According   to   Daniel   &   the   book  of  Revelation,   the    final   world   kingdom on   earth   just   before   Christ   returns  will  be   a   revived  old   Roman Empire.    

Today,   this   is    clearly   seen   in   the formation  of   the  European  Union  in 1957   although   not   yet   operating   in  its    End  Time   destroying   power   yet.

In   Revelation,   the   Roman   Empire  is depicted   in    the    symbology   of    the  "7   heads".    These   "7   heads"   repre- resent  the    7 consecutive  world  kingdoms  on   earth     (as    shown  below)   &   as   proven    out     by    the    Bible    &    by   world    history    itself. 

Revelation  13: 1-3:

"And   I   saw   a   beast   coming   up  out  of   the  sea,   having  10   horns   &    7   heads......&    I    saw   one   of   his   heads   as   if   had   been  slain, &    his   fatal   wound   was    healed.  And    the   whole   earth    was    am- azed   &   followed  after  the  beast."

Later   in    Revelation  17: 8- 13,    it    is  confirmed   that    the   head    that   "had been  slain"    is  the  6th   head  or   6th  world   kingdom.     Clearly,   this   is   the  old    Roman   Empire   of    2000  years  ago   under  the   wicked   leadership   of  Caesar   Nero.       As    history    shows,  Rome  burned  to  the  ground   in  64AD, "as   if   had   been   slain."

These   passages  in   chapter  17    also show   that   it   is   the   6th   head   (the Roman  empire)   whose    "fatal    wound was   healed".       This   is    the   specific  detail   that    depicts    the    old   Roman Empire    (wounded  6th   head)   coming  back    to    life   as    the    future    "7th  head"    of    the  End Times. 

As  stated,   the    EU   today   is   clearly this   7th  head   &  final   world  kingdom  already   in    its   prophetical   place   for  the   End Times.     

Soon,  today's  EU  will  see  10 nations  within  it   [including  ROME, ITALY]   sec- tion   themselves  off   to  form  the   final  10 horned  BEAST  in  western  Europe  with   antichrist  at   its   helm.   

Revelation   shows  that   this   will   have  taken  place   by  the  MID-POINT  of  the  final  7  Year  Tribulaton  period.     [*see
EU:  1 World Government,   below.]
1st head
2nd  head
3rd  head
4th  head
5th  head
6th  head
7th  head  EU
(a  revived         6th head)     
Rome   (6th  head)   was destroyed   in  64AD,  re- sulting   in   its    appear- ance   in   John's   vision (in  95 AD)     "as   if    it  was   slain" ; 

John    then    saw     that this    6th    head    "was  healed"     &    was     re- stored   back   to    life  in the    End   Times,      as the     7th    head.
(Rev. 13: 3)
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