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CHAPTER  3          the  False Prophet
                            the  2nd BEAST of Revelation 13

Revelation's  Foresight  of  the  Papacy  of  ROME

The  2nd  BEAST  of   Revelation Chapter 13   is   later   named   [in  Chapters 16, 19 & 20]     as   the   False Prophet.     The  Apostle  John  made  clear  and  careful    differentiation   between   both   BEASTS.     Specifically,   to  describe  the   1st  BEAST   he  only  used   the   terms   'beast  with  10 horns  and  7  heads'    or   just   the   term   'the  BEAST'.     This  is  because  it   only  appeared  in  the  vison   as   a   monstrous   'live'   creature  symbolic  of  numerous   things   including   history's   kingdoms.      

However,  regarding   the   2nd  BEAST,   John  later  exchanged   the  symbolic  term   ['beast']    by   clarifying   him   to   actually   be   a    'False  Prophet',    an  actual   man.       After  the  vision,   John   keenly   understood   that  1  man  [False Prophet]    and   1   kingdom  [1st  BEAST   with 10  horns  and  7 heads]  would  arise  together  with    the  same   origin   [ROME]   and  with  the  same  nature,    as   BEASTS.   

Also,    John   recognized   that   the   False  Prophet  he   saw   in   the   vision  was   one-and-the-same   as   the   'antichrist'   which   he  had  previously  written  about   just   5   years   before   [90AD]   in   his   letters  to   the   first  century   believers.     After  his  vision,  both  terms   ['antichrist'  and  False  Prophet]    were  synonomous  to   the  Apostle   and   obviously   identified   the  exact   same   man.     John   did  not   use  the   term   'antichrist'   in   Revelation.

Today and without  question,   the   past   20  centuries  of   history  solidly  confirm   that   Revelation's  foresight  of   the  False Prophet   depicted  the  Papacy  of  ROME    which    was   concocted   in    the   3rd   and   4th   centuries.

No  other  religious  figure   in   the   last   2000   years   can  even   be  considered  to   the   Papacy's    precise   matching  of   the   foretold   profile  of   the    False  Prophet.       

The  following  KEY  SCRIPTURAL  POINTS  listed  are  specific  profile  traits  and  foretold  actions  of   the  False Prophet   of  Revelation.      Their  exact  correlation  and   fulfillment    [or  imminent  fulfillment]    by   the  Papacy of  ROME  are  overwhelmingly  confirmed   with   the  noted   links  of   Headline  News,    historic   facts    and    documents.    

These  crucial   insights  will   bring  understanding  to  both  believers  and  unbelievers  of   the   perilous   times   ahead   in   history's   closing   hours   as  well   as   bring   clarity   to   antichrist's   identity,    his   presence   on   the  world's  stage   today   and   his   nearness   to   fulfilling   his   End  Time    role  as  the   False  Prophet.      


The  False Prophet      [confirmed  in  the  Papacy of Rome] :

1]Will arise specifically from ROME linked   to   the  Roman Empire's                 Titus   who  destroyed   Jerusalem's   last   standing  Temple  in  70AD.                     [Dan.9:26].        [Next Chapter 4 identifies this with links to history]

2]Will   have  the  same  origin  [ROME]    and  beastly  nature  of   the  first                  century's   Roman  Emperor   'Caesar Nero'   whose  number   is   '666'. 

3]Will   masquerade   to   the  world  as  the  greatest  'Christian'  man  of                sacrifice    [as  the  true   'Lamb']    'having  two  horns  like  a  lamb'.                  [Rev.13:11].        [ News Links / False Prophet ]      

4]Will    be    the   world's   greatest   and    most   highly   exalted   religious              'Christian'   Impostor   through   two  thousand   years  up  to   the   End               Times.       Named   as   the   False Prophet.     [Rev.16:13; 19:20; 20:10].
          [Vatican Council  /  News]

5]Will   be   a   'beastly  religious'   icon  created  by   man's  own  invention              ['coming up out of the  earth']    and   then   expanding   his   beastly                    nature  through  the  centuries  ultimately  as  a  modern-day  'Caesar'   in              the   End  Times  only   immeasurably   more   evil.     [Rev.13:11; 18].                      [Next  Chapter 4  elaborates  in  depth  on  Papal  history]

6]Will   be   the  greatest    'deceiver'   ever.   [Rev.13:14].     Will  operate  in            'all   the  deception  of  wickedness'   possible  by   one  human  being.              [2 Thess.2:8-10].        [News]      [Other Facts about the Papacy]

7]Will    'speak  as  a  dragon'.   [Rev.13:11].     His   skill  in   double-tongued            Religious  speech   will   fool   many,   even  true  Christians  if  possible,   by            speaking  the   truth   [even  about  Jesus  and  the  Bible]    and   total   lies             which   directly  oppose   the   Bible   at    the   same   time.        [Rev.13:11].     [Vatican  Council  /  *expounded on in Chapter 5]

8]Will   arise   from   within    western  Europe's   kingdom,    a   revived  first            century    Roman  Empire   of   the   End  Times.    
           [Dan.7: 7, 8 & 24;   Rev.17:8-10].          [Chapters 1 & 4 expound]

9]Will   'seize the  kingdom  by  intrigue'   showing  his  world-class  skill  as           a    political   leader  to   take  over   the   helm   of   the   final   Euro-kingdom           as    a     'religious'    leader    versus   a     'political'   one.  
          [Dan.11:21].         [News Links-False Prophet  /  Chapter 4 expounds]

10]      Will   have   gained   worldwide  acclaim   in    the    End  Times   as   the               world's   greatest   Religious  Icon,    in   fact   greatest   world   leader,               ever   on   the   world's  stage.     Able   to    'cause  all'   of   the   people                 on   earth   to   obey   his   demands.      [Rev.13:14-17].       [News]

11]      Will   appear  as   the   world's  great  righteous  icon   in  the  End  Times             as   a    'conquering  rider  on  a  white  horse'     at   the   beginning  of             the   7   Year   Tribulation  period.    [Rev.6:2]       [Chapter 4  /  News]

12]Will   have   befriended   Israel,    all   of    the    world    and     its    world                  leaders   in    order   to     'make  a   firm  covenant  with  the  many'                    in    a     7   Year  Treaty  of   Mideast   Peace   in    the    End  Times.                  This  is   the   next   major   event    to   occur   in    this    generation                        and   will   trigger   the  final   Tribulation  period.   [Dan. 9:27].    [News]

13]Will   be   the   sole  mediator   with   Israel  concerning  Mideast  Peace.              [Dan. 9:27].        [Benedict- Mideast Peace News]

14]Will  be   a  despicable  person  showing  his  corrupt   and   abominable                nature   and   behavior    'arising'    through   the   centuries   to   the  End              Times.      [Dan.11:21].         [Chapter 4  expounds  /  Vatican Council]

15]Will    'exalt  himself'    above   all   others   in   the   world,    eventually                  displaying   himself   as   being   God   at   the   mid-point   of   Tribulation.              [2 Thess.2:4].       [Vatican Council  /  News]

16]Will  enter  into  the  newly-built  Jerusalem Temple  at  the  mid-point                  of   Tribulation   and    'take his seat'    inside  the  Temple,    displaying                  himself   as   God;     named    as    the     abomination  of  desolation.                  [2 Thess.2:4;  Rev. 11:1,2;   Dan. 9:27].         [News]

17]Will   direct   the   world's   people  at   mid-point   of   the  Tribulation  to                 erect   a    statue  of   himself   showing   the   EU-Kingdom   leaders                    the   world's   allegiance  to   him,   the    False  Prophet.     [Rev.13:14].

18]Will   gain  control   over   all   people  on   earth   enabling   him   to   force              'all'   on    earth   to   receive   the   'mark of  the  beast'   in   order  to                    'buy or sell'    under   the   guise   of    an   economic   solution   to   the                  world's   worsening  starvation   problems.   [Rev.13:15-17].      Those                       who   refuse   the    'mark'   are   beheaded.     [Rev.20:4].      [News]


Recognition  of  antichrist  over  the  centuries

As   mentioned   in  Chapter  2    ['Antichrist'] ,    although   today's   populace   sits  blindly   to   antichrist's  true  profile   and   his   presence   today,   most  believers   in   each   of    the    first   18   centuries   [from  Revelation's  writing  in  95AD   through  the  mid-1800's]    were   keenly  aware  of    his   profile.    This   a  matter   of   simple   research   of   history   as   shown    in    the   next   Chapter  4.  
Later   in   the  early   1500's   after   the   Papacy  of  Rome   had   already   been created  and  established  its  horrendous  1300  year  track  record  of  persecutions,   corruption,   immoralities  and   killings   is   when   Reformers  began  disassociating  themselves  with   the  dominating   Popes  of   Rome,  boldly   and    publicly   naming   them    as    'antichrist'.      

Some  of   the  more  recognizable  Christians  through  the   centuries  who  pronounced   the   Papacy   as   'antichrist'    were:     Sir  Isaac  Newton,   John  Wesley,   John Calvin,   D. L.  Moody,   John  Wycliffe,   William  Tyndale,   George  Fox,    Charles  Finney,    Martin  Luther,   John  Knox,   Rev.  Roger  Williams   and  Charles  Spurgeon.     [*More of  History's  Identifiers  of  the  Papacy  as  antichrist]

Greatest  Religious  Deceiver  in  history

Revelation  makes  it  obvious  that  the   False Prophet's  mimmickry  in  appearing   as   a    true   'Christian'    would   be   unparalleled   in   world   history.  Today,   the    Papacy  of  Rome   emphatically   fuflifllls   John's  vision   as  being   second  to  no  other  leader   in   history   [religious  or  political]    in  having   unmatched   world  status,   global   acceptance   and   the   ability  to  deceive   over   6   billion  people   into   viewing  him   as  a   religiously  charismatic   'Christian'   icon.    

Since  95AD,   history  has   been   streamlining  towards   this   1   man   who   is  now   in   his   foreordained   place   to    fulfill   his   End  Time   role.     Today,  the  Papacy   boasts   of   an    unprecedented   1   billion    religious   followers   who  exalt    the    Pontiff   as   their   'Holy  Father.'       Only   the   Papacy   can   also  boast   of   additional   favor  and   respect   from   the   other   five-sixths   of   the  world's   unsuspecting  people.     Even  in  America  today  and  amongst  the  body  of  Christ   and    its   most   trusted   leaders   is   a   general  inclination  of  acceptance   of    the    Papacy   as   virtually   no   public   mention  of    his  Biblicial    profile   or    End  Time    role   can   be    heard   at   all.  

Ironically,   if    any   estute   believer   or   even    a    novice   student   of   the  Bible   were   asked    today    if     there    is   any    Biblical   validity   to   the  concept  of   the   Papacy   [the Popes],    then  most   would   immediately  acknowledge   that    no   mention  whatsoever   of   a    'Pope'   or   'Supreme  Leader'     of   Christians   is    made   or    even   remotely   suggested.

But,   all  of   this  proves  again   what   the   vision  on  Patmos  in  Greece  spotlighted  in  95AD   showing  that   Satan's   greatest   and   last   effort  through   the   centuries  right   up   until   the   End  Times    would   be   a  strategic    'religious'   ploy.        In  fact,   the    greatest  religious  scam   ever.   
Namely,   to   cloak   himself   in   a   religious  facade   which   appears   'like  a  lamb'   ['Christian']     to   the   unsuspecting   and    Biblically   uninformed   world  and   with   his   most   evil   intent   of   fooling   as   many   persons   worldwide  as  he   can,    even  the  elect  if  possible,    in   order   to   take   them    into   the  very   darkness  of    torment   and    eternal   separation   from   God   where    he  himself    is   doomed   for   eternity.          [Math.24:24].

Today,  over  6  billion  persons  on   earth  are  unknowingly  witnessing   the  devil's    'friendliest  face'    ever   possible   displayed   in    his    final   and   best  'religious'   product   in   history.     Literally,  the   foretold   False  Prophet   can  be   observed    today   parading   his   religious  folly,   empty  religious  pomp  and    his    masterfully   deceptive    false   'Christianity'    in    plain   view  globally   in    these    End  Times    while    receiving   the    world's   accolades.

Now,   after   almost   2000  years   of   being   groomed  by   the   evil   one,    the  Pope  of   Rome    alone     is    the    highest   exalted    'Christian'    icon   on  earth   today.      His    false  religious  nature   and   self-adornment   is   proven  loudly   in   his   outward   and   arrogant   behavior   as  one  who:    wears  flamboyant   decorative  costumes   signifying   his   religious   world   supremacy,  accepts   people   globally   to    kiss   his   golden -ringed    hand   and    bow   and  kneel   to   him,    allows   himself   to    be    paraded   worldwide   in   a   gleaming  show-car    to   receive   the   adornment   and   even   worship   of   countries  he   visits,     lives   lavishly   in   an   extravagant   palace,     wears   his   own   self-styed    'crown'   and    sits   on    his   own   exotically   customized    gold- trimmed  throne   while   exalting   himself   as    the    'infallible'   and    'Supreme'   authority  and   ruler  on   earth.      The  Bible,  however,  labels   him   as    the   False  Prophet.        'Antichrist'   as   the   Apostle  John  also   cited.      [Vatican  Council  /  False Prophet fulfilling Major prophecies in Today's  News].

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