledge  of  the  Son of God.... (Copeland finished the Ephes verse here) '  ..... thank you sir,   we  DO  bless  you,   we  receive  your  blessing,   it's  very very  important  to us... and  we bless  you   with  all  of  our hearts,  we  bless  you  with  all  of  our souls  &  we  bless  you with  all  of our  might   and  we   THANK YOU  SIR,   we  thank God for you,   and so  ALL  of  us  declare  together :   Be blessed !!    Be blessed !      Amen."

Feb  18,  2014   /   VIDEO :
Ken  Copeland's  words  during his  Feb  2014  Meeting
*located  at  the  19:00  minute  point   in  the  VIDEO :
Right after hearing  Pope Francis  urging  "unity"  between   Evangelicals/Pentecostals    and  the  Catholic church,   then  Copeland's  response is below :
Feb   25,   2014   /    CNA  NEWS :
Pope  Francis  sends  Message  to  K. Copeland Meeting  of  Pentecostal   Leaders  for  "UNITY"  of   Pentecostals   with   the  POPE
"See to it that no one misleads you."    (Jesus / Matt 24:4)

"Keep your eye on those who cause dissensions &  hindrances   (Greek = "occasions of stumbling")   con-  trary   to  the  teaching,   and turn away from them."   (Apostle  Paul / Romans 16:17)