The  Lord  Jesus  summed  up   His  discourse  on   the  End  Times  with an  all-inclusive  statement  which  forewarns  believers  that   '...when you see all these things,  know He is near, even right at the door'. [Math 24:33].      This  is  one  of  the most powerful  verses  in  the  Bible summing   up  a   believer's   ability   to    have  100%  confidence    that  Christ  is  truly  near  in  His  virtual  return.     Today,   'all these things' are   lined   up   as   all   final    Bible   prophecies  for   the   End  Times are   spring-loaded   to   be   quickly   fulfilled    at   this   inevitable   time.

Christ's  term   'all these things'  directly refers  to  the  many  TOPICS which  He   had  just   finished   talking  about.    One  of   those  crucial KEY TOPICS   is   'false prophets'.    This  topic is  the  prime  focus of   this   prophetical   letter 

Jesus repeatedly  highlighted  this  aspect  in  the  final  generation's scenario  emphasizing   its  vital  importance  to  the  body of Christ.    He said  that   'many  false prophets  will  arise  and   will mislead many,   even  the  elect,    if  it  were possible.'       [Math 24:24].

Yet  today,  and  like  the  topic  of  'Bible prophecy',   the topic of  'false prophets'  is  literally UNMENTIONED  amongst 99.9%  of  today's  TV Christian  ministers  and  popular  Church  leaders  across  America. NOT  1  WORD  ABOUT  THIS  TOPIC   is  heard  on  the  Christian  TV Networks   except   maybe   in   passing.  

If  there  are  any  books  or  teachings  on  this subject  they  have been completely thrown out of  today's  popular  Christian culture, TV Christian networks  and  TV ministries  in  exchange  for  the  'Entertainment Tonight'   worldly  format  seen  dominating  the  TV  religious  airwaves. However,  this  does  NOT IN ANY WAY  change  the  crucial  nature  of this   topic  of   'false prophets'   within  today's  End Times.    In  fact,  it is   more  imperative  than  ever   to   bring  this  topic   to   the   forefront within   the   Spirit-filled   body  of  Christ.

At  this  time prophetically,  since  judgement  begins  with  the household of  God,   then   IT IS TIME NOW   for  a   serious  spotlight  of   truth  to shine  on  the   prime  batch  of   false prophets  mingling   within   the body   of  Christ   today.   

Namely:   Kim Clement,  Chuck Pierce,  Rick Joyner,  Bob Jones, Paul Keith Davis,  Paul Cain,  C. Peter Wagner  and  John Paul Jackson.    These  8  are  the  most  recognizable  self-proclaimed 'prophets'   today  carousing  amongst  today's  Evangelical  TV airwaves  and  body  of Christ  who  hold  themselves  up  boldly  as 'seers'   and    'apostles'   and    'prophets'.    

Countless  other   ministers  are   also   associated   with   or   influenced by   these    8   men   and   mostly   fit    into    the   exact   same   profile and   criteria   laid   out   in   this  letter.     The   website by   founder   Steve  Schultz   is  a   prime  place   to   locate   the   entire list   of   today's   self-lableled   'prophets'   and    'seers'.

As  many  will   'see'   by  God's  word  in  this  letter,  these  8  self-proclaimed  'prophets'   are,  in   fact,  no  prophets at  all.    But,  they are   total   false prophets,   completely.    Plain and simple    Whatever 'seeing'  abilities  they  demonstrate  are  totally  blind   to   today's MAJOR  PROPHECIES   shaped  up   today  of   which   Jesus  instructed His   followers  to   be   keenly   on  guard   to   watch  for.     All  of  these facts   are  detailed   in  depth   here  for   the   body  of  Christ's   under- standing.

In  fact,   if  their  self-labeling  of  'prophet'   were  stripped  away,   then at  best,   they  would   be   immature   believers  with   arrogance  since they   'think  more  highly  of  themselves  than  they  ought'   [Roman 12:3]   and   whose   'prophecies'   are   mostly   empty  and   grasping ramblings.      Numerous  other  key  requirements  for  God's   true prophets   are   itemized   specifically   throughout   this   letter   showing the    obvious   disqualifying   of   these   8  men    as   'prophets'   as they've    boldly   claimed    for   themselves.

From  God's  perspective  and  shown   by   His  Word   presented   here, these 8  men   fit  precisely  into  the   Lord's   profiling  of   'false prophets'   who   'mislead'   and    fool  the  Spirit-filled  Christians   in today's   End Times,   God's   very   'elect'.

The  'Bulls-Eye Profile'   of  God's  true  5-Fold  Ministers

What   is   written   here   will    be    new   to   some   Christians   and hard  to  accept   for  others   regarding   today's   ministers   and   these 8  false  prophets.     Why?     One  reason  was   just   mentioned. That  is,   today's   lack of  discussion   in   the   body  of   Christ   or from   today's   ministers   themselves.      Plus,   the   lack  of  knowledge amongst   believers   about    Biblical  requirements   for   God's   true ministers   opens   the  door   for  God's   people  to   be   fooled.      [links, 2nd page] 

Most  assuredly,  if  God's   people  do   not   'know'   God's  Word    re- garding   the   actual   'bulls-eye profile'   of   a   true   leader  of  God, then   how   can   the    body   of   Christ   be   sure   of    any   minister's qualifications?     Or,   the   real   status  of   any    particular   minister who   holds   himself   up   behind   the   pulpit?       They  can't.   

In  fact,  today's  lack  of  knowledge  about  Biblical  Leadership Requirements  has  allowed  today's   Christian  churches  and  TV  ministries   to  become   a   total   mess.    Why?    The   root   responsi-bility  of   today's   spiritual  condition   falls   NOT  on   the  body   of  Christ,  the  sheep,  since  they  are  innocently  following.    But,  it  is the   Shepherds   who   lead    who  are   responsible  for   today's  mess.   
It  is   today's   5-Fold  leaders   themselves  who   over   the    last   30 years  since   the   early  1980's  have  completely  let   their   guard down   when   it   comes   to   the   high   standards   and   strict   require- ments   set   forth   by  God   for   His   true   bonafide   ministers   and leaders.    The  result  today  is   what   we  see   dominating   the Christian   TV   programming   which   has    become    'slop  Christianity'.

Biblically,  no   other  leadership   type   in  the  world   carries  as   much responsibilities,  strict   requirements  and   high   accountability   directly to   God  Himself   being   the   Judge,   as   do   these   5   types  of Biblical   Leaders:  Apostle,  Prophet,  Evangelist,  Pastor  and  Teacher. This  is  why   the   Bible   calls   these   spiritual   offices   the    'high calling of  God'.        [Philippians 3:14,  Ephes 4:11;   Ephes 4:1].    

Their   responsibility  of  standing   upright   before  God   as   His   bona- fide  and  chosen  Leaders  PLUS  their  responsibility  of   'over- seeing'   God's  people  are  their  greatest  commands.    These  5 spiritual  Leader  types  are  more  important  to  God's   people  and   in the  earth,   than  any  other  type  of   leader  on  earth   including  a king,    a   military  commander,    Prime  minister,   President,   etc.     

But,  which  of  the  5-Fold  Leaders  carries  the  responsibility  as  a 'seer'   to   watch  over  and  guard   the   camp  of  God's  people? Even  'seeing'   things  in  advance  to  help  and   lead  God's  people and   even   other   leaders   too?       That   would   be  the   'prophet'

This  brings  us  right   back  to  today's   mess  in   America   within  the Christian  communities.   As  just  emphasized,  the 5-Fold   leaders themselves,   particularly  the  'prophets',   are  accountable  as   being the   'root'   cause   on   this   matter.

This  leads  now   to   being  even  more  specific  about   today's  so-called   'prophets'   in   the  Christian  circles  today   in   America. 

Why is this important,  to specifically name these men and to describe their patterns?   So  that   the   body  of  Christ  will   not   be fooled  and   misdirected   any   longer  by   these   8  men,   nor   by  any   of   their   kind   in   the   future.  

And,  so  God's  people   can   immediately   begin   grasping   the   clear requirements  and   qualifications  in  God's  Word   which   frame   the 'bulls-eye profile'   of   His   true   5-Fold  Leaders.    Then,   the  body of  Christ   can   recognize   and  sharply   discern   'who's who?'   stan-ding   at   the  forefront   in  these   End  Times.     This  kind  of  sharp discernment  in  recognizing   false prophets   is  vital   today  and   was emphatically   forewarned  by   the   Lord  Himself   and  the   New Testament   Apostles,   over  and  over.         [Math 24:4,11, 24]

A  whole  generation  INDOCTRINATED  today

The  accurate   prophetical  overview   just   described  is   NOT   heard from  99%  of   today's  Christian  ministers  or  TV  ministries,   if  at  all. In  fact,    today's   so-called  'prophets'   themselves   have   FAILED to   publicly   announce   nor   acknowledge   the   'mess'   specifically laid   out   in   this   letter.     This  is  because  they're   blind  to   it   and are   part   of    the   'root'   cause  of   it.    

This  is   ironic  and   a    massive  failure   on  the   part   of   these   8 men   since   they,    as  so-called  'prophets',   are   the   prime   5-Fold   ministry   type   responsible   to   'see'   it   and   then   correct   it in    the   House  of  God.

But,  like  the  bulk  of   today's  TV  ministries  and  Church   leaders  in America,  these  8  self-labeled   'seers'   and  'prophets'   are proven  to  be  more  concerned  with  their  own  status  and  self-serving  nature   rather  than  watching  out   for  God's  children  as required   of   every   true   5-Fold   Leader   as   top   priority.

Today's   popularized  TV   ministers,  Church  Leaders   and   so-called 'prophets'   themselves  are  actually  responsible  over  the   last   20-30   years   now   for   having   brought    a   great   reproach    upon  the Lord.     They've   so   misrepresented  true  Christlikeness   and  also have  so   twisted   the  proper  order  of   things  in   God's   House  in America   that   they've   virtually  indoctrinated  a  whole  generation to  believe   that   what   we're   now   watching   on   America's   TV   air- waves   is    'true'   Christianity   and    true   Christlikeness.

But  to  the  contrary,  it  is  nowhere  close   to   the   true   order  and    true   Christlikeness   shown   clearly  in   the  scriptures.

Some  believers  in   America   have   understandably   sat   themselves on  the  sidelines  and  withdrawn  from  attending  'church'  by  recog- nizing   the  difficulty  these  days  in   finding  any   Church  leaders  to submit   to  who   are  truly   Christlike,  above  reproach,  and  preaching the  End Time  truths   under  an  anointing  of  power  with  signs  and wonders   following.     

Yet,   99%  of   today's  TV   ministers  and   all   so-called   'prophets', including  these   self-sent   8   false prophets,   continue   in   exalting themselves   and   convincing   believers   with   their   elementary    ser-mons,    ear-tickling   preaching   and    false  prophecies.

Also,  today's  younger  generation  of  about  age  30  or  younger have   now   become  spiritually   blind   and   worldly   believers.    Why? Because they've  been  indoctrinated   their  entire  life  to  believe that  the   blind  and  worldly  ministers  and  Church  leaders  seen dominating   the  TV  religious  programming  in  America  for  the  last 20-30  years   represents   true   Christianity,   which  it  does  not.    By and  large,   the   'standard  of  excellence'   emphasized  by  the Apostle  Paul   for  God's  people  and  leaders  is   nowhere  to  be found   in   America's   Evangelical  TV   ministers   and   'prophets'.

Worse,   is  today's  TV  5-Fold  ministers  and  'prophets'   including the 8  men  above,  have  wrongfully   labeled   today's  younger  30 year  old   followers   as   the    'new  prophets'   and    'ministers'    in the   body  of   Christ.       This  is   exactly   why   we    see  in   the churches   today  and   on   the   Christian  TV    programming  countless new   converts   to  Christianity   who,    just  like  their  mentors,   already 'think  more  highly of  themselves  than  they  ought'   and believing  themselves  to  be   'prophets'   and   already   'in  the ministry'.    

This  younger  unsuspecting   generation   today  can   be  seen  playing their  ungodly   hip-hop,   rap   and   heavy   metal   'worship'   music   in  churches  and  on  the   Evangelical  TV   programs  every  day.    Again, today's   blind  'prophets'   and   worldly  TV  ministries   wholeheartedly applaude   it,     since   it's   their  spiritual   offspring.

However,  scriptures  are   crystal   clear   that   no  man  can    take   the first   step   into    'leadership'   even   as   a    'deacon'   in   the   church unless  he  is  'above  reproach'.    [1Timothy 3:10].     This   strict requirement  disqualifies countless  TV  preachers  and  Church  leaders today   in  America  from   even   taking   a   'deacon'   position,    not  to mention  standing   in   the   forefront   as   many  unqualified  men  and women   have  done  over  the   last  20-30  years.      Still,   the  so-called  'prophets'   we   see  today  leave  it   all  unchecked,  being more   focused   on   being   exalted   as   'prophets'   and    receiving the   applause   from   God's   people.

A  Word  by  the  Spirit  to  Believers  in  America:   

A  major  example  of  today's  self-serving   Church  Leaders,   flashy TV  ministries  and   failed   'prophets'   is  now  occurring   in  America. Since   the   economic   collapse   14   months   ago   in   Mid-Sept  '08 many   of   today's   'money-changer'   TV   Ministers   and   Church leaders   are    having    their    'tables  turned over'   in    losing    their church   buildings   and    even    their    congregations.

Why?   Because  many of   America's  Ministers,   church  Pastors  and so-called   'prophets'   have  borrowed  from the  BANK   over  the last  20   years  to   'buy  or  build  a  church'    saying   'God  told  them to'.     

However,  God   did  NOT   'tell'   them   this   as   they   claim.     Why? Because   it    completely   opposes  His   clear  and   fundamental   word
NOT  to  have  ANY   'borrowed  debt'.       [Deut 28:1-15;  Prov 22:7; Rom 13:8].

Worse,   is   America's   indebted-to-the-bank   5-Fold   ministers  and church  leaders    then  placed   that   yoke  and   burden   of   their   own wrongful  DEBTS  upon  God's  innocent  children,  the  body  of  Christ, to pay it off !       This  is   scandalous  on   the  parts   of   today's 'prophets'   and   ministers  and   is   framed   as   a   'hireling'   accor- ding   to   the   Lord.     One  of   their   favorite   phrases   refers  to  that minister  as   'good  soil'   to   plant   your   tithes   and   offerings   into. As  it   turns  out,   many   'money-changer'   ministers  are   being exposed   today   as   having   been    'bad  soil'.

Brothers-sisters,   God  is  not  mocked.     More  ministers  in  America will  have    'their  tables turned over'   in   2010,   being  left   with  no 'church building',    no   congregation,   but   still   left  with  huge  existing BANK DEBT(s)  attached  to  their  name.     Also,  ministers  with personal  BANK DEBTS   [for their  homes, autos, toys, etc]    will   reap the  same   kind   of   consequences   and   difficulties.   

Prophetically at  this  time  in  America,   the  Spirit  of  God   intends  to remind  every   believer   NOT  to engage  in  ANY  more   borrowing, at  all    Do  not  be  persuaded  any  longer  by   today's   'good soil' ministers   and   'prophets'    who   push   believers   to   'give'   while that   same   church   leader   or   minister   has    BORROWED   himself into  BANK  DEBT,   even  living  lavishly.

Has  God   turned  His   back   on   His   believers   in   America   who made   this   error   of  BORROWING  from  the  bank ?    Absolutely not.     But,   the  Spirit  of  God   is   intending   for    His   people   to learn   RIGHT  NOW   from    this   error,   and  NOT  repeat  it.     Repent from   it,    and   move  forward.     

A   prime   example   of   today's   arrogant   and    blind    'bad soil' preachers  and    false  prophets   who   STILL  CONTINUE   to    fleece the   flock   since   Mid-Sept  2008,   aired  on   TBN  recently  in   2009.

This    Pastor   boasted   about   stopping   the   BANK   from    repo- ssessing   his   church   buildings   because  of   his   inability   to   pay back    his   massive   1st   borrowed  DEBT.       How   did   he  do   it? He  orchestrated  a   2nd  BANK  DEBT.     Again,   this   manipulator continues   to   disobey   God's  Word   which   instructs   NOT   to   be 'enslaved  to  the  lender'    [Prov 22:7],    and    then   worse,   places his   wrongful  errors   and   huge   burdens  of  DEBT   upon  God's innocent   children   to   pay   it   off.

This  is   an   exact   example   of   what   the   Spirit  of  God   is   alerting His  people   now   to  watch  for  in   today's  hirelings.    These   blind 'money-changers'   and   hirelings   who   continue  in   these schemes   will   be   accountable  to  God  and   be   exposed  in   the days   ahead  as   fleecers  of   the   flock   and   wolves   in   sheep's clothing.    

Here  again,   America's   5-Fold  ministers  and   these  8  so-called 'prophets'   themselves   have   failed   to    warn   God's   people  of ANY  of   this,   including   God's   clear  Word   which   instructs   NOT  to engage  in   DEBT.

Instead,   they  have  persisted   in  preaching  their   'prosperity' message  for   the   last   20   years   while   leaving   out    the   required balance   of    'obeying  God's  word'    and     'seeking  Him  first'.     [Math 6:33;  Deut 28].          

Their  negligence,  as   'prophets'   and   'seers',   has  helped   steer the  great   losses,   confusion  and   trauma   we   see  occurring   un- necessarily   today   amongst  God's  people  and   families  in   America.
Only  false  prophets   would   be   this   blind   and   disobedient   to God's   clear   Word   and  then   boldly   continue  to   misdirect  the body  of  Christ    in   the   same  way.  

Yet,  America's  Christian  TV  ministries  and   these  8  false  prophets are  STILL  heard   TODAY  filling   the   body  of  Christ's  ears   with their   same  false prophecies   saying    'This  is  the  season of prosperity'    and    'America's greatest  prosperity  is  THIS  year !'

This  is  now   proven  as   total  false  prophecy   which   these  8 men   and   countless  other   TV  ministers   and   church  Pastors  have been  delivering   each  year  since   about   2000.     When  it  didn't happen  in  each  year,   these    8  false  prophets   simply   re-applied their   pitch   to  the  next  year,   and   the  next,   and  right  up   through the   summer  of   2008.

Then,  just  months  before   the  economic  collapse in   Mid-Sept 2008 Kim  Clement    stood  boldly   on   TBN   'prophesying',     'There  will be NO RECESSION!'.     But,  within  months,    America's  biggest economic  collapse  since  the  Great  Depression  kicked  in,   proving AGAIN,  Clement's   and   all   of  the   other    false  prophets'   major folly    pertaining    to    this   particular   false   'prophecy'.  

Today,  after  14  months  of  economic  turmoil  with  NO  relief   in  sight for  America,   what   can    these   8   false  prophets   and   countless other   false   prophetical  voices  amongst   Evangelicals  be   heard 'prophesying'    to   America   now?

Have  they   identified  to  God's  people  the   error  of   'borrowing into  DEBT'    as  just   mentioned?   NO.     Have   you   heard   any  of them  from   the  TV   airwaves   announcing   by   the   Spirit   to    'NOT go  into  DEBT  anymore!' ?   NO.     Have  any  of   these   'prophets' given   the   true   word  of   the   Spirit   in   the   last   14   months   that 'Believers  must  learn  from  this  mistake  of  'borrowing',   RE- PENT    of  it    and   NOT  repeat   it' ?       NO.


In   fact,   what   you're   hearing  for   the   last   14    months   is   the EXACT  SAME  'prosperity'   message   except   with   their   craftily-adjusted   phraseology   saying,   AGAIN,   that   '2009  is  the  year God  will  restore  what  has  been  lost!'.       Like  always  and   as of  this   writing   [ Nov  '09 ]    these    8  impostors   are   already    re-applying    their   phoney   'prosperity  coming  to  America'   message to  2010,   since   it   has   clearly,   again,    not   happened   in   2009. These  are  complete   false  prophecies.

The  site   shows  Clement   himself  simply   'changed horses'    right  after    the   Sept   '08   economic   collapse   with   his 'new  word'    for   America   saying   'restoration  is  coming  quickly to  America  in  2009!'.   He  also  suggested   that   his   'No Reces-sion  in  2008!'   prophecy   'failed'   because  of   unbelief   and/or   sin on   the   body   of   Christ's   part   from     'not   believing   the  prophet'.

This   is    as   desperate   and    manipulating   as    it    comes.     Why? Because   it    falsely  accuses   the    brethren   as   being   the   blame for Clement's   own  failings  and   false  prophecies.    In  fact, Clement's   countless   failed  prophecies   talked  about   here   were not   spoken   by   him    'conditionally'.       But,   were   black  and  white unconditional   forecasts   under   his    prime   guise   as   a    'prophet'.

Clement's  recent   implying   that   'believers'   might   be   faulted   for his   failed  prophecies   matches    today's   'money-changers'   who, after   wrongfully  going  into  DEBT,    also   cast    their   self-created financial   burdens   upon   God's   innocent   people.

As   the   rest  of   this   letter   even   more   emphatically   confirms   with scriptures  and   facts,    these  8   false  prophets  and   other   so-called   'prophets'   promoted  at   the  ElijahList   have   absolutely NO  CLUE   about   what   God    is    wanting   to    'say  or  do'    in America.     This  also   pertains   to   the   largest   scope   prophetically on   the   global  scale,    of   which    they  are  100%  blind  to.

TOTAL  BLINDNESS  and  FOLLY  of  today's 5-Fold Ministers   and    so-called    'prophets'

To  epitomize  the extreme blindness  and   lack of  discernment  of today's  TV  Ministries,  Church  leaders  in   America  and   these 8 false prophets themselves,   I   will  mention   2  huge  recent  ministry failures  in  America.    Both  of  these  examples  should  remind  the body  of  Christ  of   the  EASE  and  MAGNITUDE   which  countless numbers of  new converts,  hirelings  and  religious  hucksters have   ALREADY  entered   into   God's  sheepfold  TODAY,   completely unchecked.   

In  contrasting  these  2  examples  it  is   good  to  look   first   at   Paul's ministry   when   a   so-called   'prophetess'   was   prophesying  a totally  accurate  prophecy   that   'these  men  are  bond-servants  of God   and   preaching   the   way   of   salvation.'    [Acts 16:16-18].     No doubt,   this   'prophetess'    gained  some   applause   and   notoriety 'for many days'     from   the   large   crowds  of   believers.       [Acts 16:18].

But,  Paul's  discernment  was  the  exact  opposite  from  the unsuspecting  believers.   Paul  discerned  the  evil  spirits  within  the lady  and   'cast them out'.    [Acts 16:17,18].     What  a  shock  this must  have  been  for  the  admiring  crowd  who  deemed  this  woman within   the   body  of  Christ   to   be   quite   the   'prophetess'.  

This  exact  scenario  is  occurring  readily  TODAY   within   the  body  of Christ  as   numerous  so-called   'Christian Leaders'   with  evil   spirits of  divination,   homosexuality  and   deceitful  spirits  are   seen  holding themselves  up  as  God's  'Leaders'.     Just   like   the   demonized 'prophetess',    many   'Christian'   ministers   today    can    'prophesy', are   talented  in   teaching  God's  Word,   or  Pastoring  a   mega-congregation  and   mesmerizing  millions  from   the  TV   pulpits  with their   charisma   and   skills,    yet   some   have   evil  spirits.    

To  be specific,  simply  because  a  minister  is   'accurate'  in   his  Bible teachings  or  his   'prophesying'  or   has  gifts  and   miracles  occurring in   his   international  TV   ministry,   or   pastors  a   mega-church,   in NO  way   automatically   makes    him/her   a   'true'    man   or   woman of  God.     In  fact,   that   person   may   be   a    false  prophet    alto- gether,   even   demonized,   as   Paul   discerned   within   his    ministry.    
The  same  scenario  in   Paul's  ministry   is  coming  again   in  the  next days.     Bonafide  anointed  servants   of  God   will   be   seen  publicly casting   demons   out   of   popularized   TV   ministers   and   exalted Evangelical   leaders  who  carry  evil  spirits   yet   have  been   standing in    the    forefront    'for  many  days'     receiving    the   applause   of the   unsuspecting   body   of   Christ.
A  FIRST  example   of   total  spiritual  blindness  today   in  contrast to  the  Apostle  Paul's  powerful  ministry  occurred  several  years ago in  America.   This  was  when  a  top  group  of   Evangelical   Leaders had  a  demonized  homosexual  in  front  of  them,  Colorado  mega-church  Pastor  Ted Haggard.    Like  the  'prophetess'   who  crept  into Paul's  ministry,   Haggard   wowed   the  crowds   'for many days'   [Acts 16:18]    with   his   superior   Pastoring   and   teaching  skills   from   the Bible.     Haggard's   track   record   was   proven  as   a   'Christian' leader   and   his   outward  appearance   was   appealing.    Yet,  his inward   homosexual   nature   was  completely   undiscerned.

At  that  time,  what  did   the   overseeing  Evangelical  ministers  do? Did   they   discern   the   homosexual   demon   spirit   like   Paul   did ? Did   they  cast  it  out   like   Paul   did   with   the    'prophetess' ?  

No.   These blind leaders  elected him as  'President'  over 30  million believers.   Only  later  when  Haggard's  sexual  partner   finally  blew the  whistle  did  these  blind  leaders  finally  gain  understanding  of their  own  blindness  of  Haggard's  proven  lifestyle  for  many  years before.    This  is  a   huge  example  of   today's  blindess  and  lack of  spiritual  discernment   in   today's   5-Fold   ministers  and   so-called   'prophets'.     

I  say  all  of   this  without  any   condemnation  at  all   toward  Haggard or  the  ministers  who  ordained  him,  but  as  a  factual  example  to remind  the  body  of  Christ  of  the   sharpened  discernment  required today  greater  than  ever  before.    Keen  discernment   sees  past   the outward  talents  or    charisma  of  a  person  and  discerns  his  spiritual nature.   Sharpened  discernment  coupled  with   knowledge  of  God's Word   which   identifies   a   bonafide   5-Fold   Leader   of   God    [or  not]    is   what   is   required   today   so   as   to   NOT  be   'misled'   as the   Lord   forewarned.    

History  is  filled  with  powerful  leaders,   good  and  evil,    who  spoke with  great   confidence  and  great  charisma,   even   doing  some 'good'    things  here   and   there.     But,   in   today's   End  Times   and within   the  Christian  body,   there   has  never   been  such  a   need for   laser-beam   discernment    by   the   Spirit  of  God    'to  discern good  and evil'.    Even  of  those   amongst   us  who  might  outwardly be   doing    various   'good'   things   in    their   lives,   which   is  usually the   case   in   our   society.          [Hebrews 5:14].    

A  second  example  deals  with  the   8 false prophets  named above, the  main  band  of   self-sent  false prophets   amongst   Evangelicals today.    In  contrast  to  the   Apostle  Paul,   when  they  recently  had  a demonized   alcoholic  huckster   [Todd Bentley]   in   front  of  them,   did they  discern  it   like  the   true   prophet,  Paul,  and  then  cast   it   out?  
Absolutely not.   These  blind  hucksters   endorsed  him,  laid  hands on  him  and   then  sent   Bentley  out  to  minister  with  their  full support  as  the  next   great   evangelist  amongst   the   body  of  Christ.

Only  later  in  2008  did   these   blind  false  prophets   finally   figure out  their  own  folly  when  Bentley  was  exposed as  an  alcoholic  and womanizer  which  quickly  terminated  Bentley's   'ministry'  and   his marriage.      Bentley  quickly   re-married  after   his   divorce. 

To  further  this  folly  today,  Rick  Joyner,  one  of  today's  self-proclaimed  'apostles'   who  heartily  endorsed  Bentley, has  written recent   tiring  ramblings  expressing   his  current  process of   'restoring' Bentley  back  to   ministry.    Peter Wagner  also  obviously  deflects most  all   of   his   and   the  other   'prophets'   own   failure   and blindness   in   endorsing   Bentley.  

Yet  still,  ALL  of  these  8  false prophets  continue   holding  them- selves   up   as   the    mighty   men  of  God   and   the   'apostles'   and 'prophets'   within  the  Evangelical  world  and   circles,   themselves being  left   completely  undiscerned   and   unchecked  by   all   other 5-Fold    'ministers'    today.

In  fact,  ONLY blind  and  self-serving false prophets  could possibly  demonstrate  this  pattern  of  NOT  discerning  a  demon,  but actually  endorsing  that  unqualified  person,   and  then  sending him out   to   minister   in   God's  House   amongst   God's  children.     This resulted   in   the   proven   confusion   and   turmoil   which   followed amongst   Christians  and   even   exists   today  when  the   topic  arises.   
In  fact,   they have  a  track  record  of  this.    They've  also  done  this with  Paul Cain,  an  admitted  alcoholic  with  homosexual tendencies and  Bob Jones, another huckster  who  was  reprimanded  by  the other   'prophets'   for  being  an  admitted  luster  and   'fondler'   of women.     Jones   is   still   kept   aboard   as    the   active   and   hailed 'prophet-seer'   and    'mentor'    within   their  group.   

Again,  these  8  false  prophets   are  directly  opposing  God's  Word  in   'keeping  aboard'   or  even   associating  at   all   with  other  men  of proven   immoralities.     Scriptures  require  a   believer  to   'avoid every  brother  who  leads  an  unruly  life'    [2 Thess. 3:6]   and   to 'NOT  associate  with  any  so-called  brother  if  he  should  be  an immoral   person,   or  covetous,   or  an   idolater,   or  a  reviler,   or  a drunkard,   or   a   swindler,   and  not   even  to  eat   with  such  a  one.'
[1 Cor 5:11].      Only  self-serving   false  prophets   would   be   found in  these  patterns  of  blindness,  immoral  associations  and  failed ministry  standards.

Chuck Pierce,  Kim Clement,   Rick Joyner,  Bob Jones,
Peter Wagner,   John Paul Jackson,   Paul  Keith Davis,
Paul Cain        [*  others:   Mike Bickle,  etc]
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