1) "Here is Wisdom."   identifies  Antichrist  &  End  Time  events    on  the   world's  stage  right  now  exactly  as  scriptures  foretell.  Current  Headline  News   articles  mirror   the   piercing  insights  presented.    Copyrighted  1984, 2006    U.S.  Library of Congress. 

2) "The Eyes Have IT"   offers  eye-opening  insight  into  Biblical discernment.    22  Chapters  include  teaching  topics  like:   Dis- cernment  of  God's  presence,  gifts  of the Spirit,  discerning  of spirits,    discerning  demon-possession,  ministering  under   the anointing of power, discerning of false  prophets,  Leadership  re- quirements  for  God's  true  leaders,  'next things'   prophetically   in  the  body  of   Christ,  etc.     These  teachings  will  equip  be- lievers  & ministers  with  keen  discernment  &  maturity  for  the  Last  Days.     Copyright  2005  /   Lib. of Congress. 

3) "Living Above Sinprovides scriptural insight for the believer  to walk in the Spirit,  being literally  free from  sin,  in  Christ,  as  the  scriptures  command.  Copyright 1991,  Library of Congress.

4) "End Time Prophetic Insight"   Vital Biblical prophecies which    most  authors  &  ministers  today  either  shy  away  from,   have  mishandled    and/or    are   still   pondering  are  crystallized  in  this   book  with   riveting  &  pinpoint   clarity.    A   sobering  & illuminated  understanding for  both believers  &  unbelievers  is  quickened  concerning  many  critical  End Time  topics.   Copy- right  June 2007,   US Library of Congress.     
5)   "SUPREME  DECISION"    Fiction  /      A   riveting  Short  Novel based  on  the  most  controversial  ruling  of  our  generation.  The final  deliberation  of   9  Justices  results  in   a  far  greater  impact  behind  closed  doors   than  they,   or   anyone,   could  have  ever imagined.     Copyright July 2007,   US Library of Congress.
Authored  6  Books           [  5 -  Non-Fiction  /   1 - Fiction  ]   
6)   "TWO  BEASTS  RISING   Non-Fiction / Documentary
        Foretold Final Two Beasts of World History:  IN PLAIN VIEW
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Here is Wisdom.
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Its  revelatory and  shocking insights make this book   the  single-most  critical  forewarning  of what   this   generation  must   shortly  yield  to globally.      No  reader  is  left  unstirred.
A N T I C H R I S T    face - to - face
Only  site in the world   identifying  Antichrist  and  Final  Events  on  the  world's  End  Time  stage NOW  with  News/Photos   confirming  all  prophecies;   and   reaching  souls   worldwide  for  Christ
A n   I n e v i t a b l e   E n d   T i m e    s i t e
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Heisnear.com  is  an  exclusive  only-site-of- its-kind   in   the  world.... literally.        WHY ?
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We Stand with ISRAEL 
This   is    a    Bible-based,   Spirit-filled   Christian   website.       purpose    is    to   equip   the   body   of   Christ    &    to   provide  insight    to    believers   &   unbelievers    as    to    the    nearness    of    Christ's    return.       This   site   is   Bible   prophecy-oriented.   

1.  The  Bible  is  the  divine  Word  of  God.   Every  single  word is  true  &  divinely  inspired  by the  One True God,  the  creator.
2.  Jesus  is  the  divine  Son of  God.   He  was  born of  a  virgin &   was  the  incarnation  of  God  the  Father,   in  God  the  Son. He  was  born &  lived  sinlessly  in Israel.   He  is  Savior &  Lord.
3.  Salvation   can  only   be  found   through  faith  in   the  Lord Jesus  Christ,  &  no other.     Belief  &  confession  in   His  death  on  a  cross,  His  physical  burial  for  3  days  as  Scriptures  say,  &  then  His  bodily  resurrection  is  the  only  way  of   salvation.
4. Total  atonement  for  our  sins   was   accomplished  in  Christ  Jesus,  by  His  blood at  His  crucifixion,  burial  &   resurrection.
5.  Jesus  will  give His  Holy  Spirit  &  power  to  every  believer who  thirsts   &   directly  asks  God,    in   Jesus'   Name.
6.  Christ  Himself,   the  same   Jesus  of   Nazareth,   will  return physically  back   to  earth  in   His   2nd  divine   appearance.


A   B   O   U   T        T   H   E        F   O   U   N   D   E   R             (35  years  in  the  anointing  of  God's  Spirit   &   meat   of   God's  Word)

The  prime  Author  of   Heisnear.com   was  ordained  in   associ- ation     with   the   Open  Bible  Organization   headquartered   in   Des Moines,  IA.  ('89)  which  is  a  non-denominational  Christian  organization   &    is    worldwide;    past   background   includes:    Pastor  of   Hosanna Christian  Fellowship;  associate  Chaplain of Prison  Ministry   between  1985 - 1991,   where  several  thousand   inmates  gave  their   hearts  to  Christ;    associate  Pastor  of   the   Light of  Love Christian  Outreach/Church;   a  life-changing  born   again   Spirit-filled   experience   on    April  17,  1981    started   a   life  of   serving   the   Lord  with  spiritual  gifts   &   workings  of  the   Holy  Spirit   that   have  always  accompanied   Rob Conrad,  brother in Christ.              [ personal  testimony   /   salvation  experience  /
divine revelation  RE:  Antichrist  - coming to pass   /   deliverance  ministry ]   

Founder of  Patmos Ministries  [DBA]   &  www.Heisnear.com   site; 
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Here is Wisdom.
Two Beasts Rising.
End Time Prophetic Insight :
Here is Wisdom.
Documented Testimony ANTICHRIST  ID'd -- coming  to  pass
today  100% 
to the  "T"
A Watchman  ~  Prophetical Voice
1Cor 14:26     "every one of you hath a psalm,  hath a doctrine,  hath a tongue, hath
      a  revelation,  hath an interpretation.  Let all things be done unto edifying."

'ALL  of   what   I   have   written    in   'Here is Wisdom' ,     'Two  Beasts Rising'   &  other  books,   the  prophecies  I've  delivered   &  on  public record,   and the many topical teachings at this site,    I  have  received from   no   other  man  or  other  author's  book( s);    but   I  have written only  about   the  things  which  the   anointing   of   the   Holy  Spirit Himself   has   taught   me   from  the   inerrant   written   Word  of  God.'
[1 John 2:27]     ~Rob Conrad        [  Books  /  Prophecies  /  Posts @ Twitter  ]
Because NO OTHER SITE  IN  THE  WORLD except Heisnear.com  accurately  IDENTIFIES ANTICHRIST on  the  world's  stage  NOW  according  to  scriptures PLUS  coupled  with   Headlines  News   showing  him:

1] --In process NOW of  Mideast  Peace  Negotiations with  ISRAEL,  leading  to  the  Imminent  launching  of  the  foretold   Final   7  Year  Tribulation

2] --Entering  and  'sitting down'  in a  Jewish Temple as a FULL DRESS Rehearsal PUBLICLY for the coming Abomination of Desolation, confirming the nearness  TODAY  of  the  Final  7  Year  Tribulation

3] --Exactly  fulfilling  Revelation's  meaning  of   '666'

4] --Clearly Pushing NOW for what is quickly developing into the Globally-Required MARK of the BEAST and the  Bible's  foretold and  rapidly-coming  1-World GOVT

5] --Already sitting right in the middle of the fast-rising EURO-KINGDOM and already gaining the EU's full attention with his proposals and clout,  readying to be  handed  the   #1   helm  of  the  entire  EU

Plus, NO OTHER SITE  SHOWS  these  other  VITAL End Time TOPICS and PROPHECIES  collectively ready NOW for imminent FULFILLMENT and overwhelmingly matched  and confirmed by Headline News:

The Great Harlot already  in place globally [News con- firms];  the  accurate  'timing' of  the Rapture chrono- logically according to Paul, Jesus and the book of Revelation;  a  prototype  of  the Statue of  the  False Prophet already  made  and  standing  in  W.  Europe publicly as Revelation  foretells  will  be  erected  at  the Mid-Point  of  the 7  Year Tribulation  [News confirms]; Antichrist right now as  the   #1  Leader  in the  world as  foretold,  having  over  1  billion  pledged   followers; Antichrist as  the  most  popular  Leader  TODAY,  2nd to none,  as  the  'rider on  the  White Horse'  and ready  to 'start'  the  Tribulation;  Antichrist  being almost  begged  by  both   Israel   Leaders  and   Muslim Leaders   to   solve   the  Mideast Peace  problem;   etc

Full Scope --- Read  it  ALL

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