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Terry Clark   (Worship Leader)
Sheila Walsh  (Gospel singer)
Sandy Patti   (Gospel singer)
Larry Gatlin  (Gospel singer)
Pat Boone   (Gospel singer)
Edith Tripp  (Gospel singer)
Terry Tripp  (Gospel singer)
Steve  Brock  (Gospel singer)
Michele Pillar   (Gospel singer)
Wade Spencer   (Gospel artist)
Jessy  Dixon   (Gospel singer/*in heaven 9/26/11)
Candy Christmas  (Gospel singer)
Randy Knaps   (Gospel singer)
Guy Penrod   (Gaither Vocal Band)
David Bellamy  (Bellamy Brothers)
Morris Chapman  (Gospel singer)
Dino Kartsonakis  (Gospel pianist)
Scott Wesley Brown   (Gospel singer)
Maurice Sklar (World Class Christian violinist)
Joanne Cash  (Gospel singer/Johnny Cash's sister)

Darrell Mansfield  (Hall of Fame/Harmonica)
Chuck Girard  (Gospel Music/Worship leader)
Jeff Fenholt  (Gospel singer)
Leon Patillo   (Gospel singer) 
R. W.  Schambauch  (Evangelist/*in heaven 9/22/11)
Donna  Schambauch   (Evangelist)
Christy Wimber  (Ministry)
Jerry Barnard   (Pastor/TBN Ministry)
Sandi Barnard   (TBN/Church Ministry)
Don Wilkerson   (Teen Challenge/N.Y.)
Billy  Wilson  (Pentecostal  minister)
Robert  A. Schuller  (Pastor)
Chaplain General John Butler  (U.S.A.)
Dave Roever  (Minister/Vietnam Vet)
Jay Jones  (TBN)
Zonelle Thompson  (Dwight Thompson Ministries)
Marty Copeland  (Ministry)
Cathe Laurie   (Calvary Chapel)
Terri Savelle Foy   (Jerry Savelle Ministries)
Cindee Martin Morgan  (Bible Answer Man/Walter Martin)
Ben Kinchlow  (Minister/former 700 Club co-host)
Arise Quartet (Gospel singers)
Cf  Harmony (Gospel singers)
Mercy Song Quartet (Gospel singers)
Southern Salvation  (Gospel singers)
Classic Sound Quartet (Gospel singers)
David Hill Trio  (Gospel singers)
Omega Quartet (Gospel singers)
James River Choir (Gospel singers)
Heavenly Sunrise  (Gospel singers)
Renewed Trio (Gospel singers)
Singing Echoes (Gospel singers)
Cassidy Brothers (Gospel singers)
Sonshiners Quartet  (Gospel singers)
Southland Harmony Quartet (Gospel singers)

Jay Truax  (guitar/Surfaris-legendary Surf band)
Freda Payne   (singer/"Band of Gold" fame)
Cal Thomas  (Christian journalist/writer)
Phyllis Schlafly   (author/Conserv lecturer)
John Bolton  (former U.S. Ambassador to U.N.)
Frank Gaffney (CEO-Nat'l Security Group/author)
Jesse Lee Peterson  (Christian activist)
Ralph Reed  (Christian activist)
Foster Friess  (Christian entrepreneur)
Luke Lawton  (running back - Oakland Raiders)
Tim Brown  (retired Receiver - Oakland Raiders)
Michael Irvin  (retired Receiver - Dallas Cowboys)
Meadow Lark Lemon  (TBN Minister/former
Harlem Globetrotter)
Johnny Crawford (actor-'Rifleman'/jazz musician)
Governor Nathan Deal   (USA/Georgia Govnr)
Janice Dean   (Fox News/weather)
Nina Easton   (Fox News/Politics contributor)
Mike Emanuel   (Fox News/Mideast journalist)
Catherine Herridge  (Fox News/Mideast journalist)
Heather Nauert   (Fox News/anchor)
Jamie Colby   (Fox News/anchor)
Jennifer Griffin   (Fox News)
Shannon Bream   (Fox News/anchor)
Alexis Glick   (Fox News/financial markets)
John Jessup   (700 Club/Journalist)
Erick Stakelbeck  (700 Club/Mideast anchor)
Wendy Griffith   (700 Club/News anchor)'s
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