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CHAPTER  5       Deceitful spirits  and  Doctrines of Demons

Deceptions  within  Today's  body  of  Christ

Within   the   body  of   Christ   today   an   alarming  and  critical   fact   for  these  End  Times  is   Jesus'  own  repeated  warning  that   even true  believers  themselves  could   potentially  be   misled.       He   foretold  of  this   scenario  as   arising    through  the   centuries  and   into   the   End  Times saying   that,  '....false Christs  and  false  prophets  will  as  to  mislead,  if  possible,   even  the  elect.'      [Math.24:24].        About  30  years  after  Christ,   the   Apostle  Paul  reiterated   [as  did  other  New  Testament  writers]  this  vital   forewarning  stating   that   in   the   last  generation     'many  will  fall  away  from  the  faith,  paying  attention  to  deceitful  spirits  and doctrines  of  demons.'        [1 Tim. 4:1].      

Across  America  today   there  are   many   deceitful  spirits   [persons]  and  deceitful  mindsets  of   which   America's   populace   is  readily   'paying  attention to'    within   our   backslidden  and   undiscerning   society.      Even   public  persons   [ie.  celebrities,  politicians,  sports figures,  religious  leaders,  etc.]     who   demonstrate  or   are   exposed   in    the   most    blatant   cases  of   anti-scriptural   beliefs   and   behavior   [like  racism,  homosexuality,  alcoholism,  outbursts  of  anger,   cursing,  adultery,  fornication,  criminal  behavior,  drug  usage,   etc.]     are   typically   still   regarded   by   many   as   being    'Christian'    if     that   person   professes   himself   as   one.

Many  Americans  today  are   quick  and   bold   to   announce   themselves  as  'Christian'   and  also  quick   to  accept  others   as  'Christian'   yet   their  unChristlike   speech   and   behavior   bring  a   mockery  to  Christianity  and   a   reproach  upon  the  Lord.    This  must  be  stated  in  order  to  help  sharpen   discernment   and   bring  alertness   within   today's   End  Time   body  of   Christ.

Yet,  scriptures  are  clear  that   'believing'   in  Jesus  is  only   the   'starting  point'   of   submitting  to  the  guidelines  of  growing   into  a   disciple  of  Christ.     Scripturally,   there  is   a   huge  difference  in   being   just   a   first-base   'believer'   in   Jesus  versus    becoming   a    true   'disciple'   of  Christ.    [John 13:34,35].         Jesus'   own   parables   describe   believers  who  fell  away   and    back    into   the  deceitfulness  of   riches   and   the   world's   ways,    having    no    root   in   Christ.       [Math. 13:21,22].  

But,  in  today's  deceptive  times,   it  is   imperative  for   true  believers  to  prove   their   Christlikeness  as   a   mature   'disciple'   of   Christ   and   to  maintain  their   testimony   which  exalts  Christ.    [John 13:34,35;  Rev.6:9].  Unfortunately,  many   believers   have   the   testimony  of   truly   recognizing   Jesus  as   their    Savior  yet   they   continued   right   on   serving   themselves  and   walking  in   their   worldly   behavior   and   deeds  of   the  flesh.      This   kind  of   testimony   brings   no   glory   to   God   and,   in  fact,   mocks  Christ.

However,   the   New  Testament  is   loaded  with   black   and   white   principles which   profile   a    true    follower   of   Christ   like:     '....the  one  who  says  he  abides  in  Jesus  ought  himself  to  walk  in   the  same  manner  as  Jesus  walked.'     [1John 2:6].        Also,  Jesus  Himself  said,   'Why  do you  call  Me  "Lord"   and   do  not  the  things  which  I   say?' .        [Luke 6:46].

A  recent   example   of   America's   body  of   believers   'paying  attention  to  deceitful  spirits'    was   exemplified  when  30  million  USA   evangelicals  were   completely  fooled   by   their   elected   and   highly  celebrated  President   and   mega-church  Pastor  who   was  exposed   and   soon  admitted   to   being   homosexual.       Also   highly   alarming   is   that   none   of   his   other   Christian  ministerial   associates  and    leaders   who   are   called   to   watch   over   God's   children   discerned   the  deceitful  spirit  of  deceptiveness  nor   the   homosexual   spirit   in   the   man.    In  fact,  the  Pastor   was  exposed   by   his   homosexual  partner  to  the  shock  of   the  Pastor's  associates  and   followers.     This  is  a   serious  and   loud  statement   about   the   lack  of   discernment   within   the   body  of   Christ  and    its    ministers   today   in   America.

Many  other  religious  hucksters  can   also   be   seen  today  on  the   Christian TV   airwaves  daily   as    those   who   are   identical   to    Simon   in    the  book  of   Acts.      He   was   one   who    truly    'believed'   and    then   was  water   'baptized'    yet   the  Apostle  Peter  came  along   later   and  confronted   and   exposed   him   as   one   in   need   of    repentance   from  'wickedness,   the  gall  of   bitterness  and   the  bondage  of   iniquity'.    [Acts  8:13, 21-23].        

This   profile  of    'believer'    is   also   prevalent  across   America   in   persons  and   even   ministers   who    'believe'   in   Jesus   and   may   also   have  been   'baptized' .      Yet,    they   mostly   remain   in    the   world   and   in  the  deeds  of    their   flesh  and    bring   mockery  to   Christ  and   Christianity, even   being    stumbling   blocks   to   others   who   truly   seek   Christ.

An  even  more  extreme   example  of   a   deceitful  profile  seen   today  within   the   body  of   Christ   parallels   the   woman  who   was   in   the   midst  of   the  great   Apostle   Paul's  ministry.     As  she  stood  up   'for  many  days'   amongst   the   body   of   Christ   delivering   an   accurate  prophecy  then  most   assuredly   the   witnessing   believers   probably  gave  her   much  favor   and   respect,    thinking   of   her   as   a    wondeful   Christian.   

How  shocked  must   they  have   been  when   Paul's  discernment  was  that  she   was   no   Christian  at   all,    but   that   she   was  demon-possessed?  He   turned   to   the   deceitful   woman  and   cast   the   evil  spirit  out  of  her.   [Acts 16:17,18].       This   exact  scenario  is  occurring  today   across  America   as   various   popular  and   internationally  known   TV   ministers  [men  and  women]    can   be  seen   standing   in   the   forefront   of  God's  people  and   receiving   great   applause  and   respect   as    'Christian'  leaders,    yet   they   have   evil   and    deceitful  spirits.     

As  stressed,  scriptures  have  foretold  of   these  great  deceptions  for  today's  End  Times.      However,  Spirit-filled   believers   who  are   keenly  operating   in    the   solution   which   is     'handling  accurately  the  word  of  truth'    and     'having  our  senses   trained   to   discern  good   and   evil'   will    not    be  'misled'   in   these   deceptive   days   ahead.       [2   Timothy 2:15;  Heb.5:14].

deceitful  persons,    deceitful  spirits

Scripturally,  a   'deceitful  spirit'   refers  not   only   to  an   actual  evil   spirit  but  also  to   a  human  spirit,   a  person,    who  has   the  nature  and  mindset  of  lying,  deceiving  and   being  deceived.      A  deceitful  person   ['deceitful spirit']    includes  any   person  who   operates  in   a  pattern   of   behavior,  speech   and/or   belief[s]   [religious beliefs  or  not]  which   directly   contradicts  and   opposes  the  clear  principles   and   truths  of   the   Bible.       As   previously  mentioned,    even   persons   who  profess  to   'believe'    in   Jesus    yet   operate   in   other   wrong   beliefs,   speech  and/or    behavior  which   'deny'   and   oppose   Christ  and   God's  Word   are    'deceitful'   to   some   discernable  degree.     Scriptures  name  this  kind  as   'deceitful  workers,   disguising   themselves  as   apostles  of  Christ'.      [2 Cor. 11:13].

The  New  Testament  is  emphatically  clear   that   any   level  of  deceitfulness   has  no  part  whatsoever   in  Jesus  Himself,   nor  the  Apostles  who   wrote  the   New  Testament,   nor   a    true  and   matured  Spirit-filled   believer  who   truly   walks   upright   with  God.      This   Biblical  reality   is   soon   coming   to   this  generation   globally   as  God   will  seperate  the   true   and   upright   children  of   God   from   the   entire   rest  of   the   world   and   its   rebellious,    lukewarm   and   deceitful    'believers'. This  is  foretold    in   scriptures   saying   that    'the  anxious  longing  of  the creation  waits  eagerly  for  the  revealing  of   the   sons of  God.'  [Romans 8:19].        [*This   is   discussed   later   in   this   chapter.]

But,  deceitfulness  can  range  from  a   person  [even  a   young  person]   who  demonstrates   a   subtle  pattern   of   deceptiveness   [ie.  lying,  stealing,  'little white lies',  deceiving]    to   a    person   who     lives   a   double   life   and   is   crafty,   if   not   sophisticated,  in   his   deceptions    and   covering   up.      It    also   includes  any   so-called    'Christian'    or   'Christian'  minister  who   truly   'believes',    yet  they  operate  in  deceptiveness  in   some   area   of   their   lives.      

The  most  extreme   and   hardened   profile  of   a    deceitful  person   is   a   person  who   actually  believes  their  own  lie   and/or   their   own   false   belief   and   cannot   be   swayed   from   it.      This  mindset  of  deception  is   profiled  as   one   who   'believes what  is  false'   to   be   true.     [2   Thess. 2:11].      

Again,  this   profile  is  massive  in  today's  society  in  persons   whose  beliefs,  behavior  and/or   speech   oppose  the   Bible's   principles  and   truths   yet   they  are  immovable  in   their  stance.    [ie.  atheists,  evolutionists,  homosexuals,  racists,  psychics, spiritual  mediums, adulterers,  gang  members,  alcoholics,   religious  terrorists,   religious   leaders,  etc.].  Ultimately,  the   gravest  wrong  belief   a   person  could   ever  embrace  is   to  deny   [in  belief,  speech   and/or   behavior]     that  Jesus   is   the   divine   Son  of  God   and   the   Savior   and   Lord.   

In  terms  of  the  solution  and   as  stated   emphatically  in   previous  chapters, God's  people   are   not   called   to   be  deceived,   nor  walk   in   blindness   nor   live  in   a   guessing-game   with  regard  to   the   truths  and  crucial  topics  found   in   God's  Word.     This  is   true  in   its   largest  scope  including  the   End  Time   body  of  Christ   not   being   deceived  by   the  man  of  sin's    true   profile  as   presented  in   God's  Word.

Ultimately,   the    truths  and   principles  found   in   the   written  Word  of  God  are   the   sole  source  and  gauge   by    which   a    Spirit-filled   believer   can   know   the  truth   and    test   and  discern   the  existence  and  extremity  of   the   deceitfulness   of   a    person.      Believers  are  specifically   instructed  to    'have  your senses  trained  to  discern  good  and  evil'.    [Hebrews 5:14].     This  principle  not   only   deals  with   a  believer   operating   in   sharp  discernment    in   his   daily  life    but    also  pertains  to   having   sharpened   discernment   regarding   the   largest  scope   globally   of   the   'good  and  evil'     which  is   shaping   up  prophetically   in    these    End  Times.    

Doctrines of demons

'Doctrines'   of  demons   refer  specifically   to   any/all   beliefs   [religious  or  not]    which   contradict   God's  written  Word   and   which   mislead  a   person  away   from  Christ.     This  automatically  makes   that   belief    ['doctrine']  demonic   and   having   its   origin   from   demons   who,  along  with  Satan,  are  the   originators  of   all   things   [even  beliefs]    which  oppose   God.

Concerning  demonic  doctrines  and  beliefs   infiltrating   the  body  of  Christ,   the   best  disguise  of   demons    is   not   to   publicly   denounce  Christ.      To   the  contrary,   their    prime   success   is   to   speak  much  about   Jesus  and  hold  up   the   Bible  as   its  own  foundation   even  teaching   true   principles   from  scriptures.      As  stated   previously,  even  a  demon-possessed  woman  can  prophesy  accurately.     Not  to  mention  Satan's    boldness    in    quoting    scripture   directly   to    the   Son   of   God.
However,   a   Spirit-filled    believer   who    examines   things   by   the  scriptures   can   accurately   discern   a    religious   phoney   and    his    mixed  bag   of   religious   doctrines.      

Also,   any   religion  or    set  of   beliefs   which   may   include   true   Biblical   principles    yet   which   holds   up   any   particular   idea,   person   or   doctrine   to   a   greater   focus   than   Jesus   or   distracts   or   clouds   from   His   Lordship   is   demonically   oriented.     This   immediately   makes   that   religion   or   set   of   doctrines   to   be    false.   

For  example,   the   epitome  of   false   'Christian'   religions  is   the   Roman  Catholic   doctrines.      The  Papacy's   set  of  doctrines  clearly   include  Jesus  as   the   divine   Son   of  God.       However,    He  is   drowned   out   of   the   picture  by   the  exalting  of   Mary,   statue  homage,   other  dead   saints  to  pray  to   and   the   Pope   himself  and   his   global   downline  of   priests  all   self-designated  as   'father'   and   mediators   between   man   and  God.  The   added   tiring   religiosity  of   counting   beads,   empty  repetitious  chanting   and    ongoing   religious   rituals  compound   the   misleading   of   persons  away   from   Jesus.         All   of   this   is   in   addition  to   the   many  doctrines   of   Vatican  Councils  1 &  2    which  outrightly   oppose   and  contradict   the   scriptures  as   discussed   below. 

The   schemes  of   Satan   and    his   demons   always   have   the   intent  and  craftiness   to   harm,  destroy,   confuse   and   deceive   a   person   away   from   Christ.     In  the   religious  arena,   the  devil   has   a    vast   bag  of   tricks  for   each   religion,   particularly  the  Christian   body,   his  most  hated  group  since   they  are   God's   true  children.     This  is   why   he   mixes   the  truths   about   Jesus  and   the   Bible   with   satanic  lies   and   demonic  'doctrines'.        Always  a   mixed   bag.     

The  devil  is   crafty   enough   to   know   that   fooling   God's   true   children  would   require   his   best   mask  of  Christian  mimmickry.     The  Apostle Paul  pointed   this  out   by  saying   that     '.....even   Satan  disguises  himself  as  an  angel  of  light.'    [2 Cor. 11:14].       Like   the   Lord,   Paul   also   exhorted  believers   that    'no  advantage  be   taken  of   us   by   Satan'   and   that   we  must    'not   be  ignorant  of   the  schemes  of   the  devil' .      [2 Cor. 2:11].  

Specifically,   any/all   beliefs   [religious or not]    which  contradict   the  clear  principles  and   truths   of   the   written   Word  of  God   and/or   exalts  something   [or  someone]    to   greater  focus   and/or    importance   than  Christ  Jesus   Himself   is   considered   a    'doctrine  of  demons' .      To  re-emphasize,   this  is   because   that   particular  belief   ['doctrine']    is   being  held   up   as   a    type   of    idol   above   God   and   which   clouds   and/or  misdirects  that  person's  attention  away  from   Christ  Jesus   which   is  the  ultimate   intent   and   purpose  of   Satan   and   his   demons.

the spirit of Antichrist

The   Bible  repeatedly   warns   that   the   End  Times   will   be   the  period   of the   greatest   compounding  of   deceptions   in   world   history,  ever.      The  man of  sin   himself   is    the    ultimate    End  Time    icon  of   deception  profiled  as   the  one   who   will     'come  in  accord   with   the   activity  of  Satan   and   with  ALL  the  deception  of  wickedness   for   those   who  perish.......' .       [2 Thess.2:10].    

In   about   90AD   in   John's    first   letters   to    the   body   of    Christ   he  stated   that    the   spirit  of  antichrist   was   already   present   in   the  world.     This   was   obvious   to   him   in    witnessing   the  distorting   of   the  truths  of   Christianity   which   began   about   60   years  earlier  after  Christ's   ascension.      The  Apostle's   term    'spirit of  antichrist'    was  specifically   linked   to    'antichrist'   himself,   who   John   wrote   'is   coming'. [1  John  2:18 ].    

Later,  in  95AD,   the   Revelation   vision   put   the    'face'   on   the  'antichrist'   he    had    written   about   showing   he    would    arise    in    the  form   of   a   religious  icon,    the   False  Prophet,     'having  two  horns  like  a  lamb' .        After  the   vision,   the  terms    'antichrist'   and   the  'spirit  of  antichrist'    to   John   were   both   tied   together   with   the  coming    False  Prophet's   future   masquerade   as   a    'Christian'.       In  the   truest  sense,    the   spirit  of  antichrist   is   the  same  as   the   spirit  of   the    False Prophet,    who   himself   is    'antichrist'. 

This   is   significant   when   discerning   the   Papacy  of  Rome   today   and  the   magnitude   of   all   of    its   religious  deceptions  and   global  success  in  its   mimmickry  of   Christianity,   all   of   which   equals  the   spirit  of  antichrist.    

Another   significant   aspect   in   John's   letters   is   his   secondary   use   of  the    term   'antichrist'    in    a    more   general   sense.      He   stipulates   that  beside   'antichrist'    himself,    then   all   other   persons   who   John   considered   as   'antichrist'   would    be   identifiable  as    those   who   'deny'  Jesus   as   the   Christ.       [1 John 2:22-24].     

But,   unlike   today's   popular  inclination   to   solely   interpret    'denial'   of  Christ    as   meaning   an   outright   denouncing   of   Christ   which   is   easy  to   spot,   the   Apostle  John   and   the   other   New  Testament  writers  considered    'denial'   of   Christ   by   additional   criteria.     For  example,   John   himself   makes  numerous   statements   which   profile   a    'denier'   of  Christ   to   be   any   person   who   exhibits   unChristlike   nature,   behavior,  speech,   deeds    and/or   beliefs   [doctrines]   which   contradict    or   oppose  true   Christlikeness  and   the   Word  of  God.       John  immediately  clarifies  this   after   his  general  application  of   the   term   'antichrist'    by   stating  the   black   and    white    all-encompassing    fact     that     'If   what   you  heard    from    the   beginning   abides   in    you,    you  also  will   abide   in   the   Son   and    in   the    Father.'        [1 John 2:24]. 

To  the  Apostles,    'denial'   of   Christ   definitely   included    any   person  who   they   observed   failing   in   Christlikeness   no   matter  how   much   that  person   'professed'   Christ   and    even   boldly   named   themselves   as   a  'Christian'.     Just    like   in   the   first   century,   the   spirit  of  antichrist   fills   today's   generation   with   persons   who   'profess'   Christ    yet    their  conduct,   speech    and/or    beliefs   'deny'    Christ.     

But,  religious  deception  is  not   new.      It   is   Satan's   final  ploy   since   the   first   century.     Namely,   to   wrap   himself   up   over   the   last   2000   years   in   a  religious  'Christian'   disguise    as   one  of   God's  children   and   then   rise   to   world   power  being   hailed  as   the   ultimate   icon   on   earth   to   be   bowed   to.      This   self-exalting   intent   of    Satan  is   exactly  what   got    him   thrown   out   of   heaven   in    the   beginning.      It   is   also   the  same   deceptive   intent   he   demonstrated  again   [and  failed  in  again]    in    trying   to    manipulate   Jesus   to   bow   to   him.      However,   the   devil's   final   attempt   to   deceive  the  world    into   bowing  to   him   is    being   proven   as    successful    today    through    his    False  Prophet.  

Today's  scenario  is  the  exact   fulfillment  of   the  New Testament  writers who  predicted   the   spirit  and  deceptions  of  antichrist   would  eventually   compound  into   an   unparalleled   religious  'Christian'  deception  in  these   End  Times.      This  is   also   exactly  why   Jesus  Himself  repeatedly   forewarned   true   believers   'not   to   be   misled'   and  to   be   on   high   alert   of   the   potential   for    'even  the  elect'    to    be  deceived   by    wolves   in   sheep's   clothing.


Global  success  of   Deceitful  spirits   and   Demonic  doctrines

Without  question  the  greatest  example  and   success  today  of    'deceitful  spirits  and  doctrines of demons'    originates   from   Rome   as   foretold  for  these   End  Times.      At   the   top  of   the  devil's  cake  of   Roman  Catholicism  and   its   demonic  doctrines    is   placed   his  cherry,    the   False Prophet   [Papacy of  Rome].       Its   antichrist  downline  consists  of  over  400,000    false  prophets    [priests]   worldwide   who   have   deceitful  spirits   and   are     'deceitful  workers,  disguising   themselves  as    apostles  of  Christ' .   [2 Cor. 11:13].        Over  1   billion   religious  followers  today  profess   their   allegiance   to   the   Papacy  and   its    'Christian'    mimmickry  fulfilling   Revelation's   foresight   of   antichrist's   global   religious   tentacles  in    the    End   Times.    

Soon,   as  the  Apostle  Paul  stated,     'some   [true believers in Christ]    will  fall  away  from  the  faith,   paying  attention  to   deceitful  spirits  and   doctrines  of  demons'.      Although   this  has  already  occurred  over  the  centuries,   a   great   spiritual   division  is   coming  in  this  generation  amongst   the   world's  people    where   persons   will   either   choose   to   fully submit   to   Christ   Jesus   or   choose  to   embrace   the   deceptions  of  antichrist   [Papacy]    and    his   vast   doctrines  of  demons.   As  discussed   in   the   sections   below,    this   does  not  mean   those   persons  will   become   'Catholic'   necessarily   but    that,   overall,   persons   will   submit   to   the   'unity'   and   general   false   hope  offered   to    the   world  under   the    leadership   of    the   False  Prophet

But,   since   its   creation   in   the   3rd  and  4th   centuries   the Papacy   has  instituted  many   doctrines  of  demons   within   their   canon   law   of  Roman  Catholicism    which   not   only     diametrically   oppose   the    Bible  but   are    literally   satanic.      VATICAN  COUNCIL  1  &   2     [in 1870  and  1965]     document   these   doctrines   and   can   be   easily   researched   and  confirmed.

Several  prime  examples  of   the   Papacy's   fabricated   phony,  anti-Biblical  doctrines   and  rituals  which  oppose  Christ  and   the   written  Word  of  God    are   listed    here:

The   ultimate  Primacy  and   infallability  of   the  Pope    falsely  make  the  Pope    the    sole   and    ultimate   'infallable'    voice   and    judge  of   morality  on   earth.       This   doctrine   is   pure   folly   to   any   student   of   the   Bible.
[Vatican CouncilNews: July 2007]

The   Pope   falsely   claims   to   be   the   ultimate  authority  on  earth  and  subject   to  no  one,     even    sits   on   his    own   throne.      These   Papal   doctrines   exalt    the    Pope    exactly   as   scriptures   portray   of   the    man  of  sin    who     'will   exalt   himself   above  every    so-called   god   or   object  of  worship....' .       [2 Thess. 2:4].             [Vatican Council]

The   Pope    falsely   claims    to   be    the   father,    teacher   and   ultimate  interpreter   on   earth   of    ALL   scriptures   and    morality    over    all  Christians.           [Vatican Council]

The   Papacy's   satanic   doctrine  and  ritual   of    the   Eucharist    falsely  teaches   that    the    communion   bread    and    grapejuice    is    miraculously  'changed'     ['transubstantiates']     into    the    literal     'physical  body   and blood  of  Jesus'     [ News Benedict / Vatican Council ]    while    the   Pope    and   all   Catholic   priests   perform   the   ritual.     This   abominable   ritual   mocks  Christ,     opposes    God's   Word     and   means    that     the    participant    is [theoretically]    'cannabilzing'    Jesus   Himself.       Benedict    has   proven to    be    obsessed    with    aggressively  pushing  [ 1 ]   this   satanic    doctrine  worldwide.       In     a     recent     'antichrist'     deception,   Benedict    claimed  that    just    a    person's    'desire'    to   participate   in   the   Eucharistic   ritual  results   in    the     'effect   of   salvation'.    [ News: June 2008 ]     [ News/ Benedict  promoting  Eucharist  globally:      Canada / AustraliaUnited  StatesIreland ]

Praying  to  dead  people   ['saints']    who   have  been   dead   for  hundreds of  years,   believing   for   a   divine   miracle   to   occur   from   dead   persons.

Praying  to  the  virgin  Mary  and  directing  over  1  billion  followers  to  also  do   so.        [Vatican Council /  News: July 2006]

The  satanic   practice   of   paying  homage  to  statues  and  even   blessing  them.      [ News:  Benedict  June 27, 2008  /   News:  'statue'  of  Pope  /  Vatican Council]

The   Papacy's   doctrines   and   rituals   which   falsely   give  the   Pope   all  authority   in   determining  a   person's  eternal  destiny   after   a    person [even  babies]   has   already  died   even   hundreds  of  years   before,   being   beatified   and   canonized   as   a     'saint'     by    the   Pope   himself.       This   obviously   opposes   God's  Word   and   His   sole   authority   as   judge   over  heaven   and    hell.          [Vatican Council / News:  deceptions of  False Prophet]

The   Pope's    false    claim   of    authority    to    pronounce   a    person  as  'accursed'    and   damned    to   eternal   hell    if    the   Pope   himself   were  to    decide   that    person   has   opposed   him   or   has   departed   from  the  doctrines   of   the   Roman  Catholic   church.       [Vatican Council  /  News ]


These   anti-christ  doctrines   plus   dozens  of   others   are   listed   in   the  historic   records   of   the    Vatican  Councils   of    1870   and   1965.      Not   only   do    over    a    billion    unsuspecting   Catholics    participate   in    these   'doctrines  of  demons'     but,    alarmingly,     the    true     body   of    Christ   and    its    ministers    are    naively   welcoming    these    doctrines    into   the   sheepfold   of   Christ    today.        Daily,   Catholic   priests  can   be  seen  on  various   Christian   TV    programming   freely   carrying   out    the    Eucharist  and   promoting   the    'doctrines of  demons'    of   the  Papacy  of   Rome.     


Today's   deceptive   'moves'   of   the   spirit  of  antichrist

In   these   last  months  and  years  heading   towards  Tribulation  the  body  of  Christ  and   unbelievers  who   have   ears  to   hear   must  be   alert   to   the  current  dealings  of  the  devil  and  his  next  moves  on   today's   End  Time  prophetical    time-clock    so   as   not    to    misled.

First,   the   Pope  of  Rome   [Benedict XVI  or  any  subsequent  sitting  Pope]  will   take   the  forefront  of   the   world's   stage  as   he   gets    nearer  to  mediating  a   7  Year  Peace  Treaty  with   Israel.     Although  many   world  leaders   have  attempted   to   lead    this    Mideast  Peace   effort,    all   of   them   have   fallen  short.       However,   the    Pope  himself   will    be   the  only   world   leader   able   to   step   up   and    actually   negotiate   'Mideast  Peace'.        [Daniel 9:27].             [ Current  News:   Benedict XVI  &  Mideast Peace ]

This  is   the   next   major  Biblical   event   to  occur   in   this  generation.    As  emphasized   in   this  book,   this  event   will   be   greatly  publicized   and   will  thrust   this   generation  into  the   final   7  Year  Tribulation   period   as  scriptures   foretold.      The  Pope  himself   will   also  be   catapulted   even  higher   in    world   status   because   of    his    Mideast    accomplishment.

Secondly,    the   Pope  of  Rome   will   rise   to  the   top   position  of  the  European  Union   which   will   experience  10  nations   within  the  EU  forming  together   which  must   take   place   first.       This   will   occur   by  the  mid-point   of    the   7  Year  Tribulation    as  the   final   10   nation  Euro-Kingdom   on  earth    [1st  BEAST of  Revelation 13]     and   the   False  Prophet    [2nd  BEAST of Revelation 13]     operate  together  in   full   satanic  power   during   the   coming   Great  Tribulation.    

The  Pope  will   be  handed   top   EU  authority  because  of   his   unmatched  world  status,   his   solving   of   the  Mideast   Peace   problem   and   his   highly   favored   worldwide  cries   for  human  rights   and   food   for  all  persons.     

Currently,   Benedict's   insistence   to    be  recognized   worldwide   as   the  moral   advocate   of  human  rights   [ News 4/08 ]   and    the  solver   of  global   food  problems  [ News/mark of the beast ]   is   already  successful   in  giving   him   a    world   platform   and   a    serious   'ear'    from   the   world's  leaders.     Particularly,   in   the   face  of   today's   acute   needs   in    these  two   legitimate   areas.      Some  of   Benedict's   recent    platforms    in    his  preaching  on   these   two    issues    were:    the   European  Union,   the  United  States  and   the   United  Nations  in   addition  to   his   constant  political   messaging   to    the   world    from   the   Vatican.      [News]

Another   key  deception   by   the   spirit  of  antichrist    today   which   God's  people   must   be  highly   alert   to   is   the   Papacy's   current  push   to  orchestrate   'unity'   amongst   all   people  and   religions.       This   has  been   one  of   Benedict's   clear  prime   efforts   and   themes   since   elected  in    April  of   2005   and   has   steadily   accelerated    now   to   great  momentum  worldwide.     In  no   way   is    Benedict   calllng   for    a    '1  World   religion'    nor   is   he   calling   for   all    persons  to   become  'Catholic'.      But,   under  the   guise   of    'Christianity'   and   by   the  deceptiveness   of    the    Papacy's     'lamb-like'    appearance   of    peace  and   love    he   is   successfully   causing   all   persons   to    let    their  spiritual   guards   down   completely.       Again,   this   deception   originates  from    Satan   who   will   succeed   in   this   facade   until   he    unmasks  himself   at    the   mid-7   Year   point   at    which   time    his   global    'love   fest'     will   abruptly   end.       [Global Unity:   News June 26, 2008News April 2008 ]

In   just   over   3   years   since    Benedict's   election   the   Vatican's   revolving  door  policy   has   virtually   allowed   most   all   top   political   and   religious   world   leaders   to  meet   with   him   and/or    pay   their   respects   for    his  world   status    and    'peace  and  unity'   pitch.     Key   buzzwords   to   be   alerted   to   and   which  can   be   constantly   heard   from   the   Papacy   and   its    hierarchy   in   pushing   for    'peace  and  unity'   are:  having   'dialogue'   with   each  other,   'human  rights' ,    'solidarity'   amongs   all  people  and  nations,  solving   the  world's   food  crisis   and   'ecumenical'   efforts   to   unite   globally.          Ultimately,    this   all   will   work  together   deceptively   in   quickly   pushing   the  Pope  of  Rome   to   the   top   political   authority   and    rule   in    the    world.       From   the   Pope's   perspective,    when   he   talks   of    'world  unity'   he   means   everyone   should   unite    'under  him'    as   top   authority   as   written   in   Roman   Catholic   Canon   Law.            [ Vatican Council ]

Prophetically,   the  Papacy's   deceitful   'world  unity'   ideal   will   literally  burst    into   effect    at    the    mid-point   of   the   7   Year  Tribulation   which  is   coming.      The   concept   of    a     '1  World  Government'    will    literally  be  fulfilled   at    that    point    in   the   final    3   1/2   years   of   Great  Tribulation.      This   is   specifically   shown    in    Revelation   by    its   depiction   of    the    False Prophet    arising   as   the   only   person    on  earth   with  the  ability   to    'deceive  ALL  who  dwell  on  the  earth'. [Rev.13:14]    

The   Pope's   current    drive   to    solve    the   world's   hunger   problem   will  also   exalt    him   in   the   near   future    as    the   only    leader   in   the   world    able   to    force    'ALL'    globally   to   receive    his    'one-mark'  system  as   Revelation  cites.    [Rev.13:16,17].        As   today's   News   shows, Benedict   is  already   in    fast    process  of    leading    this   generation   into  this   exact     global   spiritual   mindset   which   is    the  spirit  of  antichrist.  [News:   Mark of the beast & Benedict XVI]    [ News July 1, 2008:   'Combatting poverty,  Building Peace'     is  Benedict's  theme  for  January  1,  2009 ]


Antichrist's   'World  unity'      VS.     God's  calling  to   'separate'   

Pope Benedict's   pitch   today   of   'peace  and  unity'     mixes   a    true  Biblical   principle  of    'peace'   and   deceptively   couples  it   with    'world  unity'    amongst    all   persons.      As  emphasized,    this   End  Time  strategy  of   the  False  Prophet   has   great   momentum   right   now   worldwide   and  will   continue   until    it    kicks    into    its     full     horrific   downslide    under  the  Papacy  of   Rome    in    the   Great  Tribulation.        [Benedict / Global Unity: News: June 26, 2008  /  News:  April 2008-Benedict @ United Nations ]
Its   success   in    attracting   the   world's   unsuspecting   populace   is  because  of   Satan's    religious   double-talk   and    deceptiveness   in   his  'appearance as  a   lamb'     presented   in   his   False  Prophet    from  Rome.      The   success  of   the   spirit  of  antichrist's    deceptivenss   in  calling   for    'world unity'   is    also   evident    within    the    true    body   of  Christ    and    its    blind   leaders,    shepherds   and    so-called    'prophets'  as   no  mention   of   these    things   exists   today.       This   is   the   direct   result   of   the    lack  of   knowledge  of   crucial   Biblical   topics   and   the  lack   of   discernment   of   today's   ministers   who   have   allowed   an  unecessary    increase   of    evil    infiltration   into   God's   house    than   what  is    inevitable   to   some   degree    as    foretold. 

However,   Benedict's   'unity'  amongst  the  world's  people  is  the  exact  opposite    of   God's   Word   and    opposite   from  what   He   Himself    is  about    to    do    in    this   earth   amongst   His   own   children.       In   no  way   does   God's   plan   for   His    End  Time   children    include    'uniting'  with   the   world    or    participating   in    the   deceptions   of   Rome.       This  is    precisely   contrary   to   the   New   Testament    [and  Old  Testament]  principles   which   emphatically   instruct   believers   not    to   be   united   with  the   world,    nor   be    unequally   yoked    nor    even    be    'friendly'   with  the    world     'which  is  hostility   towards   God'.       [James  4:4].     

In   fact,    what   God   is    now   readying   to   do   in    this   world   is   bring  a   total   separation   between   His    own   true    Spirit-filled   children   and   the   rest   of   the   world.      His   Light  and   truth  is   about  to  shine  so  powerfully  in  this  world  that  it   will  sharply   separate   and   spotlight  His   own   people   in    these   End  Times    who   truly   serve     God   and  who   walk   upright   in   Christ.       His  children   will    exalt   God   alone  instead   of    submitting   to   the   exalting   of    the    False Prophet   which   is  also   shaping   up   quickly.     

This   coming   fresh   and   powerful    End  Time   outpouring  of   God's  Spirit   will   cause   His   children   in   this   final   generation   to   be   mighty   witnesses   for    Him   and    will   powerfully  separate    true   Christians   from   this   world,   showing   us   as    'in'    it    yet    completely   and   drastically    not    'of'    it.          Later,   in    the   coming   Great   Tribulation,  God   still    mericifully   will   be    in   the   process   of    separating   His   people    from    the    Great   Harlot    [Rome]    saying    one   last    time   to    all   persons   still    remaining   on   earth   after    the    rapture:    'Come out    of  her   My   people,   that    you    may   not   participate    in   her   sins....'.   [Rev.18:4].

But,   in   terms  of   'unity',   then   the   kind   of   'unity'   which   God   Himself  will   soon   bring   is    a    true   'unity'    amongst   His   children  as    the 'unified'    and    matured   body   of   Christ   as    the   Apostle   Paul   foretold. [Eph.4:13].       All   others,   including  worldly   believers    ['foolish  virgins'  as  Jesus  called  them  /  Math.25:1]         will    'fall  away  from  the  faith'  and   from   Christ   and    remain   in    the    world    because  of    the   severe  perilous   times   coming.      These   also   will    experience   God's   separating  spiritual   sword   except   away   from  God   and   away  from   the   great  unity  coming    within   the   body   of   Christ.        

Scriptures   specifically   foretell  of   the   magnitude  of    this  coming  outpouring  of   the   Spirit   in   the   End  Times   and   just   before    Christ's   revealing   saying   that    the    'anxious   longing  of   the   creation   waits  eagerly   for    the    revealing  of  the  sons  of  God.....that   the   creation  itself    also   will    be    set    free   from   its   corruption   into   the   freedom  of  the   glory   of    the  children  of  God.'        [Romans 8:19-21].  

The  prophet   Daniel  also   talked  of   the   soon   coming   glory   and   mighty  anointing   of   God   coming   upon    His   servants    and    seperating    them   in    these   Last  Days   saying    that    'Those  who  have  insight   will   shine  brightly   like  the  brightness  of  the  expanse  of  heaven,  and  those  who  lead  the  many  to  righteousness,   will  shine  like  the  stars  forever   and  ever.'       [Daniel 12:3].

Then,   after   the   body  of  Christ   is   highly   held   up   and   backed   by   God   Himself   in    their   witnessing   for   Jesus    to   the   world    and     their  exalting  of   Him    in    the   days  coming,    then   the   next   and    final    step   for    believers   on   earth   will    be    for   God   to    lift    His   children   from   this   earth   in    the    twinkle   of   an   eye    and   into    the   very   presence   of   He    who   has   purchased   us.       This   foretold    rapturing   of   God's   people    will    be    the    first    and    near-future    event     by    which   God   will    begin     'revealing  the  sons  of   God'    to    this    world   and,   in   fact,     to   all   of   creation.     

At  Christ's  physical   return   from  the   heavens   to   earth   will   be    the   second   and    larger    'revealing'   of    those   sheep   which   are   His   own   and    who   heard    His   voice   as    all    of    heaven    and    all    persons   ever   born    and    all    of   creation   itself    will    simultaneously    witness   Christ's   return.      Following    Him    will   be    His   army   of    Old   and   New   Testament   saints  including   all    believers   who   were   taken   in   the   rapture   just   months   before.    [Rev.19:11].       After   the    thousand   year   reign   of   Christ   on   earth    will    be     the    final    Great   White   Throne   judgement   of   God    where    the     final    'revealing'   of    all    those    who   are   destined   for    eternity   in   God's   presence    will    be    spotlighted   in   His   glory   and   seperated   one    last    time   into    His    presence,   forever.    

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