Monday,  Sept 22,  2008
From:  Rob Conrad
Patmos Ministries
To:  Global Partners

Brothers-sisters in Christ:

Today's   crashing Global  Economy  is  zooming   the  world to  the   foretold mark  of  the  beast   in   this   generation.   This  is  right  on  time  with  ALL other  Biblical  prophecies which  are   shaped  up  right  now  for   imminent fulfillment.         

Current  economic  catastrophes  in   the   United  States,   EU,   Russia  and   the  overall   imploding  global  economic  condition  will  continue  to spiral  downard  towards  collapse  at  this  point  in  the  prophetic timeclock.   "Today's  Skyrocketing  prices worldwide will NOT dissipate but  will  continue  to  rise    [like an upward staircase graph]    until  the 'mark of the beast'   prophecy  is  fulfilled  in  this   generation."   [ You've read  this exact  statement  I've  made  at  the  site  and  dated  Nov  21, 2007 within  the  section  '2008,,,,what's coming?'  and  then  also  registered  in the Library of Congress Copyright Office in  Two Beasts Rising/book,  July  2008,  able to be read at the site / no charge.] 

What I am on record of saying is the exact opposite from what ALL of today's false prophets have been saying for EACH YEAR  for about 8 years  [since 2000].    You've  heard  today's popular hucksters preaching  publicly to the body of Christ  that  'great prosperity is about to explode in America!   The greatest prosperity in America's history!'.    Then each year for 8 years, when it  hasn't happened,  they simply re-state the same false prophecy the next year,  and  the  next year,,,,etc.     One highly exalted  false prophet within  the Evangelical TV airwaves  stated just  several months ago  during  the summer on Christian TV  that   'America  WILL NOT  see  a  recession!' .    A  certain percentage of  Evangelicals in  America are  still  clearly  taking  this  'America will  have great  prosperity!'    hype  hook,  line  and  sinker.

But on the contrary to today's  false prophetsthe current global economic catastrophe will only get worse, including  America.    As you know from my statements at the site and as recently as my last email to you and  Heisnear's global  database of  believers  11  days ago   [ September 11th:   'America's Next Critical Choice:  Our Next President' ]   is  that  America  itself  will  continue  to  spiral  down  economically towards total collapse  UNTIL THIS  NATION  IS  CALLED  TO  REPENTANCE!

But,  concerning the coming  global  solution,   it  will   be  a    'one-mark' system  by  which   'all'   will   be   able  to   'buy  or  sell'   food,  water  and ALL  global  commodities  at  every  level  of  society's needs,   worldwide.     It will  be  forced upon  all.     [Rev.13:16,17].     [ new page Link:  ] 

At   this   fast-approaching  point  in  history,   survival  without  the   'mark'   on the   'right  hand  or  forehead'   will  be  impossible.    It  will  be  instituted by  the   False Prophet  of  Revelation   [Rev.13:11,16:13]    who  is  right now   in   the  process  of  successfully  pushing   the  concept  globally  within the   EU  and   the   United  Nations.     [ Headline News/photos confirm all @ . ]     

It  will  be  fully  implemented  at  the  Mid-Point  of  the   7 Year Tribulation period  which  is  nearing  its  'start'   in   this  generation.

Brothers and sisters in Christ,  God's people are  not  destined  for  His  wrath OR  for  this coming  Great Tribulation  period of   3  1/2  years.   [1Thess.5:9; Math.24:21].    We  will  have  been  'taken'   by  this   fast-approaching  period. So, recognizing all  of  this  is  actually  GOOD NEWS  for  those  who  believe and recognize today's signs which show the nearness of Christ's  return.  This is an incredibly exciting time for Spirit-filled believers who walk with our Lord intimately and who put our  full  trust in  Him and  not  this imploding world,  nor its  worldly  goods  or   its  worldly  nature.

The Lord's own words are the greatest comfort right now for those who believe. He said,   "But when these things begin to take place,  straighten up and  lift up your heads,   because your redemption is drawing near!"
[Luke 21:28].


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