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Chapter 1        Things  to  be  Revealed
(A  deeper look into Daniel & Revelation shows how  this generation has unquestionably shaped up to match the End Time  prophecies  for the  Last  Days.   The next  moves of  God's  Spirit  within the body of  Christ  are also laid out.)
Chapter 2        He  is  near...    (signs that confirm) 
(Crystallizes  Bible prophecies  for the End Times  which are now  lined up together &  have clearly set the stage today for  the  very  next  Biblical  events  to occur,  including the  imminent  return of  the  Lord.) 
Chapter 3        7  Year  Tribulation          [ News Headlines ]
(Shows many top Headline News articles  which match Daniel's & Revelation's predictions for the  "start" of the final  7 year Tribulation period.   Makes  shockingly evident that  this generation is on the verge right now of  this  final period.)
Chapter 6         False Prophet
(Powerful insight exposes his identity through the eyes & wisdom of John the Revelator.   The jolting realization of his
presence on  the  world's  stage  right  now  will  stir  to the core &  make even  the greatest  skeptic  think  twice.)
Chapter 8         A  revived  old  Roman  Empire         [ News Headlines ]
(Powerful proof that the European Union is the End Time's  final  kingdom &  that the man of sin is sitting within it right now,  ready to fulfill his role as antichrist.  News headlines/articles  confirm the magnitude of  these 2  riveting  truths.)
Chapter 9         Abomination  of  Desolation          [ News Headlines ]
(Major  shocking News articles,   with photos,  show the  man of sin already  performing public demonstrations  which exactly mirror the  soon-coming   "abomination of desolation"   which launches  the  final &  horrific  Great Tribulation. News/Photos  show  the man of  sin  paving the way for the  "mark of the beast"  &  the  coming  "statue"  of  himself.)
Chapter 12         Great  Tribulation
(Clearly lays out Revelation's chronology & the specific horrors of the coming final 3 1/2 years in history at the hands of antichrist.   The parallels of  today's  world  with  this  near-future  nightmare-on-earth  are  illuminated  &  shuddering.)
Chapter 13         the  Rapture  of  the  End  Times
(The timing  (not the day or hour)  of the rapture in relation to Revelation's account of the final  7 years of tribulation is powerfully shown here with scriptures that exhaust the text;  from the deep truths of Paul, Jesus  &  John the Revelator.)
Chapter 14         Next  Bible  Events  to  Occur
(Identifies clearly the next actual prophetical events that will occur in today's world based on the Bible predictions from Daniel,  Ezekiel  &   Revelation.   The   immediate  readiness  for  these  events  to  occur  is  made  soberingly  clear.)

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Chapter 10          Vatican  Council             [ News Headlines ]
(Man of sin's  profile is alarmingly confirmed by  major historical conventions of  world leaders  who exalt him & reaffirm his hidden role as  the man of sin.  News Headlines  &  historical facts  prove his outrageous history  &  self-exaltation.)
Chapter 7         Signing  of  a  7  year  Mideast  Agreement          [ News Headlines ]
(Many  News articles  show the man of sin himself in discussions with many  world leaders regarding Mideast Peace. Absolute  shocking  evidence  that  this  generation is  on  the  verge  of  the  7 year  Tribulation  period  right  now.)
Chapter 5         Antichrist
(Gives  specific profile of  the  man of  sin  according to  Revelation  &  Daniel  providing  eye-opening  insight  of  this  1   man's   true  profile.     The  antichrist   "guessing-game"   ends  here.)
Chapter 4         The   "Revealing"   of   Antichrist          [ prophetic insight ]
(Prophetical  insight  showing  "how"   &   "when"   the   man  of  sin   will  be    "revealed"   according  to  the prophet  Daniel,  the Apostle Paul  &  John the Revelator;  details  prophetic  wisdom  for  God's  people's  spiritual  readiness.)
Chapter 11         The  Great  Harlot 
(Accurate  interpretation of  Revelation's  symbolism of  the  Mother of Harlots  of  the  End Times,  showing  her  history, her  nature  &  her  final  resting  place as  Rome:  the   'city of 7 hills' ;   Underscored  by  Historical records  &  News.)
Chapter 15         the  Final  Move  of  God          [ prophetic insight ]
(A powerful  prophetic  picture  detailing  this  generation's  current  profile,  the next  things  to occur  leading  to  the  7  year Tribulation,   the  insight  coming  to  the  body  of  Christ  &  the  final  Divine  Move  of  God  on  this  earth.)