Monday,  June  28,  2010   -    RE:   1st  Meeting  on   6/26/2010
><(((>    past  regular  attender  of  meetings :

"Last Saturday Night's meeting has permanently marked the majority of the peoples'  lives that were there in the meeting.  **A number of the people I spoke with the following day personally recognized they were "STILL" totally and undeniably "SATURATED" in God's power!  Thank you everyone who lifted this  meeting  up  in  prayer!!"
"...and power was coming from Jesus  and  healing  them  all."   (Luke 6:19)
dear friends:

The Lord's presence & power were overwhelming at  these gatherings for over   3   years,   from   June  26th's   first meeting  in  2010  and  through  June 2013,    the  last  meeting  for  now.

DURING  PAST  MEETINGS    and/or by prayers  for others  through  2013 the  Lord Jesus  has:

*Totally Healed  a  California  lady  (is family member of this ministry)   who was in hospital.  After doctors said she'd probably die there in the hospital room, she  walked out on her own within 24 hrs of  fervent  prayer &  is  In  perfect  health &  still  today.      (since  Nov  2010)

*Totally Healed  an  elderly  lady  from cancer  (since 2010)   from   prayer  over   the  phone.  (in our Facebook group)

*Caused to completely disappear a walnut  sized  growth  on  the  nose  of  a regular attender at our meetings; it vanished  within  30 days  after  prayer.

*Instantly  Healed  a  believer's  back during  the  meeting  on  Sept  1,  2012

*Instantly  Healed  a  young  lady  from 9 years of Fibro-myalgia in front of everyone  (is friends w/ others in this ministry)   /   June  26th,  2010)

*powerfully filled numerous persons with  His  Holy Spirit  during  meetings

*delivered 1 lady from evil spirits  (Aug)

*manifested His Gifts of the Spirit in every meeting to strengthen others (word of knowledge, miracles, healings, faith, prophecy, discernment, word of wisdom)

All glory & honor to God & the Lord Jesus Christ ~     
God is able and, yes, He is willing right now with your miracle & healings ~  [ Feb 25, 2012 /  10 Min VIDEO  /  Rob Conrad ]
Thursday,  June  7,  2012     -    RE:  June  2nd  Meeting
><(((>    past  regular  attender of meetings :

"Saturday  night's  meeting,  June  2nd, 2012,   was  incredible.
Within  minutes  of  the  meeting  already  in  progress,  2 friends  walked  in.    1  of  the  men,   a   stranger  and  first time  visitor  to  the  meetings  was  given  a   specific prophetic  word  by   Rob  about  the  man's   life   and  the direction  which  the  Lord  was  now  calling  him  to  go.     

After  the  word  was  delivered,   the man  immediately verbalized to everyone present,  with his  friend in agreement,
that  it  was  exactly  accurate  and  that  a Pastor  also  had  singled  him  out 14  days prior during  a  church  service and gave  him   the  exact  same  word  which   Rob  had  just  given  him.   

Later,  after  the  word  was  taught,  the  Lord poured out  His  heavier  anointing  of  power.     Then... "     [  read  ALL >>  ]
Sunday,  Sept  2,  2012    -     RE:   Meeting   on   9/1/2012
><(((>    past  regular  attender of meetings :

"In last night's meeting   (Sept 1st)  the awesome presence and
power  of  God  was  evident  from the  very  beginning of  the
meeting and never lifted even after  the  meeting's conclusion.

The  joy of  the  Lord  also  came  over  the  body of  believers with  numerous  anointed  waves  of  deep  laughter.

People are coming to these meetings with great expectation of what the Lord will do for them and He is honoring their faith. Afterward, one born again brother rejoiced while he shared with me, Rob and others how the Lord had totally healed his back during the meeting!

Another  regular  female  attender  of  our  meetings  for  over 18  months   said  afterward   'the   anointing  was   so  strong, I  literally had to hold onto my chair.'  " .      
Sept  3,  2012   /   YouTube  VIDEO :
The Blind See, the Deaf Hear, the Lame Walk  --  with Jesus   [ 11 Min VIDEO/  Rob Conrad ]
"MIRACLES & HEALINGS for AMERICA"                   March 11, 2013  /  VIDEO
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