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Return of Christ Rev 19:11
1000  year  Millennium Reign of Christ on earth

Today's  uprisings  worldwide  are  occurring right on time with all other foretold End Time Prophecies.   In  essence today,  the  'people' are   rising  against   the  Government  Leaders.
Bible  Prophecies show  that  right  after  the 'start'  of  the  7  Year  Tribulation,  'peace is taken  from  the  earth',  an  unfathomable  idea.
This points to anarchy in the streets to military states  within  nations,  and  to  eventual  war. Revelation  shows  billions will die.    [Links below]

Today's  collapsing Global Economy  is  a  Major End Time Prophecy.   It  is  also the ROOT CAUSE  for  the  Global stirring  since  NO  JOBS means  NO  MONEY  leading  to  NO  FOOD, leading  to  GLOBAL UNREST  as  people  clamor for  daily  food  &  water  just  to  survive.

The  soon-coming  GLOBAL SOLUTION?   The foretold  1-World  Economic  "mark"  proposed by the  False Prophet,  also in  Plain  View  Today.
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Peace is taken from the earth   /  Rev 6:4
[*News  /  Skyrocketing FOOD  PRICES   Leadi- ing   to   coming  Global Unrest, Global Anarchy]
Mid-7 years
Mark of Beast
In Revelation's Chronology
Antichrist / Rev 6:2
August  15,  2011  Wired  News

FOOD  PRICES  Could  Hit  Tipping
Point  for  GLOBAL  UNREST
GLOBAL  ANARCHY  foretold  for  Today's
End  Times  ::  NEWS
*More FOOD PRICES RISING  / Skyrocketing World Prices ::  News >>
October  15,  2011  Sky  News

"Wall Street" and  "Occupy" Protests GO  GLOBAL  --
(  in  82  countries  &   951  cities  )
100% PROOF of Christ's Nearness
( 2 Min VID  by  Heisnear.com )
October  14,  2011
Conserv Daily  News
EU,  after  Jan
1st,   2012:
75%  Cut  in  Funding  to  18 Million  of  EU's  poorest  Citizens

"Crashing  USA &  Global Economy... will get  worse... is  Irreversible."
[ Oct 26, 2008 ]
'And another,  a  red horse  went  out;  and  to  him  who sat  on it,    it   was   given  to   take  peace  from  the  earth,    and   that men should  slay one another;   and  a  great  sword  was given to  him.'      [ Revelation  6:4 ]
Great Tribulation
3  1/2 years