1]   the  Papacy of Rome  will  begin  taking  the  world's  forefront  in  regards         to   Mideast  Peace  &  peace negotiations.
2]   Israel  & Jerusalem   will  continue  to  be  the  world's  hot-spot &  focul       point   &  will  continue  becoming  more  burdensome  to opposing  coun-       tries,  with  global  pressure  towards  Israel  increasing in  Mideast  talks.
3]   Americans  face  woes from the  stock  market  &  the  economic system,       poised now   for  potentially  the  biggest  collapse in  U.S. history.   But,       overall  commodities &  prices   will keep rising.           [ Stocks: 11/21/07 ]
5]   European  Union  will  begin  rising   noticeably  with  a   louder  voice  &           greater authority  in  world  affairs,   even  in  Mideast  Peace  matters.

4]   In the United States,  more natural catastrophes  like earthquakes in major       cities, flooding, volcanic activities, tornadoes & hurricanes will increasingly       bring greater woes to the USA  economically &  in our society's abilities to       cope.   Man-made fixtures giving way  (bridges/dams/ buildings etc)   will occur.
A prophetical voice on the record/Rob Conrad/Nov 21, 2007
6]   The Spirit of God's next moves  within the United States body of Christ?
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Israel's Ehud Olmert / Benedict XVI
Dec 13, 2006
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About the time of the end,  a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies,  &  insist on their  literal interpretations,  in  the midst of much clamor & opposition."          Sir Isaac Newton   /   Christian & Father of modern science    
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Blessings, protection and peace to our friends in Israel
Nov 21, 2007
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