Posted by Rob Conrad on Thurs October 2, 2008 @ 9:01AM at  [  *At the time of this post,  30 mins before the  Stock Market opened,  the  Dow Jones  was set @ 10,830. At the end of the day's closing bell @ 4PM ET,  the Dow had dropped 348 points,  and  closed at 10,482 points.  ]  [*This same letter below was also sent out to Global Partners of on Oct 2nd.]

Coming Next:  Stocks will Crash, Banks Closing
As Americans await this morning for the House's final acceptance or rejection of the current Bail-Out Bill, the Stock Market and Banks across the country are NEXT IN LINE to crash and collapse.   This imminent scenario will occur regardless of the  Bail-Out Bill's acceptance or rejection.

After the history-breaking  777 point One-day drop in the Stock Market a few days ago,  the last few days show much talk about a 'rebound'  in the stocks and a  'good time to buy in'  to the stock market.   To the contrary,  the  STOCK MARKET WILL CONTINUE TO BE A DOWNWARD STAIRCASE GRAPH HEADED FOR THE CRASH.   This, AND the closing of many BANKS,  will occur  even though there might be numerous quick and short-lived  up-blips and false rallies for a moment.

The repeated and specific forewarnings I've made recorded at the site since October 4, 2005  and as recently as September 11th and Sept 22nd  in letters to our Global Partners that  America's Future is poised for the biggest collapse ECONOMICALLY in our nation's history  are already now manifesting in the last two weeks since Mid-September.

What we've seen so far is ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICE-BERG of the ECONOMIC COLLAPSE coming to America.

It will quickly get worse.

the REPEATED WARNINGS  recorded at the site.
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>>>>>>> end of recorded post/letter, Rob Conrad / 9:01Am / Thurs Oct 2, 2008

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On Thurs,  Oct  2,  2008  @  9:01AM @  At the time of this Recorded post by Rob Conrad Dow Jones rested at  > 10,830 points
USA Stock Market Watch: 
What  has  the  Stock  Market done  since the above post at 9:01AM  Thursday,  Oct 2nd  ?

Thur  10/2  >  Drop 348 pts
Fri  10/3  >   Drop 158 pts
[ $700 billion Bail-Out signed ]
Mon  10/6  >   Drop 369 pts
[  Dow below 10,000 today 1st time in over 4 yrs,  since '04  ]
Tue  10/7  >   Drop 508 pts
Wed  10/8  >  Drop 189 pts
Thur  10/9  >  Drop 678 pts
[  1st   time  in  5  years   ['03]  Stock Market  dropped  below 9000  points;  1 yr ago Stocks were  over  14,000  ]
Fri  10/10  >  Drop 128 pts
Worst  1  week  of  losses  in the  Stock  Market's  112   year  history  /  FoxNews ]


Since  Thur  Oct  2nd :

= Dropped 2378 pts total
= Dow rests @  8451 pts

[  *as  of  closing  bell   Friday,
Oct   10,  2008  ]

Tracking USA 2008
Stock Market Crash:
Oct 2nd, 2008  >  10,830 pts
Crashing Global Economy  zooming  to   the   'mark of beast'    /   Sept 22, 2008   Rob Conrad
Repeated 3 Years of Forewarnings since Oct 2005 of Economic Collapse for America  /  Rob Conrad
Specific Forewarning on  Nov 21, 2007 for America of  being  poised in 2008 for biggest Economic Collapse  in  America's  History  /  Rob Conrad
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