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Thursday,  June  7,  2012 :
><(((>    past  regular  attender of meetings :

Saturday  night's  meeting  on   June 2, 2012   was  incredible.

Within  minutes  of  the  meeting  already  in  progress,  2 friends  walked  in.    1  of  the  men,   a   stranger  and  first time  visitor  to  the  meetings  was  given  a   specific prophetic  word  by   Rob  about  the  man's   life   and  the direction  which  the  Lord  was  now  calling  him  to  go.     

After  the  word  was  delivered,   the man  immediately verbalized to everyone present,  with his  friend in agreement,
that  it  was  exactly  accurate  and  that  a Pastor  also  had  singled  him  out 14  days prior during  a  church  service and gave  him   the  exact  same  word  which   Rob  had  just  given  him.   

Later,  after  the  word  was  taught,   the  Lord poured out  His heavier  anointing  of  power.   Then,  more  prophetic operations  in  the  Gifts  took  place  while  Rob  prayed  for individuals   with  the  laying  on  of   hands.     People  were visibly  impacted  by  God's  power  and  the  pure  Gifts  of the  Holy  Spirit.

At  the  end  of  the  meeting,   a  person  gave  testimony  to being   "refreshed"   after  a  lengthy  time  of  spiritual  battle;

Another verbalized  he hadn't felt God's power like that before and  was  feeling  an   "insatiable appetite for God's word" ;

Another expressed  her  desire  to be  filled  with  the  Holy Spirit  and  with her  hands  uplifted  and  in  tears   the  Lord immediately   placed   His  consuming  fire  on  her ;  

Another person  with  a bondage of drug addiction for 10 years  declared   it  to  be  completely   destroyed  by,   in  his words,  "what  seemed like  a  lightning bolt  go through  him from head to toe"   when  Rob  laid  his  hands  on  him  and prayed.   Right after that,  this  same man  also  testified  that during  his drug  period  he   was  not  able  to   fasten  his mind  on  God's  Word,   but  recognized   that   after  prayer his mind  was   now  completely   "filled with God's Word and it's  all  he  could  think  about".

Later,   and once the Gifts  subsided  at  the  end  of the  meet-
ing   and   still  with   no  one  leaving   for   a  full   5   hours, everyone   lifted  their  hands   in   unity   and   thanked   and  praised  God   because  of   the  AWESOME  GOD   we  serve!

I  myself  was  still under  the  anointing  for  the next  2  days.

June 7, 2012