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Personal info:

1971 >  grad  Katella High school  -  Anaheim, Calif.  /  Orange County
1972-73-74 >  3 yrs. college football,   [ FTball scholarship '74 ]
1976 >  Dallas Cowboys try-out, free agent [wide recvr],  not picked up
1981 >  powerfully saved,  filled w/ the Holy Spirit; personal ministry to others began, street ministries,  active in non-denominational Christian church settings,  teacher-leader of Bible groups.    [thru '88]

*PUBLIC  MINISTRY ::::::::..............................

1985-91 >  6 yrs in prison ministry as Assoc. Chaplain / During services I  conducted,  over  3000 souls came to salvation in Christ;   hundreds filled
w/Spirit; dozens of inmates set free publicly from demonic possession by God's power.

1988-92 >  Sr. Pastor - Hosanna Christian Fellowship  /  Anaheim, CAL.

1989 >  ordained as Minister, Open Bible organiz / Des Moines, IA - non-denominational   [ *inactive w/ this organz today ]


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Born  again  &  baptized  in  the   fire   &   power  of   the  Holy Spirit

After growing  up  in  a  wonderful  family with  2  great parents,  I was totally ignorant of  the Bible or  the story of Jesus.   Literally, no one had told me.   I  had  not  even  heard  the  term   "Son of God"  until  I  was  27 years old.   Although  I  had  always  loved Christmas  & the  songs,  I  had   no  clue  as  to  their  meaning. I  was  100%  unchurched,  unreligious  &  clueless.
Having always believed  in  God  but never  having spoken 1 word about   it  to  anyone  &  having  never  prayed  once  in  my  life, I  was  immediately  "all ears"   when  my  own  mother  told  me she  had  been   "saved"  about  30  days  prior  in  March  1981. My  response  to  her  was  "saved  from  what?".   She  told  me about  the  Son of God  &  that  the  Bible  was all  about  Jesus. I  had  never  heard.   So,  for  the  next  7  days I  studied the  4 Gospels  that  she  had  given  me  in  order  to  find  out.

I was powerfully born again &  Spirit-filled with the baptism in the fire  of   the  Holy Ghost  on  Friday  (Good  Friday),    April  17th, 1981  while  all   alone  in  my  office.   Later  that very  evening  I  wept  as   I   heard  my  mother   explain  to   me   the   meaning  of    "Good  Friday"    (&  Easter).     Immediately miracles,  heal- ings  & deliverances began occurring  in  my  prayers  for  others. For  the  next   8  years   (thru 1989)   I   witnessed  to  hundreds  of   people  & taught  numerous  Bible  groups  which  is   what  I  knew    (from  the  day  I  was saved)    to    be   God's   purpose  &   plan  for  me   in   ministry  with  signs  following.  

Ministering to the body of Christ in my calling as a Teacher & Pastor with prophetical giftings.... 

During  these years (thru '89)  &  being  active  in  the  Spirit-filled churches  I  attended  opened up continual  opportunities  for  me  to   minister  as   a  teacher  &  to  operate   in  the  gifts  of   the  Spirit   within   the  church   environment  &   in   various  ministry settings.   The  prophetical  gifts  &  an  anointing  of   His  power to  cast  out  demons  &  lay  hands on  people  for  the  baptism in  the  fire of   the  Spirit  has  continually  followed  my  ministry strongly.  

In  1989  I   was ordained  as  a  minister  while  I  was  Pastor of Hosanna  Christian  Fellowship.     At  that  time,  I   had  already been  Associate  Chaplain  in  the   prison  ministry  since   1985  where  I   was  used  by   the   Lord   to   lead  over   3000  souls  to  salvation  there   (thru mid  1991)   with many  miracles,   bap- tisms   in   fire  &  many  inmates  being  delivered  publicly  from  demon-possession  by  the  power  of  God.

From  1992  to this  date  (2023),  the  Spirit  has  enhanced  the prophetical  giftings that have operated  since  my  conversion  & as  a  leader.  He has now called  me  to  focus on  teaching  the body  of  Christ  &  writing   these  various  prophetical  things  to believers  in  order  to   equip   the  saints  into  maturity  &   into the  holy,  spotless  &  blameless  bride  of  Christ  in  readiness to  meet  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ,   who  is  near.  ~

Rob Conrad,  brother in Christ

Metro-Atlanta, Georgia  /  USA
404- 914- 7914
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