1.    Today's  BLIND  false prophets  DO NOT   'see'

Matthew 24:33   is  one  of   the   most   important   prophecies   in   the entire  New  Testament  for  TODAY'S  WORLD.    Why?    Because  it FRAMES  in   one  verse  how   God's  people  can  have  100% confidence to   'know'   of   Christ's   'Nearness'   and   His   soon Return.   

In   referring  to   all   foretold   Bible  events   lined   up   together   and globally  in  scope  in   the  End  Times,   Jesus  forewarned  that "....when  you  see  all  these  things,  know  He is near,  even right  at  the door."     Without  question  and  as  Heisnear.com overwhelmingly  shows,  'all these things'   are  lined  up   now   on  the world's  stage   precisely  like   the  Lord   and   the  prophets  of  the Bible   forewarned   His   followers   to   watch   for   and    'see'.

However,  these   8  false prophets  DO NOT   'see all these things' as   the   Lord   instructed.     In  fact,   they   don't   see   ANY  of   them.

Only   false prophets   could  be  this  blind   as  to   NOT   'see'    and to   ALSO  LEAVE  OUT  ALTOGETHER   'all these things'   including the very  PRIME  topic   of  the  End  Times  and   the   book  of Revelation   itself:   the   Return of Christ.   Their  failure  here  actually proves  to  be   great   folly   based    on   the   fact    that    today's generation   has   obviously   drawn   closer   day-by-day,   since  1948's re-birth  of   Israel,    to   the   very   Return  of  Christ   itself.    Yet,  for the   last  20-30  years,   these  8  false  prophets  consistently  LEAVE OUT  ANY   mention  of   the  key  crucial  topics  of   today's  End Times.

Anyone  who  visits   the   Elijah List website,   the   internet   hub   for these  8  men,   will  see  quickly  that   ANY  significant  MENTION  of the  CRUCIAL TOPICS  of  Christ's  Return  and  His  Nearness  is obviously  ABSENT   from   99.99%   of   their   'prophecies',   their  dis- cussions   and   their   'prophecy  conferences'.   Their  TV  appearances   also   consistently  confirm   their   total   disregard   for 'all  these things'    lined  up   today   for   fulfillment.     

If   ever   one   of   these   8  men   do   actually   use   the   term   'the return  of  the  Lord'   or   use   other   End  Time   buzzwords,    then   it is   mostly   a   passing  remark   as  opposed   to   a   significant   and emphatic   statement   about   the   clear    fact   of    His   true Nearness   right   now,    and   soon   Return.  

Again,  this  is   because  of   these   8  men's   proven   blindness  to 'all  these  things'   today   coupled   with   their   proven  prime   motive to   be   recognized   and   praised   for   being   a    'prophet'   and 'apostle'   and    'seer'.      

This  is  exactly   what   the  Apostle  Paul   pointed   out   about   false leaders   who   'disguise  themselves  as  apostles  of  Christ'    [2 Cor 11:13]    based   in   their   motive  to  'desire an opportunity to be  rewarded  just  as  we  are',   like Paul   and  the  true   apostles.
[2 Cor 11:12].

To  contrast  their  folly  from  another  perspective,  think  of  the  many true   prophets  in  the   Bible   who   wrote  of    Christ's  Return    long before   it  even  occured.     For  example,  in  586 BC   Daniel   wrote MUCH  about   the   'Return of Christ'   almost   2600   years  ago before  the  fact.    Another  example  is   the   Apostle  John   who  wrote the   book  of   Revelation   2000  years   ago   based   in   his   vision  of the   Return of  Christ    in   the   End  Times.  

Yet   these  8   self-proclaimed   'prophets-seers'   and   'apostles'   of the  Elijah List   don't   'see'  nor   do   they  even  MENTION   Christ's Nearness    as   He   instructed   for   the   very   FINAL   generation   in which   He   is   about   to   virtually   Return.       If   there   actually   is any   commentary    written   in    the   past   20   years   by    any   of these   8   men   concerning   ANY   of   today's   prime   End  Time topics   then    it    is    completely    drowned   out    by    their    solid track   record   for   20-30   years  of    leaving    'all these  things'   out of    their    prime   discussions   and    'prophecies'.  

However,   to  be   as  specific  as   possible  then   the   following   list names   some  of   the   absolute   vital  End  Time  topics   foretold   in scriptures  including   ones   which   Jesus   Himself   instructed   His followers   to   be   vigilante   about   and    to   'see'.     

As   you  are   reading   them,    try   to   remember    the    last    time you   heard   any   of   these   8   men,    even   'mention'   1    of   these topics   as  specifically   being   present  on   the   world's  stage  TODAY and   being  ready   for   fulfillment.     You  haven't.      You   also haven't  heard  any  teachings   from   these   blind   'seers'   which even   remotely   begin   to   specifically   announce   these   critical topics   to   God's   people   as   ready   for   fulfillment    today:


*the virtual   Nearness  of Christ TODAY-
*the  imminent  Return of Christ  to this generation-
*the  visible SIGNS  TODAY  of  Christ's  Return-
*Antichrist's  exact  profile  and  appearance on the world stage today- 
*the  current  nearness  to  the   'start'   of  the  7  Year Tribulation- 
*Mideast Peace discussions  between Israel and the man of sin being readied  today,  in  plain  view-
*the  precise  identity of  the Great Harlot  and being in place today-
*the  true meaning of  666,   and  in  plain  view  today-
*disussions  in   Israel  regarding  the  'building of the 3rd Temple'-
*the  abomination of desolation  mentioned  by  Jesus  and  being  fully rehearsed  publicly  inside  Jewish  synagogues  in  plain  view-
*the  rapidly  approaching  and  foretold  1-World GOVT,   in plain view-
*the   rapidly-rising  EU  now  to  its  final  foretold  World  Kingdom  status,   with  Antichrist  headquartered  there,  in plain view-
*the  true  scriptural   'timing'  of the  Rapture  to prepare God's people-  *the clear profile of Revelation's False Prophet  and his   mark of the beast,   being  readied  and  in  PLAIN VIEW TODAY-  
*100% PROOF of Christ's  Nearness   based  upon  'all these things' being  precisely  lined  up  today,   etc..          [ all shown @ Heisnear.com ]

Again,   NO SPECIFIC WORD,  much  less  specific  teachings,  are even  uttered  by  these   8 false prophets  on  these  KEY  End  Time topics  except  maybe  only  in   passing.   Only  false  prophets   who don't   'see'   could   possibly   make   this   blunder   at    this   most exciting   and   critical   time   in   today's   End  Times.  

2.    NO TRUE PROPHET of GOD   would  FAIL to  'blow the trumpet of alarm'   which  warns  God's Children   of  what's  coming         [Ezekiel 33:4-7].   

Blowing the trumpet  to  warn  God's  people  is  one  of   the  PRIME responsibilities,  in  fact  requirements,  of  a  true Watchman  which every  true prophet  of  God  is.      Namely,  to  'see'   and   'know'   in advance,  like  Christ  stated,   what   is  coming   and    what   God  is  about   to   do.         [Ezekiel 33:4-7  /  Math 24:33]
Additionally,   that  true  prophet  is  then  called   to  'blow the trumpet' and  sound  the  alarm  to  God's  people,  letting them know  too.   This is  the  case  throughout  the  Old  and  New  Testaments   with  true prophets. 

Yet,  this is exactly  what  the  Elijah List  hucksters  completely FAIL to do   for  the  last   20-30  years.     They  fail   as  a   'Watchman' since   they   do   not   'see'   ANY  of   the   MAJOR   prophecies   today and   they   fail   to   'sound the alarm'   by   NOT  SPECIFICALLY announcing   to   the   body  of   Christ   ANY  of   these  critical   End Time   topics.

This  includes   their   massive   failure    to  even  mention    the    Lord's prime  topic  to   'watch'  for:      the  'Nearness of Christ'   and   His 'Return'.      

Again,  this  obvious  failure  as  'watchmen'   in  itself  spotlights  and confirms  the  total  blindness,  extreme self-centeredness  and  self-serving  nature  of   these   crafty  expositors.   Yet   these 8  impostors continue  in  fleecing  God's  people  in  their  selling  and  promoting  of their  books,  CD's   and   'prophecy conferences'    to  all   unsuspecting followers  who  chase  after   the   latest   flashy  preacher  and   so-called    'prophet'.

The  Prophet Jeremiah   foretold  of   the  proven   failure   of   today's false  prophets   who  FAIL  to   properly   oversee   God's   people and   who   do   NOT   announce   His   warnings.     He  also  showed their   1st   error  of   not   continually   remaining  in   the  deep presence   of   God   and   His   council.       He  said:

'The anger of the Lord will not turn back,  Until  He has performed and carried out the purposes of His heart;  In  the last days you will clearly understand it.    I  did  not send these prophets,  But they ran.   I  did  not speak to  them,   But they prophesied.   But  if they had stood in My council, Then they would have announced My words to My people, And would have turned them back from their evil way,  And from the evil of their deeds.'            [ foretold by Jeremiah the prophet   /   Jer. 23:20-22 ]

3.    NO TRUE PROPHET of GOD  'MISLEADS' God's   people  

No  true  prophet  of  God  will  mislead  God's  people.   Only false prophets   mislead   people.  

Jesus   repeatedly  foretold   that   in   the   End Times   'many  false prophets  will arise,  and  will  mislead  many,  even  the  elect,  if it  were possible.'      [Math 24:4, 24].        He   also   instructed:   'See to  it  that  no  one  misleads  you.'        [Math 24:4].

However,   these   self-sent   'prophets'   mislead   millions  of  God's children  in   the   Evangelical   circles   from   the   TV   airwaves  in  America and  around  the  world.   They  are  the  most  prominent  and  publicly recognized  group  who  continually  hold  themselves up  as  'prophets'   while   fooling   God's   unsuspecting   Spirit-filled   people  from   'seeing'   ANY   of    'all these things'   which   the   Lord   ins-tructed    End  Time   believers   to   be   alert   to.         [Math 24:33].

Many  believers  in  America  today  and  around  the   world   can  sense that  something  is   wrong   when  watching   these   self-proclaimed prophets  and   their  mode  of  operations.    Particularly,  when  recog- nizing   the   clear   'mess'   which   exists   today   in   America's    Evan- gelical   churches  and   TV   ministries.    As  stated  previously,   this  is a   direct   product   resulting   from    the   last   20-30   years  of   failed  and   sloppy   5-Fold   leadership,   especially   the  'prophets'.

These 8  men's  typical   patterns  of   misleading   God's  people  with empty   'prophecies'   which   fail to LINK   to   the   major  prophecies  in front  of   us   today  is   like   a  traffic cop   directing   everyone  to  drive   blindly  down   a   side  street.   

The  cop  himself   never  points  to,  never  mentions,   nor  even  'sees' that   the   other  street    right   in    front   of   everyone   is,     in  fact, the   exact   and    obvious   MAJOR  ROAD   to   take.      Yet,   he continues  to   stand  boldly  in   the   forefront   holding   himself   up   as the  ultimate   'traffic cop'   in  charge.    Later,  all   the  drivers  dis- covered   that   he  not   only  'misdirected'   the   people,   but   in  fact, he   was   no  'real'  cop   at  all,   but  only  dressed   himself  up  as  one.      

4.  ONLY  FALSE PROPHETS   Neglect  God's Children        [ true prophets  will   'equip the saints' ]

There  are   many   different   ways  to   properly   care   for   a    child and   to   avoid   neglecting   him.     2  categories   could   cover   most if  not  all  of  them.    Namely,  properly   'overseeing'   and   'feeding' that  child.     These  2  categories   are  scriptural  and  REQUIRED   to be   carried  out    faithfully   by   every   5-Fold   leader   or    'prophet' of   God   in   charge   of   God's   children.     The   8  men   named above   fail   in    both   of    these   required   categories.

This  is   another  key  section   for   the   body  of  Christ   to   remember in  order   to   'see'   and   to  discern  quickly   today's  so-called 'Christian'    ministers   and    TV   preachers    in    the    true    light    for who   they   really   are,    or   are  not.

God's  children, the  body of Christ,  are  His  #1  interest  and priority  in  all  of  His  creation.    And,  every  true prophet  and   true 5-Fold   minister of  God  will  know  this   and   will   also  have  God's children  as   his   own   #1   interest   and   priority.      Again,   a  true Christian  Minister  and   'prophet'   will  not  fail   to   properly    'Over- see'   God's   children   and    also   'feed'   them   properly.

If  any  so-called  5-Fold Leader  fails  in  either  of  these  serious requirements  from  God  then  that   Church   leader/minister  is  NEGLECTING  GOD'S  CHILDREN.    

According  to  the  Lord  Himself,  NEGLECTING  GOD'S  CHILDREN   is an eternal  error   for   any   leader/minister   who  holds   himself/ herself up   in   front   of   the   body  of  Christ.    Why?     Because  that minister   is   neglecting   the   very   TOP  PRIORITY  which  God charged   him    to     'oversee'    and    take   care   of.

Jesus  SPECIFICALLY  clarified  an  extreme  fate  for  so-called 'Christian'   leaders  of  the   End Times   who  neglect  God's children. Again,  He  said   this  at  the  end  of  His  discourse  on  the  End  Times   as   recorded   in   Matthew 24.

He  likened   all   those  in   the   End Times   who   hold   themselves  up as  Christian  ministers   as  either  feeding   His  household    'their food at  the proper time',    or   not.          [Math 24:45].

Those  true   5-Fold  Leaders  [apostles,  prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers]   who  are   found  doing  so   when  Christ  returns,  He profiled  as   the  'faithful  and  sensible'   slaves.    They  proved 100%   'faithfulness'   to  God  in   uprightness   and   also  100%   faith- fulness  in  overseeing  and  caring  for  His  #1  priority:    His  children
These  'faithful'   servants   were   nourishing   the   body   of   Christ with   the   meat   of   the   'Word'   and    the   things  of   the   Spirit   in the  End Times,   which  make  God's  children  upright,  Christlike, aware,  strong   and   ready   for  Christ's   imminent   return   as    He repeatedly   instructed.      'Blessed  is  that  slave   [End Time Leader] whom  his  Master    [the  Lord Jesus]    finds  so  doing  when  He comes',   Jesus  said.          [Math 24:46]

However  today,  the general  group  [99%]   of  today's  popularized TV  ministries,  Church  leaders  and   flashy  TV   preachers  in  America are   failing  in   'giving'   God's   children  'their  food  at  the   proper time'.      Again,   this   is   because  of   their   collective   blindness  to 'see all these things'    right   in   front  of   this   generation.  

So  far,   this  places  them   into   the  opposite  profile  of   End  Time leaders    who    Jesus   profiled   as    the    'wicked  and  lazy  slave'. [Math 24:48-51].

Think  for  a  moment  of  your  favorite  TV  preachers  and   pop- ularized   TV  Mega-Church   ministers  who  come  to   mind.     When was  the   last   time  you  heard   him/her   specifically  emphasize   with bold  100%  confidence   about   the   'Return of Christ'   or  the 'Nearness of Christ'   being   near   to    this   generation  right  now  ? Mostly,  you   haven't. 

Except  for  a  rare  few,   99.9% of  today's  Church leaders  and  TV  ministers  across   America   FAIL  to   even  bring  these   crucial   topics up.    Today's  so-called   8  prophets  of   the  Elijah List  ALSO  FAIL COMPLETELY   the  Lord's   requirement  of   'giving them their food at the proper time'

In  Christ's  parable,  those  so-called  'Christian'   ministers  who   were NOT   found  attending  to   His  flock  and  NOT   'giving them their food at  the  proper time'   were   labeled   as   'wicked  and  lazy' slaves   since    they  NEGLECTED   to   'feed'   God's   children.    

Jesus   noted  that  their  failure  to  announce   to  God's  people  the imminent   return  of  Christ   [ which  is  TODAY'S  'food at the proper time' ]    was   PROOF  that   the   Master's   very   return,    to  them, was   unimportant   and   'not  coming  for  a  long  time.'        [Math 24:48].

These  kind,  Jesus  said,   will   be   assigned   to   a   place   where 'hypocrites',  'weeping'   and  'gnashing of teeth'   will   be.    [Math 24:51].    This   re-emphasizes  the   serious  and   extreme   responsi- bilities    God    has    placed   upon   His   called   Leaders.     Those who    hold   themselves   up   as   such   but   fail    the    test   face   the greatest    judgement   before   God.

The  Apostle Paul  also  expounded  on  Jesus'  requirement  of  'giving food at the proper time'   to  God's  people.    Paul  charged  every true   5-Fold   minister   to   'equip the saints'.   [Eph 4:12].      One quick  way   for   believers   to   discern   how   well   any   particular minister   'equips the saints'    is   by   looking   closely   at    his  teaching    'topics'.     

Here again,  although  God's  children  today  are  thirsting for  the  deep truths of  God's Word,   99%  of  today's  general  body  of  popular  TV ministers and  Church  Leaders  unanimously  can  be  heard  all  day giving  irrelevant,  watered-down,  elementary  and  ear-tickling messages  which  completely  leave  out   the   VITAL   'food'   crucial for   today's   End  Times    as  required  by  the  Lord.      

This  fact  proves  the  bulk  of  today's  TV ministers,  mega-church Pastors  and  so-called   'prophets'  as  FAILING  in   these  categories of  properly   'overseeing'  God's  children  and  properly  'feeding' and    'equipping'    His   children. 

Keeping  all  of   this  in   mind,    then  these   8   men  totally  fail   as 'prophets'   since   they've  FAILED   to   give   God's   children    'their food at  the proper time'.     In  fact,   they've   not   even  given  God's children  a   crumb,   for   20-30   years  now,    by   virtually   not 'seeing'   nor    announcing   to   God's   people   ANY   of    the   crucial topics   which   the    Lord   Jesus   emphatically    instructed    End  Time believers   to   be   sharply   alerted   to.     From   the   Lord's   perspec- tive    this   is   neglect   of   the   most   extreme   kind. 

5.    Deceptiveness  in  their   'prophecies'

In   addition  to   fooling  millions  into   believing   they  are  'prophets', these  8  men   also  fool   many   in   their   'prophecies'.      They  are sophisticated  in  their  deceptive  patterns   which   are   identified here. 

When  it  comes  to  their  actual    'prophesying'   itself   these  8  men have   proven  to  be    only   elementary  and  deceptive    as   talked about   below.     In  fact,   whether   these   men   are    'prophesying'   to others  personally  in   a  church  service   or  attempting   to   'prophesy' about   America   or   the   world  events,   then   they   only  operate  in the  first-level   of    'prophesying'.     

Most   true   Spirit-filled   believers   know   that    going    through   this first-level   of   'learning  to  prophesy'   is   definitely   scriptural.     It is   mostly   used   to   exhort   others,   edify   and    comfort   others. The   Apostle   Paul    said   'all'    believers   can   operate    this   way. [1 Cor  14:1,3,5 ].     However,   if   a   person   only   operates  in   this first-level,   as  do  these   8  false  prophets,   then   they  are  most definitely   NOT    'prophets',     but   only   novices   at   best.    
This   fact   of   these  8  men   being    'novices'   plus   their  100% failures    to    'see  all   these  things'    [or  see  any  of  them]     on the   largest   prophetical   scope,   emphatically   confirm   them   as 'false prophets'    altogether.

But,   the  body  of  Christ  must  remember  that  although  true prophets   will   definitely   have   accurate   prophecies,   so   can   false prophets   as   demonstrated   by    the   evil-spirited   prophetess   within the   Apostle  Paul's   own   ministry.        [Acts 16:16-18].

From  Paul's  perspective,  it  was  not  this  woman's  accurate 'prophecy'    which   'greatly annoyed'   him    [Acts 16:18]    nor  even the   fact   that    her   prophecy   was   as   elementary  and   obvious as  it  could   be,   saying   'These  men  are   bond-servants  of  the Lord   and   proclaiming   the   way   of  salvation.'        

What   'annoyed'   Paul   was   that    this   prophetess  was  constantly 'for  many  days'   hindering  God's  people   from   focusing  on   the Lord  Jesus  to  become  saved.    Her   pattern   distracted  people's attention    from   seeing   and   hearing   the   truths    of   God.       Paul discerned   that   only  a   devil   would   have   that   kind   of   de-termined   interest,   even  under  the  guise  of   being  a   prophetess.

In   the  same   way,    these  8  false  prophets   have    a   proven track   record   of   distracting   God's   people's    attention   from   the most   critical    truths   which   Christ   Himself    forewarned   all   of    His followers   to   watch   for   and    to    'see'.   

Also   like  Paul,   many   Spirit-filled   believers   in   America   who   have watched   these   8   men   have   had   the   same   sense   of    being 'annoyed'    in    observing   their   continual  distractions   to   the body   of   Christ    'for many  days'.       Namely,   20 - 30  years.

Since   these   8  false prophets  are   totally  blind   to  the   MAJOR prophecies  and   'all  these  things'   lined up  RIGHT NOW  in  today's End  Times,   then   it's   no   wonder  that   they   have   need   to  grasp and   reach   for   new   ideas  to   hold  up   as   their   'prophecies'   and 'words  from   the   Lord'.        This  only  fuels  their   errors.   

However,  like  the  prophet  Jeremiah   foretold,  "IF  they  had  stood in  the council  of  God',   then  they  would  have  heard  directly  from Him   and   would   have   'announced'    His   truths  to   His  people. Their  failure  to   stand   in   God's   presence   and    without   diligence in  His   Word   on   the   critical  MAJOR  prophecies   spoken   by   the Lord   and   the  Bible  prophets,   has  resulted   in   their  proven  crafty patterns   listed   below.

GENERALIZATIONS:   A  prime  pattern  for   these   8  men   and  for  most    of    their   downline   and    associate    'prophets'    at    the  Elijah List   is    to   make    'generalized'   and/or    nebulus     state- ments   which   allow   for    total    open-ended   interpretations.     Then, if   and   when   any   event   happens   later   which   even    remotely appears  to   'match'    their   'prophecy',   then   these  8  men   are found   jumping   right   back    up   into   the   forefront    and    taking the   credit   as   they   themselves   are    typically   their   own   best 'interpreter'   of   their   own    prior    'prophecies'.     This  is  a   total 'shell-game'   which    God's   unsuspecting    people   have   bought hook-line-and-sinker.

Anyone  who  spends  just  10   minutes   at   ElijahList.com   will immediately   recognize  this  pattern  of  generalizations.    As  I've emphasized,  they  also  dish  out   'accurate'   teachings   or   proph- ecies   at   times   but   are   always   elementary   and   left   open-ended   since   their    'prophecies'   and    'words  from  the  Lord'    DO NOT  specifically   LINK   in  any  way   with   the   specific   big   picture.

These  8  men  also   are   experts  at   usually  decorating   their   gen- eralizations   and    'prophecies'    with   spiritual   sounding   titles   and buzzwords.      But,   trying   to   track   the   accuracy   of   their prophecies   is   the    'shell-game'   because   of    the    nebulus   and generalized   nature  of   them.       How   can  anyone   'track'   or confirm   a   generalization ?        But,   these   false  prophets   'can'.

Some  types  of   wide-open  phrases  circulating  TODAY   in   their 'prophecies'   are   'a  Season of change',   'a  Season  of  prosperity', 'a  Shift  is  coming',    'Winds  of  change  are  blowing',   'God  is getting ready  to  do  something',   etc,  etc.

Chuck  Pierce  and   Kim  Clement  who  are  the   most   recognizable TV   personalities   to   Evangelicals   can   be   seen   constantly   with their   writing  or   speaking   out   of   so   many   nebulus   'prophecies' that   most  of   them   just    fall   to   the  side   and   become   forgotten.

In   contrast,   the   true   MAJOR  PROPHECIES   which  Jesus   said   to 'see'   in   today's   End  Times   are   not   generalized   ramblings,   but SPECIFIC   events   and   prophecies   which   will   NOT   fall   to    the side   or   become   forgotten.     In   fact,   they   have  now  increased
to    global clarity    as    the    Bible    foretells    for     today's     gen- eration    which    is    already    beginning    to    'see all these  things'.

SETTING  DATES:      Many  times   Pierce  and  Clement   and   the other  false  prophets   are  crafty  as   they   name   a   certain   time frame   or   month    for  something   to   happen.      Again,   their   tricki- ness   is   that   the   very   content  of   their   'prophecy'   is   so generalized,   nebulus   and  open-ended   that    it    allows   full liberty   for   these   men   to   either   grab   something   which   might occur   and    resemble   their   'prophecy'   or   just   let    the  prophecy drop   to    the   side   if    they   so   choose.     

Cleary,  most   of   their   'prophecies'   drop   out   of   the   mix   since they   are   elementary,    don't   come   to   pass   and    DO  NOT   have any   specific   LINK   whatsoever   to   the   concrete   MAJOR   proph- ecies    and    events   right    in    front   of   this   generation.  

For  example,   they  might  say,   'In  the  months  of  October  and November  a   major  shift   will  come   to  California,   affecting  millions.'    
Although  this  sounds   specific  by   naming  the  months   and   even naming  a   location,   the   prime  content    [ 'a  major shift' ]   of   the 'prophecy'    is   generalized.      Then,  if   for   example   anything  at all   were  to  actually  happen  during  those  months,   like  an   earth-quake,   then   these   false  prophets'   proven  pattern  will   be   to immediately   jump   right   back   into    the   limelight,    like   on   Trinity Broadcasting  Network,    patting   themselves   on    the   back   as   the 'prophet'    who   'predicted   the  earthquake  of  California'.     A    total hoax.     

On  the  other  hand,  if  nothing  were  to  happen  in California   of which   these 8   men   could    apply   to   their  generalization  or 'stick  under  one  of   their  shells',    then   the   'prophecy'   is  forgotten about   or   lost    in    their   ongoing   assembly    line   of    'prophecies'.  
As  a   result   over  the   years  of   the   viewing  audiences   not   being privy   to    their    'shell-games',    then   understandably    Evangelicals and   unsuspecting   observers   have   marveled   at    the   'specific' prophecies   conjured   up   by    these   self-sent   hucksters.   

But,  as  mentioned  earlier,  God  is  not  mocked.   The  body  of  Christ and   unbelievers   in   America   and   worldwide   are    already   begin- ning    to   have   their    eyes   opened   to   'see all these things' which   the   Lord   forewarned   to   watch   for   on   the   largest   global scope  prophetically.    Even  though   8  so-called   'prophets'   can't 'see'    ANY   of   them.

6.    SUMMARY  -   examples:

Although  many   specific   areas   where   these   8  men   immediately strike   out   as  'prophets'    have  already   been   identified   in   this letter,  there   are   countless  more   examples   demonstrated  by   them over   the   last   20-30   years.      The   few   final   examples  below show   more   errors  on   their   part,    their   producing   of   harm   to God's   people   and   misdirection   to   the   body  of  Christ.


Clement   and  Pierce   are   also   the   most   recognizable   in   their constant   public   self-boastings   about    'being a  prophet'.    This pattern   in   itself   immediately   fails   true   Christlikeness   since   the mature  'love'   of   Christ    'does not  brag'   and    is    'not  arro- gant'.   [1 Cor 13:4].     This   is   a    huge  failure   on  ANY   minister's part   which   proves   he   needs   go   back   and    first    mature   as   a 'believer',     before    he   holds   himself   up   as   a     5-Fold  Leader. These    8   men   fit   exactly   into   this   profile. 

The  body  of  Christ  is  about   to   'see'   that   many  of   today's popular  TV   Ministers,   Mega-church   Pastors   and   flashy   ear-ticklers   are   failing   miserably   in   demonstrating   Christlikeness   and maturity   since   His   love   'does  NOT  act  unbecomingly',    'is  not arrogant'   and   'does  not  brag'   as   is  seen  in  so   many   'Christian' ministers.

Cockiness  is  also  an   obvious   trait   of   arrogance   seen   greatly in  today's   worldly-minded   ministers  and   so-called    'prophets'    and 'prophetesses'.      However,   nothing  about  Christ  is   cocky   which immediately  speaks  loudly,   again,   about   today's   ministers'   failure to   demonstrate   Christlikeness    and    His    'love'.       Some   of   the cockiest   personalities  on  the  TV  airwaves   are   today's   'Christian' ministers.

No   true   prophet   of  God   will   be   found   failing   Christ's   #1   trait of   'love'   which,    Jesus  stated,    proves   who   are    His    true 'Disciples'.    [John 13:34,35].      Virtually,   the   arrogance   of   these 8  men    who    'think  more   highly  of   themselves   than   they  ought' as   'prophets'    also    immediately   shows   their   failure   of   being even    a    true    'Disciple'   of   Christ,    much   less   a   'prophet'.     [Rom 12:3].       [Links  below]

How  big   of   a   failure  is   this   by    today's    so-called   'prophets' and    '5-Fold   Ministers'    and  TV   preachers   who   misrepresent Christ's  nature   to   America   and    the   world ?      

FALSE  PROPHECIES,    blindness   and    a    self-serving   nature    

One  of   the  recent   blunders  on   Kim  Clement's   part   was  in   the earlier  months  of  2008  on  TBN.    Clement stood  on  stage announcing   emphatically   that    'there  will  be  NO  RECESSION  in America!'.    However,  only  months   later  in   mid-September America's  worst   economic  collapse   since   the   Great  Depression kicked   in   and   still   goes  on   today,   and  globally.     TBN   simply swept   this   to    the   side   as    usual   and    continues   to  allow   this prime  huckster   prime  time  amongst   God's   Evangelical   body  of Christ,  the  'elect'.     Clement's  'shell-games'  and   'self-boasting' are  countless.     Any   unbecoming   loud-mouthed  cocky   nature,   as Clement's,   fails   true   Christlikeness   since   love    'does   NOT act   unbecomingly'    and     'is  not  arrogant'.         [1 Cor 13:4, 5].


On  October 30, 2009   Kim  Clement   had   30  minutes   as   the  only guest   on   Paula  White's   program   with   her   initial   question addressing   America    and    the   world's   situation   prophetically.    As always,   Clement   made  no   reference   whatsoever   to   ANY   End Time   prophecies   for   the    entire  30   minutes.       Also   as  usual, his  ramblings   about   being   a    'prophet'   and   self-boastings   were Clement's    favorite  topics   telling  White,    "At   times  during   prayer I   prophesy   to   myself   telling   myself   how   great   I   am.       I   also remind   God   of   all   the   great   things   I've   done."       Clement's arrogance  is  exactly   what   got   satan   thrown  out  of  heaven.    Try to    picture   the   Apostle  Paul    or   Jesus   before   God   in    prayer saying   these   kind   of   words.     


Most  recently  in  October  2009,   John  Paul  Jackson   spent   30 minutes   on    Sid   Roth's   TV   program   and    demonstrated    total nebulus  garble   about   what's   coming   to   this   world   and   to America.     As  always  with   these   8  false prophets,  NOT  1  WORD was  mentioned  of   ANY  of   the   Major  Prophecies   ready   for   ful- fillment    today    including   the   topic   of   the    'Nearness of Christ'.

At   one   point   when   asked   by    Roth   to   be   specific  about   the 'underground  tunnels  the  Lord  showed  him',  Jackson  stated   that he   wasn't  sure   and   then   began   speculating   about    what   it   all meant.     No  true prophet  of  God   would   be   confused   about what   God   showed   him   and,   worse,   recklessly   spread   that confusion  to  others.    Plus,   the   Lord  has   much   greater  priorities like  winning  souls,   readying  His  people  and   opening   eyes  globally to   'all these things'    pointing   to    His  Return,    than   showing    a so-called   'prophet'   about   nebulus    'underground   tunnels'    which he   doesn't   understand   anyway. 


Chuck  Pierce's   recent   appearance  on  TBN   in   2009    lasted   for 20  minutes.      As  usual,    not   1  word  was  uttered   about   ANY  of the   Major  Events  or   Major   prophecies   foretold   for   these   End Times   of   which   Jesus   forwarned   to    'see'.     Like   the  other false  prophets  of  Elijah List,   the  topic  of   'the  Nearness of Christ'   or   'His  Return'   was  nowhere  to   be   found   in  Pierce's speech.   

Pierce's   only   topics   were   about   the   many  countries   he's   trav- eled    to,     his   new    books   which    are   able    to    be    purchased and   his   'word  from  the  Lord'     which   generalized    the    'shift coming'.     As  is   his   pattern   like   Kim Clement   and   the   other false  prophets,    Pierce   peppered    his   speech    from    beginning to   end    with   self-boasting   word-bytes   which  are   craftily   intended to   remind   the   audience   that   he   himself   is   the   'prophet'   and 'seer'.       As   typical,   the   unsuspecting   audience   cheered   the total   self-promotion   by   Pierce.


One  of   Bob  Jones'   'seeing'   experiences   is    his   attributing   of an   evil   spirit   as   being   an    'angel  from  God'.      No   true prophet  of   God   or   'seer'   would    misinterpret   a    demonic   force as   obvious  as   this   example  as   being   from   God.     Jones  has described   it   as   a    female-like   angel   slowly    floating   up   and down  the   isles  at   past   church  gatherings.     Not   only  did   Jones respectully    name   her    'Emma',    but   convinced   others,     like   his prodigy  Todd  Bentley,    to  also  believe  it.     Untold  numbers   of unsuspecting   believers    have   been   contaminated   by   Jones'   evil interpretations   which   cause   confusion   and    blindness   to    the truth.      Still,   Jones   is   kept   within   the   circles  of   these   false prophets   and    Elija List.com    and    hailed   as   the   'seer'    even with    his   recently   admitted   'fondling'   of   women.


As  mentioned  previously  at  the  beginning of  this  letter,  a   huge example  of   these   8  men's   folly   and   error    is   their   endorsing of  Todd  Bentley,   the  proven  and  admitted   alcohol-drinking huckster.      It   bears   repeating   that    only  false prophets   like these  8,   could   possibly  be   this   blind  as   to    endorse  and   send out  as  an  evangelist   a   wolf   in   sheep's   clothing.      Worse,   is their    continued    association    with    Bentley   as    Rick  Joyner   the 'apostle  carries  out    his   'restoring'   process.       All  of   this directly  opposes  God's  Word   which   instructs  believers   to   'avoid' such   a   person.        [1 Cor 15:33;  1Cor 5:11;  2 Thess 3:6].  
Not   only   are   Rick  Joyner,   Chuck Pierce,   Peter Wagner   and Bob  Jones   STILL   blind    to    their   original   mistake   of   endorsing Bentley,    but   they   are   in   the   determined   process   NOW   to REPEAT   the   same   error.     Only   false  prophets   could   possibly be   this   blind   to   continually   make   these   kinds  of   major   errors in   judgement   and    then   to    recklessly    heap    these   neglectful decisions   upon   God 's   children,   His   'elect'.     

It   is  time  now   for   these  and   other   hirelings  amongst  the   body of  Christ   to   be   spotlighted   by   truth.     As   the   Lord   forewarned for   today's   End  Times,     'See  to  it  that  no  one  misleads  you.'


'See to it  that no one misleads you.'       [Math 24:4]

'And many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.'
[Math 24:11]

'For  false Christs and false prophets will arise,  and  show  great  signs and  wonders,  so as to mislead,  if  possible,  even  the  elect.'       [Math 24:24]

'The anger of the Lord will not turn back,  Until  He has performed and carried out the purposes of His heart;  In  the last days you will clearly understand it  I  did  not send these prophets,  But they ran.   I  did  not speak to  them,   But they prophesied.   But,  if they had stood in  My council,  Then they would have announced My words to My people, And would have turned them back from their evil way,  And from the evil of their deeds.'          [ foretold by Jeremiah the prophet   /   Jer. 23:20-22 ]


[*Among countless false prophetical voices being heard today, these are also:  Steve Muncie,  Hank Kunneman,  Rod Parsely,  Mike Murdock, Lance Wallnau,  Mark Chirronna,  etc.]

------------ end   'Today's False Prophets'   and the Elijah List   /   Nov  5,  '09


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