“And   I   saw   another   beast  coming  out  of   the  earth;  &   he  had   2  horns   like  a   lamb,    but   he   spoke    as   a   dragon.”             (Rev.13:11).

A  religious  impostor… 

This   is    the    2nd   beast  of   Revelation  13,   who   Revelation   later  also   identifies  as   the    “false  prophet”   of   the  End  Times.   (Rev.16:13,  19:20,  20:10).       A   prophet   is   a   true    man   of   God.       But   the   false  prophet   (“antichrist”)    will   be   a    false   man   of   God.    A   religious   phony.      Literally,   he   will   be   the    greatest   religious  impostor    the    world   will    ever    know.      His   world    presence    will    be    second   to    none.        At   first,   the    secular    world     &     even    unsuspecting    believers    will     be    fooled    by    his    religious    disguise.       This   is   what    John    the   Revelator   described   when   he    portrayed   him  as    “having  2   horns   like   a   lamb”.   (Rev.13:11).        Since    a     “lamb”     always     symbo- lizes    sacrifice   in   the   Bible,   then   clearly   this   End  Time   religious   leader   will   appear    (at  first)    as   a    wonderful,    holy   man  of    righteousness   &   as    a    man   of    “sacrifice”     from    the    world’s    perspective.

Of    this    false  prophet,    John   also   said    he   “spoke   as   a   dragon” .      This  means   that    in     the     same    manner     that     his    outward    religious    facade    is    pleasing   to     the    world’s    eyes,      then    his    outward    speech    will    also    appear    as    eloquent   &    attractive    to    most    of     the    world’s    people,      no   matter    which    religious    view     a     person   may   claim.      In   fact,    without   close   examination   (scripturally)    of     this    false   prophet,     then    his    religious    double-talk    will   easily    go    unchecked    to    the    unsus- pecting    world’s   view   of    him.      His   religious   cloak   &   speech    “will   deceive   those   who  dwell   upon  the  earth“.    (Rev.13:14).      From  the   devil’s   perspective,    there   is  no    greater    disguise    on    earth   than   to    dress   up     in    a    religious   disguise    as   God’s   servant   &   then   mimic   the    true     “lamb  of  God”    (Jesus)     in   order    to   gain   worship    &   adoration,    &   even   deceive   God's  people.         Of    all   false   ministers,    the   Apostle   Paul   said:

“For   such  men  are   false  apostles,   deceitful   workers,   disguising   themselves  as  apostles   of   Christ.      And   no   wonder,    for   even   satan  disguises   himself   as   an  angel  of    light.    Therefore   it   is   not   surprising   if    his   (satan’s)    servants   also   disguise   themselves   as   servants   of    righteousness;    whose   end    shall    be  according   to   their    deeds.”          
(2 Cor.11:13-15).

“Coming  up  out  of   the  earth….”            (Rev.13:11)

The   fact   that   the   Apostle  John  saw   the   false  prophet    “coming  up  out   of   the  earth”     (Rev.13:11)    shows   that    he    will    not    just   suddenly   pop   out   of     the    woodwork   in    the    End  Times,     as     a      “new”     concept     to    the   world.       On    the   contrary,   his    religious   image    &     End  Time    presence    will     have   come    forth     as    a     result    of     having     “grown”    over   many   years    (even  centuries)    of    development   in    world   history.
Today,   history  proves  that   what   John   saw   2000  years  in  advance  was  the  track  record (from  314 AD  to  this  day)   of   the   beastly  &   blasphemous   rise  of   the   Roman  Papacy.

In   nearing    the    'start'    of    the    7    year    Tribulation    period    (Rev.6:2),     today's   world   will    be   highly   aware   of   his    foretold   religious  image    &   the   continual   evil   religious   history     that     trails    him.        Revelation    shows     the    Papacy's    iconic    presence    in   the    End   Times    will     have     'grown'     into    an     unprecedented   religious    "beast",   unmatched    in   world   clout,     even    "exercising   all   the   authority"    of    the    1st    beast,  the    final    10-horned    governmental   beast.    (Rev 13:12).      The    full   &    final    unleashing   of    the     False   Prophet's    satanic   powers   will    ignite   during   the    final    3   1/2   years   of    Great  Tribulation     when   he       will   deceive   those   who   dwell   upon   the   earth    of    those   who    perish,    who   refused   Christ.      (Rev.13:14).

from  Rome…

About   586   years  B.C.,      Daniel   the   prophet   specifically   pinpointed   the   origin  of   the    End   Times    false  prophet    as    being    from   Rome.        Daniel    predicted    that      “the    people   of    the    prince   who   is    to    come   will   destroy   the    city    &    the   sanctuary.”    (Dan.9:26).    In  identifying  the  false prophet  as  coming  from  Romethis  scripture  is  key. 

History    proves    that      “the   people”      who    destroyed    the    city     (Jerusalem)   &    the     sanctuary   (the  temple  in  Jerusalem)   in    70 AD   were   the    Romans   under   the   Roman   empire’s    leader    Titus.       So   without   question,    the   future  “prince   who   is    to   come”    (the  End  Time   false  prophet)     will    also    be    based    in    &    will   arise    from    Rome,   since   Daniel    linked   the   future   false  prophet   (“the  prince  who  is  to  come”)    to    the    Romans   of    70 AD.

A   Modern-day   “Caesar”   of   the   End  Times…                 (Rev.13:18)

Like   Daniel,    John   the   Revelator   also  pinpoints  Rome    as   the    false prophet’s    place   of   origin   in    the   End   Times.        But,     John    provides   even   larger    insight    into    his     profile   other    than    him    just    arising    from    Rome.    

In   verse  18,    John   actually   portrays   him   as   being   a   mirror  image  of   the monstrous   &   murderous   leader   of   the   Roman  Empire  of   John's   own   time,   Caesar  Nero.       The  Apostle  John  states:     

“Here   is   wisdom.     Let   him   who  has  understanding  calculate  the   number  of   the   beast    (the  future  false  prophet);   for   the  number   is   that   of   a   man,   &   his   number   is   666.”    (Rev.13:18).

The    “wisdom”   here   is   not   a   mathematical  calculation.      But,   it   is   a   spiritual   appli- cation.      John   states   that    “the   number”    of   this   future   false  prophet    “is”     (mean- ing   it   already   exists   in    John’s    own   time)      the   number   which   already   belongs   to    another     “man”     altogether.

In   other   words,     this   End  Time   false  prophet  will   come  in   the   likeness   of   another     “man”      who    existed    in    John’s   own   time,    &   whose   number   already   “is”    recog- nized    (by  John)     as    being   666.        John   knew    this   to   be   Caesar   Nero‘s   number.

During   Nero’s   horrific   reign,     it   was   public  knowledge   then   that   Nero’s   own   number   was   666,     which   is    the   number  of    his   name.  (*see  below).     Therefore,   when   John     attached    Nero’s   number    (666)    to   the    future    false  prophet,     he   clearly   character- ized     the   false  prophet   of    the   End  Times   as,    not   only   being   from   Rome,    but    as     being     a    magnified    extension    of   the   Roman   emperor,    Caesar  Nero.      Herein   lies   this   verse’s     “wisdom”.      Over   the  centuries,    the   title   of   "Caesar"   has   evolved   into   "Bishop of  Rome"   (314 AD - 500 AD)    &   then  into   its   End  Time  title:   "Pope".

In   effect,    Revelation  depicts  the   End  Time    false  prophet   as    a   modern-day  “Caesar”     or    Roman   Emperor   so    to    speak.      However,    unlike   the    Caesars   of    2000   years    ago    who    were    known   as    emperors   &   political    leaders,     this    End-Time    “Caesar”     will    be    solely     known   on    the    world’s   stage   as    a    “religious”    figure.      He  will   be    a    “false  prophet”   from   Rome.     (Rev.13:11, 18;  Rev. 16:13;  Rev.19:20).      Clearly,   the   Popes  of  Rome   (the  Papacy),   and  no  other,   fulfill   this  End  Time   prophetical  role. 
[ Chapter 10  expounds  on  the  facts  &  horrific  history  of  the  Papacy. ]


666,    Caesar  Nero‘s   number...

Just   like    today’s   social   security   number   that   is   linked    to   each   American‘s   name,   the   1st    century   Roman  Empire    also   had    the   same    kind    of   registry    in   account- ing    for    people.        Each   person   was   identified   by    his   own    name   &    the   number   of    his    name,    since    each   letter   of   the   Greek   (&   Hebrew)   alphabet   had    a   num- erical     equivalent   attached   to    it.        During    Nero’s   era,     it    was    public   knowledge     (&  known  by  the  Apostle  John)   that    Nero’s  name  had  the  numerical   equivalent  of   666.  

“Caesar  Nero”     in   the   Greek   text   is    “Kaiser  Neron ”.         When   transliterated   by   experts   into   Hebrew   (QSR   NRWN)    then    Nero’s    name    adds   up   to   exactly   666:

Caesar:                   (Greek:    “Kaiser”)

Q=100 ,   S=60 ,   R=200.………………….360


Nero:              (Greek:    “Neron”)

N=50,   R=200,   W=6,   N=50…………….306   

                 =    666      (Caesar Nero’s number)

Also,    experts    have    shown    that    transliterating    the    Latin    form    of     “Caesar   Nero”    into   Hebrew   adds   up    to   616.       This   explains    the    variance   in   the   numbers    666     (from  Greek  letters)     vs.    616     from   the    Latin   letters,    as   noted    in    some   modern    Bible    versions.       However,    whether    the    translation    is    from   Greek   or   Latin,    both    numbers   still    add   up    to   Caesar   Nero’s   name,     making    Revelation’s    message   the   same.

Caesar Nero
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