A prophetical voice on the record/Rob Conrad/Oct 26, 2008
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Narrowing  Time  Left  until  Tribulation  begins
About the time of the end,  a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies,   &  insist on their  literal interpretation,   in  the midst of much clamor & opposition."          Sir Isaac Newton   /   Christian & Father of modern science    
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Sir Isaac Newton
1642 - 1727
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Sunday,  October  26,  2008
Rob Conrad  to Global Ptrs & posted at:  www.Heisnear.com
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Those  who have  insight among   the   people  will provide understanding to the many.   [Daniel 11:33]
[Above Prophetical Letter was sent out  to  Global Partners  on  Sunday, Oct 26, 2008  and  Monday  Oct 27th;  It was  posted on  Sunday Oct 26th  here   at  www.Heisnear.com ]
Prophecy   1  Year  ago   /   Nov  21,  2007
Pinpointing  2008  for  Economic  Collapse
R  A  P  I  D  L  Y
100%  Proof  of  Christ's  Nearness
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All  Prophecies  RE:  AMERICA'S  FUTURE
Starting in  Mid-September 2008  the USA's own financial breakdown suddenly shocked our nation.  Within a  few  weeks the  USA's problem erupted into today's unprecedented GLOBAL CRISIS of total Economic Panic and breakdown.  From the world's perspective,  all of this was a surprise as it occurred suddenly and almost overnight and threw this generation into a unified mindset of  GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS  in need of  an  immediate GLOBAL SOLUTION.     Brother-sisters in Christ,  this was A Major Divine Shaking  and  Divinely  Timed   by  the  Spirit of  God  in  this  earth.

As of today,  most world Leaders are hustling about trying to solve this GLOBAL CRISIS ECONOMICALLY.    Most of America's own Leaders and politicians can be heard  talking  hopefully  about  America's  own  'recovery'   from  this  total Economic shakedown, the worst in America's history.    Even  the top Christian voices,  TV Ministries  and  so-called  prophets can  be  heard   [at best]   hoping  and  pondering  publicly  about   "'whether  or  not  America  can, or  will,  Recover ?".

In the short term.   America and OTHER NATIONS of the world  WILL NOT RECOVER  from this Economic breakdown.  In fact, America and  THE WORLD'S NATIONS  will continue to spiral rapidly  towards  total collapse economically,   and  heading  to  the  rapid  fulfillment of  the  'mark of the beast'   in this generation  Antichrist,  who is  ALREADY IN  PROCESS to  solely  solve  today's  world  economic  crash  with  his   'mark' ,  is  NOW waiting  on  deck  as  the  site  specifically shows.   Hundreds of  News/Photos overwhelmingly confirm  this and  ALL FINAL PROPHECIES  and  the nearness of  Christ.   Today,   there  is   a   rapidly  narrowing   gap  of   time  left until  the  Tribulation   begins.     [ key links below]

In  the  United States TODAY,  the  biggest  Economic Collapse in  America's history  has already  begun  in  Mid-September  and  will  now  come  to pass  quickly  and  in  a    mind-boggling  magnitude  in  the  days  ahead,   and accompanied by  Banks closing  and  fast-expanding  unemployment. [*These  specific  prophecies by  the Spirit  were  first  sent  to  Global  Partners Nov  21, 2007   and  are  all  posted at  this  site  with  the  most  recent  ones sent  to  Global  Partners  on:   Sept  22, 2008  and  Oct  2nd,  2008 ].  Any Up-blip  will  only  be  temporary  on  an  overall  downward  staircase  graph.

Great  unrest and  extreme  societal  turbulence is  ALSO NOW  imminent not  only in  the  USA  but  globally.    Why?   Because  the  'perilous times' which  the  Apostle  Paul  foretold  for  the  End Times  are  here  right  now globally.     They  will  quickly grow  worse.    But,  God's true Spirit-filled believers will be the exception in these days and months ahead as God  raises them up  in unity and with a loud voice and will  be  'those who have insight and will provide understanding to the many'  about  today's End Time events,  Antichrist  and  the  NEARNESS OF CHRIST'S  RETURN.      [ Dan. 11:32, 33 / Math. 24:33 / Luke 21:28 ].   Extraordinary miracles will be commonplace  amongst  anointed  believers in  the  USA  and  around  the world as  God  will  be  greatly  glorified  in  His  final  Body of Christ.   [*Final Move of God - Link below].         [Dan.11:32,33 / Dan.12:3].

How and  Why can  I  say all  these  things  boldly?   Because the Lord was clear  by  saying  that  those who   'see these things'   [End Time prophecies lined  up  together  as  foretold   in  the Written Word of  God]   can   'KNOW' that   "Christ  is  near,  even  right  at  the  door."       [Math. 24:33].

For those today who are  'seeing'  all these things by the Spirit then it is clear that  Mid-September's  Divine  Shakedown   SNAPPED  this generation into  a rapid-pace  towards FULFILLMENT of the  FINAL 1-WORLD ECONOMIC AND WORLD SYSTEM OF THE END TIMES FORETOLD IN SCRIPTURES.    This will  virtually  kick-in   at   the  very  Mid-Point  of  the  final  7  Year  Tribulation which is  SOON  to  begin  in  this  generation.    God's people  will  have been  'taken'   by   this  fast-approaching  Mid-point.

However, TODAY,  the whole world  [including the USA]  is  NOW  in  a final IRREVERSIBLE mode of submitting to the European Union  [EU] which is  already in  its  DIVINELY FOREORDAINED POSITION as  world history's  final   BEASTLY KINGDOM  based  in  western  Europe.     [Rev. 13:1-10 /  Dan.7:24].      The  EU  will  RAPIDLY EMERGE  as  World  Leader  from this  point  on.              Crashing Global Economy/ News  ::  1-World GOVT  ]

The LINKS shown  below  will help  many of the multiple thousands of  new believers and  visitors to  www.Heisnear.com   each  month  and  new  Global Partners  receiving these updates to quickly locate  KEY SECTIONS of CRUCIAL TOPICS  within  the  site  and  to  'see these things'   by  the  Spirit of  God  and  by  His  Written Word.   Then,  we can all  be  ready  for  the GLORIOUS RETURN OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST  when  He   'takes'   us away  from  the  wrath  to  come.     He  Himself  encouraged  End Time believers saying:   'When these things begin to take place,  Straighten up! Lift  up  your  heads!     Because  your  Redemption  is  drawing  near !'. [Luke 21:28].


The  Papacy of Rome will  quickly EMERGE as  the  clear  World Leader being  looked  to  by  Israel  and  the  world  in  the  COMNG  Mediating  of  the Biblically  foretold  7 Year Mideast Peace Treaty  with  Israel's  Leaders. This  is  the  VERY NEXT MAJOR EVENT TO OCCUR  PROPHETICALLY AND  IS  NOW  READYING  TO  TAKE  PLACE.        [ full scope,  News >> ]

ISRAEL  will militarily decimate Russia on  the  mountains  of  Israel  as foretold  in   Ezekiel Chapter 38.     THIS IS THE 2ND MAJOR EVENT TO TAKE PLACE   AND  WILL  OCCUR  IN  CONJUNCTION  WITH  THE  TIMING OF  THE   'START'  OF  THE   7 YEAR  TRIBULATION.    [ Israel - Russia in the  End Times >>   /    Russia/End Times >>   /    Damascus'  leveling >> ]

The   EU  will  Ascend  Rapidly  NOW    into   its   FORETOLD  FINAL WORLD  STATUS  and   AUTHORITATIVE  VOICE  as   history's   final   1 World Government.   ALL NATIONS  and  today's  World Leaders  [including the USA itself]    will clearly and  immediately  begin  submitting to  the   EU's Global  Voice,   Economic  Clout  and  Global  Lead   in   World Affairs, including  the  Mideast Peace  talks.     [ EU-News  /   full scope, News >> ]

The FINAL MOVE OF GOD is already beginning now globally.   It will explode   in  the  time  coming  ahead  as  scriptures  show.    [ full scope >> ]
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