Foretold Final 2  Beasts of World History:   IN PLAIN VIEW
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CHAPTER  4        the  PAPACY of  ROME
                         [ Revelation's  False Prophet  &  2nd BEAST ]

'And   I   saw  another  beast  coming  up  out  of  the  earth;   and  he  had  two  horns  like  a  lamb,  and  he  spoke  as  a  dragon.'        [Revelation 13:11]

Only  a   simple  bit   of  research  of   history   about   the    Papacy of ROME   is necessary   in  order  to   identify  & confirm    its   fulfillment  over  the   last  1700  years  of    being   the    Bible's    False Prophet    &    rising   2nd  BEAST     of  Revelation 13:11.         Also,  Revelation's   foresight   was   pinpoint   accurate  in   that   the  murderous   rampage  of  Nero of  ROME   [54AD - 68AD]    has  been   dwarfed  by   the   magnitude  of   the  subsequent  centuries  of  a   global  killing  spree    [from  300's  AD   through   mid-1800's]    by   the   'rising'   beastly   reli- gious   leaders  of   ROME.  

Without  question,  the  Papacy  is   the   foretold   False Prophet  Revelation's  sole  evil  figure,   having  risen  from  the  4th  century  when the concept of the   Papacy   was  invented   &  grown  into  its  final   End Time   global  status   today.   As   Revelation  &   Daniel  predicted,   no   other  evil   religious   icon  &   phoney  religious   system,    except   the   Popes  of   Rome,     has   cloaked   itself   with    a    longer    lasting    and    more    deceptive     'Christian'    mask   in   readiness   for    its    End  Time     fulfillment    in   today's   generation.            

54AD  -   313AD:

ROME's    first  century  torturing  &   slaughtering  of  hundreds  of  thousands  of  Christians  &   Jews   [under Nero/Titus]    resulted   from  ROME's   disatisfaction with   true   Spirit-filled   Christians  and   their  explodingly  popular  Christian  faith  which    exalted     'Jesus'    as    their     'king'    rather    than    exalting    ROME's Caesar  as    'king'.      Nero   topped  off   his  horrendous  reign   by  imprisoning  the  great  Apostle  Paul   for  2  years   [66AD-68AD],     having   Paul   beheaded  in   ROME    &    then   committIng   suicide    in   68AD.           However,   ROME's   unceasing   persecution  &   killing  of  Christians  &   Jews  continued.      In  70AD   ROME's   armies  under   Titus   invaded  Jerusalem,   killed   hundreds  of  thous- ands   of   Christians  &   Jews ,   destroyed  the  city  of  Jerusalem  &   leveled  its   2nd   Temple   [fulfilling Dan.9:26],    then   leaving   Jerusalem  without  a   temple  to  this  day.     Over  1  million   were  killed  by  the   Roman Empire   by  100AD.

Also,   ROME   under  Emperors   Domitian   [81AD - 96 AD]   &  Trajan  [111AD-117AD]      caused    Christianity   to    be     illegal    which    suddenly   made    all   Christians   &   Jews   outlaws   to   ROME   through   the    next  200  years    into  the  300's AD.       'Illegal  Christianity'   also   made   ROME's   flourishing  crimes  against   humanity   lawful   from   its   own  eyes  as   its   persecutions  &   killings  of   Christians  &   Jews   advanced    'legally'.

313AD  -   mid-1800's             P A P A L    K I L L I N G    M A C H I N E

However,    in   313AD,    Constantine [2] [3]     lifted   ROME's   verdict  against  Christians  &   Jews,     allowing   true   Christians   to   freely  worship   &    talk  of   their   faith   under  the   still  dominating   Roman  Empire.      It   is   at   that  time     [300's AD]     when   Revelation's   predicted   beastly  False  Prophet   took  its   beginning   form   &    began    'rising'     [Rev.13:11]      with   ROME's    sudden decision   to   become   its   very   own    'Christian'    empire.       During  this   4th  century   AD,     ROME    quickly    created    its    very   own    religious   leader   naming    him    as    the   'Bishop  of  ROME'.            These   new    self-exalted   'Bishops'   experienced   such   rapid   acclaim   &   prestige   through   the   next   200   years  that   by   the   500's AD    they  crowned   themselves   with   a   new   name   as    'Pope'    ['father'  in  Latin].          At   that    time  the    new   'Popes'  also   began   their   new   philosophy   that   all   others   on   earth   were  to   be subserviant   to    their    self-designed    God-like    religious  status.     

From   this   point   on    [6th  century AD] ,     the   Papacy's   self-declaration   as   being    the   highest    'Christian'     leader   on    earth   coupled   with    its    anti- Biblical     doctrines   swung    the   door   wide    open   for     the   following  1300  years     [through  the  1800's]    for   world   history's  most   horrific  persecutions, horrors,    tortures   &    atrocities   upon   humanity,     all   carried   out    by   the  Popes  of  ROME.         Historic   records   estimate  as   many   as   100  million persons  were   slaughtered   in   total  by   the   Roman Catholic Popes   during   this  period,    more   than  all   other  wars   in   world   history   combined.      This 13  century  stretch  included  the   vicious   Papal Crusades   [1095AD-1291AD]   &    the    following    600   genocidal    years   of    the    Inquisitions     [1232AD- 1800'sAD].         During   the   Inquisitions,   anyone  who   dared   to   oppose   or  even   challenge   the   supremacy  of   the   Roman  Catholic   Popes  of  ROME   met   their   fate  of   being   tortured   and/or   murdered   legally   by   the   Papal   judicial   court.      [ *Pope Gregory  IX     himself    having    ordered  the  legal   'start'    of    the   Inquisitions   in   1232 AD] .

Finally,  in  the  mid-1800's,    ROME's   barbaric  1500  year  string    [from  the  the  4th  century]    of   wholesale  persecution  &   killing  of   tens  of   millions  of   Jews   &   Christians  at    the   hands   of   the   Bishops   &    Popes  of  ROME   dissipated.         However,    by   that   time,    Revelation's   evil    False  Prophet   rising   as   the  ultimate    'Christian'    impostor   &    'beast'    [Rev.13:11]     had   been    virtually    identified   &   solidly   confirmed    by    history   as    being   the  Papacy.           Only    the    Popes   with    their    anti-christ   doctrines,    satanic  rituals  &   historically  unmatched  genocidal    track  record   have  unequivocally  proven    themselves   as   fulfillment   of    Revelation's  religious   man  of  sin.   

Significantly,   history  also   records   many   great  &   true   Christians  over   the  centuries    who  easily   differentiated  between   true  Christianity  &   the   truths  of   the   Bible  from   the   hypocricies  &  monstrous  evil  deeds  of   the   Popes of  ROME.           Many   of    these   devout   believers   were   also   accurate  &  bold    in    their    public   naming   of   the    Papacy   as    the    foretold     False  Prophet   ['antichrist']     to   come,    including:     John Calvin,    William  Tyndale,   J.A.   Wylie,     John Wycliffe,     Sir  Isaac Newton,    Galileo  Galilei,     John  Huss,    John  Knox,     George Fox,    Charles Finney,    Charles  Spurgeon,    Rev. Roger Williams,    D.L. Moody,    John  Wesley,     to   name   a   few.       [*View list]  [2].      
Also  significant    is    that    the    true   Spirit-filled  Christians   were    the   prime  ones   named   by    the     Roman  Catholic  Popes    as     'heretics'    &    were  persecuted   &    killed   as   outcasts   of    the    'Holy  Roman Church'.          This  exact   attitude  amongst   the   Popes of  ROME    [including the  current   Pope  Benedict XVI ]   towards  true   Spirit-filled   Evangelical   believers  &   all  others   outside   of   the   Catholic   religion   still    exists   today    as   found  in   Vatican Council's  Canon  Laws    [>News / 2007]    &     is    ready    to    rear    its    ugly   head    again   in   the   coming   horrors  of   the   Great  Tribulation   of    these   End  Times.        [*News /  Benedict cracks down on Pentecostal upsurge in Latin America.] 

1870  -   through  today

But   amazingly,  after  1500  years   [from 300's AD - 1800's]  of   ROME's  virtual  bloodbath  upon  humanity  [especially  Christians  &  Jews],    the  next  bold  step  of   the   proven  &   powerful    Popes  did   not   include  any  apologies  or  even  an  acknowledgement   of    their   evil   deeds   whatsoever.       In  fact,    in  1870   the    unrepentant     Papacy   raised     themselves    even   higher    in    god-like  status   to    the   world   with    the    in-your-face    newly-established     'laws'   of  
the   First  Vatican  Council.      

The    Popes  &  his  religious  cronies   finalized   [in 1870]   its   own  religious   official    'law'    containing   the  many   outrageous   anti-christ Catholic  doctrines  &   rituals  which  oppose  the   Bible   &   made  official   the  exalting  on  earth  of  the  Popes  of  ROME.      For   instance,  Vatican  Council  I   made  as  Roman  Catholic  law   the   exalting  of  the   Pope  himself  to   the   'Supreme'   ruler  on   earth,    above    all    others   &    in   subjection   to    no   one,    and   being   the   'infallible'   ultimate    'Christian'   ruler   on  earth.       Popes   even  created   for   themselves   the   ultimate  authority   to   pronounce   a   person  to   eternal  hell,    a   false   self-made   authority   which  dares   to   attempt   to   oppose   &   usurp   God's   highest   authority.       Of  course,   to  students  of   the  Bible  all  of   this   is   pure   folly.          Vatican Council   I    also   had    the    audacity     [after  15  consecutive  centuries  of   atrocities]    to   brazenly   name   the   Pope's   phony   religious   organization   as   the    'Holy'    Roman  Catholic  Church   which   it   is   still    called    today   by    1   billion   Catholics,    billions  of   other   unsuspecting  onlookers   in    the    world,     history's    scholars   &    even    the    world's    top  international   leaders.      Today's   world   &   its   leaders   also   blindly  address  the   Pope  as   'Holy Father' ,   the   Papacy's   blasphemous  self-created   title  designed   to   enhance   the    prestige  of   the   Bishops of  Rome.    

However,  even  as  the  horrendous  crimes  of  the  Popes of  ROME   subsided   in   the  mid- 1800's,    ROME's  deceptions  plus  its   anger  &   condemnation  of  the   Jews   for    'killing Jesus'     had  not.         Not   even  70   years  after   the  first   Vatican  Council   [1870]   history  records  that    Benito Mussolini   picked  up   exactly  where   the  Popes of   ROME   had   left   off.       In   1936  &  again   in   1939,       ITALY's    Catholic   dictator    Mussolini    literally    shook    hands  with   Adolph  Hitler   binding    ROME,  Italy   with  the   German  Nazi   Leader  in    'The Pact of Steel'    [1939]    at    the   beginning   of    World  War  II .     

Then,    as    proven   in    ROME's    unequalled   past    record    of    anti-semitic  nature,   historical   records   emphatically  show   the   Papacy  of  ROME's  own   response   to   the    horrors  of    WWII.        Clearly,   ROME's    reaction   to   the genocide   of   over   6   million  Jews   was   a    'remain  silent   &    look-the-other- way'    mode.         This   was   demonstrated   during   the   holocaust   by    Pope Pius XII     [reigned 1939-1958]    who   maintained    a    passive   &   disattached   appearance.       This  stayed  completely  in   line  with   Pius XII's    prior   Reich Concordat   in   1933    made   with   Hitler   agreeing   to   submit    the   Vatican   to   the   dictator's   German  Third   Reich.         The  agreement   was   written  by   Pius XII    himself    when   he    held   the    Vatican's   top   position   under   the   Pope   as   the    Vatican's   Secretary  of   State,     Pius XI's    right   hand  man.   Then,   at    the   start   of   the   war   in   1939,      Pius XII     [having   just   been  elected  as  Pope]    casually   observed   from   the  sidelines  as   the   Papacy's   own    monstrous   &   historically  proven   nature  of   anti-semitic  genocide   was   publicly   unleashed   again.         Only   this   time,    it    was   by    ROME's  own  Catholic  Dictator  Mussolini   &  carried  out   by   the  racist   &   satanic  Hitler  until   the   end   of   the   war   in   1945.      

But,    over   the   last   60  years   since   the   end   of   WWII,      Jewish   leaders
around    the    world    have    asked    politely    &    more    recently    legitimately  demanded     [Dec 2006]    [2001]      that    the    Popes   open    the    Vatican's   'entire'   Holocaust   archives.       This   is  in   order  to   confirm   [or  disconfirm]  the   Vatican's   staunch   denials   for   60   years  of   any   wrong-doing   against   the   Jews   on    Pope Pius XII's    part.            More   specifically,    opening   the  Holocaust   files   could   prove   conclusive   regarding   Pope  Pius XII's   overall   misconduct   which,   so  far,    is   proven  to   be   an   evil   lack  of   help  for  the  Jewish  Holocaust  victims  of  1942 - 1945.      Or  more  likely,   whether   Pius XII   &   his   wartime  Catholic   hierarchy   possibly   collaborated   with   Hitler   in   the   actual   condemnation  of   the   Jews.       However,  without  question,   Pius XII's   actions  of   saying   &   doing   nothing   to  stop   Hitler's   slaughtering   of   Jews   is    a    far   greater   sign   of   Pius XII    being   a   condemner  of   Jews   rather   than   a    helper  of   Jews. 

What  compounds   this  belief   is   that   each   Pope   [since  WWII 's  end]    has  declined   to   open   more  than   just   the   currently   opened  superficial  files of  Pius XII  [2]  ,     most   of   which   precede  the   war.         In   fact,   the   current   Pope  Benedict's    first   real   response   to   this   matter   just    over   2  years   into   his   Papacy   was   to   abruptly   close   the   Vatican Library  &  Archives   in  July  2007   for   the   next   3   years   for    'remodeling'.         Curiously,   now   only   Benedict  XVI   himself  &   his   2   other  appointed  officials  have  access  to    the   vast   Vatican   files   which,   if   opened,    would   likely   ignite  a   fresh  global   awareness  of   the   Papacy's   anti-semitic  nature  &   atrocities   carried  out   for   almost   2000   years.          Not   to   mention,   the   revealing  of   Pope  Pius  XII's   &    the   Catholic   hierarchy's   potential   collaboration   with   Hitler's  Nazis.                        [*News /  Lawsuits-Claims against Vatican's cooperation with Nazis].

Amazingly  in  1965,     20   years   after    the   horrors  of    World  War  II,     the  Vatican   still   had   not   publicly   expressed   sorrow   whatsoever   towards   the   prior  genocide  of   Jews   during   the   Holocaust.       In  fact,   the  only  gesture  of   the    Popes   towards  the   Jews   was   to   finally  consider    [in  September 1964]    removing  the   term    'perfidious Jews'   [deceitful, treacherous]    from   their    annual     Roman   Catholic    liturgical    prayers    and     to    refrain   from   traditionally   describing     the    Jews   as     'an  accursed'     people    who   are   'guilty  of  deicide'    [the  'killing of God']   meaning   'Jesus'.       After  all  of  the  horrors   carried  out   by   Hitler   upon   the   innocent   Jews,   for   the    Papacy   to   only  respond   by   deciding  to   stop  naming   the   Jews  as  accursed   was   [&  still  is]     a   major  slap  in   the   face   &    re-confirms   the    Papacy's   anti-semitic   nature.         [ July 2007  /  News:   Benedict XVI   re-instates  version  of  ancient  Catholic  prayer  offensive  to  Jews ]         [ *News:  Historic adverse Vatican and Israel Relations over 2000 yrs. ]

However,   after   World War II    the   next   real   major  move  of  the  self-serving  Popes of  ROME    was   to   re-crown   themselves  publicly   again   in   Vatican Council  II    [1965].         This   time   it    was   to   a     newly-modernized    world   as   they    boldly   re-announced   their   self-made   &   highest-exalted   religious   'Christian'   status  on  earth.       Prophetically,   both   Vatican  Councils  clearly   re-solidified   the    role   of    the    False  Prophet   for    these     End  Times   &   tested    [twice]     the   world's   response  &   acceptance   of   the  claims  of   the   Popes of  ROME.       And  both  times,   the   world's   people   &   world   leaders   blindly    shrugged    their    shoulders   to    ROME's     deceptions,     anti-Biblical   doctrines   &   outrageous   self-exalting   claims   made   public   to   the  world   in  1870  &  1965.            Since   then     [with  the  1800's  end  of  the  Inquisitions  &   Vatican Council 1   in  1870]      &    without   question,    today's   generation   has   lost   completely   the    acute   awareness   which   true    Christian  Protestants   &  Reformers    had    [during  the  1500's - 1800's]     in   their   bold   identifying  of    the   evil   nature   &   antichrist    history   of   the   Popes  of  ROME.

By  1978,     the   world   was   then   fully   primed   for   what   the   Bible  predicts   will    be    the     False  Prophet's     'holy'    &    charismatic   personna,     finally 'appearing  as  a   lamb'      [Rev.13:11]      on    the    world's    End  Time  stage  right    before    the     'start'    of    the    7   Year  Tribulation   period   of    history.   Scriptures   show   that   the   rising   False  Prophet's   beastly    track   record   will   have   become   craftily    transformed   into   an   attractive,    fully   accepted   &   globally   exalted    religious  icon   at   the  end  of  the  age,   second  to  no  other.     This   is   exactly   what   has   occurred   over   the   last   180  years   or  so   since   the    Inquisitions  ended   in   the   1800's,   allowing  the   Papacy   to   re-invent   its   religious   image   as   upright   &   righteous   to  an   unsuspecting  world.      With   the   appearance  of   John  Paul  II     [1978 - April 2005]    came    the   most    charismatic   &    mesmerizing   Pope   in   history   as    he   travelled  the  globe  for  28   years   dressed   in   radiant   white  &   created   a   worldwide   choir   of    6   billion   unsuspecting   admirers.      

However,   from    Revelation's   perspective,     the   Papacy  of  ROME     [under  John Paul  II's   era]      suddenly   began   to   clearly   match   the    'conquering rider on  the white  horse' .      Again,   this  is   Revelation's   specific  depiction  of    the    appearance  of    the   False Prophet    to    the    world   in    the   End Times   and    at   the    'start'    of    the    7   Year  Tribulation.    [Rev.6:2].        As   previously   mentioned,    today's   generation   is   not   only   blind   to    ROME's    past    17   century   murderous   history,      but    has    now    bought    into    the  Papacy's   successful    re-portrayal   of    itself     [since   Vatican 1  in 1870]    as   the   world's  ultimate  'holy'   spokesperson  &   model   for   'Christian'   values  &   morality.        As    emphasized,    this    total    reversal   of    the   Pope's   world  image    is   divinely   on    time    with    all    other   prophecies   which   are   also  obviously   in   place   today   for   near-future   fulfillment.   

Today's    NEW    &    Historic   Diplomatic   Relations     Between  the Popes    &    Israel

In  the  1990's     the   Papacy's   new   &   successful    'you  can  trust  me,    I'm  your   friend'    mode  suddenly   turned   its   'friendly'   focus   towards  Jerusalem.    Here   again,     this    is    the    exact   major  scenario  predicted   of   the   False Prophet     in    the     End  Times    just    before   Christ's    return.            Daniel  9:26, 27   show     that    the     'prince  who  is  to  come'      [False  Prophet  from  ROME]    will    have   gained   enough   favor   with   the   Jews  of   Israel   in   the    End  Times    that    he   will   actually   be   the   ultimate   world   leader  who   the   Jews  of   Israel    will    look   to   in    order   to     'make  a  firm  covenant'   with    the   Jews   in   a    7   year   Mideast  Peace  agreement.     [Dan.9:27].        

In   fact,    this   is   exactly   what   has   now   shaped   up   in    perfect   line   with  End  Time    prophecy    &    as    dozens   of     Headline  News    articles   show.   Both   Popes  John Paul  II    &     Benedict  XVI     have   capitalized   on    their  increased     'friendly'    religious   clout   in   the   world  over   the   last   30  years  or   so      [since   the   election  of   John  Paul II   in   1978]      by   pushing    the  Papacy   right   into   the   middle  of   the  Mideast  Peace   world    negotiations.   Without  question,   this   is   the   single-most   confirming  sign  of   the  nearness  of    the    'start'    of    the   predicted   final   7  year  Tribulation   period.

To   be   specific,     in  1994    and     right    on    time    with    this    generation's  prophetical   ticking   timeclock,     Pope John Paul  II    initiated   &    signed   the  historic   'Fundamental  Agreement'    with    Israel.         Amazingly,   it   officially  established   the  Vatican's   diplomatic  relations  with  Israel   for   the  first   time  in  1700   years  of   Papal  history.        This   enormous  prophetical   action   put   in    fast-forward   motion    the    foretold    End  Time   concept   of    the     False Prophet's    deceptiveness   in   luring   Israel    into    the   predicted    final   End  Time   7  Year  Mideast  Peace   Agreement.    [Dan.9:27].            As   previously  stressed,    this   is    a   direct   result   of   the    Papacy's   self-created    facade  almost    2   centuries  ago   of   presenting   its   own   appearance   to   be    'like   a   lamb'   and    appear  as    the   greatest    'Christian'    leader   in    the   world.   [Rev.13:11].   

Outwardly,   1994's   'Fundamental Agreement'    has  been   hailed  publicly  as   a   great   conciliatory   gesture  by    the   Vatican   towards   Israel.         However,   the  content   of   the   short   document   clearly   shows   ROME's  overwhelming  intent   on   having    'custody of  Israel'    &    being   recognized   by   Israel   as   a    legal   &   internationally  sovereign    'personality'    which   is   authorized   [by   Israel]      to   operate,     at   the   Popes'   will,      within    the   very   borders   of   Israel    [&   at  all  Holy sites]    &   without  any   challenge  from   Israel   or   even  the   international   community.         [Fundamental  Agreement  of  1994, 1997].         
Significantly  &   from   the  Biblical  End  Time   perspective,  no   other   'religious'   leader   or   religion   in    the   world   [including  Muslims]    has  ever  been   able  to   secure   any   kind  of   legal   agreement   with   Israel   whatsoever,   with  the  exception   of    the   Papacy  of  ROME   in   1994.        Not   to   mention  having   Israel's     leaders    today    offering    to    roll    out   the    red    carpet    for   the   Popes  of   ROME     to     visit    the    Holy   Land,      offering   the   Pope   free   manueverability   in   the   Holy   Land    and    now   looking   to    the    Pope   as    a    major    voice     in     Israel's    current    Mideast   Peace    negotiations.  

But,    even    after    the    Fundamental   Agreement's    signing   in   1994,    it    virtually   sat    on    the    table    for   the   next    10-11   years   having   not   yet   been   officially   accepted   by   Israel's   highest   governing  body,   the  Knesset,  which   is    required.        However,    this   dramatically   changed   with   ROME's  April   2005   election   of   the   aggressive  &   demanding   Pope  Benedict XVI.   Now,     the   Agreement    is    being    heavily    pushed    by    the    Vatican   in   2007 and  2008     with   a    hardball   approach   towards    Israel   to    make   its   final   official   acceptance   of    the   Vatican-authored   Agreement.   [*Headline News / Nov-Dec2007].      [*News:  April  2008:   Vatican-Israel  near agreement on pact].

Understandably,     from     Israel's    Knesset's     perspective    today,     is    their  reluctance    to    officially    accept    the     1994    Agreement   since    ROME's   cleverly    crafted   document   virtually    'opens  the  door'    for   the    Popes  of  ROME    to   have   free   reign   within    Israel,    legally.       The  document  also  specifically    allows    the     Popes  of    ROME     to    freely    perform     any/all   Catholic  rituals   within   Israel   &   all   Holy  sites  as   ROME   sees   fit.       This   would   include   the    foretold   newly-built    3rd  Temple in Jerusalem   of   the   End  Times    [Rev.11:1-3]     in    which   the   False  Prophet    will   perform  the   'abomination of desolation'    [Dan.9:27] ,   another   major   End  Time  Biblical   event   astonishingly   in   plain   view   for   near   future  fulfillment.      [Headline News / 2005]
Clearly,  the   Papacy's   proposed  'custody'   &  upperhandedness  over   Israel  &  Jerusalem   as   presented   in   1994's    Agreement   is   a   dress   rehearsal  which   is   leading  to   Israel's   inevitable  acceptance  of   the  False  Prophet's  terms   of     trickery    to    devour    Jerusalem    as    the    Bible    clearly    shows.   Namely,    scriptures    specifically    show     that    once    the     'friendly'     False  Prophet   mediates   a     7  year  Peace  Treaty    with    Israel    to    'start'    the    7  Year  Tribulation,   then   3 1/2   years   later   [at  mid-point]    he   will   relocate   his    headquarters   from     ROME    to    Jerusalem,     'take  his  seat'    in   the   newly-built    3rd   Jerusalem  Temple   and    then    'declare  himself  as  being   God' .      [2 Thess.2:4].                This    is    the    abomination  of   desolation.   

Right   now,    all   of   these   aspects  of    these   major   Biblical   events  are   in   their   solid   place   now    for    near-future   fulfillment  in   this   generation.     [ie.  Pope's own exalting of himself   as   'God'   on  earth,    the   Papacy's   strong claims   of     the  Catholic  church's  right  to  Jersualem,      Mideast  Peace between   the    Pope   &    Israel,     3rd Temple   preparations,   abomination of  desolation].    

But,    exactly    'how'     the    Fundamental   Agreement    will     play    into   the   soon-coming      7    Year   Mideast   Peace   Treaty     remains    to    be    seen.    Conceivably   it    could    be    a    template   or    become   an   essential   part   to   the   larger   scope   of    the     Vatican's   ultimate    Mideast   Peace   solutions.

In  any   case,  the   Vatican's  1994  Agreement   has   been  an   obvious   End Time     springboard     which    has     allowed    Pope   Benedict's    overbearing  pushiness    towards    the     Holy    Land     &     its      leaders    to     speed    this   generation   right   up    snug    to    the     'signing'   of    the    Biblically   foretold   7  Year  Agreement   in   these   Last  Days.    [Dan. 9:27].          Remarkably,   in  just   the   last    30   years   of     this    End  Time   generation,     many   Headline  News    articles    show     that     Israeli     top    leaders    today   have    not    only   lowered    their   2000   year  old   guard   of    leariness   towards   ROME   &   the   Vatican's  Popes,    but    Israel   has   literally   made   a    complete   reversal   &    has    now    become    just     short   of    begging    Pope  Benedict   to   mediate   the   Mideast  Peace   problem.     

In  fact,    the   prophetical   table   is  so   perfectly  set   right   now   for   this  next   Apocalyptic     'signing'     event     to    occur     [Dan.9:27]     that    virtually   any   future     Pope     could     easily    take    the    reins    &     fulfill     the     role    as   Revelation's    ultimate   False   Prophet.            However,   to    be    100%   sure  scripturally,      the   Pontiff   who   actually   executes    a     7   Year  Treaty   with   Israel,    is   himself     the    foretold    final     False  Prophet    of    these    End  Times,     'antichrist'.                         [News:  Benedict XVI - Israel / Mideast Peace].

The   Papacy's   rise   to   TOP  WORLD  AUTHORITY
Both   religious   &   political

Although   the   world's   general   view   of   the    Papacy    is    as   a   'religious'  concept   only,    history   clearly   proves   the   Popes of  ROME    have   always  operated     in     demonstrative     'political'    clout.            As   emphasized,    the  Papacy's   deathly    iron   hand   was   inherently   used    for   1500   consecutive  years   in   its    religious   politics   until    the   end   of   the    Inquisitions   in    the  1800's.        But,   Papacy   politics   virtually   started   immediately  with   the   4th   century's     newly    created    'Bishops'     of    ROME    concept,      Revelation's   predicted    rising    2nd   Beast,    the   False Prophet.  

Today,   after  1700  years,    the   Roman  Catholic  Papacy    has   successfully   expanded   its   religious   &   political  machine   through  the   centuries  into   a   massive  global   institute,   all   under   the   false   cover  of    'Christian'    religion.   Unbelievably,   ROME's   Popes    have    amassed   about    1  billion    religious  followers    in    today's    End  TIme    generation   who   are    kept    in   the   dark   by    the   Papacy   &     its    empty    &    anti-christ   doctrines   &    rituals.      [As shown   later  in  Chapter 5].       Also  today,   over  400,000 [1]   priests,  cardinals  &   archbishops   make   up    ROME's    beastly    hierarchal   downline   of    false  prophets  stationed   globally.     These   fully-pledged [ 1 ]    religious  cronies  of   the   Papacy   are   also   in    their    prophetical   place   now    in    readiness   to   support   &   comply   to   the    False Prophet's    coming   global   dominance  &  evil   dragnet   which    is    foretold   for   the   Great Tribulation.        Today  and  as  a   group,    only   the   Papacy's    swarm  of   religiously   costumed   Catholic  leaders   worldwide   stands   above   all    other   religions  in   fulfilling   End  Time   prophecy   that     'many  false  prophets  will   arise'.          [Matthew 24:11, 24]. 

In  fact,   Roman Catholic  politics   &   religious   influences   are   infiltrated   in   177  [a]    countries   worldwide   &   can   be   found   virtually   in    every   aspect  of   society    &    today's   major   global   affairs,    including   the   United   States  politics,   Mideast  Peace   negotiations,    European  Union  politics,    the   United  Nations  politics  [1] ,    3rd  world   countries,  etc..      This  is   exactly   why   both   Daniel    &    Revelation   foresaw    the    final   Beastly  Icon     [the Papacy  as recognized   today   in   retrospect]      as    outgrowing   &    outlasting   all    other   beastly   kingdoms   in    world    history.       

As   a   historic  fact,   no   other  organization,   institute  or    kingdom   in   history   comes  even  close   to    the   Roman Catholic Papacy   in    terms  of   its   1700   year  endurance,    having    its   global   tentacles   now   in   every   facet   of   life   and   its   unmatched   world   acclaim  &   favor  amongst   today's   world   leaders and   the  world   itself.       Exactly   as   scriptures  predicted,    the   Papacy   has   now    risen    to    the    very    top    &     stands    alone    in    today's    6    billion   populace   as    the    number   one    respected    religious   icon   of    morality   &   charisma,    and    even   on   the   verge    [as  foretold]    of    becoming   second- to-none     in     today's    intensified   global    geo-political   affairs.             [News Links/Papacy].  

In   Daniel's   vision   in   586 BC,    he   saw    this   development   2500   years   in  advance   as   the    Papacy    was   seen   by    Daniel   as   the     'little  horn  with  eyes'   &   'uttering great  boasts'    &    'growing  larger  than  all  others'    through  centuries   &    into    the    End  Times.     [Dan. 7: 8, 20].            Later   in    95 AD, Revelation   clarified    this    by    putting   a    face   on    the    final    man  of   sin,   naming    him   as    a    'False Prophet' ,     and     'coming up out of the earth'    [Rev.13:11]     over    the     centuries    as    the    greatest    religious    'Christian'   fraud    the   world   will   have   ever   known.         Now,   in    exact    fulfillment   of   Bible  prophecies,    the   Papacy   has   propelled   itself    through   history  &   to   the    verge     today    of     its    climactic     End   Time    world    acclaim,      world  authority   and    world   domination,    both  politically  and  religiously.     

Without  any  question,    only    the   Papacy   qualifies   for   Revelation's   95 AD   vision    which   predicted    the   ensuing   20   centuries   to   streamline   towards  one   ultimate   man   who   would    rise   as   the   greatest   religious   &   political   leader   in   world   history.         In   fact,   the   Pope   is    Revelation's   sole  evil  figure ,   the   False Prophet,    who   is    foretold   to   come   to    full   power   in   these   End  Times,    today's  generation.   

Prophetically,   the   next   two  predicted   major  events  to   occur   [in  this order]   in   this   generation   by   the  Papacy    will   be:    1]     the   Pontiff's   mediation   of   Mideast  Peace   with     Israel    executed   in   a     7  year  Treaty     [Daniel 9:27]     and,        2]     the    Pope   being  given   top  authority    from    a    soon-coming   alliance   of    10   nations    from    within   western   Europe's   European  Union,    which   will   include   ROME,  Italy.             [Dan.7:24; Dan.9:26; Rev.13:12]. 

Pope:    the   official,   sovereign   'King'   of   his   very  own   country

Although  the   Papacy  of  ROME   is   the   most   well-oiled   &   longest   lasting  institution   in   history     [both  religiously & politically],      the  Lateran Treaty  in 1929    itself   was   the  actual   major  pivotal  stepping  stone    which   flung   the   international   doors   wide   open  for   Popes   to   begin  officially   establishing   their     religious    voice    into     the     world's    international    'political'    arena.   Again,   right   on   time   prophetically   in    today's   End  Times.      And   this   is  exactly   what   the   Papacy   has   done  for   80   years  now,   having  expanded   its   authoritative    voice    'politically'     in    virtually   every   aspect   of   global  politics    &    in    its   relations   with   177   different   countries.

Incredibly,   at   the   signing   of   the    Lateran Treaty    between   fascist   Italian  Leader   Benito   Mussolini    &    Pope  Pius XI    [1929] ,     the   document   gave  Vatican  State    [Popes]    legal  international  recognition    as   being   a     true,  independent    &   sovereign  country    amongst    all    other   nations   of    the  world.         At    its    signing,     the   Holy   See     [synonomous  with   the   Pope himself]    became   an   officially   recognized    'country' ,   and   caused   Vatican  State    to    become   the   smallest  country    in   the   world   since  it   sits   on   just   over   100 acres.         In   addition   to   many   other   Papal   benefits,   the   Treaty   amazingly   &  suddenly   made   the    Pope   himself   the   internationally  recognized   &   official   Supreme Ruler   of    his   very   own  country.        

Since   then,    the   participation  of    the   Pope    or   any   one  of   his  Catholic  delegates  in   the   world's  politics,   like   the   United  Nations  or   other  world   leadership  conferences,   requires  all   of   the   world's   leaders  to   respectfully  view    the    Pope    in    his   unique   dual   capacities:     as    the   top   religious  dictator  of    1   billion   people   and   as   the   official   'political'    leader  of  his  very  own  country,    Vatican  State.          

Amazingly,   the    Lateran  Treaty   also   made   the  Holy   See   a    monarchy   [a]  .          But,    unlike    most   monarchy's   whose    Supreme   Rulers    receive  their     'king'    status    through    inheritance,      the   Pope    made    himself   a   'king'   by   his   simple   signature  on   the    1929  Treaty.       That   immediately  made   him   the   legal    'king'   of   his  own   religious   monarchy  &   the   literal   'owner'    of   his    very   own   country.         For    example,   the    Treaty   makes  every   sitting  Pope   the   legal  &  sole  rightful  owner   of   all  of   the  Catholic  church's   financial  holdings  worldwide,   just   like  any  other   'king's'   inherent   ownership   rights  of  all  things  within  his  kingdom.      Literally,   the  Pope  has  supreme   sovereign  authority  alone   to   initiate  or  change  any   law,    expand  or    terminate     'legally'    any    part   of    his    kingdom,     and    without   being  subjected   to   any    challenge    by   anyone   internationally,   since   he   is   the  sovereign   'king'    of   his  own  country.     

Today,  a   conservative  estimate  of   $8  billion  [1]    is  plausibly  the  Papacy's   global   net  worth   which   includes   ALL:     real  estate  properties    [religious  & commercial] ,    hard   &   liquid  assets,   bank deposits,   the  Vatican  Bank  itself,  the  Vatican  Palace  itself,    Vatican  library   &   its   historic  archives,    valuable  historic  relics  &   art,   etc. .      The   Papacy   also,    like  all   'kings',    has   the  sole   authority   &   control   over   all   of   its   1   billion   Catholic   people  &   all   subsidiaries   [a]     within    the    Catholic   church    like    the    Vatican   police,   Vatican   court    &    the    entire    Vatican   Judicial    system,     Catholic  schools  worldwide,    Catholic   leaders    [religious  &   political]     worldwide,     its   global  printing   press   entities,    Museums,     Vatican  mint,    etc. .

All  of   these   'kingly'   rights   &  claims  of   Papal   ownership  created   by   the   Lateran  Treaty  of  1929    play   perfectly  along   side  the   'religious'   rights  &  claims  of   the   Pope   which   were   accepted   as   Roman  Catholic    'law'    by  Vatican Councils  1  &  2,    in  1870  &  1965.       Two   of   these   many   'legal'   religious   claims    include   naming   the   Pope   as:    'Supreme  Ruler  on  earth   &   in  subjection  to  no  one'      and    even   giving   the   Papacy   the    alleged   sole   authority   on   earth   to    pronounce   any   person   as     'accursed'    and   damned    to   eternal    hell    at    the   Pope's   sole   discretion.            [Vatican Council].      

Without   any   doubt,      the    global    implications    today    from     the   Pope's   unsurpassed   religious   acclaim,      his    world   class   political    charisma    and    his   sovereign    international    rights    as    a     world   leader    fit    exactly   into   the    near-future    event    when    the    False Prophet    will      'exalt   himself  above  God  or   every   object  of   worship' .     [2 Thess.2:4].          This   will   occur  at   the   exact    mid-point   of   the   7  Year  Tribulation   when  the   Pope   will    be    'revealed'    in    his    final   vicious   role   as   antichrist  in   the   Great  Tribulation   period   of   horror   &   genocide. 

The   Papacy's   near-future   rise   to   the   top   of   western   Europe

With   all   of   the   Papacy's   unparalleled   world   clout   from   every   angle   in   plain   view   today,    then    it     is   not    difficult   to   understand   the   ease   by   which   the   Pope   will  soon  accomplish   his  foretold  next   two   steps   in   this  generation.      Namely,   the    'signing'   of   a   coming   7  Year  Mideast Peace Treaty   &    his    rise   to    the   helm  of   the    coming   10   nation   EU.        For   example,    the   Vatican   [being   its   own  official   'sovereign country'   with   the   Pope   as   its   'king']      sits    right     in     the     middle   of    western    Europe's   super-power,   the    EU.          This   enhances   today's    already    spring-loaded   scenario  of    the   False Prophet    arising   from   within   the    final    End  Time   kingdom    in   western    Europe   with    ROME    as   its   headquarters.     [Dan.7:  24; Dan.9:26].                        [*News:  Benedict addresses EU at its 50th Anniversary].            
Again,   this   exact   scenario   for    these    End Times    was   described   by   the  prophet   Daniel    when    he    foretold    that     'A  despicable  person    [Pope]    will  arise  on  whom  the  honor of  kingship  has  not   been  conferred...' .   [Dan.11:21].         This   shows   the   world's    final    'king'    [Papacy]   as    being  one    who   will    have    not    inherited    his    'kingship'     like    other   kings   do.   As   stressed  earlier  about   the   'kingship'   of   the  Pope,    Daniel's    foresight   identifies   the   End  Time    'kingly'   status   of   the    False Prophet   which   is  recognized   today   as   concocted  by   the   Pope  himself   [and  for  himself]   in  1929.       

Importantly   in   the   same   verse,    Daniel   also   stipulates   that    the    appear- ance     of     the    'despicable  person'     ['beast'   as   Revelation   later   labels   the   Papacy]      during    the   End  Time   generation,     'will  come in a  time of tranquility.......' .              Today,   this    is    easily   recognized   as   referring   to   history's   sudden   subsiding   of    the    previous  15   consecutive   centuries   of   Papal   horrors   from  300's  AD,    then  ending  in  the  1800's.     As   mentioned   earlier,   the   ending   of    the    Inquisitions   about    180    years   ago   is    what   started    'a   time  of  tranquility'    in   today's   End  Times  which   has   allowed   the    Papacy    to      put    on     its     new     friendly    &    righteous     'face'    as  predicted   of   the   False  Prophet   prior   to    the     'start'     of   the    7    Year  Tribulation.            But,    unbelievably,     after    15    consecutive    centuries    of   slaughtering   millions  of   innocent   people   finally   ended   in   the    mid-1800's,   the   world   was    ready    immediately   to   naively   accept   the   Papacy's   self- exalting    religious   claims  of   Vatican  1   [in  1870]     plus     then   accept   the   Papacy   as  an  official    'political'   global   voice   just   59  years  later,   created  in    the    1929   Lateran   Treaty.   

Today  and  in   the  forseeable  near  future,   will   be  the  fulfillment  of   Daniel's   last    prediction   found   in  the  same  verse.   [Dan.11:21].         He   said,    'and  he     ['a  despicable person',    the  Pope   in   the   End Times]    will  seize  the  kingdom  by  intrigue.'             This    specifically   foretells   of     the    collective   'intrigue'   of   the   EU   and    the    world   itself    in   observing   that    the   top   world    leader    who     will    have   'seized'    the   highest   ranking   position   in   western    Europe's     super-kingdom     will    be    recognized   as    a   religious  leader   instead   of   the   typical    'political'   world   leader   as   in  past   history.          

Revelation  identifies   the   peak  of   the   world's    'intrigue'   to   be   fulfilled  at  the    mid-point    of    the    7   Year   Tribulation    by   saying    that    'the  whole  world  was  amazed   &   followed  after  the  beast'.     [Rev.13:3].           It   is   at   this   coming    mid-point    when   Revelation   pinpoints  the   False  Prophet   himself   at   the   dictatorial  control  of   all   of   western  Europe.       Revelation's   chronology   specifically    shows    this    in    saying    that    the   False  Prophet    'excercises  all   the  authority of  the  beast   [first  beast,   a  10   nation  EU]   while  in   its  presence'.     [Rev.13:12].           This   mid-point    is   when   both   beasts   combine   in   full   power   &   destruction   in   the   Great  Tribulation   at    the   direction  of   the  End  Time  Pope.         [Rev.13:11- Rev.20:3].

Other   End  Time   Facts   in  relation   to   the   Papacy   today...    

Although  John Paul II   got   alot   done   'politically'   in   his  28   year  pontificate, he   was    more   of    a     'PR'     Pope   who    was   mostly    recognized   as   the   smiling   religious    icon    who    non-threateningly    traveled    the   world   waving   at   the   adoring   crowds.         The   result   was   a    whole   generation   became  primed     for     the      'friendly'      &    charismatic    End   Time    False   ProphetJohn  Paul's   political   dealings   clearly   set    the   table   for    Bible   fulfillment but    were   very    much    behind    the    scenes   &    away    from    the    world's   general   view.          But,    Benedict  XVI   is    the    exact   opposite,    being    a    demanding   &   aggressive    'political'    Pontiff    who   primarily   stays  stationed   at   the   Vatican   Palace.        

So   far,   Benedict   has   picked   up   the    'political'   ball   politely   laid   down by    John  Paul  II,       and    has    speedily    met    with   almost    all    top    world  leaders   in    ROME   during    his    first    3   years   in   an    assembly-line    type   of   pattern.         Without  question,   his   quick-action   in    the    political  arena    has   now    thrusted    this   generation  to     'reaching'   distance   of    the    'start'   of   the  Tribulation.         Leader   after    leader   has    met    with    Benedict   to   seek   his   favor   &    listen   to    his   forcefully   expressed   views,   his   agenda   &    his   global   desires   pertaining   to   all    world   affairs   today.       The   very   few   world    leaders   who    have    dared    to   oppose   him   have    received   a   quick   &   definite   retort.       However,   exactly   as   scriptures  predict    for   the   False Prophet   of   the   End  Times,   Benedict  XVI   has  the   general   group  of   world   leaders   entirely   at    his   feet    today,    as    a     'rider   on  a   white  horse'.        [Rev.6:2].

Specifically,    some  of    Benedict's   religious-political    dealings   so   far  show  that  he:      has   squared   off   with   China's   authorities   regarding   its   dealings  with  priests,     has   travelled   to   Brazil  [2]   to   crack  down   on   the   current  Evangelical   spiritual   revival   amongst  Catholics  which   decreased  the  number  of  Catholics  in   Brazil,     has   warned  Israel    to   hurry  up   in   their  diplomatic  relations  with   the   Vatican,      has  pushed   himself   right   into   the   middle  of   Mideast Peace  process,     has   befriended  the  Muslims  &    be- came   only   the   2nd  Pope   in   history   to   enter   into   a    Muslim  mosque,   has  opened    historic    first-time   relations   with   the   Saudis,       has   warned  Europe &  its  leaders   of   their   failures   &   need    to    acknowledge   him   &   return  to   their   Roman Catholic  faith,    has  warned   Europe  of   their   task  to    build  a  new  Europe,     has  proclaimed  salvation  without  need  for Biblical  faith,       has   cooperated   with    Europe's   Anglican   churches   &    the   World  Council  of  Churches  in  their   efforts   in   trying   to    'unite  under the  Pope',   has   officially   warned   all   priests   worldwide  of   their   pledge  to  submit  to  the  Pope   as   their   ultimate  leader,     has   insisted   on  the  Papacy   being   heard   as   the   ultimate  moral   &   political   authority  on  earth,    has  declared  all   other   Christian  churches  as   being    'not  true churches'     who  do   not   acknowledge   the   Pope,        has   exploited   the    Vatican's  membership   in   the   United   Nations    &    the    Vatican's    recent    2004    right    to    vote    by   warning  the  United  Nations    numerous    times    in    his    public   speeches,   has   scheduled    himself   as     the    United   Nations'    guest   speaker    in   his   April  2008    trip   to   the  United  States,   etc.    [ News 2008:  Benedict addresses U. N. ]

Without  question  since   his   election  on   April  19th,  2005,     Pope  Benedict   has   now    fast-forwarded   the   Papacy    to   only  one  step  short   of   fulfilling   its   Last  Days'    role   as   the   world's   consummate  dictator.      All   major  key  Biblical   prophecies   foretold   of   the   False Prophet   are  now   in   plain  view  &    already  in   divine   process   of   becoming   quickly   fulfilled   by   the   Pope   including:         becoming   the   mediator   of    Mideast Peace   involving    Israel   [Dan.9:27],       instituting  the   mark  of  the  beast   [Rev.13:16,17],       fulfilling 666      [Rev.13:18],         initiating   that    the   world   honor   him   by   making   a   statue   of    himself,      exalting   himself   now   above   all    others   on   earth   [2 Thess.2:4]    and   the   abomination of desolation.       [Dan.9:27; Math.24:15].        

Papacy   exposed   in   the   Days   Ahead....

In  the days  ahead   as  the   7  Year  Tribulation  draws  even  nearer,   the  Bible   is  clear   that   crucial  insights   from   God's  Word   will   flood   into  the   body   of   Christ   globally.        These   insights   will  come   from   fresh   understanding   from    the    Word  of   God    which    spotlights    today's    imminent    End   Time  events,   the    appearance   &   profile   of   antichrist   [Papacy],    the   closeness  of    the    'start'   of    the   7  Year  Tribulation,    final  coming   judgements   and   the    nearness   of    the    divine    re-appearance   of    the    Lord   Jesus  Christ.

True   believers  who   have  gained   these  major   End  Time   insights  will   also   provide   these   vital   understandings   to   many   in   this   generation,   opening   the   eyes  of   millions   worldwide.      The   prophet  Daniel   specifically   foretells   this   in   saying  that   End  Time   believers  will  be   'those  who  have  insight   &  will  provide  understanding  to  the  many.'         [Dan.11:33]. 

Yet,   even  in  the   face  of  the  coming  global   awareness  &  even  controversy   regarding  the   foretold   true  identity  of   the   Pope,   scriptures  show   clearly  that    he     will    stay   in   character   &   will   continue   in    his    current   global   masquerade  as   the   world's   greatest    'Christian'   authority  on  earth  all   the  way   through  the   first   3  1/2   years  of  Tribulation.   [Rev.6:2].        Revelation  states   this   clearly   in   saying   that   at    the    'start'   of   the   7  Years,     the  white  horse  rider    'goes  out  conquering  and  to  conquer.'    [Rev.6:2].      This  shows   that   after   the   success  of   the    Pope's   Mideast  Peace  mediation,  he    will    begin   his    3 1/2   year   victory  lap   worldwide   while   accepting  the  accolades   &   awe  of   those  globally  who  are   still   spiritually   blind  admirers.    
Two  significant   points  in   Revelation's  first   mention   of   the   False  Prophet   as    he    appears   symbolically   on   a     'white horse'    play   into    Revelation's   subsequent    identifying   of     him    as    a     'religious'   person,     the    False  Prophet.   [Rev.16:13; 19:20; 20:10].        First,   his   white  horse   confirms  him   as   mimicking    the   true   white   horse   ridden   by    the   Lord  Jesus   in   His  divine  return.   [Rev.19:11].       This  symbolism   re-affirms   his  masterful  ability    to    have    fooled    many    from    under    his     'Christian'     disguise    in   the  years   just    preceding   the   Tribulation  &   right    into   the   Tribulation.       His   'Christian'    mimickry    is    clarified   later   by    Revelation's   naming   him   as    a   False Prophet    [a  religious impostor],    mimicking  the   true   Lamb  of  God    by    'having  two horns  like  a  lamb'     [Rev.13:11]     and   as   being   one   who    'deceives' .         [Rev.13:14].      

Secondly,  the   rider   on   the   white  horse   carries  a    'bow',    yet   no  arrows.  Again,   Revelation   provides   understanding   of    this   later   by   revealing   the  'rider'    to   be    'religious'     in   nature   as   opposed   to   a    'military'    leader.  However,    the    fact    that    the    'religious'    leader    [the  'rider']     is   shown  holding    a     'bow'    symbolizes   the   False  Prophet's    top   decision-making   'control'    over   all   matters,   even   militarily,   at   the   eventual   7   Year   mid- point.       This   is   confirmed  later   in    Revelation   Chapter 13's    profiling   of   the   False  Prophet   saying   that   in    his   dictatorial   role     'he  exercises  all  the  authority'     [even  militarily]     of    the   final    EU   kingdom.       [Rev.13:12]. 
But,    the    key   insights    from    God's   Word   as    presented    in    this   book    concerning   the   False Prophet's   fulfillment   in   the    Papacy  of  ROME   will    soon   become   a   matter   of   global   awareness  as   God's   people   'provide  understanding  to  the  many'.     [Dan.11:33].       For  God's   people  who   will   'see'    these   truths   by   the   Spirit   &   embrace   the   Lord,    then   a   greater  strength   will   result    in   readiness   to   meet    our   Lord   in   the   air.     [Luke 21:28, 36].          However,   for   those   who   embrace   the   world   &   the   spirit   of   antichrist,     then    they    will    remain   behind    in    the    Great   Tribulation.    [Dan.11:33, 12:3].

ONLY  the  Papacy  qualifies

Conclusively,   no   other  religious  organization  or   religious  leader  in   the   last   2000   years   comes   close   to   qualifying   for   Revelation's   greatest   religious   deceiver   who    wraps   himself   in    'Christian'    sheep's   clothing,    except   the  Papacy of  ROME.         History   has   emphatically   proven   Revelation's   vision   that    the   sole  successor   of   the   first   century's   monstrous   Roman   Empire  under   Nero   has  been   the  much  larger,   more   murderous  &    longer-lasting   'religious'    Beast   of   ROME    from    the   4th   century,    the   False  Prophet.                
Also,   ROME  &   the   Popes of  ROME   have   clearly  proven   to  be   history's   longest   continual    executor   of    unmatched   anti-Jewish   atrocities    and    the   distorting  of   true   Christianity   &   Biblical   truths,   second  to  none.      This   is  exactly    why    the    city   of    ROME,     the    number   one   curser   of   Jews   &    mocker   of   Christ   continually   since   the    first   century,    is   shown   in    Rev- elation    as    being    the   sole    'great city'   [1]     [Rev.17:18]     where   all    of   history's   evil   &   sin    will    have    dwelled   since   the    first   century's   Roman  Empire   &   up    through   the   End  Times.        In   fact,   Revelation  states   that    the    'Great  Harlot'    herself     'is   the  great  city' :     ROME.     

This   is   also   why   ROME    is   pinpointed  by   Revelation   [&  Daniel 9:26]   as   the  exact   origin  &  the  producer    of   world   history's   ultimate   &   most   self-exalting [2]    evil   ruler,     the    religious   False  Prophet.          

However,   as   stressed   in  this  book,    it   is   not   until   the   mid-point   of   the  coming   7   Year   period   when   the    Papacy's   true    beastly   nature   which   existed   within   ROME   all   along   since   Nero   will   be  unleashed  again.     At   that   point    is   when   the    Papacy's    current   short    lull    [since  the  1800's]  from   15   centuries  of   corruption  &   atrocities   upon   humanity   will   suddenly  explode   again   in   unprecedented   ferocity.  

The   Papacy's   superficial    'friendliness'    seen    by    today's   generation   will   vanish    at     the    mid-point    as    he     will     take   off    his    mask    &     'be   revealed'      [2 Thess.2:4]     in    his    true    evil    nature   while    carrying   out   the   predicted   global   horrors  of    the   Great  Tribulation.        These  last   3 1/2     years   of    human    history    which  are  coming  in   this  generation    are   also   called  the    'wrath of  God'.         [Rev.16:1].         

During  this  period,   the   death  toll   during  the   Pope's   ferocious  final   reign   in   his    1  World  Government    will   be   of   greater  magnitude   than   all   of   world    history's    6000    years    combined.         Regarding    this   coming   final   period    Jesus   Himself    said,       'Unless  those  days  had  been  cut  short,   no  life  would  have  been  saved.'  .          [Math.24:21,22].

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