7  Year  Tribulation

In   answering   the   disciples’   question   of     “What  will   be   the   sign   of   your   coming   &    of     the   end   of    the   age?”     (Math.24:1-3),     Jesus   was   elaborate   about   many   signs,    as    recorded    in    the    Gospel   accounts   of    Matthew  24,   Luke  21   &    Mark  13.     He    said    a    final   period   of     “tribulation”   (Math. 24: 9)     would   occur   immediately   before   His   physical   return.      (Math.24:29, 30).      

This   period   is   literally   the    last   7   years   in   human   history    as   man   knows   history.    It    is    also   called    the     “70th   week”   by   Daniel   the   prophet.   (Dan.9: 24, 27).        In     the   context    of    Daniel’s    writing,    each   of    the    70     “weeks”     represents    a    period    of,      not   7   days,    but   7    “years”.      Today,   69     “weeks”    have   already    been    ful- filled    prophetically.      But,   Daniel   showed    that    the   70th     week    would    be    fulfilled    in     the    End  Times.         He   said:

“And   he   (future  antichrist)   will   make   a    firm  covenant  with   the   many   for   1   week.”.     (Dan.9:27). 

This  passage   points  directly  to    a   final   7  year   period    of   the   End Times .   (Dan.11:  35, 40;   Dan.12: 4, 9).      Today's   generation   is   on   the   verge  of   this  period   right   now.

The   first   3 ½    years…               (Rev.6:1   -   Rev.12:17)

Revelation  6: 1    depicts    the    “start“    of    the    final   7  year   period.       The   first    3 ½    years    are    shown    from      Rev. 6: 1     through    Chapter   12:17.         Clearly,   events    are    shown     to    erupt    inside   the    tribulation    that    cause    global   panic,     war,      violence,     bloodshed    &    hate.        Incredible    happenings   will    take   place   on    earth    &    in    the   heavens.

The    “rider  on  the  white  horse”    (Rev.6: 2)    will   capture   the   world’s   attention   at   the   very    “start”    of    the   tribulation   by   mediating   the   7   year   agreement  with   the   leaders  of     Israel.        But,    other    alarming    &   unprecedented    world    events    will   also   shake    the    human    race    as    they    come    one   after   another.      [ *GRAPH below ].

Soon   into   the   tribulation    “peace   is   taken   from   the   earth,    so  that   men  should  slay   one    another;    &     a    great   sword    was   given…”.     (Rev.6: 4).           This   shows   global   anarchy    &    murder    at    its    highest    level.          Rev.6: 8    shows   that     “a    fourth  of   the  earth”     will    be    killed    from    the      “sword   &   with    famine   &    with    disease   &    by    the    wild    beasts    of    the    earth.”           Then,    of    the    remaining    4. 5   billion   or    so    left,      another   1/3rd     will   die.     (Rev.9: 14-18).        The    world    will     be     gripped    in     fear    &     hate    of     what’s    coming    upon    the   earth    at    that    time.   

The     remaining    shocking    occurrences   of     the     first     3 ½    years    will    boggle    the    human     mind     during     that    period     &     are      shown     in     chronological    order     in    Revelation  Chapter  6:1     through     Chapter  12:17 :

*    An    earthquake    will     occur    that    literally    rocks    the    whole   earth   back   &   forth          on    its    axis.        This    causes     “every  mountain  &  island  to   be   moved  out   of           their   places….”.         (Rev.6:12, 14). 

*    The   sun   will    become   darkened.        (Rev.6:12). 

*    The   moon   will   become    “red”   in    appearance.      (Rev.6:12).

*    A   frightening    &   drastic    change   will   occur   in   the   sky.        (Rev.6:14).

*    World   leaders   will   become   publicly   shaken   with   fear.       (Rev.6:15-17).

*    “no  wind  will  blow  upon  the  earth….”        (Rev.7:1).

*    1/3rd    of    the   earth   will    burn    up.         (Rev.8:7).

*    1/3rd    of    sea   life   will   die.         (Rev.8:9).

*    1/3rd    of    rivers   &   springs   become  poisoned   causing  many   deaths.                   (Rev.8:10, 11). 

*    The   sun,    moon    &    stars    will   lose    1/3rd    of    their   capacity  to   project 
      light.  (Rev.8:12).

*    A    tormenting,    physical    ailment   will   come   upon    people   for    5  months.                (Rev.9:4-6).
*    1/3rd    of   mankind   will    be    killed    in   the    Mideast   area   of    Iraq   &    the
      Euphrates  river.        (Rev.9: 14, 15, 18).       (* this  is   in  addition   to   a    fourth
      of    the   earth   being   killed   in   Rev.6: 8.)

*     A    temple    in   Jerusalem   will    be    newly    built   &    then   defiled    &    will     
      be    “tread  under   foot   for   42   months.”        (during  the  great  tribulation).    

*The     “firm  covenant  for  7  years”    (Dan.9:27)     made   by    antichrist   &  the  
        Jews   of    Israel   will   allow   them   to   rebuild   this   temple   during   this   first   
        3 ½    year   period.      This    in   itself    may   be    a    major   cause   for   initial    
        “wars”     to    break   out    between   various   religions   who   esteem   Jerusalem  
        as    belonging   to   their   own   particular   religion.     In   the   middle  of   the   7  
        year   period,    the   antichrist   exalts   himself   to   be    the   one   who   should  
        occupy   the   temple.        (2 Thess.2: 4).

Chapters   10  &   11    of    Revelation   describe   the    awesome   dealings   in    the    invisible   spiritual    realm    that    occur    within    the    first    3  ½   years.        Chapter 10    shows   the   archangel   Michael’s   role.      Chapter 11   describes  the   temple,    the   2   witnesses  &   the  7th   angel   who   sounds   the   last   trumpet.       Chapter  12    is   a   vision   that   shows   in   advance    the    antichrist’s   effort    (the  “dragon”)    to    devour   the   Messianic   Jews   during    the    next    3 ½     year    period   of    great   tribulation. 

The   “start”    of   the   tribulation…  

Daniel   9:27     clearly   identifies   the   future    antichrist,      “the   prince   who   is   to   come”     (as  named   in   Dan. 9: 26),      as    the   one   who   will   officially   set    this    final    7    year     “firm  covenant”      in    motion.   (Dan. 9: 27).        It    will   be   recognized   as   a   worldwide    event   when    it    happens,   as   the   Bible  predicts  for  the  End  Times.      

Prophetically   today,    the   Mideast  Peace   discussions   we   see   almost   daily   as    top    news    stories    are      a    major   sign   as    to   how   near      this    generation   is     to    the     “start”   of     the   7  year   tribulation.        In   fact,   we're   on  the  actual  verge. 
[*See  News / Mideast Peace].

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