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Mid-7  year  point Abomination  of   Deso- lation   /    Mark  of  the Beast   /   Antichrist  in Jerusalem  [Dan  9: 27]
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In  Jesus'   prophecies   for   the   last  gener- ation   He   said:   "for   then   there   will   be  a   great  tribulation   such  as   has   not  oc- curred  since   the   beginning  of  the   world  until   now,   nor   ever   shall.      And   unless  those  days   had   been   cut   short,  no   life  would    have    been   saved;    but   for    the  sake   of   the   elect   those  days   shall   be  cut   short."       [Math.24: 21] 

This  is   the  final   3  1/2  years   in  human  history   as    man   knows   it.       It   is   also   the   2nd    half   of   the   7   year   tribulation.    It   will   be   the  most   terrifying   time  since   world    history    began    6000   years   ago.   The  great  tribulation   is   also  called  the   "wrath  of  God"    in   Revelation  16: 1.

Jesus  identified   the   "start"  of  the  great tribulation    to   be    "when   you   see   the   abomination    of    desolation    which    was spoken   of    through   Daniel   the    prophet,  standing   in  the  holy  place".     [Math.24:15] Jesus    knew    that     Daniel   9:27    clearly pinpointed    the      "abomination   of    deso- lation"    to   occur   exactly   in   the   middle   of   the   7    year   tribulation   period.      

The   "abominable"   aspect  of    the   Mid-7  year    point    is    that    Antichrist    becomes   satanically  empowered  &   then   takes  his  seat    inside    the    temple   in    Jerusalem.  He     then     "opposes    &   exalts    himself   above   every   so-called   god   or  object  of   worship... &   displays    himself    as    being   God."         [2 Thess.2: 4]    

TODAY,  the    Abomination of Desolation  is   being    publicly   rehearsed   IN   PLAIN VIEW   on   the    world's   stage.       This   is  one   of   the   hugest   SIGNS   of   the   clos-   ing   gap  of   time   today  to   the   'start'  of  the   7  Year  Tribulation  and  the   Nearness  of  Christ   to   this   generation.        News/Photos
One of the most obvious and MAJOR SIGNS to this generation as to the closeness of  the 'start' of  the  7 Year  Tribulation  is  the  public  REHEARSING  of  the Abomination of Desolation.   On  January 17, 2010   the 4th Rehearsal of  this kind  INSIDE A JEWISH TEMPLE was  acted  out  AGAIN   IN PLAIN  VIEW   on  the  world's stage.                               [ Headline News/Photos  below ]
Today's  talks  in  Israel about 'Re-building  the  3rd  Temple'  are  right  on  time  prophetic- ally   /  Headline News ^
Jan 17, 2010  /  4th Public Dress Rehearsal of the  Abomination of  Desolation / News,photos below
January  17,  2010   /   Benedict  XVI 'seats'   himself     inside   Rome's Main  Jewish  Synagogue,    his  3rd Visit   inside   a   Jewish   Temple.
AUG  2005 /  Benedict  "takes his seat"   inside  a  Jewish  Temple within  months  of  his  Papal  Election on  April 19, 2005   ::  Became only the 2nd  Pope  in  2000  years  to step  inside a  Jewish Temple.    (John Paul  II   was  the   1st   in  1986)   
Public  Rehearsal  of  the  Abomination  of  Desolation
Benedict's  1st
Aug  2005   /    Jewish  Choir  Director  (above)  bows  to Benedict  XVI  inside  Jewish Temple
John Paul  II   'seated' in the temple  /   News
1st   Pope  ever to  enter  a  Jewish Synagogue  in  2000  years  / 1986
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Antichrist seated in Jewish Temple - Photo ID'd
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Aug 2005  : 
exiting Synagogue  (more > )
Abomination of Desolation
  Synagogue  Rehearsals
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ANTICHRIST    'STANDING  in   the  Holy place' :    HUGE  End  Time  SIGN  ....IN PLAIN  VIEW  TODAY         More/News >
June 3, 2014 / YouTube