European Union:  

During  2010,   the   EU   will  accellerate  in   readying   itself   into the  Bible's  final   1-World Government  on  earth  as   foretold for   today's   End  Times.      This   is   guaranteed   from   this  time onward   and    is  irreversible   in   this   earth   as   this   generation quickly   draws   closer   to   the   'start'   of   the   7   Year  Tribu- lation    period.   

The  EU's momentum   will   rapidly  increase  so   that   all   other nations,  including  the  United  States,   will  clearly  begin  sub-mitting   to   the   EU's  unmatched   world   dominance  econo-mically   and   politically.    The   EU's   rise  to  dominancy  is  the prime   course   it    is   on   right   now   until   its   total   world domination   in   the   Great   Tribulation   as    foretold   in    Bible prophecies.        [Dan 7:24,  Rev 13:1-10,  Rev 17:8-13].  
The  EU's   military  power   will   also   dominate  the   world   later at   the   middle   of   the  7   Year  Tribulation   and   backed   by other   EU  countries   and   possibly   other   world   organizations, like  the   United  Nations.      At   this  mid-point   is   when   the  Bible's   foretold   1-World  Government   begins   its   final   horri-
fic    reign   in   human  history,   which   is   in   view   today.



The  EU  will  clearly  begin  taking   the  'lead'   on   critical   world issues   and   gaining   serious  favor   from  other   world   leaders. The   EU's  own  dictatorial  nature  and   agenda   will   begin being   muscled   into   both   the  European  Union's   system and     the    critical    '1-World'   talks    already   going   on   today.

2   of    the   EU's   prime   topics   to   gain    momentum   in   2010 with   world   leaders   will   be    about   moving    towards   a     1-World  common  currency   and   Economic  solution.     

Also,   the   EU's   current  alertness   to   help   feed   starving   3rd world   countries  and   poor   peoples   of    the   earth   will    gain attention   in   the   world's   eyes,   and   within   the   EU   itself,   in 'world economy'   talks.      This   concept   will   start    becoming popular    as   a     'human   right   of   all   peoples,   to   have   daily food   and   water',      a    legitimate   and    moral    point.

However,   this  is   clearly   setting   the   stage  for    the   Biblically foretold   'mark  of  the  beast',    the  eventual   1-World   eco- nomic   system  forced   upon   'all'    in   order   to   'buy or sell' under   the  EU's   coming   domination.     The  'mark'  will   come into   global    martial    law   at    the   exact    mid-point   of    the    7 Year   Tribulation   which   is   in   clear   view   today.    

The   EU's  prime  reason  for  giving  attention   to  this   issue  will be   Benedict  XVI's    own  clout   and   push   to   'feed  the poor nations  of  the  earth,  as  a  human  right',   being  the   world's prime   promoter  of    this    issue   within   the   EU   already.       

Here  again,   this   precise  scenario   is   shown   in   Daniel  and Revelation  and  heading   rapidly   right  now   towards   fulfill- ment.      Namely,    the   False Prophet   rising   up    from   within the   final   Euro-kingdom   [Dan 7:24]    and,   at    the    Mid-Point of   the  7   Year   Tribulation   and   resulting   from   worldwide famine  and  economic  collapse,   'forces  the  mark of  the beast upon  ALL'    as   the   final   1-World   economic  solution. [Rev 13:16,17]            [ News / 'mark' - false prophet ]    


2010:     ONLY  1   LEADER  over  entire  EU:

The   EU's   newly-created  position   [in  Nov '09]   of   '1-man' being   its   sole   'President'   over   the   entire   European Union   will    also   accelerate   the   EU  towards   its    inevitable End  Time   world   dominance.

This  is   a   major  change  of   a   52   year   internal   policy   within the  EU  system.      It   is  also   an   incredible  SIGN   of    End Time  prophecy   suddenly   coming   into   place   right   on    time with   all   other   prophecies,   and    being   ready    for    fulfillment within   the  EU.         

This  is  because  for   the   last   52   years,   since  the   Treaty of Rome   established   the  brand   new   European  Union   (in 1957),   the  EU's   'President'   has  always   been   held   by each  EU    'country'   alphabetically  and   on  a   6-month   rotating basis,     right    up   through    November   2009.    

However  now,  the  recent  Lisbon Treaty  [ratified  Nov '09]   has suddenly  enlarged   the   policy   and   created   the   'Presidency' to  be   held   by    'only  1-person',    having   even   more  control over   the   EU    and    the   other    'rotating'    countries.       [News]

This   has   NOW   suddenly   swung    the   door   wide    open   for Daniel 7:24's   prophecy   and  Revelation's   scenario     to   be fulfilled  quickly   which  show   1-man    (Papacy)    being   handed the sole  Leadership  over  the  entire  10-nation  Euro-kingdom.

This  brand   new   EU   policy  emphasizes  how   close   this   gen-eration    is    now    to    the   'start'   of    the   7   Year   Tribulation since   the   Bible   shows   this   scenario   takes   place   at   the beginning   of    the   Tribulation.               [Dan 7:24, 11:21, Rev 6:2]

However,  the False Prophet   [Papacy of Rome/Antichrist]   who 'excercises   all   the  authority'    [Rev 13:12]   of  the   beastly   final European  kingdom   will   not    yet    take   the   Presidency   in 2010.     But,   this  foretold   historical  'first'    [a  religious  leader as   opposed   to   a   political   leader   being   dictator   over   a world  kingdom]     is   in    plain    view    now     and    on    rapid course    as    showed   in    detailed    depth    at

PAPACY   Rising  to  the  Helm  of  the  EU:

The  Pope  currently  has  gained   huge   momentum  in   the   last 36  months  in   pushing   his   way   into   the  EU's   eye,   the   G8 and  G20's  eye  and   the   United Nations'   eye.     Benedict's favorite topics?    The  Mideast and   'feeding the  world's poor'        [ News / false prophet ]
Through   2010   and   leading  up   to   the   Tribulation   both   of these   2   current   pushes   by   Benedict   will   pick   up   pace together   in   bringing   him    forward    into   the   world's   eventual spotlight   as    the   ultimate    world    leader   on    today's   world stage.      These   are   also    the   2    most    critical   scenarios   to watch   for   in   discerning   the   nearness  of    the   'start'   of   the Tribulation.

As  previously  mentioned,  his  repeated   proposals  of   re-struct- uring    the   global   system    to    'feed  the  poor  of   the  world as  a  human  right'   will    so   popularize    Benedict  XVI     that his    foretold    rise    to     the     EU's   Presidency    will     be    a 'given'    from    the    EU's   leaders'    perspective.       Revelation shows   him   as    being     'given  a  crown'   by   the   EU   right after    the   Tribulation   begins.             [Rev 6:2]

In  fact,   the  Lisbon Treaty's   new   policy   [Nov '09]    of  having '1-man  as  President'   over   the   entire   EU   sparked   the Papacy's   aggressive  response  to   remind   EU   top   leaders of   their  obligation   to    recognize   the   religious   voices    [like the  Papacy's]      within   the    EU's   decision-making   according to   the   Treaty's   Article  17.             [News / Dec 2009]

Other  subtle  yet   timely  signs  of   the  Vatican's   speeding  up  towards   its    inevitable   global   control    is    its    recent    Agree-ment   with   the   EU's   headquarters  in   Belgium  to   circulate more   Papal  coinage   starting   in  2010.      Roman  coinage  is   significant   since   immediately   after   the  Tribulation   begins  Revelation  6:6    shows   that    a   'denarius'    [Roman  coinage] is   being    used   as    the   gauge   within   the   economic  system.
Also   recently   in   2009   the  Vatican's   sudden   and   aggress- ive   push   into   the   Internet  world    lines   up   with  its  coming  inevitable  dictatorial   control  over   all   persons  on   earth   as  Revelation   foretells   of    the   EU   and    False  Prophet.
Benedict's   pushiness  in   vocalizing   his   demands   towards the   EU    leaders   and   to   all   of   Europe   fits    right    into   his trend   over   the    last    24 -   36   months   or   so    and    is    pre- paring     the  EU   environment   for   his   coming   rise   to   power foretold   in    End  Time   prophecy.                  [ News / Benedict > ]

This  is   exactly   what   Daniel   foretold   when   writing   that    'he will  seize  the  kingdom   [final   Euro-kingdom]    by  intrigue'. Here  again,   this   refers   to   the    world's  final   ultimate  dictator rising   from   within   the   End   Time    Euro-kingdom    but    not as   a   political   leader   as    all    other   world   leaders   but, intriguingly,    as   a    'religious'   leader.      This   is   why   Daniel also   foretold   that   he   'will  be  different'   from   the   previous leaders.    [Dan. 7:24].        Revelation   later    put    a   'religious' face   on    Antichrist    clarifying    him    as    a     'false prophet'. [Rev. 13:11, 16:13, 19:20,  20:10]

PAPACY  and   Israel:  

The   Papacy's   current   momentum   towards   fulfilling   its    role as   the   False  Prophet   [Antichrist]   of   the   End  Times   will speed   up   in    2010,   even   faster  than    its   current    momen-tum     over    the    last   24 - 36   months.  

Eventually,   the   Papacy's   orchestrating   of   a    7  Year  Treaty with    Israel   will    'start'    the    final   Tribulation   period   making his   outward   appearance    to    the   world    as    a     'rider  on  a white  horse'.             [Rev 6:1, 2 / Dan 9:27]

This  will   be   the  NEXT  major  prophecy  to   take  place   in today's    End  Times   and     is   already   in   forward   motion    as   details    with   scriptures  and    News  Headlines.

Also, Benedict's   repeated   entering   into   Jewish   synagogues at    his    own    will    is    an    incredible    MAJOR  SIGN   of    End Time   prophecy   and    the  Nearness of  Christ   today.      This is   because   Antichrist   will    enter    into   a    newly-constructed 3rd   Jewish  Temple   in   Jerusalem   which   will   start    the    final 3  1/2   years   of   Great  Tribulation.      This   scriptural  fact  makes   Benedict's   bold   public   actions   a    virtual    full-DRESS  Rehearsal   of   the   foretold     Abomination  of  Deso- lation,    in   plain  view.         

Benedict's   next   synagogue   visit   is   scheduled   for    2010 inside  Rome's   main   Jewish   synagogue.     Whether   it   takes place  or   not,    this  is   the   same   synagogue   where    Pope John  Paul  II     in    1986    became   the    1st    Pope    in     2000 years    to    set    foot    inside    a     Jewish   Temple    which    was a   major   sign   of   End   Time   prophecy   today.      Although John  Paul  II    only   entered   1   time   near   the   end   of   his   28 year    reign   as    Pope,   Benedict  XVI   aggressively    entered a   Jewish   Temple    within   the   1st   4   months    after   being elected   and    'sat  down'   in   it    exactly   as    scriptures    say Antichrist   will  do.    [2 Thess 2:4].      Benedict's    2nd   Temple visit   was   in   New  York   in    2008.        [ Headline News/photos ]

Prophetically   and   from   this   point  on    towards   the   'start'   of the  Tribulation,  the   Papacy   will   increasingly   gain    Israel's favor   and   the   global   spotlight   as   being   the   prime   and unmatched   world  candidate   for   the   inevitable   'signing'   of the  coming    7   Year  Mideast  Peace  Treaty.      This   will   begin the   FINAL  7   YEARS   in    history   and    will    occur    sometime after  2010.              [ News links / Mideast Peace ]

AMERICA'S  humbled  state  today under OBAMA

America   today   is  in   its   greatest  state  of  humility  since  the Great  Depression,  77  years  ago   in  1933.     This  is  no  coinci- dence    that    it    is   occurring   at    this    time.       From   God's perspective   there's  no   such   thing  as   a    'coincidence'   since He  knows  all  things  in   advance.     The  word  does not   appear in   the   Bible.     In   fact,  America's   spiritual  humility   right   now is   precisely   on   time   prophetically.  

From  His  perspective   the ultimate  purpose  of  today's  humbled state  of   America   in    today's   End  Times   is   so    that    His people   can   'see'   and  'hear'   the   truth   more  clearly   at   this critical    juncture   in    world   history,    adjacent    to   the     rapidly-narrowing    gap   of    time    remaining   until    the   'start'   of    the coming  Tribulation.     And  then    to  rise   in   unity  as  Christians.

From   this   point   on,     the   USA   must    be   observed   in    this light     and     in     the    largest   scope   of    things     prophetically. Also,  since   'birth pangs'   lead    right    into   the   Tribulation, then   more   extreme   and    more    frequent    turbulences    are coming   in    2010   to   America   and   globally.     Those   who  stand   firmly  on   the   Rock,   being  Christ,   will  not   be   shaken.

Under  Obama,  USA's   Status  as  a   'government':

America's   decline  'economically' and  'politically'   is   being  observed  by   other marveling   world    leaders   who   know   this   to   be   true.     

The   current   rapid   decline   of    America    as   a     'government' will    become    much   more    pronounced    and   obvious,    even turbulent,    in  and   through  2010   while   heading    towards  the 'start'   of   the   Tribulation.       The   appointment  of   Obama   as President   was  right   on    time    prophetically   for   America   to begin   its   inevitable  re-aligning   as   a    'government'    with the   foretold    godless   and    dictatorial    mindset  of    Europe, which   is   streamlining   towards   a     final   1-World  Government.

America's  2012  Presidential   election   will   be   an   instru- mental    opportunity   for   a    true   God-fearing    President   to lead   God's    people    within    America    to    unity,    readiness and   prayer   in   nearing   the   'start'    of   Tribulation.     However as   previously   mentioned,    the   body  of  Christ    is   about    to rise   up   in    power   and   strength   and   with   its   own   anointed 5-Fold   Leaders    leading   the   way    regardless   of   America's current   irreversible   decline   as   a   'government'   or   whoever the   next    President    might   be.


The  USA  under  Pres. Obama:      Economically

Economically,   many  top   voices   in   America    today,   includ-ing   popular  Christian  ministers  and   TV  ministries,   are  heard talking   of  America's   'comeback'   to   its   original    reigning stature   before   Mid-Sept  '08's   economic   fallout.     One   false 'prophet'   of   many   amongst   Evangelical   circles   even   proph- esied   that   America   will   return    'quickly   to   an   even  greater stature   than   ever!'.           This   is   complete   false   prophecy.

Again,   this   is   because    IT  IS  TIME  NOW    for   America   as a    'government'    and    all    nations   to    begin   submitting    to  today's    fast-rising    western   Euro-kingdom   as    foretold     for today's    End   Times.          [Rev 13:1-10 /  Dan 7:24]

This  earth,  and   America,  have   NOT  been  shaken  up  enough yet.     More  extreme  shakings  are  coming   with   America's own  ECONOMY  and  Stock Market   READYING  AGAIN   for another  extreme  shaking,   MORE  EXTREME   than   Mid-Sept '08.     Why?     To  rake   the    world's   'soil'   EVEN   MORE    for the   coming   great   harvesting   of   souls   for   Christ.  

However,  tangible  commodity  prices   will  continue  to   rise   up- wards,   like   an   'upward  staircase  graph'.     [ie.  oil,  gas, gold,  coffee,  sugar,  soy,   wheat,  etc].

All  of   this   will  occur   for   2   prime  reasons:    1)    In   the largest  scope  prophetically   in   today's   End  Times,    America and   all  other  nations   on   earth   were   snapped    into   the same    course  heading   rapidly   towards   the   ultimate   global solution  of   the   foretold   'mark of the  beast'.     2)   America is   now   coming   into   submitting    to    the    fast-rising  EU.     As   already  stressed,   both  of these  happenings   were   inevitable   scripturally.

America's  coming  'eye-opening',   to  'see'

Since  99%   of   today's   popular   TV   ministries   and   so-called 'prophets'   rarely  even   so   much  as   mention   the    'end times' or   any   major   End  Time   topic,   then   the   result   over   the last  20-30   years   is    what    we   observe    today    across America   which   is   total   blindness   to   the   actual    Nearness of  Christ

This   is   about   to   drastically  change   into    the   greatest   'eye-opening'    awakening   and   global   audience   keenly   aware  of the Nearness of Christ  ever.    Why?    Because  it   is  the  exact right   timing   for    this    to    occur   according    to    the   Spirt   of God   and    His    End   Time    plan    written   in     His    Word. Jesus    Himself    foretold   of    this    saying,     '...when  you  see all  these  things,   then   KNOW   He  is  near,   even   right  at  the  door.'         This    'seeing'   has   already   begun    globally.

All  of   the  major   End  Time   prophecies   foretold   for   the   final generation    which   are    overwhelmingly   right    in    front   of    us today   will    begin  to  be  realized   by  America's   body  of   be- lievers    in    2010.        This   will    increase   rapidly   through   and after   2010   right   up   to   the   explosion   of   global   awareness shown    by    scriptures   to   occur    later     [after   2010]     at    the 'start'    of    the   Tribulation.       

As   a   result   of  'seeing'   the   Nearness of  Christ   by   the Spirit,   then   a   great  zeal   will   eventually   follow   after  that, increasingly    through  and   after   2010   while   drawing    nearer to   Tribulation.       Later    towards   the   'start'  of   Tribulation   is when   the   foretold   'maturity,  readiness,  holiness  and  great unity'   of   the   body   of Christ    will    be   fulfilled,    readying   for the   rapture.          [Ephesians 4:13]

This   order  of  things  coming   [ seeing,  then  zeal,  then  unity-maturity ]   will   explode   in   God's   foretold   Outpouring   at    the time  of    the   actual   'signing'   of    the   7   Year   Treaty    which begins   the   Tribulation.     At   the   'signing'  itself,    then  Jesus' own   prophecy   will   also   be   near   its   final    peak   saying, '....when  you   see  all   these  things,   KNOW   He  is  near, even  right   at   the  door.'           [Math 24:33]

For   many   Americans    in   2010   the   Nearness  of Christ   will suddenly   come   into   focus   in    likeness   to    the    'elephant   in the  front  room'   effect.      Many  Americans   who   have  stopped attending    church    and/or    have   lost    enthusiasm   for    today's worldly   and   ear-tickling   preachers   will   suddenly   be    ignited with   a   fresh   fire   for   God,   'seeing'   End  Time   prophecies staring    this   generation   squarely   in   the   eyes   right    now.

This  beginning  'wave'   of   End  Time   believers   who  'see  all these  things'   lined  up   today  as   Jesus   foretold   has  already started   globally    although   in   its    infant   stages   compared   to the   explosion  of  awareness  coming    near   the   beginning  of the   Tribulation   and   in    the   Final  Outpouring.     [Math 24:33; Dan 11:32,33]

The  'preaching  of  the Gospel'   right   now   globally  is   also   a major   final  sign  of   the   Nearness of  Christ   and   is  pacing exactly on  time   with  all  other  prophecies  confirming   the  Near- ness   of  Christ    today.   

America,  being   the  most  spiritually-advanced  Christian   nation in   the   world,   will   be   the   first    as   a    collective   body   of  believers,   to  gain   God's   End  Time    insights   and   under- standings,   and   then    will   also   preach   and   teach    them   to other  countries   in   the   coming   final   months   and    years   into the   Tribulation   with   greater   power   than   even   before.     

The   prophet   Daniel   also   foretold   of    this   specific purpose of   End  Time   believers   alive   at   the    time    adjacent    to   the inevitable   'start'   of   the   7  Year  Tribulation   saying,   'Those who  have   insight  amongst   the  people   will   provide   un- derstanding  to  the  many.'     [Dan 11:33]       Also  saying   that, 'Those  who  know  their  God  will  display  strength  and  do mighty  exploits.'        [Dan 11:32]    

This  is  the   ultimate  and   final   purpose    for   America's  Spirit-filled    believers.     The   result   will   be    the   End   Time   harvest of   souls   in    His   sovereign    and    final  Outpouring    of    His Spirit    upon   all    mankind.                   [Joel 2:28,29 / Ezek. 38:23]

What is God's specific  'Word'  to  America right  now ?

1)    REPENT.   IT IS TIME NOW   to    turn  away  fully   from   all worldliness  and   ungodliness  in  our  speech,   lives  and   charac- ter.  And  to  embrace the Lord 100%, being a Christlike reflection  of  Him   and   His   nature  of   love,   peace,  kindness towards  all  others.     This  is   what   sets   ourselves   apart   from the   world   and    proves   ourselves   as   being   real   Christians. [John 13:34,35;  Romans 8:14]      

This  is   also   vital   since    'maintaining  our  testimony'   is   a KEY  PROOF   inside   the  coming   7   Year   Tribulation  of    true Christians   who    have   remained  strong  and   upright     before God   even   in   the   face  of   the   most   horrific,   hateful   and turbulent    times   in    history    which   are    coming    just    ahead. [Rev  6:9]

2)   No  more   Bank-Borrowed   DEBTS  or   LOANS   

Although  today's  flashy  TV  ministers and   false prophets  are NOT  saying  this   at   all   in  America,   it   is   most  definitely   the word  of  the  Lord  to  believers  in  America.    God's Word  is clear   about   having  NO DEBTS  and   to  NOT  engage  in BANK-BORROWED   loans  and   DEBT.      It   results  in bondage,  enslavement.     [Proverbs 22:7;  Deut 28,  Romans 13:8].

America's ECONOMIC  implosion  starting  in   Mid-Sept  '08 was  caused  by  Americans,   not  God,    who  placed  themselves into  DEBT,   which  opposes  God's  Word.     Many  who  had 'wooden  idols'   (their  newly  bought  homes by Bank loans) and   have   'toys'   [ie.  cars,  boats,  etc]    had  to   learn   the hard  way   in    the   last   15   months   about   idols   and   DEBT. But,  God   is  greater   than   your   DEBTS   and    errors,   IF   we recognize   our   mistakes,    then   REPENT  of   it.  

More   'tables will be turned over'   in   2010   of   Christian Ministries  and   Church  Pastors  who  continually   push   towards BANK-BORROWED  LOANS-DEBTSand  then  worse,  place the  yoke  and  burden  of  their  mistake  upon  God's  innocent children   to  pay  that  wrongful   DEBT  OFF!       For   believers (or  Christian  leaders)   who   do   have   current    BANK  LOANS and  DEBTS or  house mortgages,  then,  recognize  your mistake right  now,   REPENT of  it,    and  move  on,    NOT making  that error  again.       This  pleases  God.     

Many  today  believe  that   life's  greatest  WEALTH  is   found  in the  bank.     TO THE CONTRARY.     Life's  greatest   WEALTH is   spiritual   and   found   in   the   soul   of   the  person  who has  the  fulness  of  Christ  overflowing  from  within.    This is  a  person  who has  EVERYTHING.      Including  greater wealth   than   all   of    the    weath   found   in   this   world.

A  Prophetical  Word  to  Believers in  America:
[ *orig. shorter version posted:   July 4, 2009  @ ]

Has   God   turned    His   back   on   America ?     Absolutely   not. He   hasn't   turned   His  back   towards  anyone,   but   is   still 'facing'   His  beloved  creation  with  open   arms   waiting   for  the last   souls   to   repent   and   accept   Christ,   to  the   remotest  ends   of   the   earth.       He   would   never   forsake   His   children here   in   America   nor   leave   them   starving.    

In  fact,   although   America's   'government'    and    economy   will experience    more   severe   shakings   and   extreme    turbulence, the   body   of   true   believers   who   are    upright   and    pray    in America   will   continually  have  God's   divine  favor   and   guard. The  body  of  Christ's   very   presence  in   America   is   still   the prime   reason   for   America's   great   blessings,    favor   and protection   bestowed   upon   us   by   the   Almighty.    

This  is   because   no   other   country   in    world   history,   except America,   has  had  so  many  millions  of  God's  children   in   it, who  believe  in   Him  and   His  Son.    The   United States of America   stands   all   alone   this   way.
This is  the  ultimate  reason  why  America has  been  so  powerful and  blessed  in   the  short  233  years of  its  awesome  existence. Our  forefathers  who  wrote  the  Constitution  surely  understood this spiritual  foundation in  life  based  on  the  Bible  and  belief  in God.     This  is  why  God  HAS NOT  turned   His  back  on America  since His children are  here,  MILLIONS OF THEM,   who are  Christian and  believers in  God and  His Son,  the  Lord Jesus Christ.

RIGHT NOW,  Let us turn back to AND embrace the greatest priority  which  we   believing  Americans  have,  which  is  greater than  any  politician  or  leader,  greater  than  the  White House, greater  than  the  Republican  or  Democratic  Parties,  greater than  our  Economic  status  or  woes,  greater  than  any  'race', greater  than  any  particular  political  ideology  or   political  figure, greater   than  our  political  government  itself,   greater  than  any of  today's  societal  difficulties,  and yes,  even greater  than  being an  'American'  which  is  still  important.....

It  is  TIME NOW   to  RISE  UP  and   UNITE   AS  CHRISTIANS, and  finally   take  to  heart  and   make  priority  God's  divine CALL to AMERICA  which  is  exactly what  the  great   President Ronald Reagan  repeatedly spoke,  in fact prophesied,  to  this country  from  his  open  Bible in  his 8  years  in  office:    "IF  My people  who are  called  by  My name,  humble  themselves  and pray,  and Seek  My  Face,   and turn  from  their  wicked  ways, THEN   I   will  hear  from  heaven  and  I   will   forgive  their  sin, and  heal  their  land."        [ 2 Chronicles 7:14  >  *Reagan's Mother's   'favorite  verse'  ]

Although   America's   greatness   as    a     super-power    'govern- mentally'    is    behind   us,    America's    next    and    final    great-
ness     will    be   spiritual     and    unmatched    in    world    history. The   narrowing   time   left   of    End  Time   things   today    means that   the    coming   'healing'   of    America's   'land'    is    now coming   to    its    people,   spiritually,    starting    with   repentance.

Ideally,  God   is    willing   that   America's   entire    body   of   300 million  Americans,   including  government  leaders,   would   hear His   voice   and    embrace   His   Son    and    then   go   out carrying    the    Gospel    to    the   remotest    parts   of    the   earth declaring   Christ's   Nearness   and    soon   Return. 
But,  what   is   100%  certain   and   is   approaching  quickly  now for   God's   people   in    America   who   serve    Him    and    hear His   voice   in    today's   End  Times    is    that    the   Spirit-filled body   of   Christ   is    about    to    be    lifted   up    as    the    LAST SHINING  spiritual   'nation'   on  earth,    the   world's   last   true testimony   of   Christ.      In   America,   the   body  of  Christ   is about   to   become   a    powerful,    God-chosen   'nation'    within a   nation.            [  'a  holy  nation'  /  1 Peter 2:9 ]

That   'shining  city  on  a  hill'    which   President   Reagan   had 'dreamed  of   for   America'   of   which   he   repeatedly  spoke  of
was   foretold   scripturally   for    the    End   Time   body   of   Christ and    is    about    to   come   to   pass,   and   globally.

In   the  coming   awesome   times   ahead   He   will   lift   His   final  'nation'   of   Spirit- filled   children   up   in    America   and   world- wide   to    His   own    glory    and    mightier    and    more    united  than   any   other    earthly    nation    in    history.      After   that   and at    the    coming    highest    peak    point     possible     spiritually within    the   global    body  of   Christ,    we   believers    who   are ready   will    be    instantly    translated    into   God's   presence   to 'meet  the  Lord  in  the  air'.             [1Thess 4:16,17]

All   of   what    has    been   elaborated   in    detail   here    was summed   up   by   the   Lord   Himself   for   today's   End  Time believers   who   are   truly   ready   at    His   coming   saying, 'When  these  things  begin  to  take  place,   then   straighten your   heads   and   Look  up!      Because  your  Redeemer  is drawing  near !'             [Luke 21:28]

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Dec 28, 2009   ~Rob Conrad,  founder
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Greater  Global  turbulences, 
More  re-shaking  of  nations,
More Global Economic downturn,
Increased  'seeing'  globally   
May  11,  2009 /  Benedict being welcomed into Israel with  red carpet by  Prime Minister Shimon Peres
Pres Reagan
August  2005  /  Benedict
seated  in  Jewish Temple
Today,  much  talk is  heard  in  America  about  the   'uncertainties of today's times'.   However,  Christ's own  prophecy  is  already changing  that  for  hundreds  of  thousands  of  souls  worldwide  who have  never been so   'certain'  about  today's  End Time  signs  and the Nearness of  Christ.   From 2010 forward  is  the  very  time  for Jesus'   Major  Prophecy  to   rapidly   expand   to  an   eventual  global audience  ready  for  His   return.      He   said:
When you see all these things, KNOW He is near, even right at the door.                                                                                  Gospel, Matthew 24:33

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