Foretold Final 2  Beasts of World History:   IN PLAIN VIEW
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CHAPTER  2               Antichrist
                            the coming global awakening

100%  confidence  of  Christ's  nearness... 

God's  written  Word   lays  out  clearly  the  exact  day  of  Christ's   'physical' return  and  also  the   timing   [not  day or hour]    of  the  End Time   rapture  itself in  relation  to  the  chronology  of   the   final   7  Year  period  of   Tribulation. God's  interest  has  always  been  in   letting  His  children know  in  advance  and  preparing  them  in  advance  for  what  He  has  shown  us  thoroughly  in  terms  of 'timing'.      A   'surprise  rapture'   at   any   possible  moment  as  preached   today is   not   scriptural   as   is   laid   out   exhaustively  in   Chapter 13   of     'Here  is Wisdom'. 

However,  an  absolute key  to  truly   'knowing'   the nearness of  Christ  is  found in   one  of   many  statements  by   Jesus   Himself  in   His  prophetical  discourses. He  said   that    'When  you  see  all  these  things    [End Time prophecies lined up  together]    then  know  that  He  is  near,          even  right  at  the door.'  [Math.24:33].      So,  we  can  definitely  'know'   the  very   'nearness'  of  Christ  by  recognizing  when   'all'   of   the  predicted  End Time  prophecies  are  lined  up together.       Without  question,  today  they  are.   

Never  before  have  'all'   of  the  End  Time  prophecies  lined  up  together  simultaneously  and  globally  in  scope  as  they  are  right  now.     Israel's   re-birth in   1948   itself   having  marked   this  generation  as  the  virtual   final  generation. It  is  a  personal  and   loving  heavenly  Father  who  has  mercifully  laid  out  huge amounts  of   clear  information  in  His  written  Word  regarding   'all' of  the  End  Time  aspects  so  that  His  children would 'know' and so  that 'no one will  mislead  you' .        [Math.24:4.]. 

The   Lord  Himself   forewarned  His  followers  repeatedly  in  His  discourses  on  End Time   prophecies  of  the  critical  need  to  see  the  truth.     In  today's  End  Time generation,  there  is  no greater  time in  history  THAN NOW   for  people  to  discern  accurately   [according to scriptures  and  by the Spirit]   about   'all'   of  these  crucial  final  things  forthcoming  in  this  generation.     

A  PRIME  CRUCIAL  TOPIC  to  grasp:       Antichrist

Of  all  the  prophetical  'things'   which  we  'see'   lined  up  today,  then  one  End  Time  topic  is  more  crucial  than  all  others  for  believers  to  grasp  in  recognizing  the narrowest  possible  7  year  gap   just  before  Christ's  physical  return.    That  specific  topic  is  having  knowledge  of  antichrist's  profile.       Recognizing  exactly   'who'   he  is.

Why  is  this  so  critical  in  discerning  the  'nearness'   of  Christ?     Because  End  Time  believers  who  recognize  antichrist's  true  profile  and   his  'starting'   of   the  7  Year Tribulation  period  can   be  100%  sure   [can  'know']  of  the  narrow  7  year gap  left   before  Christ's  physical  return.    This  is  because  these  two  major  events    [antichrist's   'starting'  of  the  7  Year Ageement   and   the  physical  return  of  Christ]    are  linked   to  each  other,  showing  them  as   exactly  7  years  apart.     Also,  the  Lord  being  'even  right  at  the  door'   in  the  rapturing  of  His  people  before  His   'physical'   return  is  also  able  to  be  discerned   'timing-wise'   by  recognizing  antichrist  at  the  beginning  of  the  7  Year  Tribulation.    

On  the  other  hand,  what  if   God's  people  were  to  remain  blind  scripturally  to the  true  profile of antichrist ?     Then  God's  children  could  NOT   be  sure  at  all    [even  remain  blind  as  today's generation]    as  to  how  close  today's  generation  actually  is  to  the  nearness  of  Christ.        Without  question,  a  believer's  100%  confidence  and   recognition  of   forthcoming  and  final   End  Time  events    [including  the   rapture  timing  and  Christ's  return]    clearly  hinge  on  that   believer  knowing  the  exact  scriptural  profile  of  the   man  of  sin.     

Otherwise,  a  person  [believers  included]   sets  himself  up  to   the  highly  dangerous  scenario  which  Jesus  foretold  AND  which,  so  far,  exists  today  when  He  said,  'Be  on guard,  that  your  hearts  may  not  be  weighted  down  with  dissipation  and  drunkenness  and  the  worries  of  life,  and  that  day  come  on  you  suddenly  like  a  trap.....' .     [Luke 21: 34].      His  other  forewarning  is  also  true so  far  in  this generation,  saying,   'For  false  Christs  and  false  prophets will arise..... so  as  to  mislead,  if possible,  even  the  elect.'        [Math.24:24].

Handling  Accurately  the  Written  Word  OPENS  EYES

Knowing   antichrist's  profile  is   also   vital   for   a   number  of   other   reasons. First,   it  is  God's  Word  and  it   is  His   'will'   for   His  children  to  know  His  Word.     Contrary  to  today's  unanimous  teaching  from  prophecy  authors  and  TV  pulpit  preachers  who  say  the    'topic  of  antichrist  is  a  mystery',    the  Bible  has  provided  us  with  vast  amounts  of  information  about  antichrist,  even     pinpointing  his  profile  to  the   'T'.       This  is  exactly  for  the  purpose of  our  knowing  and  embracing  the  truth.      As  believers  we  are  instructed  to  handle accurately  God's  Word.   [2 Timothy 2:15].     Even on  the  topic  of  antichrist's  profile.    

As   detailed   in   this   book   most   all   of    the   first  18   centuries   [from  95AD  through  about  the  mid  1800's]    were  keenly  aware  to  the   profile of  antichrist   according  to   John's   written  vision  of   Revelation.      It's   only  been  the    last   170   years  or   so   when   the   world's   populace   has   grown  blind    and    naive   to    the    scriptures   and    to   antichrist's   presence   in  the   world.        [Rev. 13:11].

Secondly,  the  False Prophet   is  the  sole evil  figure   of  Revelation.   This  is a  critical   fact  in   Revelation  to  know   as   pointed  out   later   in   this   chapter. John  himself  easily  recognized  this  one  man  as   being   the  False  Prophet  during  the  vision  itself.       To   John,  the   vision   put   a    clarifying   'religious'  face  on   what   the  Spirit  of  God   showed  him   only  5  years  before   [in  90AD] when  John   wrote  to  the  first  century  believers  that    'antichrist  is  coming'. [1 John 2:18].      To   the  Apostle, the   False  Prophet   he  saw   in   the   vision and   'antichrist'    were  clearly  one and  the exact  same  person.      This  is  an  absolute KEY  for   today's  generation  to   embrace  as   I've  identified  emphatically   in    this   book  and    'Here is Wisdom'.

In fact,   the   Bible  considers   the   accurate  identification  of   the  man of sin   to be   so  critical   that   the  only  2  verses  in  the  New  Testament  which  begin  by  identifying   themselves  as   containing  'wisdom'    [the  wisdom  of  God]   deal  specifically  with  'antichrist'.      Both  are  in  Revelation  and  both  passages  deal  specifically   with   the   False Prophet,   'antichrist'  as  John  also   had  first   referred   to   him.      [Rev. 13:18; 17:9].      

Thirdly,   for   persons  who   are  not   clear  about   the  man of  sin's   profile,  then   they  would   likely  fall    into   the   final   'trap'   of   deceptiveness   which  scriptures   forewarn   will   come  upon  this  earth  during  the   final   3 1/2  years  of   Great  Tribulation.      Then,  scriptures  show   the   man of sin's   phony  facade   being  at   its  peak  and    '  accord  with  the activity  of  Satan,  with  all power and signs  and  false  wonders,  and   with  all  the  deception of  wickedness  for  those who perish,  because  they  did  not  receive  the   love  of  the  truth  so  as  to  be  saved.'          [2 Thess.2:9,10].

This  is  the  purpose of  this  book:   to  present  the  solid  accurate  handling  of  God's  Word  on  these   critical   topics  so  as   to   'open  eyes'   to   the   virtual  'nearness'   of   the  Lord  Jesus  Christ   to  this  very  generation  right  now, so   that   many   will   be   saved   to   God's  glory   in    these   final   days   ahead. This  is   exactly  what   the  Lord  intended  when   He   exhorted   End  Time  believers  that:    'When  you  see  all  these  things  [End  Time  prophecies  lined  up   together  including  antichrist's  appearance]   beginning  to  take  place,   then  Look up!              Because  your  Redeemer  is  drawing  near!'   [Luke 21:28].  

Today's   Blind  Prophecy  Guides  have  blinded  God's  people

As  the   man of sin   now   snakes  his  way   into   the  world's  forefront   to   fulfill  the   'making'   of   the   foretold   7   Year  covenant  of   Mideast  Peace  with  Israel,    then  the  body of  Christ  sits  blinded  to  it.     Why?    Because  today's  popular  Prophecy   preachers,   Bible  scholars  and  TV   ministers  across  the  USA   unanimously   have  not  grasped  numerous  crucial  End  Time  insights  whatsoever.    This  is  an  obvious  fact  based  on   the  non-existent  public  teachings  or  warnings  not   being  heard  from  99.99%   of  today's  Christian  leaders   and   so-called   prophets   worldwide  concerning   End  Time  prophecies.   
The  small  fraction  of  ministers  we  hear  mostly  on  TV   who  actually  are  sounding  the  alarm  about  today's  End Time  scenario  and  the  nearness  of  Christ  are  to  be  commended.     However,   their  own  eyes  are  also  about  to  'open'   on   this  highly   crucial   topic  of  antichrist's  profile   amongst   other  key   End  Time   topics   which   are   presented   here   and    handled   accurately.
For  example,  most  people  today  [unbelievers included]   are   well  aware  of   the Biblical   concept  of   a   '7 year Tribulation'   period.     However,   without  knowing  the  exact  profile  of  antichrist   then   the   world  remains   blinded  to his  world  presence,    the  actual   closeness  to   the   Tribulation  period   and  even  the   nearness  of  Christ  Himself  as   I   previously  mentioned.   [Daniel  9:27].     This  is  because  a   whole  generation   has  been   indoctrinated   for  almost  40   years   [since  about  1970]    with   numerous   wrong   teachings   from TV  preachers  and   prophecy  authors  regarding  antichrist's  profile.     This  includes   the  huge  continuing  error   which  can  still   be   heard   resoundingly  today   that    "no  one  can  know  who  the  antichrist  is!" .      

Importantly,   although  each  believer  bears  the  responsibility  to   'diligently  handle  accurately'    the  Word  of  God  for  himself   [2 Tim.2:15]   even  on  the  vital  End  Time  topics   like   'antichrist's profile',    today's Christian  Leaders  and   public  TV  ministers  carry   the   greater responsiblility   for  the   general  blinding   and   misleading  of  God's  children  on   this   topic.     This  is  because  any  so-called   leader  or   'Shepherd'   is  responsible   before  God   to   lead,  oversee   and   feed   the  general   body   of  sheep,   not  visa  versa.      However, today's  ministers  and  so-called  prophets  have  neglected  God's  children  in  many   ways   including   not    sounding   the   trumpet   of   alarm   and   readiness.

3  CRUCIAL  and  BLINDING  errors    regarding  antichrist

For almost  40  years now  [since 1970],   Bible  teachers  and  prophecy  authors have  unanimously   indoctrinated   believers  in   America   and    worldwide   with  3  major  mistakes   which  sharply  oppose  the  scriptures  on  antichrist.

As a   result   [as of  this  book's  public  release / July 2008]   the  body  of  Christ and   the  world's  6   billion  populace   remain  oblivious  to   the   foretold    man of sin's  presence  as  he  steps  into   history's  limelight   to   fulfill   his   foreordained role.

These   3  dangerous   and   blinding  errors   in   their   teachings  are:

1]     'there are  2  men  coming:     the  antichrist   PLUS   the  false  prophet'
2]     'no  one  can  know  yet  who  the  antichrist  is  now ......'
3]     'antichrist  cannot  be   'revealed'   to  believers  today....'

Without  question,   the   '2  men  coming'  error  in   itself   is  probably  the #1  largest  debacle which  has  blinded  and  misdirected   people  from  coming  even  close  to   recognizing  antichrist   today.    This  error exploded  in  popularity   in   1970   by   Hal  Lindsey   in   the   publishing   of   the   best-selling   book   'The Late Great Planet Earth'.     The  book  wrongly   portrays   a    '1st  man'   as   the   ever-mysterious   antichrist   who  is  stated  to   eventually  appear  from  the  woodwork  of  society   PLUS   the  unknown   '2nd man',   the  false  prophet.     His  book   downplays   the   false prophet   altogether  as  being   only   the   secondary    'sidekick'   of   Lindsey's    'unknown'   first   man,  antichrist.   

Since  1970,    this   huge  mistake  of   '2  men  coming'   has  single-handedly  and   unanimously   blinded  a   virtual   downline  of   multiple   millions  of   Biblically uninformed  persons  to   this  day.     A   virtual   worldwide  guessing-game   as   to 'who?'   these    '2  men'   might   be   has  existed   ever  since.      Also  from  1970  and   over   the  years,   this  mistake  unfolded  quickly  into  another  more  pointed  error  being   heard   to  this   day   saying   that   'no one can know who antichrist  is' .      Both  of  these  major  errors  together   have   brainwashed  today's   generation   for   almost   4   decades   resulting   in   complete   blindness.    
Some  of   the  more  recognizable  &   popular  personalities  [of  many]    who  are  on  public  record   in   their   books,  TV  ministries   and/or   public  teachings  with  these  above  errors  including  the  crucially  wrong  notion  that   'there  are  2  men  coming'   are:    Hal  Lindsey  [author/TV prophecy orator],    Tim  LaHaye  [Bible scholar/author],    Jerry  Jenkins   [author],      John  Hagee   [Pastor / author],  Dr.  Hilton Sutton  [Prophecy author/TV minister],   Ed  Hindson  [TV prophecy teacher/author],   Jack Van Impe  [TV prophecy 'expert'],   Joel  Rosenberg  [prophecy author],   Paul  Crouch Sr.  [TBN Broacasting founder/author],   Bennie Hinn  [evangelist/author],  Pat  Robertson  [Christian broadcaster/author],   Grant Jeffrey   [Bible scholar/prophecy 'expert'/author],    Perry  Stone  [author],   David  R. Reagan  [TV prophecy personality/author],  Greg  Laurie  [Pastor/author],    Rod  Parsely  [Pastor/author],   Chuck  Smith  [Pastor/author],   Les Feldick  [TV prophecy preacher]  and   Steve  Muncie  [TV preacher/author & so-called prophet].     
In  no  way  do   I  mention  these  names  with  mal   intent  or  to  raise  any  question   about    their   beliefs   in   Christ.      My  discernment  is   that   in   their  zeal   for   End  Time   understandings   most   of   these   have    been   sincere   in  their  efforts  athough   they   failed   to   decipher   God's  Word   accurately   by  the   anointing  of   the   Spirit.    [1John 2:27].       Instead,   they   have   attempted  to   extract   the   deeper   things  of  God's  Word   with   their   natural  mind   by  which   they   have   erred.       [1 Cor. 2:14].
However,  they  are  mentioned  here  with   regard  to  their  accountability  and  with  hope  that  their  own  eyes  will  open  on   this   crucial  topic  at   this   crucial  time  prophetically.     As  a   watchman,   my   prime  reason   in   mentioning   their  names   is   so   that    God's  children    and    other   future   unsuspecting  readers   and    listeners   of    their    books   and    teachings   on    'antichrist'  will    not    also    fall    into    the    same    blindness   in    the    days   ahead    like  untold   millions  already   have   over   the    last    4   decades.      [*These  3  crucial  errors    just    mentioned   are   sharply   corrected    later   in   this  chapter.]

The   'ORIGIN'   and  development  of  these  mistakes

As  previously  mentioned,  the  origin of  these  mistakes  in  this  generation  exploded   in   America   in  1970   with   the   instant  popularity  of   best-selling  books  on  Bible  prophecy.     Prophetically,   this  sudden  burst  of   global  interest  in   Bible  prophecy  in  the  70's   was  actually  divinely  orchestrated  for  today's  generation.     This   is   because  scriptures   foretell  of  an  increasing  global  awareness  of  the  nearness  of  Christ  and   forthcoming  judgements  in  these   End  Times.    

Soon,  the  whole  world  will  be  discussing  and  pondering  publicly  today's  shaped-up   Apocalyptic  scenario.     For  the  body  of  Christ,  the  days  coming  will   be  a   tremendous  time  of  unity,  readiness,  maturity  and  demonstrations  of  power  to  God's  glory  in  their  own  recognition of  antichrist's  presence  and   the  nearness  of   the  Lord.      

Then,  after  the  1970's,   interest  in  Bible  prophecies   increased   with  another  unprecedented  wave  occurring  in  the  1990's.     Again,  this  recent  explosion  is prophetically on  time  and  is  ongoing  today  globally  with   Bible  prophecy  and the   'End  Times'   being  a   constant   best-selling  and  record-breaking  topic [1]  in   books,  TV,   movies,  etc. .    

But,   ironically,   the  same  prophecy  authors  and  Bible  TV  ministers  from  the  1970's   and  up  through  today   who   have  been  used  to  spark  a   global  interest  in  End  Time  prophecy  are  also  the same  ones  who  are  responsible  for  having  totally  erred   in  their  profiling  of  antichrist.    Their  errors  [just  mentioned]   brought  total  blindness  to  America's  believers and  millions  of  others  worldwide.    These  days,  most  believers  don't   give  a   second  thought  as   to   'who?'    the  coming  man  of  sin   might  be  since  leaders  have  convinced   believers  that    'no  one  can  know  who  he  is' .

Hundreds  of  prophecy  websites  which  ramble  and   ponder  over   these  '2  men  coming'   also   add   to    today's   confusion   and   global   guessing-game. Even  numerous  secular  TV  networks,   like  CNN,    have  jumped  on  the  'antichrist'   bandwagon  adding   their  worldly  views  and   then  reaping  the  financial   gains  from   this  generation's  confusion.   

In  effect,   today's  prophecy  expositors  have  painted   their  own   innacurrate  and  nebulus   picture  about  antichrist and  then  have  continued  pondering  publicly  for  almost  40  years  as    to   what   their   picture  could   possibly  mean. All  the  while,  preaching  and  writing  best-selling  books  which  spread   their  own confusion.     Literally,   today's  scenario  is  the    'blind  leading the  blind'.   
So  far,   today's  prophecy   Shepherds  and   ear-tickling  TV  preachers   are  singly  responsible   for  leading   God's  people  up  close  and  personal   to   the  very  'trap'   of   blindness   which   Jesus  Himself  forewarned  all  of  His  followers to  beware  of   in   today's   End  Times.      The  Lord  said,   'Be on guard....lest  that  day   [the day of the Lord in the End Times]   come upon you suddenly  like  a  trap.....'.       [Luke 21:34].

However,   in  the  days  coming  just  ahead  as  antichrist's true profile  comes  forth  globally,  then  some  of  today's  prophecy authors  and   preachers  who  erred   will   acknowledge  their  mistakes  in  true  humility  before  God  and  the  body  of  Christ.    This  will  actually  contribute  to  even  greater  humility  and  unity  within  the  global  body  of  believers  who  witness  their  humility  as  God's  children  prepare  for  the  fast-approaching  return  of   our   Lord   and   the  King  of  all   kings.   

In  contrast,  in  the near  future,   other  popular  prophecy   teachers  and   authors will   be   equally  as   obvious  in  continuing  to  embrace   their   own  deceptive  teachings  which   mislead  God's   people.    These   leaders   will   remain  in   their arrogance,   pride  and   rebellion  while  demonstrating  their  highest  desire  which is  to  hold  onto  their  worldly  rewards  and   to   exalt  their  name  and  reputation  in   the  world   rather  than  to   embrace  the  truth  of  God's  Word.

Today's  Prophecy  preachers:     'no  one  can  know  yet'...

2  of   the  previously  mentioned   huge  errors  of  today's  prophecy  preachers  play   into   each   other   yet   both  are   easily   dismissed  scripturally.      Namely,  that  'no  one  can  know  who  antichrist  is'   and    'antichrist  cannnot  be  revealed  to  believers  today'.       These  two  errors could  not  be  more  fundamentally  wrong  scripturally.

Firstthe  idea  that   'no one can know  who  antichrist  is'  completely contradicts  God's  written  Word.   As  'TWO BEASTS RISING'  and   'Here  is Wisdom'   both  show,   the  Bible  provides  an  enormous  amount  of  precise  information  about   the   coming   man of  sin.       Also,   as  stressed   previously, recognizing   [or  not  recognizing]   antichrist   at   the   virtual   'making'     of  the  7  Year  Agreement    [Dan.9:27]    is   a   crucial   key   for   believers  in  the  End  Times  to  have   100%   assuredness  in   'knowing  that  Jesus  is near,  even  right  at  the  door'.    

Prophetically,   no  other  generation  in   world   history  faces  such  an  urgent  and   eternally  decisive  need   to   discern  accurately   antichrist's profile   as  today's   final   generation.     Particularly,   in   the  coming  days  of   the   greatest  deceptions  ever.      Yet,   today's  Christian   leaders'   error   that   'no  one  can  know  who  antichrist  is'   has  been,  so  far,   received  by  believers   worldwide hook,   line   and   sinker.

Secondly God's  Word   is   also    clear  about   the   'revealing'   of   the  man  of  sin   and    its    timing   in   the   End  Time  scenario.    Here  again,  since 1970,  natural-minded  prophecy  teachers  have  unanimously  not  understood  that    his    'revealing'   deals  with  him   finally  taking  off  his  own  friendly  mask  to  show   ['reveal']   his   true   evil   nature.      Scriptures   clearly  pinpoint    this    to   occur  at    the   exact   mid-point    of    the   7   Year   period. Besides   the   Apostles  John   and   Paul,      Daniel   also   identifies   the   man  of  sin   himself   as   the   very   one   who   'breaks  the  covenant'   at   the   7  Year   mid-point   and    reveals  himself    to    the    world    for    who   he    really  is.     [Dan.9:27].      Then,   he   is   unleashed   through   the   final   3 1/2  years  of   Great  Tribulation,   also   named   the    'wrath  of  God'.        [Rev.16:1].

Athough   he   does  not   reveal   or    'unmask  himself'   until    the   coming  mid-7 Year  point,   believers   in   Christ   and   many   others  globally   will   still  soon  identify  him  on  the  world's  stage   BEFORE  this.     This  will  stir  great  controversy  worldwide  to  erupt  about   the   Papacy of  Rome.      It  will   also  cause  great  challenges,   severe  persecutions  and   even  hate  to   believers  who   stand   firm   in    their   faith,   wisdom   and   endurance  during   the  coming  perilous times  predicted  by  the  Apostle  Paul.    However,  the  man of sin  himself   will  continue   to   stay   true   to    his   religious  masquerade  right  up  until    the   foretold   coming    mid-7  year  point.        [This   is   elaborated   on  in   depth   in   Chapters  3,  4  &  5]

Not   '2  men  coming'

Like  the  other  2  major  errors  just  described,   the   '2  men  coming'   theory  also  has   absolutely  no  Biblical  merit  whatsoever.     This  is  the  single  biggest  error   which   believers   have   been   programmed   to   believe   for  almost   40  years  about   'antichrist'.       Collectively  today,   untold   hundreds  of  millions  of believers,   prophecy  enthusiasts  and   common  persons  alike  worldwide   are   still    looking   for   '2  men'   coming   in   these   End  Times.  Hundreds  of   Bible   prophecy   websites   add   to   this   fallacy.

Again,  the  root  of  this  error  began   in the  70's  and  has  unanimously  continued  in   the   downline  of   prophecy  authors   and   teachers   ever   since. The  prime  verses   themselves   which   have   been   completely   misinterpreted  to   this   day  are   the   first  10  verses  of   Revelation  13   regarding  the  1st  BEAST   with   7   heads  and  10  horns.      [Rev.13:1-10].       

Although  the   Apostle  John   only   saw   and   also   understood   this   1st  BEAST   to   strictly   represent  the  succession  of   world  kingdoms  as  John  defined   later   [Rev.17],     today's  prophecy  teachers  have  twisted   the   7 headed-10  horned   BEAST   into   also   representing    'a  man',     the  'antichrist'   himself.      'The Late Great Planet Earth'   was   the   originator   of  this   major   blunder   in   our   generation.   

In  addition,   this  huge   '2  men coming'   error  also  has  simultaneously  completely   played  down   the  False Prophet  who  is  actually  the  sole  evil  icon  of  Revelation.     In  effect  for   4   decades  now,   prophecy  authors  have  made  the   False Prophet   a   secondary  and  almost  irrelevant  figure  altogether.    So  far,  this  has  created  a    total   'shell-game'  of  blindness  and  confusion  about    antichrist's  true  profile.     

In  fact,   the   topic  of   the  False Prophet   in   this   generation  goes  mostly  unmentioned  at  all   by   today's   popular   prophecy   personalities   and  scholars.      Only  rarely,   a   prophecy   author   or   TV  preacher  might   be  heard   making,   at   best,   a   passing  and   pondering   remark   about    'who?'  he   could   possibly   be.       Here  again,   this  is   because  of   a   total  transfixation  amongst   prophecy-minded   authors  and   teachers  worldwide  of  looking    for   their   fabricated   and   non-existent    'first  man'   of     their   '2  men coming'   error  from  the  1970's.      The  body  of  Christ  has  followed  innocently  for   4   decades. 

ONLY  1  MAN  COMING:     the  False Prophet       

Without   any  question   the   Apostle  John   clearly   saw  only  1  evil  man   in  the   entire   vision   which   he    identified   as   the   False  Prophet     NOT   1  PASSAGE  in  the  entire  Bible  even  remotely  suggests   that   there   are   '2   men'    coming.        In   fact,   all   prime   Biblical   writers  about   antichrist   [Daniel,   the   Apostle  John  and   Paul]    make   it   perfectly  clear   that  there  is   ONLY  1  MAN  COMING   in   these   End  Times   with   never   so   much  as   a   hint    of     a      '2nd'    man    as    is    widely    promoted   and    believed    today.

In   referring  to   this   coming  1   man,     the  Apostle   Paul   calls  him:    'that  wicked  one'   [not ones],     'the   man  of   lawlessness'    [not  men],      the   'son  of  destruction'   [not sons]    &     'the   one   [not  ones]   whose  coming  is  in  accord  with  the  activity  of    satan,    with   all   power  &   signs  &   false   wonders  &   with   all   the deception   of   wickedness  for  those  who  perish….”.   [2  Thess.  2: 3-10].        

The   prophet  Daniel   also   names   him  as     'a   despicable   person'    [not  persons]     [Dan.11:21],       a     'king…...insolent   &   skilled   in   intrigue'   [not  kings]     [Dan.8:23],       a     'little  horn  with  eyes'    [not  horns]   [Dan.7:8]     and  'the   prince   [not  princes]     who   is   to  come'     [Dan.9:26)      to   mention   a     few   of    Daniel’s    references    to    this    1   man.       

Significantly,  the  Apostle  John  first  coined  the  term  'antichrist'   in  about  90AD  in  his  letters  to  the  first  century  believers.    Then  5  years  later,  John  was  given  the  up-close  clarifying   look  at   this  eventual  1  man  in  the  Patmos  Isle    vision   and   specifically   identifed   him   as   the    False  Prophet.  [Rev.13:11; 16:13; 19:20; 20:10].

From  John's  perspective,   'antichrist'   and   the  False  Prophet   he   saw   in  the  95AD  vison were  easily  recognizable  as  exactly  one-and-the-same  person.     To  John,    the   terms    'antichrist'    and    'false  prophet'   were synonomous   in   referring   to    this   coming  1  man.     This   is   the   precise  understanding  which  John   himself   recognized   clearly   even   during   the  vision   itself  as   the   angel   continually  gave  the   Apostle  understanding  of  the   things  he   was   seeing.   

For  today's  End  Time  generation,  this  insight  of   'antichrist'   being  one-and-the-same  as  the  False Prophet   is  an  absolute  critical  KEY  to  grasp  as   emphatically   pinpointed   in   this   book  and   'Here is Wisdom.'.     In  fact,  this   prime  revelation  from   the  written  Word   is   now   in  process  of  coming  to  God's  people  although   still   in   its   infant   stages  compared   to  the  global  awareness   and   stirring   which  is   coming. 

As  elaborated  later  in  Chapters  3  &  4  of  this  book,   the  first  century  believers  and  each  of  the  subsequent 18  generations  of  believers  also  recognized  'antichrist'   exactly  as   John  himself  understood  it   and   intended  for  all  to  understand  it.     It   wasn't  until  about  the  mid-1800's   [at the end of  the outrageous Papal  Inquisitions]    when  the  world's  daily  awareness  and  public  acknowledging  of  the  evil  and   world-dominant   False  Prophet   waned. Although  this  waning  occurred,   Revelation's  foretold  religious   'beast'   had  clearly  been  recognized  by  history's  believers  as  rising  from  the   200's  to  300's  AD   and   then   precisely  confirming  itself  through  the  centuries  as  being   the    Papacy of  Rome.

From  the  1800's,    waning   interest   dissipated  into   desensitization  to   the  Papacy's   horrific  and   unparalleled  track  record   which   John had  seen  in  advance   'coming  up  from  the  earth.'   [Rev.13:11].     Today,   desensitization  has  grown   into   complete  blindness  from   lack  of   knowledge  of   the   Biblical  profile of antichrist.     This  is  compounded  today  by  this  generation's  inattentiveness  and   naivity  to   history's  proven  atrocities  and   persecutions  of  multi-millions   by   the   Popes of  Rome.       [*Chapter 4  exhaustively  details   this.]   
In  fact in  a  complete reversal,  today's  generation including  world  leaders  themselves  have   become   100%   friendly   and   accepting  of  Rome's  Pontiff  and   the   concept  of  the  Papacy  of  ROME   as  being   a   natural   part  of   the   world's  scenery  and   global  politics.     Literally,  a   red  carpet   is  rolled  out  for  the  sitting  Pope  as  he  is  welcomed  in  every  country  he  visits  including   the  United  States  in   April  2008.       In  addition,  virtually  all   of   today's   world  leaders  are  aggressively  seeking  his   participation   with   his  world  voice  and   unmatched  global   popularity  in   today's   world  affairs,   even  the   Mideast   solution    as    elaborated   upon   in    Chapters  3,   4   and   5.   

Soon  in   this  generation,  the  Roman Pontiff,   as   the   foretold  False  Prophet of  Revelation,   will   take   the   lead  in   the   forefront    by    his  ultimate   mediating   of   Mideast   Peace  for   7  years.      This   is   clearly   on  the   verge  of   occurring   in   this   generation   as  shown   in   the   following  chapters.      When  it   occurs,   it   will   be   a   major   'signing'   event,  recognized   and    heralded    globally.     Its   execution   will    'start'    the  Biblically    predicted   Tribulation    period    which   is    imminent.

This  entire  foretold  End Time scenario   [Dan.9:27; Rev.6:2]   is   right   now   in its   place   prophetically   and    spring-loaded   to   happen   today.     Conceivably, it  could   take  months   or   several   years  ahead   but   will   most  certainly   take  place  quickly  and  in  this  generation.      Without  question,   it  will  be  orchestrated   by   ONLY 1  MAN   shown   in   scriptures  as   the  False  Prophet  and   the   man  of  sin.       'Antichrist'   as  the  Apostle  John  also   termed   him.

Great  Insight  coming  to  God's  people,   a  global  awakening

The   eye-opening   understanding  about   the  man  of  sin's   exact  profile   is  coming  to   God's  people   first   and   then   to   this  generation  globally.     This  popular   topic,  yet   made   mysterious  by   today's   Prophecy  speakers,   is  about   to    become  crystal   clear  and   of   prime   importance  in   this   final  generation.     

The  prophet  Daniel  foretold  of   this   in   referring   to  the  End  Time  body  of  Christ  by  saying,    'And those who have insight will provide  understanding  to  the  many'.     [Dan.11:33].         This  exact  scenario  is  about   to   be  fulfilled  in   this  generation  as   the   accurate   identifying  of   major   End Time   topics  [like  antichrist's  profile   and  the  nearness  of  Christ]    will  soon   ignite   true  believers   worldwide   with   fresh   and    life-changing   readiness   to   meet   our  Lord   in   the   air.        Millions  will   be  saved.    

However,   with   this   approaching   awareness  about   antichrist   is   also  coming   the   greatest   spiritual   stirring   and   global   turmoil   in    world   history. Christians  will   be  a   hated  group.     This   is   why   Jesus   encouraged  believers   saying,   'But  the one who  endures  to  the  end,   he  shall  be  saved.'        [Math.24:13].

Although   'many'   of   this   generation's   6   billion   people   will   soon   'see'  these   critical   truths   presented   here,   some   still   will  choose  not   to  embrace  them.     Instead,  scriptures  show   they   will   choose   to   hold   onto  the   spirit  of  antichrist   and   the   coming   deceptions   which   will   carry   the  rebellious   and    worldly-minded   into   the   Great  Tribulation. 

But,  believers  who   do  gain  these  key  End  Time  insights  will   be   used  mightily   by   the   Lord    from   now   until   we  are   'taken'    to   spread  these  truths    along   with    the  preaching  of   the   Gospel   up    until    'the  end',  the   last    3  1/2   years  of   Great  Tribulation.   [Math.24:14,15].       This  is  God's  exact   plan   for    today's    End  Time   generation   which  has  been  written   by   the   prophets.     

As  God's  Word  is  exalted  in  this  earth  in  the   days   ahead,    then  God  Himself   will   be   inherently  exalted   on   earth   at   the   same  time.      After  His  Word   is   exalted,   then   He   will   exalt   Himself   again   in   His  great   and  final  outpouring of  His  Spirit  with  great  signs  and  wonders  being  demonstrated   by   Spirit-filled   believers   as   a   final   witness   to   the  world.  After  that,   God's  children   will   be    'taken'   since   we   are   not   destined   for  wrath,    which   is    the    final   3  /12   year   period.       [1Thess.5:9; Rev.16:1]. 
But,   concerning   these  historically   critical   times  coming,   the  prophet   Daniel  foretold   of   the   magnificent   and   eternal   blessings   which  are   in   store  for  all   believers  who   will   have   gained   these   final    'insights'   and   also   will  have  'provided  understanding  to  the  many'   while   even  'leading  the  many   to   righteousness' . 

Daniel  said:    'And  those  who have  insight  will  shine  brightly,  like  the  brightness of  the  expanse  of  heaven;   and  those  who  lead  the many  to  righteousness,  will  shine like  the stars  forever  &  ever.'       [Daniel  12:3].   

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