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Great Tribulation
3  1/2 years
3  1/2 years
Mid-7 years
Return of Christ Battle of Armaggedon
End Time prophecies show that  at the  time near  the  'start'   of the  final  7 Year Tribulation period  then  eyes will be opened worldwide in recognizing the  unfolding of  Imminent Final World Events,  Antichrist's presence on the  world's stage and  the readiness for fulfillment of the virtual Return of the Lord Jesus Christ.    This  generation's  soon-coming  awareness  of  the reality  of  God's  Divine  Re-Intervention  into  world  history will  cause  a  shock-wave  of  awe  over  the  whole  earth.

This is on the verge of occurring right now Globally and will be initiated by God Himself in His final unprecedented outpouring of His Spirit upon ALL mankind.  The  following LINKS  address the various aspects of what is ready to occur  RIGHT NOW  as today's  generation  is  staring  the  'start'  of  the  final TRIBULATION  PERIOD  squarely  in  the  eyes  to  occur  soon.
Antichrist's  signing of  a  7 Year Agreement  with  ISRAEL  for 
Mideast  Peace
Rev.6:2  Dan.9:27
Imminent  Today:
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Ezek 38:23
God   will    "Make  Himself   known"
Joel 2:28,29
God  Himself  pours  out  His  Spirit
Rev 6:15-17
Even the most rebellious will 'know'                              End Time Events & Judgements are                             
occurring and God  is on  His throne
Math 24:33
Followers of Christ will   'know'   that
He is near..........even right at the door
Daniel 11:33
Believers will have keen Insight  RE:                              End Time  events  and  will   "provide                              understanding  to  the  many". 
Scriptures confirm a keen GLOBAL AWARENESS  will  occur  near  the 'start'  of   the  7  Year  Tribulation:
1000  year  Millennium Reign of Christ on earth
READ FULL SCOPE  with Today's News:
"The coming FINAL MOVE of GOD"
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IMMINENT in this generation
Jesus'  prophecy is  huge  for today's  End Time  and  is already occurring right now in its infant stages.   He  said,  "....when you see  ALL these things,  KNOW He is near, even right at the door."   [Math 24:33].     Right  now,   EYES ARE OPENING  to 'all these things' including  Antichrist's identity and presence on the world's stage today  exactly  as shown at  Heisnear.com.   
100% PROOF
of Christ's Nearness
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