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CHAPTER  1        The 1st Beast  of Revelation 13
Revelation  13: 1-3:

'And   I   saw   a   beast   coming   up  out  of   the  sea,   having  10   horns   and    7   heads;  and    I    saw   one   of   his   heads   as   if   had   been  slain,   and   his   fatal   wound   was   healed.      And    the   whole   earth    was    amazed   and   followed  after  the  beast.'

The  End Time  Euro-KINGDOM  

This   foretold  final  BEAST  of  Revelation  is  now  in   plain  view  today.      It  is  today's   European  Union,   a  literal  revived  Roman Empire.      Exactly  as  Revelation   foretold  in  95AD,   today's  EU   has  'come  out of  the  sea'  of  humanity  over  the   last  20  centuries  and   now   rests   on  the   same  geographic   turf   as   the   first   century's   Roman  Empire  although  not  yet  operating  in   its   foretold   full   destroying   power.  

In  major  fulfillment  of   Bible  prophecy   the  European Common Market   was  established  officially  on   March  25, 1957    under   the  Treaty of  Rome   in  a  lavish  international  signing  ceremony  being  hosted  by  ROME's  leaders  themselves.     That  started  the   final   prophetical   timeclock  of   this  foretold  1st  Beast   of  the  End  Times.    Right  on  time  with  all   other  End  Time  prophecies  which  are  now  lined  up,   the  EU   has  steadily  grown  into  the  most  massive  economic  trading  block  on  earth  and,  in  fact,    in  world  history. Although  the   EU   has  appeal   and   promise   to   today's  generation,  it   will   soon   reverse  its  current   attractiveness  and   then  carry  out   its  coming  Apocalyptic  and   destroying   power  worldwide   in   this   generation.   [Rev.13:7]. 

The  1st BEAST  itself   is  ROME

The  symbolism  of  the  1st  Beast  of  Revelation 13  was  no  mystery  to  the  Apostle John  who  was  given  the  understanding  of  this Beast  during  the  Patmos  Isle   vison   itself   in  95AD.     John's  actual  explanation  is  recorded   in  Chapter 17  of   Revelation  and   is  an  absolute  KEY   in  understanding  this  Beast   as   being   today's   Euopean  Union   with   ROME  as   its   centerpiece.

The  Beast's   7  heads represent  numerous  things.    One key  is  that  they  symbolize   the   7  consecutive   kingdoms  in   world   history:     Namely:  Assyrian, Egyptian,  Babylonian,  Medo-Persian,   Greecian,   Roman  Empire  and   the  final  7th   global   Euro-kingdom  of   the  End  Times   based  in  ROME.  

Significantly,   Revelation 17: 8- 13,  confirms  that   John   identified   the   Roman  Empire  under  Caesar  Nero's  reign  [54AD - 68AD]   as   the  6th  head.     John  easily  discerned   that  Rome's   burning   to   the  ground  and   then   Nero's  own  suicide  in   68AD  gave  the   6th  head   its   appearance    'as  if had been  slain'     in   the   vision   he   experienced   almost   30   years   later   in   95AD.

In  addition,  these  same  passages  in   Chapter 17    also  showed  him   that  the  6th   head    [first  century  Roman  Empire]    would  be  restored  to   life  since  its  'fatal  wound  was   healed'.     This   is   the  specific  detail   that   depicts    the  old   Roman Empire   [wounded  6th   head)   coming   back    to    life   as    the  future    '7th  head'    of    the  End Times.      In  understanding  this,   then  it   is  clear   why   the  Treaty  of  Rome in  1957  is  literally  Bible  prophecy   being  carried   out   in   this   last  generation  since   it   put   into   place   the   foretold  7th  head,    the  massive  and  globally  dominating  Euro-kingdom   of  these  End Times.     As  predicted,   ROME   still   sits  right   in   the  middle  of   it   being  a  vibrant   integral  authority  within  the  EU,  and  being one of  the  original 10  member  nations  in  1957  who   wrote  and  executed   the  Treaty  of  Rome  by   which   the   entire  EU   was   founded.

Importantly,   after  Revelation  identifies   the  7th head   as  a   revived  Roman  Empire  in   the   End  Times,   then   the  1st BEAST  itself   is  also   specified  as  symbolizing   the  exact  same:       the   End  Time   revived   Roman  Empire.  

This  is   identified   in   Revelation  17:11   which   precisely  states   that   this  1st  BEAST     'himself  is  one  of  the  7'     heads.      This  key  phrase  emphasized to   John   that   this   1st BEAST   itself   [which  had  7  heads]    is,  not   just  similar  to,    but  actually   'is'    one  and   the  same  with   one  of   the   7  heads.   

It  is  at  this  point  in the  vision  when  John  clearly  recognized  that  the  BEAST   'himself'    also  symbolizes   the   monstrous   revived    Roman  Empire  of  the   End  Times.     This  is  because,  of   all   7  heads,   only  the   7th   head  [identified  to   John  as  a   'future'   revived  Rome]     had   the    same   'future'  trait   which   the    1st  BEAST   itself   also  had,    being   shown   that  it   'will   come'   in   the   future.    [Rev.17:8].        Without  question,   the  last   2000  years   have   brought   back   to    life   a   revived  Roman  Empire   [7th   head]  which   was  officially   established  in   these   End  Times   in   its   legal   forming  by   the   Treaty  of  Rome   in  1957.

The Great Harlot:    ROME

In  Revelation's  vision,  the  city  of  Rome  is  pinpointed  as  world  history's  greatest  and  longest  lasting  kingdom  of  sin,  deception,  corruption,  persecutions  and   killings  of  saints  [Rev.17:6].     All  of  this  is  shown  in  Chapter  17   and  18's    portrayal  of   the    Great  Harlot. 

When  first  seen  in  the  vision,  the  Great  Harlot   is  'sitting'  on  the  1st  BEAST.   [Rev.17:3].     Since  the  BEAST  was  later  defined  to  John  as  symbolizing   the   entire   empire   of    ROME   in   the   End  Times  then   clearly  the Great  Harlot's  extreme  sin  nature  and  abominations   rest   upon    ROME.  
Then,  she   is   seen  sitting  on   '7  hills'    also   represented  by   the   '7  heads'.      This   symbolism    identified    ROME   again   to  John   and   to   all  first   century   readers   of   Revelation   since   Rome   has   long   been   termed  the   'city  of  7  hills' ,     even   before  the  first   century. 

But,  the  vision  goes  even  further  in  removing  any  question  about  ROME  being   the   End  Time   resting   place  of   abominations  and   evil.    John  was  finally   told   that    'the  woman   [Great Harlot]    whom  you  saw,   is   the  great city.'     [Rev.17:18].        Suddenly,   to  John,   the  Great  Harlot   and  ROME    ['the great city']    were   now   identified   as  one-and-the-same.    He  also   easily   recognized    'the great city'    as   referring   to   Rome's   historic  and   unmatched  duration  which  had  settlements  as  early  as   1500 years  BC  and    then   was   officially   founded   as   a    city   by    Romulus   in   753  BC .

In  effect  and  from  John's  perspective,   he  saw   the   Great  Harlot   [ROME]  sitting  upon   '7 hills'    [also   Rome]    and  ultimately  sitting  upon  the  1st  BEAST   itself   meaning   the   entire   empire  of  ROME   in   the   End  Times.  Clearly  and  conclusively,   Revelation's  depiction  of  two  of  its   prime  evil  symbols   [the  Great Harlot   and   the  1st  BEAST]    are  synonomous  with  ROME.

Without  question,  history  proves  that   only   ROME   qualifies   for  Revelation's  characterizing  of   the  1st  BEAST,    the  Great  Harlot,    'the great city'    and  the   '7  hills'   on  which   the   Harlot   sits.     In  fact,  no  other  world  kingdom, institute   or   world   organization   comes   close   to   qualifying   in   comparison  to ROME's   track  record   with   regard  to   its   35   century  endurance,  corruption,   gross  sin,  deceptions,  persecutions,   killings  and   atrocities  invoked   upon   the   human  race,   particularly  over  the   last   2000   years.  [Chapter 4   elaborates  on  this].        This   is   why   ROME's   final   beastly  status   in   world   history   is   labeled   by   Revelation  as    'the  Mother of  Harlots   and   of   the   Abominations  of   the   earth' .         [Rev.17:5].

All   of   these   points   previously   made   about   Rome's  central  role  in  the  End  Times  and   which  were  emphatically  symbolized   to  John   in   the   vision  constitute  what   Revelation  calls   the   'mind  that  has  wisdom'.      [Rev.17:9].      

Next  things  ahead  in  the  European  Union

Accelerated  Clout  ECONOMICALLY   and   with  greater  world  authority:

Today's  world  leaders  of   leading  countries   [including  the  United  States, China,  Japan,  Russia,  the  United  Nations,  etc.]    have   already  recognized  and   begun  submitting  to   the  European  Union   for  numerous   reasons,  particularly  its unparalleled  massiveness  economically.    In  the  days  coming,   the   submissiveness  of    the   world's   nations  to   the  EU   will  speedily   increase   until    the   EU   is   the   overwhelming   world   power.

In   fact,   the    EU's   recent   new    internal   policies   have  now   geared   the  EU   for   accelerated   actions   globally   and   a   more  dominating  and  even  controlling   authority   in  voice  and  economically.      For  example,  already  the   EU   is   a   major   voice   within   the   'Quartet'   [the  United  States,  Russia,  United  Nations  and   the  EU]    which  is  accepted   by   Israel  as  being  significant  in   today's   intensified   Mideast  Peace   negotiations.     This  is  amazingly   on   time   prophetically   since   the   man of  sin   himself,    who   sits  within   the   EU,    is   also   being   looked   to   [almost  begged]    by   Israel   and  world   leaders   as   the   potential   mediator   for  Mideast   Peace.    [This  is  detailed   with   Headline  News   in   Chapters  3   and   4   with    jolting   clarity.]

But,  the  EU's  monstrous  clout  today  will  quickly  become  more  exalted  amongst  the  nations  of  the  world  who  will  become  noticeably   more  subserviant   to   the   EU.    Today's  food  wars  will    become   alarmingly   more  prevalent.     This  is  because  today's   soaring  prices  will   not   dissipate,   but   they  will  continue  skyrocketing  globally   [like  an  upward  staircase  graph]  making  daily   food  and   water  even  more  difficult   to   obtain.    Specifically,  today's   economic  woes  globally   will   grow  quickly   worse   and   worse  and  will   most   definitely   carry   into   the   coming  7   Year  Tribulation.
With  this  in  mind  and  as  a  result,   today's  generation  is  quickly  headed  towards   the  ultimate  solution  of   the    'mark  of  the  beast'   which  will  be  fulfilled   in   the   near-future   in   this   generation.      The  concept  of   a  simple  'mark'   by  which  to    'buy  or  sell'   will   be   widely-received  as  a   needed  answer   to  the   world's  ever-worsening   hunger  and   starvation  problems.  [Rev.13:16,17].

Again, as  Revelation  foretold,    ROME  itself    is   the   prime  city  today   where a   quick  solution  to   solve   world  hunger  is   being  highly  pushed  over   the  last   several   years  now.      To   be  specific,   the   End  Time  False Prophet  [from  ROME]   plus  the   [FAO]  Food and  Agriculture Organization  of  the  United  Nations   itself    [also  headquartered  in  ROME]    are  simultaneously  the  two   loudest  and   most   aggressive   spokespersons  TODAY  for   the   need  to  implement   a   new   one-world   system  of   food   distribution.      This   is  identified     in   detail    in    the    following   Chapters  3,   4   and  5.     

Unquestionably,  today's  world  is  accelerating  towards  a   global   economic  implosion   and   leading   to   the    originating  of   the    'mark'   to   be   invoked  by   the   False Prophet   from   within   the  EU.     This  will  occur  at   the  exact  mid-point    of    the    fast-approaching   7   Year   Tribulation   period.          

The  COMING  10  NATION   Euro-Kingdom  and   its   Religious  Leader:

As  previously  indicated,   the  Treaty of  ROME  in  1957  specifically  placed  the  EU  into   its   End  Time   role   as  the  7th  head,   the  1st  Beast  of  Chapter  13.     However,  Revelation  shows  that  an  ultimate   10-nation  union  in  western   Europe   will    form   in    its   absolute   final   structure.      [Rev. 17:8-10;  Dan. 7:24].

Conceivably,   this  coming   10  nation confederacy  could  form  quickly  before  the   'start'   of  the  7  year  Tribulation  or   it   could   take  place   after  the  Tribulation   actually  begins.      Either  way,   Revelation  is   precise  that   ROME   will   be  the  centerpiece   of   this  10-nation  BEAST   and   that   the   forming  itself   must   occur  BEFORE   the   exact   mid-point   of   the   coming   7   year  Tribulation.     This  generation   most   definitely   will   witness   this   new   forming.

Once  formed  by  mid-point,   the  concept  of  a   '1 World Government'   will  literally  be  carried  out   in   this  generation  during  the  last   3 1/2  years  of  history   by   this   coming   10-nation  Euro-dynasty.      Revelation  symbolizes  this   final   scenario   by   naming   the   1st  BEAST   itself  as   also   an   '8th'  head   'with 10 horns'   which    'goes  to  destruction'   for   'one  hour'  during  the   last   3  1/2  years   of   Great  Tribulation.   [Rev.17:11,12].         At   its  helm   and   sole   dicatorial   authority   will    be    the     False Prophet   since   'he  exercises  all  authority'   of   this   final   destroying   kingdom.   [Rev.13:12].                        
Significantly  related  to   this  is   that   for   over  50  years    [since  the  EU's  inception in 1957]    the   top  authority  of   the  entire   European  Union   has  always   been  each  EU  country   taking  its   turn  as   EU President  alphabetically  and  every  6  months  on   a   rotating  basis.    This   policy   would  have   placed  ROME,  Italy's   next   scheduled  turn   as   sitting  EU  President  in   the   year   2014.     

However,   the   EU's   recent    'New Reform Treaty'   enhances  the   6-month  rotating   schedule   altogether  and   now   calls   for   a    sole  person    [not   a  country]    to   be   'elected'   for   a    multiple-year  term   as    the   ultimate   and  sole   decision-maker   within   the  EU.       Incredibly  if   ratified,   this   flings   the  door   wide   open  for   potentially   speedier  fulfillment   [than  2014]    for   the  False  Prophet   of   ROME   to   easily   jump   into   the   driver's   seat   and  wield    'all  authority'    of   his   coming    10-horned   Euro-BEAST.      Either  way,    the   stage   is   set    today   for    the   False Prophet's    role   of   rising  to    the    top   of    western   Europe   with    'all'    authority.         [Rev.13:12].

The   fact   that   a    religious  leader   [and  not  a  political  one]    will   wind   up  at  the  top  of  history's   most   dominating  world  kingdom   was   foretold   also  by   Daniel   the   prophet   saying   that   'he   [the  man of sin  of  the  End  Times]     will   seize   the   kingdom   by   intrigue.'          [Dan.11:21].  

But,   this  mid-point  scenario  just  described  is   the   'peak'   place  in  history  where  today's   world   is   speedily   streamlining   towards  right   now.      The  massive  global  dominance  and  authority   of   today's   EU    [the 1st  BEAST]  will   be   instrumental   in   soon  bringing   this  all   to   fruition  in  the  days  ahead.    

In   the  forseeable  near  future,   once   this   foretold    peak   is   reached   at  the  coming   mid-point   of   the  Tribulation,   then   the   greatest   bloodshed,  atrocities   and   terror   ever  in   world   history   will    ensue   at    the   hands  of  the   False  Prophet.      His   fully   supportive  10-nation   Euro-Kingdom    will  have   reversed   its   friendly   face   seen   today   to   fulfill    its   foreordained  role   as   the   global    rampaging,   devouring   and   destroying   BEAST  of  the  End  Times.                [This  is   detailed  in  Chapters  3,  4  and  5].

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