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7  Year Tribulation period
   [ in the chronology of the                   book  of  Revelation ]
Exact middle
of 7 year period / Mark of Beast
3 1/2 years
3 1/2 years
Great Tribulation
Wrath of God - Rev.16:1
T h e    C o m i n g
FIRST   3  1/2  years  of  the  Tribulation
Rev. 6:4   

Peace is taken from  the  earth AND  A FOURTH of the earth  is  killed  by  the  'SWORD, FAMINE, DISEASE  and WILD BEASTS  OF THE EARTH'
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posted @ on Feb 2, 2009
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Feb 2, 2009
Rob Conrad
To:  Brothers-
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Rev. 10:7
In the  Days of the Voice of  the  7th  Angel  when he  is  about  to  sound... the  Mystery of God  is Finished....

Rev. 11:15
7th  and  LAST TRUMPET SOUNDS, Raptured believers
Rev. 9:14, 15, 18   
Four Angels of God are  released in the Mideast   bringing TOXIC AIR  plagues
killing a  THIRD of MANKIND  in  the Euphrates  River region  of  the Mideast  
Return of Christ
Seek the Lord while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near.   [Isaiah 55:6]
Be on guard, that your hearts may not be weighted down with dissipation and drunkenness and the worries of life,  and  that  day come  on you suddenly like  a  trap.....      [the Lord Jesus / Gospel Luke 21:34]
Believers not destined for wrath /
How far into the Tribulation?
Coming Global Implosion   and  the Body of Christ

Today's  End Time  generation  is  now  poised  to  witness  the 'start'   of   the  Biblically  foretold  final  Tribulation.    It   will  be the  most  horrendous  period  in   human  history  with  the  final 3 1/2 years of  Great Tribulation  being  the  absolute  worst nightmare  on  earth,   "ever".        [Math.24:21].

At  the  'start'  of  the  7 Year Tribulation  then  a  global implosion  will  immediately  occur   in  every  facet  of   life, in  this  physical  earth  and  in  society  worldwide.   The   body of  believers  worldwide  will  be   the  exception  to   this  as they  will  arise  in  unity,  power,  uprightness  before  God  and great  insight  [Dan.11:33]  until  their  'number... should  be completed'  during  the  first  3 1/2 years  as  shown  in Revelation.      [Rev.6:11].
Later,  the  'mystery of God is  finished'   [and  'completed'] within  the  first  3  1/2  year  period   [Rev.10:7]   as   the  virtual last  soul  to  accept  Christ  will  do so  just  before   the  rapture takes  place.   This  last   soul's  acceptance  of  Christ   will occur   'in  the  days  of   the  voice  of   the   7th  angel   when he   is  about  to  sound'    the  FINAL AND  7th  TRUMPET  as shown  within the FIRST 3 1/2 years  in  Rev. 10:7  and   Rev. 11:15.    Without  question,  this   is   the  accurate   'timing'   of the  rapture  of   the  church  [not day or hour]   as   I    have presented   exhaustively   in    'Here is Wisdom.'    [ Chapt 13 ].

Regarding  today's  global  economic  catastrophe  which started in  mid-September 2008,   then ALL nations  including  the USA  were  divinely snapped  onto  the same  irreversible course to global economic disaster Any  coming  'UP-BLIP' in  USA's  Economy  will  be  TEMPORARY.   Then,  nearing  the  'start' of  the   Tribulation  the   world  economies  will  grow sorrowfully and  quickly worse as  this generation continues spiralling  at accelerated  speed towards  the  foretold  global solution  of   a   one-mark system,   the  mark of  the  beast.  

This is the  inevitable  scenario  in  the  End Times  shown  by scriptures  and  imminent  in  this  world  TODAY.  The  following coming  events  will  also  soon  occur  within  the  first  3 1/2 years  of  Tribulation  while  leading  this  final  generation quickly  to  the  miraculous  return  of  the   King of  Kings  and Lord  of  Lords,   the  Lord Jesus Christ:

The  'start' of  the  final   7 Year  Tribulation  period  is  imminent  for  today's  generation.   Revelation's  chronology  specifically shows  that  billions  of  people  will   be  'killed'   just   within the   first  3 1/2  years   of   the  Tribulation.  

Any   talk  from  today's  preachers  who  say  that   there  will be   a   'temporary  peace'   during  the  FIRST  HALF  of   the   7 Year  Tribulation  period   is   exactly   opposite   the   scriptures and   the   book  of   Revelation.     In  fact,   SOON  AFTER   the Tribulation  begins,  Revelation  specifically  states  that   'peace will  be  taken  from  the  earth'.      [Rev.6:4].     

This  is   huge  and   critical   foresight  for   today's  generation of  the  total  worldwide  kaos  which  is  imminent.    Jesus Himself   foretold  of   this  coming  nightmare  on   earth  stating that    'men  will be  fainting  from  fear'   and   even  from just    'the  expectation  of  things  coming  upon  the world.'       [Luke 21:26].               [ coming Global Anarchy > ]


Rev. 6:8   states  that   'a  fourth of the earth'   will  be  killed soon  after  the  Tribulation  begins.   Of  today's   6.7  billion people  on earth  that  means  about  1.6  billion   persons   will soon  die,  leaving  about  5.1  billion.    Soon  after  that,   Rev. 9:15   states  that  another   'third of  mankind'   will  be  killed.   
Overall,  these  numbers mean  that  in  the  next  coming  years after  the  Tribulation  begins,   that  a   total  of  several billion  people  will  die,   leaving  roughly  3.4  billion   people on earth.   In  conclusion,  roughly  HALF  of   today's   world   popu- lation   will  die  just  within  the  first  3 1/2  years   of   the Tribulation.    As  horrific  as  this  sounds,  it  will  most definitely   take  place.    Without  question,  this  generation  will shortly  witness  it.

Rev.6:8  specifically states the  causes  of  a fourth of  the earth   dying  to  be  by   'the  sword  and  with  famine  and with  pestilence  and   by  the   wild  beasts  of  the  earth.'  
'By the sword'   means  that   global  killing  and  murdering  will soon   explode  in  all  walks of  life.   This  includes   from  small wars   within  a  nation  and   even  against  other  nations,   to terrorist-type  of   killings  like  we  see  today,  organized  crime, and  even  extending  to  anarchy  and   killings  in  the neighborhood  streets.   

This  'sword'   is  first  mentioned  in  Rev. 6:4   in   conjunction with   'peace  being  taken  from  the  earth'   immediately  inside the   7  Year  Tribulation.    This  same   verse  also   states  that
'men  should  slay  one  another;  and  a  great  sword  was given  to  him.'          [ GRAPH BELOW ]
Clearly,  Revelation's  depiction  of  this  coming  explosion  of DEATH  worldwide  is  related   to  the  Red  Horse   [2nd horse, Rev.6:4]   and   the  4th  Horse   [Rev.6:7,8]   who  is  labeled  as 'Death' .     The  5th  horseman  of  Revelation  is    called 'Hades'   who   'was  following  with  him',   showing  this  5th horse's   link   to   'Death.'        [Rev. 6:7,8].


Quicky  after  a  fourth of  the  earth's  population  is  killed, then  another  'third of mankind'   will  also  be  killed  during  this  first   3 1/2  year  period  as  shown  in  Revelation 9:15 and   verse  18.  

This   will  occur  when  God  Himself   "releases"  the   4 angels   [of  God]   which   have  been   'bound  at  the   great River Euphrates'.     [Rev. 9:14].    Once  they  are  released, then  a    'third  of  mankind  is  killed'   by   the  ensuing 'plagues'   as   the  result.   [Rev. 9:15,18].     As  a   sidenote, since  the  Euphrates River  flows  down  the  middle  of  Iraq then  most   likely  the   whole   Iraq-Iran   region   will   be   the first   to   receive   the  onslaught  of   these   exploding  plagues.

The  3  plagues  themselves  are  directly  related  to  the bottomless  pit   which  will   have  been  opened   [Rev.9:2] during  the   first   3 1/2  years   causing   the  air  to  become literally  so  toxic   that   'the  sun  and  the  air  were  darkened by  the  smoke of  the pit.'    [Rev.9:2].     Literally,  just breathing  the  air  will  result  in  a   third of  mankind's death  as  indicated   repeatedly  in   Revelation.    [Rev. 9: 2,15, 18].  

As  previously  stated,   at  that  point  just  ahead  in  this  generation  about  3.4  billion  persons  will  be  left  alive  on  earth during  just  the  first  3 1/2 years  of   the  7  Year  Tribulation  period.    The  Great  Tribulation  to  follow  is   worse.

For  believers  all  over  the  world  who  see  these  things  today then  the   Lord's  own  words  are   the  greatest  comfort saying:   'But  when  these things  begin to take place,  then straighten  up  and  lift  up  your heads!   Because your Redeemer  is  drawing  near!'       [Luke 21:28].