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Benedict  XVI   shaking hands  w/  Muslim  terrorists
Benedict XVI / Red carpet rolled  out  in  historic   '09 Visit   to  the  Holy  Land
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United Nations  /  '08
Benedict  XVI
in  ISRAEL  May  '09
Jerusalem's  Temple  Mount:
Today's   #1   cause   of  ALL  Mid East   RELIGIOUS  wars
Benedict  XVI   favors  a 2-State Solution,   the  exact  opposite  of 
God's  Word  which  confirms   Israel 
belongs to the Jews only,  NOT  the  Palestinians ~
Jan 12, 2010 > News
Benedict  in   W  Europe
Rev 6:2
Dec  9,  2010  /  Meeting of State of Israel  with  Vatican  Officials in  Jerusalem's  Ministry  of  For- eign   Affairs   (High  Level  Plen-ary   Meeting)
About the time of the end,  a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies,   &  insist on their  literal interpretation,   in  the midst of much clamor  & opposition."          Sir Isaac Newton   /   Christian & Father of modern science    
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Revelation's Great Harlot
posted:  January 15, 2011
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Mideast Peace
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DANIEL 9:27:
"And he  (Antichrist - from ROME -  v. 26)   will  make  a  firm  covenant  with  the  many  for  1  week 
(7 years) ....."
Benedict XVI
Oct  2010
Benedict on his throne

# 1   World  Leader  TODAY:     BENEDICT  XVI

Without   any   question  the   #1   WORLD  POLITICAL  LEADER on  the  world  stage  TODAY  is   Pope Benedict XVI, WRAPPED  IN   A   RELIGIOUS  ROBE.      

Benedict's   world  clout,   both  politically  AND   religiously, is   2nd  to  none   as  foretold   in  scriptures  for   today's   End Times   and   elaborated   on   exhaustively   and   accurately according   to   God's   Word,    all   shown   at  
The  Pope's  over  1  BILLION   pledged  followers  globally place   him   in   his   own   unmatched   class   as  the   most exalted  man  on  earth  today,   EXACTLY  as  End  Time scriptures  foretell   of   the  False  Prophet   for  today's  FINAL GENERATION   before   Christ' s   Return       [News/False Prophet]

In  addition  to  having  1  of  every  7 persons  on  earth pledged   to   him   [as  do  over  1 Billion  Catholics],    Benedict XVI   also   has    virtually    most  World  Leaders    ALREADY  in his   hip   pocket  with   most  of   them   having   made   special trips   to   the   Vatican  to   meet  him   and  submissively   listen to   his   world   views   on   all   of   today's   prime   hot    topics. [ ie:   Mideast  Peace,   Terrorism,   global   hunger-starvation, crashing world  economy,   world  peace  solutions,   religious wars,   1-World  Government   solutions,   etc.    >>>  ]

Other  key   World   groups/organizations   which   the  VATICAN has  effectively  asserted   its  RELIGIOUS  and  POLITICAL views   repeatedly   onto  the  tables  of   include:     the   United Nations,   the  G20  Leaders,   the  European Union's Parliament, the  World  Council  of  Churches,   World  Health  Organization, the   USA's  agendas/policies,   Israel's  Knesset  and   Ministry of  Foreign  Affairs   to   solve  the  Mideast  Peace  Problems.

In  addition,   the  Vatican  also  has   its   religious/political TENTACLES,   its  voice  and  presence  virtually  linked  through most   other   nations'   governments   and   societies   worldwide including   the   EU's   27   nations,   Asia,   China,   Russia, Israel,    the   Mideast   countries,    etc.     [News/Papacy World Acclaim / Vatican Relations  w/ 178 nations/News]

As  spotlighted   at,   most   ALL  of   today's world  leaders  are  NOW GIVING THEIR ATTENTION  to Benedict   and  are  collectively  READY  TO  SUBMIT  TO   the unparalleled  world  status   of   Pope  Benedict  XVI.    

In  2011   he   will   begin   noticeably   coming   to   the   world's forefront   in   his   religious   and   political   dealings   more than  ever  before,    particularly  in   the   Mideast  Talks  and in   the    European  Union's   governing   activities   

These   are   the   2  PRIME  areas   from   this  point  on  where the  PAPACY   will   RISE  TO  THE  TOP   in   nearing   the 'start'   of   the  coming   7   Year  Tribulation,   as  foreordained in   Bible   prophecies.

2011:      BENEDICT  XVI's    coming   Spotlight

In  2011,   he    [the  PAPACY of ROME]    will   begin   stepping into   the   forefront   being  recognized  by  the  WORLD  as   the #1    SELF-PROCLAIMED   "moral"   voice    on  earth.   

This  existing  scenario  regarding  the End Times'   greatest religious impostor  under  a  'Christian'  guise  and   named as  the  FALSE PROPHET  is  MAJOR  BIBLE  PROPHECY  and being   played   out   completely   in    front   of   our   very    eyes today.   Why?   Because  it  is  a  predestined  scenario  by God's  Word.                   [Papacy of Rome: History / False Prophet]

This  is   symbolized  in   Revelation's   depiction   of    ANTI- CHRIST   [Papacy of Rome]   being  the   'rider on  a  white horse'   [Rev 6:2]    at    the    'start'    of   the   7   Year   Tribu- lation,   meaning  him being  spotlighted  in the  world's eyes  as  the  most   righteous  in  outward  appearance and   being  the   most-exalted   leader   [both  Religious AND Political]    in   the  world.   

The  PAPACY of ROME  and  NO  OTHER,   fulfills   this precise   Biblical    profile  of  Revelation's  FALSE  PROPHET as  overwhelmingly  documented  exclusively  at by  accurate  handling  of  scriptures  and   News  Head- lines    which   soberingly    match   and   confirm   all.

Starting  in  2011,   and  FROM  NOW  ON  in  Today's End Time  timeclock,   Benedict XVI   will  increasingly  be looked   upon   as   the  world's  greatest  hope   and   #1 WORLD  LEADER   to   SOLVE   the   KEY   problems   worldwide and   to  avert   the   obvious   threatening   potential  of   a   total earthly   demise.         [ False Prophet:   Papacy's World Acclaim ]
Benedict    [or conceivably  ANY suddenly  newly-elected Pope]
is  already  in   the  IRREVERSIBLE   End  Time   grooved   mode streamlining  speedily  now   to   execute  ALL   of  the  foretold key   actions  of  ANTICHRIST   in  today's   End  Times.    [ ie. Mideast Peace,   mark of the beast Abomination of Desolation, False Prophet precise profile,  world acclaim 2nd to none >>> ]  
Revelation's  SOLE  EVIL  world  figure  is  In  Plain  View TODAY   and   spring-loaded   to    thrust   this   generation   into the   final   7   Years   in   history   just   before   Christ's  Return

The   'signing'   of  the  coming  7  Year  Agreement   between the  PAPACY   and   ISRAEL  will   be    the  ULTIMATE  PROOF and  clear  fulfillment  of Daniel  9:27,   the  NEXT  End  Time event   to   take  place.                               [News:  Mideast Peace]

N E X T     E N D     T I M E     E V E N T     T O     O C C U R

As  Biblically  foretold,  today's  End Time  generation  is  the most religious generation  ever  with   'many false prophets' arising   globally.   [Matthew 24:11,24]      The   Papacy's  global hierarchy itself   is  untouched  in  its   'religious'   numbers  of leaders,   having  over 400,000  bonafide   cronies  worldwide in its  downline  under   Benedict's   dictatorial   religious   control.    
Again, the  Papacy's   'political  and  religious'  clout  is unparalleled  and  infiltrates  ALL  facets  of  society  and  of every  nation  ON  EARTH  as  foretold  of   the   final   Great Harlot    based  in   ROME.    The   Papacy's   world  dominance as  a  key  Global  leader  in  today's  World  politics   is   also exemplified  in  the  Vatican's  official   diplomatic  relations  with 178  countries,   2nd   only   to   America's  188.     [News/Dec 23, 2010 / Vatican Key Player in World Politics]

Keeping   in   mind   the   'religious'   nature  of   today's   End Time   generation,   then  it   is  highly  significant   that   the PRIME  World  Icon   to   solve    the   ongoing    'religious' problem   between   Israel   and    the   Palestinians   is   also specifically   foretold  in  Bible  Prophecy  to    be   the   greatest favored    'religious'   Icon  on  the  End  Time  global  stage.
AGAIN,   this  is  the  exact  scenario   specifically   identified  in  Revelation  and   is   already  shaped  up today,   and   ready  for fulfillment   by   the   unparalleled   religious   leader   in   the world:    the  PAPACY,   Revelation's   False Prophet.  

In  other  words,   the  world's  final  greatest  problem  which  will cause   the   final   unprecedented   billions  of  deaths   on earth,  world  kaos,  great  bloodshed  in  wars and  terror- ism   will   be   'religious'   in   nature.    The  world  will  call  on the   greatest    'religious'   Leader,   the  Pope,   to   solve   it.

In  fact,   Benedict XVI  has   already  rounded  3rd   base   in the   behind-the-scenes   discussions   between    the   Vatican and  Israel's  Knesset   regarding   the   Vatican's   "Legal Claims"   on  Jerusalem's   key  holy  sites.     This  includes the   Vatican's   written  demand   requiring  Israel   to allow the   Pope   to    'legally'    freely   manuever   inside   Israel 'at   will'.        ["Fundamental Agreement"  of  1993] 

The  NEXT  scheduled   meetings  are  in   February  and   June of  2011 with  the  Vatican  and   Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.        [ Vatican-Israel Relations / News ]

Significantly,   since  the  Jews  of   Israel   and   the   Palestinian Leader  Abbas  both  are  practically   begging   Benedict  XVI to  mediate  Mideast Peace,   then   conceivably   the   eventual
finalizing  of  the  current   "Fundamental Agreement"   nego- tiations  [between the Vatican and Israel]   could  actually incorporate  the  LARGEST  SCOPE  of  the  foretold  7  Year Agreement  also,    and   virtually  'start'   the   final  7  Years.

This is  an  absolute  KEY  to  watch  for  and  is  also  exactly what  Benedict  XVI has  already  publicly  announced  should be   the  case.       [News/May 13, 2008:    Benedict-Mideast]

However,  whether  the   "Fundamental Agreement"   incorpor- ates   the  7  Year  Mideast  Agreement   or   only  is   the springboard   towards  it,    the   BIBLICAL  KEY  which  ultimately confirms  the   'start'   to   the   final  7   Years  is   when   the coming   "7  Year  Agreement"  is  executed   by  the  PAPACY of  Rome   and   the   Jews  of   ISRAEL.         [Daniel 9:26, 27]    
Other   Mideast   'talks'   by   all  other   world   leaders   who continually   meet    with   each    other   are    only   a    sideshow which  is   all   leading   NOW   towards   the   ultimate   spotlight now  ready  to  shine  on   the   PAPACY  and   ISRAEL,   as predestined   in   Bible   prophecies.       [Daniel 9:26,27 / Rev 6:2]

Again,  this  is   the  NEXT  END TIME  EVENT  TO  OCCUR and   is   already   In  Plain  View  TODAY   for   near-future fulfillment  as  detailed  emphatically  at     ALL OF   THIS    WILL   STIR   EYES   TO   SEE    IN    2011.

Any  additional  time  stretched  out  from  now  until  the actual   'signing'   is  executed   is   because  of   the   mercies of  God  who   is  reaching  for  more  lost  souls  to  accept Christ  as  Savior


The  EU  itself   is   the  foretold  End  Time  western   Euro-kingdom   of  ANTICHRIST  and  was  officially  formed   in 1957's  Treaty  of  ROME.     Literally,  this  was  fulfillment  of  Revelation's   depiction  of   the   first    century   Roman   Empire [the  6th head / Rev 13:1-3)    coming  back  to  life    ['as if it was healed' / Rev 13:3]     as  the  7th   head:    a   revived  old Roman   Empire   in  today's  End Times.

But,  1957's  original  6   member  nations  in  the  new  Treaty of ROME   [Italy,  W. Germany,  Luxembourg, Belgium, Nether-lands,   France]    quickly  grew   to  10  nations   by  1981   with Ireland,    United  Kingdom,   Denmark   and    Greece    officially entering    into    the   new    western   European   formation.

In  fact,   the   EU's  10-horn  foundation   now  has   over 500 million   official   citizens   from   the   total   of   27   nations which   are   now   all   joined.      Again,   the    Euro-Kingdom's massiveness  is  precisely  what  is   foretold  and   in   its   End Time   position   today.
But, Daniel's  prophecies  identify  another  phenomenon  about this   final   kingdom.     Referring   to  ANTICHRIST,    he   said that   "from  within"   the   final  10  horn   kingdom   would arise   another   one   being   much   "greater  in  appearance" and   clout  than   even   the    final  10  horn   Euro-Kingdom itself.     [Daniel  7:20 / Daniel 7:24]       

Later,   after   Daniel's  prophecies,   Revelation  specifically  also identified   this    'larger'   entity    rising    from    within   western Europe's  kingdom   and   naming  it   the   False Prophet,   the greatest  religious  imposter ever  rising  through  the centuries,   masquerading   in   a    "Christian"   guise.      [ ie. 'looks like a lamb,  but speaks as a dragon'  /  Rev 13:11 / 16:13]

Here  again  and  TODAY,    this  has  to  come  to  pass precisely   since   1957's   fast   growth  of   the   EU   with   the PAPACY of   ROME   having   grown   explosively   'from within' the   EU   to  be   far   'greater  in  appearance'.      Now,   the PAPACY   has  an   unmatched   over  1.1  BILLION   pledged followers   IN  EXACT  FULFILLMENT   of   this   KEY   End  Time prophecy.     

This   foretold    scenario   which   is   IN   PLACE  NOW    shows the   readiness  today  for  the  Papacy's  next   jump   into   the ultimate   driver's  seat   of   the   entire   EU's  helm   at   the 'start'   of   the   Tribulation.   

It   is  a   predestined  scenario   Biblically  and  is  a   MAJOR DYNAMIC   ready  to  occur   at  any   time  in   the  months ahead  speeding  towards  Tribulation.    

It  is   Revelation's   FALSE PROPHET   who  will   "exercise all the authority"    [Rev 13:12]   of  the  EU's   final   mas- sive    1-World  Government,   as   foretold   of   the   End Time     1-World  Dictator.   

Again,  Benedict   is  already  pushing   for   a    "1-World Authority"   to  manage  global  affairs.   [2009/News]      Signi- ficantly,   when  the   Papacy   is   heard   calling   for    "Global unity"   or   "solidarity"    or    "coming  together  as  one",    what he   means   without   saying   it   and   according   to   PAPAL doctrine   for  centuries,   is  global  unity   "under him"   as the ultimate  authoritarian    being  the  "Supreme Ruler", "Supreme Judge"    who   "has sole power"   and    "alone, is   the  highest   word  of   authority  on  earth"    over  all. [Vatican Council  1 & 2]           

The  magnitude  of   all  of   this   is  now   on   its   foretold track   to   shortly  come  to  pass.   elaborates  on  this   exhaustively  in  numerous
sections  and  book  chapters.     [EU:   Final End Time kingdom]
[1 man coming / Antichrist / False Prophet - News / History of the Papacy / Great Tribulation / 6 min Video: False Prophet In Plain Viewbooks:   Antichrist:   face to faceMen of God who agree]

AMERICA  in  2011:

The prophecies  already  detailed  in  the   "2010 Ahead" prophecy   (posted in Dec 2009)   regarding  America's Future  are  coming  to  pass  and  are   being carried  out through  2011   as  stated  in  the  prophecy.

IE.   Another Economic downturn coming,   God's specific  Word to  America,   more  'Tables being  turned over  in   worldly/rebellious  ministries',   the current   'humbled  state'   of  America  under  President  Obama,   AMERICA  in  submission to the fast-rising  EUROPEAN  UNIONetc.       [*also:  America's Future ]

In  a  word,  the  current  move of  God  in  America  is  an  EYE-OPENING  awareness   to  the  MAJOR PROPHECIES  foretold for   today's  End  Times   which  are  staring   this   generation SQUARELY  IN  THE  EYES  RIGHT  NOW.

This  is  the  beginning  of  fulfillment  of  the  Lord's  own prophecy  saying  of   End  Time   believers   that,   "Even so, you too,  when  you  SEE  all these things,  KNOW He is near,  even  right  at  the  door."      [Matthew 24:33]

Through  2011,   America's   believers  will  continue  to  be  the first   ones   to   gain   these   crucial   insights   from   God's anointed  Word.   This  is  because  more  of   His  born  again Spirit-filled  children   live  in   the  USA   than  any  other  country and  are  always  in  line  FIRST  to  receive  His  hidden things,   before   the  unbelieving  world.   [Amos 3:7]      An explosion  of   awareness  is  coming,   nearing  Tribulation.

A great  Global  stirring  in  the  days  ahead  will  accompany these   major  prophetical   insights  and   understandings   about Antichrist's identity,  the  Nearness  of  Christ and  the nearness  of   the   'start'   of   the  Tribulation   as   exactly   and soberingly   pinpointed   at


More   GLOBAL  BIRTH  PANGS   coming    in 2011   --    WORSE   than   2010:

The  2010 Ahead  Prophecy  regarding  increased  Global Turbulence  came  to  pass  with   "the  WORST   natural disasters  in  a  generation;  Over  260,000  deaths" / News - Dec  20,  2010  >  Global Birth Pangs]

2011  will  experience  even  greater  and   much  more  alarm-ing   Global  Birth  Pangs  in  nearing   the   'start'   of   the Tribulation,   bringing  noticeably  greater  fear     into   this   gen-

The  direct   result   will   be   the  world's  more  keen  awareness of  ANTICHRIST'S   presence  today,   the   End  Times  and the ultimate reality  of  Christ's Nearness    ["all these things"  / Matt 24:33]    as   tangibly  shown   at

2  Thess   2:4:
"...will  EXALT  HIMSELF...."
Benedict  XVI    at   Pius XII's  tomb;  praying  to the  dead  ex- pecting   answers   from   dead 'saints';     a  common   satanic practice among Popes.  [ Other shocking  facts  ^ ]
Dec 2010
in America / '08
Jan 2011
News / Jan 3, 2011
Oil  hits  2-Year  High
with  NO  Peak  in Sight  -  Maybe $200
a  barrel coming  
[ "Prices will continue to rise
until the Mark of the Beast is  fulfilled  in this  generation ..." ~Rob C. / Nov 2007 ]
News / Jan 5, 2011
United  Nations warns of potential
Food  Price  Shock / World  Prices already above 2008 Peak
News /Jan 13, 2011
U.S.  Banks  Repossess
1  Million  homes
in   2010   /   2011 looks  to  be  WORSE

All  Prophecies >
News /Jan 12, 2011
U.S.  unemployment
rate  really  near
22%  -  looks  worse
for  2011
2007 /  Benedict   receiving
idolatrous  adoration  in
News / Sept 7, 2010
Church  Foreclosures
TRIPLE  in  last  3 years,  since Dec '07  

[ "More   'tables  will be  turned  over'    in   2010   of   Christian Ministries  and   Church  Pastors  who  continually   push   towards  BANK -BORROWED  LOANS-DEBTS ...~Rob C.  / Dec  28,  2009 -
"2010  Ahead" ]
News / Nov 16,  2010
Current   U.S.  Unemployment   Rate:     DOUBLED
since   Recession  began   in   2007  -   still  near  10%