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And  those who have  insight  among the people will provide understanding to the many.... and those who  have  insight  will  shine  brightly  like  the  brightness  of   the  expanse  of heaven,  and  those who lead  the many  to righteousness  like  the  stars  forever and  ever [Daniel 11:33, 12:3  / Prophecy for today's End Time body of Christ.]
P A R T N E R    W I T H    U S
P A R T N E R    W I T H    U S
But  if  the  watchman  sees   the  sword  coming  and  does  not   blow   the   trumpet,  and  the people  are  not  warned,  and  a  sword  comes  and   takes  a   person  from  them,   he   is taken  away  in   his  iniquity;   but  his  blood   I   [God]   will  require   from   the  watchman's hand.      [ Ezekiel 33:6 ]
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The True Watchman:   'sees the sword coming upon the land  and  blows the trumpet and warns the people' .       [ Ezek. 33:3 ]
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2 Min message from Rob C.
'When you see all these things, KNOW He  is  near,  even  right  at  the door.'
the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:33)
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from:    Rob Conrad      Sun / Nov 29, 2015
Personal Email from  Heisnear.com Founder Rob Conrad  MADE PUBLIC