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And  those who have  insight  among the people will provide understanding to the many.... and those who  have  insight  will  shine  brightly  like  the  brightness  of   the  expanse  of heaven,  and  those who lead  the many  to righteousness  like  the  stars  forever and  ever [Daniel 11:33, 12:3  / Prophecy for today's End Time body of Christ.]
P A R T N E R    W I T H    U S
P A R T N E R    W I T H    U S
But  if  the  watchman  sees   the  sword  coming  and  does  not   blow   the   trumpet,  and  the people  are  not  warned,  and  a  sword  comes  and   takes  a   person  from  them,   he   is taken  away  in   his  iniquity;  but  his  blood   I   [God]   will  require   from   the  watchman's hand.              [ Ezekiel 33:6 ]
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The True Watchman:   'sees the sword coming upon the land  and  blows the trumpet and warns the people' .       [ Ezek. 33:3 ]
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~rob conrad,  founding minister      Jan 2014

2 Min message from Rob C.
'When you see all these things, KNOW He  is  near,  even  right  at  the door.'
the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:33)
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(Heisnear.com's  moderate entire monthly  re- quirement  is  a  STARK CONTRAST   to  TBN's  &  Daystar's required  MONTHLY OFFERINGS  of   $1 MIL  to   $2 MIL   for   their   continued  spreading  of  lukewarm  Christianity  &  ear- tickling  messages  globally.   God  is not  confined  to  TBN  or  Daystar.)
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Malachi 3:10   "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in My house ...."
NOTHING for sale. Not books, not CD's, not DVD's.   ONLY the Pure Word of God going out.
from:   Rob Conrad, founder   /   9  Years of Making Christ Known
Dec 21, 2015  /  Brothers-sisters  in Christ,  Global Friends :
*OFFERINGS  are  to Patmos Ministries
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You  can  help  keep  this  Ministry  reaching  millions  of  more souls  Worldwide at this  Crucial hour and  AVOID  ANY  INTERRUPTIONS  with  your  faithful  monthly  support.
THANK  YOU  to every  believer  who  contributes  and  has  enabled  Heisnear.com's  ministry  to  reach  over  50  nations  of  the  earth  so far.
MANY  more nations  await  to hear  the  Gospel of  the  Lord Jesus Christ  with your help.   

With  your  support    the  Global  Broadcasts will  start  back  up  once  the   JUNE   OVERHEAD  MINISTRY  requirement   amount  is  met   along  with  the   installed  computer.     The  current   interruption  is  only  a  small   'bump'   in  the  road.    Everything  is  ON  FIRE  here.
June  24,  2016  /   from:   Rob Conrad,  Heisnear.com  founder
100% as of FRI, June 24
JUNE 1st
11  Year  Anniversary  of  Heisnear.com  being  Launched  April 1, 2005
Tues, May 31, 2016
FROM:  Rob Conrad, Heisnear.com founder

Faithful believers & brothers & sisters in Christ worldwide:

Are  you ready to  GO THE NEXT STEP with  me  in  making  JESUS  KNOWN WORLDWIDE  at  this critical  hour ?

1)   A  NEW  COMPUTER  is  needed.
After  last  Friday's  (May 27)  TOTAL CRASH, then less  than $500  will  pur-
chase   the Computer  at  WAL-MART.

( The  computer  CRASH  was  caused by the  OBSOLETE  condition  of  the computer,  since  the  Windows XP Computer  here  is 11 years old   &  was purchased in  Montana  in  2005,  with  Microsoft  having  stopped  all  support worldwide of  Windows XP in  April 2014.)     
Currently,  this computer ONLY allows this  ministry to do the VERY BASICS,  like  posting  at  Twitter  &  the  minor  TEXTING on  this actual  page  itself.   In  fact,  Broadcasting Globally cannot occur   without  a  new  Computer  unit.

2)  Secondly, once  the  NEW COMPUTER  is  in place   (along with the monthly requirement being met)   then  I  will  begin Broadcasting  Globally  &  will  also  be  utilizing  the  large  networks  ALREADY  IN  PLACE at  Facebook,  YouTube  &  Twitter which are  FILLED  with  tens of thousands of believers.

This will be the first effort to CONNECT  ALL of  the  Heisnear.com  NETWORKS TOGETHER DURING EACH Global  Broadcast, which  will  STILL  be  origi- nating  from  the  Spreaker.com  Global  platform.

WITH  YOUR  PRAYERFUL  SUPPORT &  CONTRIBUTIONS,  then  ALL  of this will  immediately  begin  EXPANDING Heisnear.com's  GLOBAL  OUTREACH to  the  nations of the earth  &  GREATER  than  before!

(*All offerings towards the NEW COMPUTER  should be designated as  "new computer"  in  the  Pay-Pal  information section.)
Less $300/computer NOW PURCHASED & INSTALLED as of 6/17/16. (Wal-Mart, ACER Windows 10)
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