Is  the  leader  of  the  longest  surviving  organization  in  world  history,   2nd   to  none.    [ the   Catholic  church   started   about  1700   years  ago   in   313 AD. ]

Leads  world  history's  single-most   mur- derous   organization   [Catholic  church]   that   has  slaughtered  more  millions  of   innocent  people  [Christians,  Jews, etc.]  &   over   the   longest   period   of   time.   (through  hundreds   of   years   of    the   Inquisitions  /   *see  News  below)

Dwells  in  St. Peter's  Basilica,   a  virtual   graveyard,   where   hundreds   of   dead  bodies   are    now    buried   underneath.

Practices   many    occultic   rituals    like  repetitious  chanting,   using   objects  for  rituals  like  rosary beads, candles,  black crosses,    etc.;      (even   seats   himself    with  an   inverted  cross    behind  him.)

Prays  for  dead  people,  believing   that
he  (the pope)  has  the  power  to  deter- mine  their  eternal  destiny.

Believes  he  has  power  to  decide  who becomes   a   "saint",  even  hundreds of  years    after   that   person   has    been  dead.  [BBC News:  4  new  "saints"  by  Benedict]

Prays  to  dead   people   ("saints")   who have   been   dead    for   hundreds    of  years,  expecting a divine answer   from   them.         [ ie. Mary,  St. Francis,  etc. ]

Allows &  welcomes  his  followers  to  bow  to  him,   kneel   &   kiss   his   hand  (ring)  &   even  worship  him;    chooses   to   be  paraded  through  crowds   of   millions  of   worshipful   onlookers   to    receive   their adoration   &   exalting   of   him.  

Carries   a    cross   of    a    "dead  Jesus"  which   subliminally   reminds   all   viewers  that   the   pope   is  alive  as   the    "vicar  of  Christ"   on   earth,   &   that   Jesus  is   "dead".

Sits  on  his  own  throne.  

Has    an    exclusive   religious    costume   that   signifies   his    priestly    supremacy   over  all   Catholics   &   Christians   world-wide.

Has    his    own   castle,     his   own    city  (Vatican City),    his   own   judicial    court  system,   his   own   bank   [Vatican  bank], his  own   police,   his  own  military  guard, his    own    downline   of     thousands   of  Catholic    leaders    worldwide   who   bow  to   him,    as   the    "Holy  Father". 

Exalts   himself   &    other  people   (even  dead  ones)    above    the    Lord   Jesus  Christ.        (*ie.   Mary,    St.   Francis   &  various  other  dead   "saints",   etc.).

Pays  tribute,   homage  &   even  worship to  statues   (ie.  virgin Mary),  as  objects   of   worship.  [Pope Benedict blesses statue]
Other  facts  about  the  Papacy
"Holy Father"
Benedict March 2006
[ as found in official Vatican canon law, Catholic doctrine & historical fact ]
Benedict April 16, 2006 / Rome balcony
April   22,   2006 :
Pope Benedict reminds  Catholic  Leaders  worldwde 
of  "their  Vow  of Obedience  to  the Pope"
April / 2006
Benedict /  October 2006
Benedict 2005 / Rome balcony
Times News  /   March 20,  2006
"Vatican  change  of  heart  over   'barbaric'  Crusades"
[ Vatican  (Benedict) has  begun  moves to  rehabilitate  the Cru- saders...."John Paul's apologies  (in 2000)  for past   "errors  of  the Church"......irritated some Vatican conservatives....including Joseph Pope Benedict XVI." ]
News / John Paul II
News / John Paul II
News / John Paul II
News Archives  of  Pope  Benedict's speeches [ from April 19, 2005 - 2006 ]
[Pope  says,   "All  non-believers  will  be saved......even  without  biblical  faith."  /
News Archives:  Nov. 30, 2005.]

[Pope says  "he is the perpetual & visible beginning  &  foundation  of   the  unity  of bishops  &  of  all  the  faithful."
News Archives:  June 30, 2005.]
Archives  include  many antichrist claims of  Benedict  like:
Benedict XVI  on his throne / September 2006
[  all  265  popes,  in  historical  order  ]
Benedict 2005
EJ  Press News  /  August 23, 2005
Vatican  (Benedict)  Declines comment about  (Holocaust)  Archives
1232 AD - 1800's AD
314 AD  -  2006
Dec 2006
Aug 2005 / Jewish Choir
Director  meeting Pope
Benedict / 2006
*News / May 1, 2006
"Pope   (Benedict) says church must be more  selective  in picking  saint candidates"
Believes  outrageous  claims  about  him- self   &   his   earthly  authority  &   world superiority   which    totally  oppose   the      Word of  God.  [ Vatican Council  1 & 2 ]
The  POPE:
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longest-greatest   "Christian"   masquerade 
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Jan 2008
JP II  kneeling, praying to the dead in tomb underneath  St. Peter's Basilica
and the  'Highest Word of Authority on earth' ?    >>>
Many persons
don't know that...
VATICAN's  "Legal  Claims"  to   Rule  over  Jerusalem:
Leading   to   7   Year  Tribulation
The  most  Exalted  and  Favored Man  on  earth  among  7  billion people, 2nd to NONE.  The Pope
is  the   #1  POLITICAL  LEADER
in   the  world today,   wrapped in
a  ROBE.
Papal  Communion  -  the  Eucharist:
A  SATANIC  PRACTICE,  performed publicly and boldly to a blind generation.

Although Jesus said communion is to be  a  reminder,   receiving  it   "in  re- membrance" of  Him   [1Corinthians 11:24, 25],   the  Popes   created   the satanic  tradition  of  "transubstantia- tion",   believing  that  the  bread  and grapejuice  "literally"  become  the "physical body and blood"  of  Christ before Popes  receive their communion.

If this  Anti-Biblical ritual were trueit would amount to the Popes engaging in cannibalism of the Savior and Lord, which is exactly what they believe is occurring   in   their   false  tradition  of communion  "conversion".     
Vatican  Canon  Law:    #46  >  ]

Worse,  the Popes  have succeeded in persuading  over  1  Billion  persons globally to  gladly partake in this satanic practice  which  mocks  Christ,  year after  year.
BREAKING GOD'S RULES:     Benedict XVI  - Praying to the dead  at Pope Pius XII's tomb and expecting answers to prayers  directly  opposes God's  Word and  is a satanic practice.  The  POPES also thumb their nose at God since they  wear  'hats'  while praying  which directly opposes God's Word.  The Bible states  "Every man who wears something on his head while praying or prophesying,  disgraces his head."  [1Corinthians 11:4]
May 2009 / Benedict opposes the New Testament  and  disrespects the Jews by keeping his 'hat' on while praying at  the   "Wailing Wall"    in  Jerusalem.
Bold, public, satanic spiritual beliefs
No other, except the PAPACY,  fulfills scriptures regarding the False Prophet. Not only is he the most exalted man by the world, having an unprecedented  1.2 Billion followers .... but he also  "exalts himself"  above  all  others.   [2Thess 2:4]
The   P A P A L   Killing  Machine:     the Crusades, Reformation, Inquisitions
A Huge End Time SIGN   --   In Plain View:
The   Pope  Publicly   Rehearses   the   nearing
Abomination   of   Desolation,    as  he    'takes  his  seat'    inside  a  Jewish  Temple
A   Modern-Day  "Caesar":   Popes fulfill   the   precise
meaning   of   '666'
November  2, 2010  (right >):  Benedict XVI performs  the Anti-Biblical   ritual  of   bless- ing  the  dead  body  of  John  Paul  II   under- neath   the  Vatican  in   preparation   for   pos- sible  future   "sainthood"   by  Benedict  XVI, another  Anti-Biblical  concept which  pre-tends   to  exalt  the   Popes  to   the  ultimate "Judge"   of  a  person's  eternal  destiny.  
May  1,   2011   /   UPI   News  >
Benedict  XVI   Elevates  John  Paul  II   One  Step  Closer  to  Sainthood   /    Benedict  XVI's extravagant  Ritual  of  "beatifying"  a  dead  person  until  the Pope himself  decides  later  whether  or not  to  make  that  person  a  "saint"   (canonize)  is  pure  folly   to  Spirit-filled  students of  the  Bible.    In  the  May  1st   ritual,   the  Vatican   exhumed   the   casket   with   Pope John  Paul  II's  dead  body   for  public  reverencing   along  with  having  JP II 's    leftover  blood   also  held   up  as  a   relic  for   public  homage.   (News).     Over  1  Million   naive   followers  crowded   Rome,   and   with   worldwide   TV   coverage.
False Traditions of pure Folly  /  satanic rituals:
Revelation's  False  Prophet   [ Papacy  of  Rome ]   "exalting  himself"  as  the  ultimate   "judge"  of  sainthood

Antichrist  is  'the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan...and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.'       [2 Thess. 2: 9,10]
NEWS  /  Over  10,000  child - sex  abuse  charges  against  4000  Priests
Jesus'   own   instruction  states: "DO  NOT   call  anyone  on  earth
'Father';  for One is your Father, who  is  in  heaven."     (Matthew  23:9).  However,  the  Pope snubs his nose at  God's Word,  exalting himself   as  the  "Holy  Father", and   fooling  over   1  billion    fol- lowers  to  address him  as  such.
The  global  media  and  other world  leaders  also  do the same.
*Other  anti-Biblical   self-exalt- ing   claims   of   the   POPE   >
"Holy Father"
Vatican,  Pope  exalt  satanic rituals,  beliefs
100% PROOF Pope Francis
is ANTICHRIST      YouTube