An  Inverted Cross   is   a  well  known  occultic  symbol   used by   satanists   today  &   can    be   easily   found   for   sale   at  occultic    websites   &    stores.      The   upside  cross    is   a  symbol    that    mocks   the   crucifixion   of    the    Lord   Jesus  Christ.       It    can    often   be   seen    around    the   necks   of  heavy   metal   rock   bands.    Here,  it's   the  Pope's   backdrop.

This  CNN  Headline  picture  aired  on  TV showing  the  Pope  ( JP II )  during  his  visit   to  Israel   /  March 2000.
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News:  April 27,  2005
New Pope  (Benedict)  chooses a white pallium  "with black crosses"  ( a satanic symbol worn by satanists )