the Gift of the Holy Spirit
Behold,   I   am  sending  forth  the  promise of  My  Father  upon  you...  
until  you  are  clothed  with  power  from  on  high.
[the Lord Jesus / Gospel Luke 24:49]  filled  with  the  Holy  Spirit.....    [Apostle Paul / Ephesians 5:18]

.....He   [Jesus]   shall  baptize  you   with   the  Holy  Spirit   and   fire....        [spoken by John the Baptist about Christ Jesus / Gospel Luke 3:16]

......the gift of the Holy Spirit.....    [spoken by Peter / Acts 10:45]

.....and tongues of fire appeared resting upon each of them.... &  they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.....        [Day of Pentecost / Acts 2:1-6]

.....and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.....for the promise is   for you and your children and for all who are far off,   as many as the Lord our God shall call to Himself.            [Peter / Acts 2:38,39]

....and all the circumcised  believers who had come with  Peter were amazed,   because  the  gift of  the Holy Spirit  had  been  poured  out upon  the  Gentiles  also...          [Acts 10:45]

........Paul,  having passed through the upper country came to  Ephesus,   and found  some  disciples,   and  he  said  to  them,   'Did you receive     the  Holy Spirit  when you believed?'     And they said to him,   'No,  we   have not even heard  whether  there  is  a   Holy  Spirit.'          And  when     Paul  laid his hands upon them,  the  Holy Spirit  came on them,   and    they began speaking with tongues and prophesying.....   [Acts 19:1-6].

A word of encouragement to believers from Rob Conrad:
Scripturally,  the terms  'filled with the Holy Spirit',   'baptized in the fire of the  Holy Spirit'   and   receiving the  'power'   of  God   are  synonymous with   the    'Gift  of  the  Holy  Spirit' .     (Acts 10:45).

As shown in  Acts 19,   a  born again believer has already received eternal life  and the Spirit of GOD indwelling within in their acceptance  of  Christ  as  Savior  BUT may not  yet have  been   'filled'   with  the  power of  God which  is  the OVERFLOWING  of  the  indwelling Spirit  to  the    'outside'  anointing of    fire  and  power as on  the  Day of  Pentecost.    This experience of  being  filled to overflowing   with the  fulness of  God's Spirit,  His power and  His  fire  is when  the  believer  receives  ALL of   what  God  has  of   Himself   'upon'   the     'outside'  of  the   believer's  vessel,   being    'clothed with  power'   as  the   Lord  said   has  been   promised   from  the  Father.    (Luke 24:49).

When a  believer has  this experience,   he will know immediately as he asks  the  Lord  directly  to fill  him with the power of  the  Holy Spirit and fire.   Then,  that believer will be   'on fire'   spiritually  like the New Testa- ment  clearly  proclaims is  available  right  now  for  every  believer  who thirsts  for the  fulness of God's Spirit.       It  is  the  precious  GIFT of the Holy Spirit  to every believer.    The Lord Jesus Himself is the Baptizer in  the  fire  of  the  Holy  Spirit.          [Luke 3:16].
Are you ready NOW  for the Lord Himself to Baptize you in His FIRE and POWER?     Then,  here  are  3  worshipful  MUSIC Videos which will lead you into His presence,  as you look to Him:

Anointed  Praise/Worship  Music:

1      "The coming Final Move of God" )   (
2       "In the Presence of the King" )   (
3       "Come Away"  with Me
4       "The GIFT" )

"But, you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witnesses, both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth."    [spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ / recorded in the book of  Acts 1:8]
A  PROMISE  of  God  to  every  believer