Abomination  of  Desolation
                            [ Math.24:15;  Dan.9:27 ]                      

Jesus   said,    “Therefore,   when  you  see   the   abomination  of  desolation   spoken  of     by   Daniel   the   prophet…. then   there   will    be    a   great  tribulation   such   has   not   occurred   since   the   beginning  of   the   world   until   now,   nor  ever  shall.”      (Math.24: 15-21).       This    last    3 ½   year  period   of    human   history    before   Christ   returns,     starts   at    the     mid-7  year    point.      The   abomination of  desolation   will   be   the    first  ungodly  &  defiling  act   that   launches  it.    This  prophecy  is  not  many  years  away. 

The   last   3 ½   years…             (from   Rev. 13: 1   -    Rev. 20:3)

As   horrific   as   the   1st    3 ½  years  of   the   tribulation  will   be,    the  last  3 ½  years    of    great   tribulation    will    be    unconcienable.       This   period   is   also   called    the      “wrath  of  God”    (Rev.16:1)   since   the   devil   is  allowed   to   bring   the   most   terror,     death   &   destruction  upon  the   unrepentant   human   race   since   world   history  began    6000   years   ago   in    the   garden  of   Eden.      There   will    never  again    be   a   more    horrendous   time   on   earth   than   this   last   period.        

The    false  prophet    himself    will    be   solely   in   charge   of    “all”   decision-making    from    the    mid-7   year    point    &    through   the   entire   great    tribulation.      He   will   have    full    backing   from    his    Euro-kingdom    (EU)    from   where    he    arose.    This    is    clarified    in    Rev.13:12    which    identifies    the    exact   mid-point    of    the   great    tribulation :

“And   he   (false prophet)   “exercises   all   the  authority  of  the  1st   beast   (the  Euro- kingdom)    in   his   presence.”         (Rev.13:12).

[As Chapter 8  showed clearly,  the False Prophet  (Pope of Rome)  is now positioned to become the ultimate decision-maker & loudest voice of the entire European Union,  exactly as scriptures predict for these Times.]

the    “start”   of    the   Great  Tribulation….          (the   mid-7  year  point)

Having    been   satanically   empowered   immediately   at    the    exact   mid-point   of   the     7   year   tribulation   (Rev.13:11,12)   the   false  prophet’s   first  major   move   will   be  to    re-locate    his    headquarters    from   Rome   to   Jerusalem.     

Even    though   he    will    have   made   a      “7  year  agreement”     with    the    Jews   of    Israel   at   the   beginning  of    the    7   year   period,     “in   the  middle   of   the   week    (mid - 7 years)  he  will  put  a  stop   to   it,   referring  to  the  abomination  of  desolation. (Dan.9:27).       

the   Abomination  of  Desolation   (Mid-7 years) ….        (Math.24:15;   Dan.9:27)

At   the   mid-7  year   point,   as   the   false  prophet    makes   his   way  into   the  capital   of   the    Holy   Land,     his   first   public  gesture     will   be   to    enter   into   the    newly-built    temple   in    Jerusalem   that   the   Jews  will   have   been   permitted   to   construct    in   the   first   3  ½   years.    (Rev.11: 1, 2).      The  last  standing  Jewish  Temple  was  de- stroyed   almost   two  thousand  years  ago  in   70 AD   by  the  Roman  Empire.     

Scriptures   show   that  at   this   point,    the   false  prophet   from   Rome   will   “oppose    &   exalt   himself   above  every   so-called   god  or  object  of   worship,   so  that   he    takes   his   seat   in   the    temple   of   God,     displaying   himself   as   being   God.”   (2 Thess.2: 4).          This   is    the   abomination   of   desolation.

Jesus   confirmed   that   this   public  act    in   the   Jerusalem   temple    is     “the   abom- ination   of   desolation    spoken   of    by   Daniel   the   prophet”.      (Math.24:15;   Dan.9: 27).        Like   Daniel,    Jesus   also    pinpointed   this   act   of    the    false  prophet   as    marking   the      beginning   of    the    last    3  ½   years .       Jesus  said,    “…When   you    see    the    abomination  of   desolation…. then     there   will    be    a    great tribulation    such    has    not    occurred…..” .        (Math.24:15-21).

Significantly,   the   false  prophet’s    act   of   physically    sitting  down    in    the   temple    shows   another   abominable    aspect   in    his    display   of     himself    as    being    God.     Jewish    tradition    requires    that    only    an    appointed   Jewish   high    priest   of   God     is    to    be    seated    in    God’s    temple.        So,    when    the     false  prophet    from    Rome    (a   Gentile  &   non-Jew   who   shouldn‘t   enter   the   temple  in   the   1st   place)  
“takes   his   seat   in   the   temple  of   God”,      then    in   effect,      he     is     virtually     thumbing    his   nose    at    God,     at    the    Jews   of    Israel    &     at    all    which    is    sacred   to   the   Jewish   faith.     Both  John Paul  II   &   Benedict  have  now  started  this
Bible  prophecy  in   fast  forward  motion           [See News/Photos below]. 

Prophetically   today,     the    table   has    already   been    set    for    this   major   Bible  prophecy    to    occur.        John   Paul   II’ s     historic    visit    to    the    Holy    Land    in    March  of    2000    &    his    unprecedented    entrance   into    a    Jewish    synagogue   in     1986    as     the   first   pope   ever   to   do   so    in    almost   2000   years  of    Catholic church  history,     has   now    made    the    “mid-point”     of    the    7   year    tribulation     a  shocking   near-future   reality.  [See News].      Also,  thriving  discussions  to  re-build  the  Jerusalem Temple   exist  today  &  are  right  on  time  prophetically.             [ view news ]

Now,   the   current   pontiff    himself   (Benedict)   has   been   formally  invited   by   Israeli    President  Moshe  Katsav   (Nov. 2005)   &    Sr.  Israeli  Leader  Shimon  Peres   (April  '06)    to   visit    Israel   no    later    than     "the   beginning   of   2007".       Peres  said,    " I    do  believe   his    (Benedict's)    visit   could   have   a    positive   impact   on   the   peace   process."    [See News below].       In   addition,    Palestinian   leader   Abbas   invited   Benedict   to   the  Holy  Land   (at  the  Vatican /  Dec. 2005)    saying   that   he   (Benedict)   “will  be  very  welcome  in  Jerusalem  &   all  the holy  places.”          [See News below]

Incredibly,   what   puts    the   abomination  of   desolation    on    even   a    faster   track    are   Benedict's   aggressive   moves   towards   Jerusalem   in    his   speeches   &   in   his  many   meetings   with   Israel  leaders  at   the   Vatican  concerning  Mideast  Peace.    He   has  indicated   that   2007   might  be   his   1st   visit   to    Israel.      Even  more  amazing    is    that   barely    4   months   into   his    papacy,     Benedict   capitalized    on     JP  II’ s     historic    lead     when    he    (Benedict)    became    only    the    2nd   pope  in   history      to   physically   enter   into   a    Jewish   synagogue.          [See News/Photos]     

He     was    welcomed    opened-arms   (Aug. 2005)    as    the    Jewish  leaders   &   Chief   Rabbi     escorted     him     into     the     Jewish    temple    in    Germany.        “Visiting   a    synagogue   is   close   to   my   heart….”      the   Pontiff    remarked.         Moments   later,    as     a     sizeable    crowd    of    mesmerized    photographers   &   admirers   looked    on,     Pope   Benedict    took  his   seat    inside    the    Jewish    temple.              [See News/Photos] 

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