Next  Bible  Events  to  Occur

The   Bible   predictions   that   relate   to   the   End  Times    (Dan.11:35, 40)    are   shaped    up   right   now   in    this   generation   &    ready   to   be   fulfilled  in   an   awesome   finale,    just   as   scriptures  show.     As  Jesus  said,    “When   you  see  all   these   things,   then    know    that   He  is   near,     even   right  at   the   door.”            (Math.24:33).

These   following   Bible   prophecies   for   the   Last  Days   are   still   unfulfilled  &   are  the   next  events  that   will  occur   prophetically.     When  they  occur,   they  will   be   easily    recognizable   to    the   body  of   Christ   &    to    those    who   hear   God’s   voice.


The   “Signing”   of   a    7  year  Peace  Agreement   for   Israel   &   Mideast   Peace
(Daniel 9:27;   Dan.11:21-23)

This    public  event   will    be   easily   recognizable  as   it    will    be   a    top   news  story    worldwide  when   it   occurs.     Today’s   Mideast  Peace  discussions   have   clearly   set    the   prophetical   stage   for   this   to   occur   at   any   time.      Literally,   this  could   take place   today .       Or,    it   may   take    a    few   more   months   or    even   several   years    to    occur.       But,    prophecy-wise,   there   is   no    event  holding   back  this   “signing”    from   occurring   next    in    world   events.        When   it    occurs,     it    will   launch   the final   7   year   tribulation.       (*see:  “Mideast Peace”   news   articles  in  Chapters  3  &  7      of  this   book).      The  false  prophet   from   Rome   ["antichrist"]   will   mediate   it.


Russia   will   send   military   forces   southward   towards  the  mountains  of   Israel    to   attack              (Ezekiel 38: 15, 16)

This   prophecy   is   shaping   up    to    occur   soon.        It   will  occur  either  right  before    the     “start”    of    the    7   year   tribulation    or     right    after     the    7   year   tribulation   period   starts.      Scriptures   point    towards   this   occurring    just  after     the    7   year   tribulation   begins.      This   is   because   on   the    “day”    that    this  will   occur    then    the   “great  earthquake”    that   is   described   in  Ezekiel  38:19, 20     is  described  with almost   identical   terms    in     Revelation  6: 12-17,    which   is   clearly    right  after   the “start”     of    the   7   year   tribulation.

As    Russia    “storms”   militarily  towards   northern   Israel    (Ezek.38:8, 9)     it   will   be   accompanied   by   numerous   other   countries   like:     Iran   (Persia),      Libya   (Put)    &    Turkey   (Beth-togarmah),     who   all   converge   upon   Israel.    (Ezekiel 38: 5).         Then,   miraculously    “on  that  day”    (Ezek.38:14-18) ,     Israel   will    destroy   “all”   of    the    military   troops   who   assembled   against   her   on   the   mountains   of    Israel.         (Ezek.39: 4, 5).

Israel’s    incredible   military   victory    plus    the   major   earthquake    (Ezek.38:19)   that    will    have   occurred   on   the   same   day,     will   confirm   God’s   divine   favor   towards    Israel.          Of    that   day,     God’s   Word   says :

“And     I    (the Lord)    shall   magnify   Myself,     sanctify  Myself,    &   make   Myself  known   in   the   sight   of    many    nations,    &   they   will   know   that   I   am   the Lord.”         (Ezek.38:23).


The   End  Time   Euro-kingdom   will   be   made  up   of   10   nations… 

Currently,    the   European  Union   has   27   nations   who   are    “member”    nations   with    a    number   of    other   countries    also    standing    in    line   to    join   the   EU.        But,    scriptures    clearly    show    the    End  Time    kingdom   in    western    Europe   as   being    comprised   of   only    10    nations.       (Dan.7: 7, 24;   Rev.13:1;   Rev. 17: 7).

So,    in   the  very  near   future,     10    nations    will   either   rise   together   from   within    the    current     EU’s    structure,      establishing    themselves   as    the    greater   western   European    entity,      or     the    EU    may    voluntarily    re-form    itself   into    a    smaller   nucleus   of    10   nations.         This    will    be    a    news-worthy    event.

Either   way,    Italy   will   definitely   be   included     in   this   10-nation   alliance    since    Rome   will    be    the    headquarters   within    this    final   10-nation   kingdom.    (Rev.17:  9, 10, 18).       Conceivably,    these   10   nations   could    join   together   within   the    first     3 ½    years   of    the   tribulation.        But,   according   to   scriptures,    this    final     “10-nation”      union   will    definitely    take    it’s    form     by   the   “start”     of    the    great   tribulation  period.       This   is   confirmed   in   the    first   mention  of    the    “10 horns”    of    this   governmental     “beast”      at   the   mid-7   year   point,     shown  in     Revelation 13:1-10.    

Importantly,     as   the   great  tribulation    begins,      “3”    of   the   10   nations  will    be    “pulled  out  by  their  roots”    (Dan.7: 8, 20)    &   “subdued”    (Dan.7:24)   as  a   result   of    the    false prophet’s    displeasure   with    them.


The   gospel   will   be   preached   to   the  ends   of   the   earth…

Another   major   End  Time   Bible   prophecy   which   is    in   progress   right   now    is  the    “preaching  of   the   gospel”   globally.       Today,    doors   of   opportunity   have  opened    in   countries    (like   the  Soviet  Union  &   Iraq)     allowing    the   gospel    to    be    heard,    &   in    some   countries,      for   the  1st   time     in    2000   years.       This   is    a   major   sign    of    the    End  Times   &   of    the   nearness   of   Christ’s    return.

In    Jesus’    End   Time    prophecies,     He   said,    “And    this   gospel   of   the   kingdom    shall   be   preached   in    the   whole   world      for    a    witness   to    all    the   nations,    &   then    the  end    shall   come.”    (Math.24:14).    

Preached  to  the  end….

Another   powerful   point   in    Jesus’    prophecy   is    found   in   His    intentional   use   of     the    term    “the  end”.        Daniel    had   coined    this   term   some   500   years   before   Christ   appeared   &   used   the   terms    “the  end”,   “the  end  time”     &    the   “time  of  the  end”    10   times    collectively.     (Dan.8: 17, 19;  11:27,  35, 40;    Dan.12: 4,  6, 9    &   twice   in    Dan.12:13).    

Daniel    was    specific   about   these    terms    all    referring    to    the     final   3½   year   period    of    human   history    as    man    knows   it.          (Dan.12: 6, 7).

So,     since    Jesus    stated     that    the    gospel    will     be    preached    right    up    to    “the  end”,     He    indicated    that    the    body   of   Christ   will    be    present   on   earth    (&  doing  the   “preaching”)    through   some   portion   (if  not  most)    of   the     first     3 ½    years   of    tribulation.        “And    then    the  end     (last  3 ½  years)   shall   come” ,    He   said.    (*This   lines  up  exactly  with  the  other   Bible   passages  concerning  the   timing   of    the   rapture   of   the   church   as   shown   clearly   in   Chapter 13.)


“Birth  pangs”   will   continue….             (Math.24: 4-9;    Luke 21:25)

The   Lord    stated   that    just   before    the    7   year   tribulation   begins   there    will   be  various    signs    that    would    occur    globally   indicating    the    nearness   of     the     7  year    tribulation    period.        He    called    these    signs     “birth  pangs”    (Math.24:8)    since    they    are    like    intensified    labor   pains   that    occur    right    before    delivery.    

Today,     we    see   these    prophetical    things    occurring    right  now.      These   signs    line    up    with   all    the    other    Bible   prophecies   which   have    also   formed    today.    Earthquakes,    tsunamis,     hurricanes,    famines   in   various   places,    wars  &    rumors   of    wars,       the   increase   of     false   prophets    &     false   Christs,      the    increased    threats    of    nations    against   other    nations…..... are   all   signs     noted    by    Christ.     (Math.24:4-8).        Today’s     intensity   levels   &   frequency   of    these    “birth  pangs”    will   continue   to   increase     until    the   actual     “start”     of    the    7    year   tribulation.  

But,   Jesus   said,     “See   that   you   are   not   frightened ,    for  those  things  must  take   place,     but    that   is   not   yet    the   end.”    (Math.24:6).         But,    He   said,     “…they   (the  birth pangs)   will   deliver   you   to    tribulation…”.    (Math.24:9).      He   also   said,     "But   when   these   things   begin  to   take  place,   straighten  up  your  heads,   because  your  redemption  is   drawing  near."       (Luke 21: 28).

Chapter 14
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