Chapter 3             

Lack  of  knowledge  of  Leadership  Requirements...

There  is  no  greater  time  in  the  history of  the body of  Christ  than  right  now   for   God's   people   to   begin   knowing  &  handling  accurately  God's  Word  on  Leadership  requirements    which  qualify   &  confirm  His  true    leaders.        Having    this   vital  knowledge    will    result   in  sharp discernment   within   the   body  of   Christ   in   recognizing   true  men  of God    versus   the   false   men  of   God   in   the   deceptive  days ahead.

The   Lord   Himself   warned   His   followers,     "See  to  it  that  no  one  misleads  you."  [Math.24:4].          He    then   said  of   the  End Times, "for   false  Christs   &    false  prophets   will   arise....... so   as   to  mislead,    if   possible,    even   the   elect."      [Math.24:24].         This  warning  should   put   a   major   charge   in   every   believer   since   even  Christians  will   be  potentially  fooled  &  deceived  in   these  End  Times. Again,  knowledge   from   the   written  Word   plus   sharp discernment are  the  keys   in    order   to  not   be  "misled"   as   the   Lord   Himself forewarned.  

Today,  many  empty & false religions already are bold in their claims to be the    'true  children  of  God'     like   Islam,  Mormons   &  numerous secular religions  & cults.      Even  the   Roman  Papacy   professes  for  centuries  &  to   this   day  that   Roman Catholicism  under   the  Pope  is   the  "Only true  Church"    of   which  anyone  who  is   apart   from   is    "endangering their  faith  &  salvation".       [1870 Vatican Council / Canon Law ].        

In  America itself,   many   unqualified   "Christian"   ministers   &    false leaders   have   now    twisted   &   distorted   the   Gospel   into   a    totally  watered-down   hodge-podge  of   religious   folly.     This  has  opened  the door   for   many   persons    [even younger children]    to   claim   their  own "Christianity"     but    are   nowhere   close    to   being   His   true   disciple. In  some   cases,   some  are  not  even   truly   "saved".     This  has  much to   do    with    today's    unqualified  ministers   in   America    who  are  responsible    for     'leading'       [or   misleading]      God's   children.       

But,   if   believers  do  not  know  the exact  "bullseye profile"   of  how  a true   leader  of  God   should    look   &    act       [in   character,   attitude, behavior   &   his    responsibilities  as   a    leader] ,      then   how   "open"  is   the   door   for   unqualified  ministers   or   even   false prophets   to  easily   take   the   forefront   in   God's   House?

In   fact,   since   the  early  1990's  in   the  USA,   a   measurable  increase has  occurred  in   the   Evangelical   circle  of   highly  touted  TV  ministers [male & female]    who  have  evil spirits.      These  evil  spirits  deal  mostly in   the  areas  of  divination,  homosexuality  &  deceitfulness within  these false ministers.      This   applies   to   about   10%   of     today's   so-called "Christian"   ministers   in   America,    TV   ministers   included.                    [ *IMPORTANT  NOTE:   The  percentages   presented   in   this   chapter deal    strictly    with     the    approximate    300,000     "Christian"      [non-Catholic]      ministers   in    the   U.S. A.  ]

Once  again,   due  to   the    lack of  knowledge & discernment   in   the body of Christ  &  amongst  today's  leaders   then even  false ministers have  been   welcomed  with  open  arms  &  applause  into  God's  House. One    prime    example   of   devoid    discernment    is    when    two  true  Christian   TV    ministers    hosted    an     hour-long    program    where,  unbeknownst   to   them,    their   invited   "Christian"    guest   was   a    full-blown    demon-possessed   lesbian.        For   the   whole  hour   she   was  exalted    &   praised    by     the   2    Christian   hosts    &    the    live    TV  audience    for    her    nutrional    &    health    savvy    regarding     "staying  young".     

But,   in    the   days   ahead,     many   of    these    demonically-influenced  hucksters   will    be   exposed   by   God's   true  anointed  leaders   who  "have their senses trained to discern good & evil."     [Heb.5:14].          This will open the eyes of many,   including  the  body of Christ,   with  regard  to the  need   for  sharpened discernment   in   these  times   ahead.

For  the  most  part,   the  body  of  Christ  has  not   looked  closely  at   the scriptural requirements  for God's true leaders  in  the  same  way that most   people   do   not    look  closely   at    a   surgeon's    background   & qualifications before he  performs the  surgery.     Obviously,   persons  do not examine  the credentials of  their  college teacher  or even  their  boss to confirm whether that leader is  truly qualified  for  their  respective  role in the first place.     People   simply  assume  that  a  leader  is "qualified" since that leader is  representing himself as such  &  by  the mere  fact that he   is  already  operating  in   the  role.     

As  a   result,   the   inclination  for  most   everyone  is   to  simply   take  for granted  that   a  doctor,  judge,  attorney,  police officer,   politician or other leader-types    &   professionals   are    well-qualified   for   their   positions. Unfortunately  in the United States,   far  more  doctors are  truly qualified for their  medical roles,   ratio-wise,    than  are the  the  so-called  Christian leaders   we  see   today  across  America   &  on   TV  ministries.  

But  in  God's  House  it's  different  than  the  world's  ways of  crossing the fingers  &  hoping  or   assuming  a  professional  is   truly  qualified.      The written   Word  of   God   makes   it    simple   to   "identify"   God's  true leaders   &    to    be    double-sure    of    a    leader's    "qualifications".   The   written  word  of  God  says  a   whole   lot   about   this  topic  for   the believer  to  easily  grasp.     Once   a    believer   knows   the    "bullseye profile"   of    what    a   true   5-Fold  Leader   must    "look  like",    then sharp   discernment    will    identify    which    leader   is      [or  is  not]       a 'perfect  match'     inside    the     'bullseye'.

In  fact,   the   criteria   itself   for  Christian  Leadership    is  one  of   the  more  easier  subjects   to  study  out  scripturally.      The   Lord  would  not  give   His   children   the   solid   warning    to    "not  be  misled  by  false leaders"    &    then   make   this   scriptural   topic   itself    a    lengthy   &  confusing   puzzle   on     "how"     to     "not  be  misled".

Today's  Unqualified  Ministers...

Since    the   1970's    a   clear   &   substantial   increase   of   unqualified ministers   have   taken   the   forefront    in   America's   churches   &   TV ministries.       In    fact   today,   90%    [min.]    of   men   seen   operating  as   a    5-Fold   Leader  or   TV  minister  in   America   are   unqualified.  Although    these   are    true   "believers"   with   true   giftings,    they   fail to   meet   all   of    the  qualifications   set    forth   in   scriptures.     Of   this grouping,   most    have   a   true   "calling"    upon   their   lives  to   be    a  "leader"    yet   they   have   placed   themselves   prematurely   into   a    5-Fold    capacity.          Of   the   remaining  10%  of   men,    about  5%  are truly   operating    as    100%  qualified    5-Fold   Leaders     to   God's  people.         The   other  5%   are   in    the   profile   of     "false  prophets"  &    have    "deceitful spirits"    as    the   Apostle  Paul   warned   for   these End  Times.        [2 Cor.11:13;  1Tim.4:1].

As  indicated,   90%  of    the   Christian   men  seen  operating   today   in a     Leadership   ministry    in    America   are    failing    in    the    Biblical requirements   for   God's   Leaders.      This  makes  them  unqualified.  According   to  scriptures,     if    a     believer    is    not    100%  qualified   for   "leadership"     then   that   makes  him  only   "partially"   qualified. Without   question,      the    Bible    is    crystal    clear    that     being   only   "partially"    qualified   for    5-Fold    leadership   is   indeed    the   exact  same   as    being   UNQUALIFIED.      

Scripturally  &  from  the  Lord's  perspective,    there  is  no  such  thing  as being   "partially"     qualified     to    stand    in     one    of    the     5-Fold Leadership    capacities   found   in   Ephesians 4:11.          The  same  is  true    in    being    "above  reproach"    as   scriptures   demand   of   all Leaders.    [1Tim.3:2].         Being    "partially  above  reproach"   does  not exist    in    scriptures   for     5-Fold  Leaders.       In   fact,   a    true   leader of    God    must   be  100%  qualified     to    be    fit     for   any   of     the  roles    as   an     Apostle,    Prophet,    Evangelist,     Pastor   or    Teacher. NO   EXCEPTIONS,    according   to   the   Apostle  Paul.            [*This   is   talked   about    more   in    the    next    chapter   on    Biblical   Leadership  Requirements.].

For   example   today,      numerous   Christian    ministers    in    America    [highly  popular  TV ministers also]    are   not   yet    filled with the Spirit.   This   immediately   makes   them    incredibly  unqualified    &    brings  serious   neglect    &   a    diservice   to   God's   flock.        Most  of   these  are   wonderfully   gifted    &   truly    "called"     as    a    leader.       In   fact,   some of   these    already    lead   huge   churches   &    highly   successful   ministries for  many   years.       But,   if   neither  Christ   Himself   nor   His   apostles    ministered   until    they   were    fully   empowered,      then   do  today's   ministers   have   any    less    need  of    being    empowered   by   the   baptism   of    fire   in   the   Holy  Ghost ?          This  is  a  key   every  believer    [&  minister]     must   recognize  in  accurately  discerning   true  &   effective   leaders.

The  Apostle Paul   instructed  all   believers,     "be  filled  with  the  Holy Spirit!".     [Eph.5:18].             Scriptures   clearly   show    this   to   be  synonomous    with   being   anointed  with  power  &  fire    as   on   the   Day  of   Pentecost.   [Acts 2:3,4].            But,  how   less   effective   is   a   pulpit   preacher  or   any   minister   if   he   is   not   yet    "filled  with  the  Holy Spirit"?          Jesus  Himself   said   that    His   disciples   were   to   "Be  clothed  with  power  from  on high....".       [Luke 24:49].        

Again,   this    is    the    anointing  of     "power"    which    overflows   from  within  the   believer   &   comes   "upon"   the   outside   of    his   vessel.   But,   if   any    minister    is    not    "clothed"   spiritually,      then    he   is  spiritually   naked.        Being   filled    ["empowered"]    with   the  Spirit  is   one   of   many   prime  requirements    that    every    Leader  of   God   must  have  to  qualify    for    the   high   calling   of   overseeing   God's  people.

TV  Evangelism  in  America...

Over  the   last   35   years   [since the 70's] ,    Evangelical   TV  ministries themselves   have   had    the   greater  influence    throughout    America  [compared  to  local  church  Pastors]    since  they  are  seen   by   millions weekly.     Then  as  a   result  over  the  years,   other  ministers  &  Pastors in  churches   across   the   country   have   naively   followed   suit   in   their mirroring  of   the  same  mode,   the  same  overall  demeanor &  religious presentation  as   they   have  observed  from   the  TV  ministries. 
As   a   result   today,    what    Americans   are   mostly   witnessing   in  TV ministries   &   most   church   leaders   is   a    spiritually   weak     'mutual-admiration  society'    of   many   [90%]    unqualified Christian leaders.  Many of  these  Christian  leaders  &  TV  ministers  are  easy   to   identify  as loving   the  approval  of   men  &   being   seen   on   the   public  stage.  Over  the  years,    "Christian"   TV  networks   &   highly   visible  preachers themselves    are    primarily    responsible    for    letting    an   influx  of  unqualified    [Christian]    ministers   into   the   sheepfold.      Also,   even  though  scriptures  predict   that   "false prophets"   will   arise,    America's  Christian    leaders   have    themselves   opened   the   door   even   more.  Again,    the    lack  of    knowledge   &   discernment   is   why.

What  has   now   developed   today   in   America's  Christian   leaders   is largely   a    slop Christianity    which  has   spilled   over into  the  body of Christ.      Even  most  of   the  unbelieving  sect   in  America  can   identify the  characteristics  of   today's   "Christian"   presentation  as   completely unrespresentative   of   Christ.              In    fact,    many   solid   Christians themselves  in  America   legitimately   sit  at   home  wanting  no  part  with today's   worldly    ministers   &    church   Pastors.          From   the   Lord's perspective,    the   body of  Christ   itself   is   innocent   &   only   following innocently   as   sheep.       This  is   because  scriptures  are  clear  that   it is   the   'shepherds'    who  are  responsible    to   lead   God's  sheep. Not   visa  versa.  

Unfortunately   in    2006,     over    30   million   Evangelical    believers    in  America    [including other ministers]     followed  a    little   "too  innocently" as   their    elected   top   minister   was   exposed   &   soon   admitted  as  being  involved    in    drug    usage  &    homosexual    trysts   with   a    gay  prostitute.      Here again,   being   fooled  to   this  magnitude   is   a   clear  &  recent   example  of   total lack of discernment   on   the  part  of   all  leaders   who   promoted  the man  &  held  him  up  before  God's  people. Believers   took   the   bait,   hook,   line   &   sinker.       [ News/Nov '06 ]

Even   after   the   minister   was  deposed,   most   all   leaders    [including those  who  had  promoted  him]     can   still   be   seen   today   scratching  their     "undiscerning   heads"     about     "how"     this   could   have   ever  happened.           But,    where   are    today's    teachers   &    so-called   "prophets"   who  are  standing  up  as  a   result  &  providing  deep insight &  discernment   to  God's   leaders  &  the  body  of  Christ  on  how  to  be sure  that  this  scenario  is   minimized  in   the  future?       Sadly,   most  of today's    worldly    Christian    leaders    &     "prophets"   quickly    put   the  matter  to   the  side   with   shabby   explanations  like    "we  all   have  our problems"     &       "well,   we're   all   sinners".

But,  today's  unqualified leaders  &  popular  TV ministries  in America have  now  so  abased   the   "high  standard  of  excellence"    [Phillipians 1: 10; 2:15; 4:8]    of   Christianity,    that    Christian   TV    today   mostly  appears  as  another  worldly   "Entertainment Tonight"    type  of  program. But,   true   men   &   women  of  God   who  are   anointed   &  who   warn  God's   beloved   children  of   these  End Times  are   almost   non-existent on   today's  TV    "Christian"   channels.     

For example,   today's  ministers  have  lowered the bar  so much   that we  now  see  the  airwaves  flooded  with   so-called   "Christian"   hip-hop rappers,     heavy-metal     rock   groups    &     a     flood   of    unqualified "leaders"    who   are   promoted    as    "prophets"    &     "prophetesses".   Also   seen  is    the   constant   barrage   over   the   years  of    lukewarm  Hollywood  celebrities   &   pro  athletes   who  are   held  up  to   the   world &  God's   people   as    'spokespersons'    for  the  Gospel.      These  have by-and-large    replaced   God's    truly   anointed    5-Fold   ministers.

Prophetically,   today's   Christianity  as   presented   on   America's  TV screens   is   not   anywhere   close   to   reflecting   what   is  about   to  be  exhibited   by   God's  people  in  the  days  ahead.     The  Lord  has  many "Elijahs"   who   are   sitting   on   the  sidelines  today   in    America  who  have  been   faithful  &  diligent  in  the  word &  in  the  Spirit.       Many  of these  coming   powerhouse    believers   are   unknown   publicly   today.    However,  they  have  been  faithful  to  the  Lord  &  in  the   things  of   the  Spirit.      He   has   groomed   them   specifically   for  these  days  ahead.    
Like  the  prophet   Elijah,   the  Spirit   of God   knows  these  forthcoming  bond-servants   by   name  &   is   about   to   lead   them  by   the   Spirit   "out of  their  caves"    [1 Kings 19:9]     which   has   been   their   hidden  worshipful   place   with   God.       The  Lord   will   soon  have  a    powerful group  of   solid    &    true   representatives     [both  leaders  &  believers]  who   bring   true  glory  to  Him   in   these   End Times.       These  will   be   the   ones    "who  have  insight"    amongst   God's   people   &    "will do  mighty  exploits"     to   God's   glory   in   the   Biblical   times  ahead.     [Dan.11:32,33].

The  Lord  is  still    "in  the  midst"   of   His  people...

Despite  today's  failures  in  American Christianity,   the  Lord  can still  be found   right   'in the midst'   of   His  people.     Churches  all  across  the  United States  are  filled  with   true believers.     This  is  exactly  where  the Lord  desires  to  be.      Whether  there are  just  two  people  gathered  in  His  Name   or   2   million   believers  gathered,   Jesus  will   always   be found   "in their midst"   at   all  times,    regardless  of   poor   leadership.    
This  is   His   greatest  desire:    to   be   with,     protect   &  care  for   His  people.     Nothing   will  ever  stop  Christ  from  being  found  in   the  very   "midst  of  His  people".          Even   in   the  last   recorded  appearance of  Jesus  Himself,    He   is   seen  by   the  Apostle  John    [in 95AD]    as  standing    "in the middle"   of   His  people.       This  was  symbolized  by the    physical    7    golden    lampstands   of    which   John    saw    Jesus   physically   standing    "in  the  midst  of".      Jesus  Himself    identified   to  John   that    these    "are  the  7 churches".        [Rev.1:13, 20].

Keeping  this  knowledge  in mind,    then  sharp discernment   can result for  God's people  with  regard  to  today's  leaders.     For example, most   believers  do  not   differentiate  much   between  the  "body"   of  Christ   &  the   "minister"   who  is  standing  at   the  forefront.      To   be  specific,  in  any  particular  meeting  of   true  believers  where  legitimate salvations,   healings  or  miracles  are  taking  place,    then   the  "body"   of   true believers   in   America   typically   will  automatically   interpret  that   "leader"   at  the  forefront   to  be    "a  true man     [or woman]   of  God".   This   is   a    big   mistake   &   is   not   automatic   at    all.

This   is   because   the   Lord,    who   is    truly   'in  the  midst'   of   His  gathered   children  at   that   particular  meeting,    will   always   have   His children's    needs   as    His    foremost   priority.        And   He   will   meet  those  needs   regardless  of  any   lack  of  qualifications  or  unbecoming behavior  on    the   part   of   a     "minister"   standing   at    the   forefront.    
The Lord  will  never     "not"    meet   His  children's   needs  based  upon  a   particular   minister's  failings  or  unqualifed  status   or   even   if   a "false prophet"    himself   is   standing   at   that   meeting's   center-stage.  In   fact,    the    Lord    is     ready  at  all   times    to    respond    to    His  children's needs   even   if    there   is    'no one  at  all'   standing   at   the pulpit.      When   God's   people   are  gathered   together  &   focused   on  Jesus   with   hearts  of   faith   &   worship  &   exalting  of   Him,    then   He is   always   there   to   respond.
So,   believers'  discernment  of  a   particular   "leader"   should  always be  zeroed  in   FIRST   on   that   leader's   own  spirituality,  character  &  qualifications.      And  not  simply  based  upon  the  fact  that  there  might be  legitimate  miracles  occurring   "in the midst"  of  the  body of  Christ  at   his  meetings.     Although   signs  and   wonders  &  gifts   will  definitely  follow  true   men  &  women  of  God,    it    is   a    minister's  true   Christ-likeness   of   character  plus    his   true   care  &   effective  oversight   of    God's   children   that   qualify   him    before   the   Lord.      Not    a    minister's   "gifts".   

This  is  why  the  Lord  forewarned  that  in  the  End Times  many   "false" leaders  will   be  seen  at   gatherings  where   the   Lord   Himself  is   truly performing   miracles   amongst   His   people.      However,   He  will  cast  those   false leaders   aside   because  of   their  ungodly  character misleading God's children.     [Math.7:21-23].       The body of Christ   [& true  ministers]    today  must  keep  these  insights  in  mind   for  accurate  spiritual   discernment  of   today's   ministers. 

As  specified previously,   even   though  many  powerful   miracles  by   the Lord  occur  in America,   still   90%   [min.]   of   today's  Christian  leaders &   TV   ministers   are   unqualified  &  failing   in    the   Bible's   strict  requirements  &   high   standards   for   leadership.         For   these,   they  should   step  away   from   the   pulpit   &   from   representing   themselves as    a     5-Fold   Leader.       However,    they   should   definitely   continue in   ministering    under   the   anointing   &   with   their   giftings   until    they are     "first  tested"   &   proven   by   bonafide   5-Fold   Leaders,     as Paul   instructed.      [1Tim.3:6,10].             God's   people   in    these    End  Times    who   are    equipped   with    this    kind    of    understanding    &   discernment    with    regard   to    Leaders   will    not    be   fooled   in    the days   ahead    about    "who's  who?"     in    5-Fold   Leadership.      

Unfortunately,  only  a  small  percentage    [less than 5%]    of  America's ministers  can  be  heard  today  accurately  identifying   today's spiritual departure  from  Christlikeness  in  America.    Almost  none can be heard providing  key  insights  to  God's people about  spiritual discernment.      In fact,   numerous  mightily  anointed  leaders  have  been  shunned or  even  barred  from  appearing  on  top Christian TV  networks  because  of  their outspokeness concerning  the types of  things  mentioned  here.    This is because  most  of   today's   top   TV  ministers  &   high-profile   Christian  leaders   have   become   more   interested    in    their    self-serving   &  worldly  interests   rather   than   having   the   best  interests  of  God's people   as   top  priority.

Today's   blindness  &  folly   in   God's  House  can   be  epitomized   by  one  popular  TV  minister   who  is   filled  with  a   spirit  of   homosexuality yet   still   undetected   by   others    [as  of  May  2007].         He   recently "prophesied"    that      "the   body  of  Christ  is  now   in   its   final  mature  form   &   ready  for   the  coming  of  the  Lord!".        How   far  from  the  truth   can   a     false   "Christian  minister"      his   "prophecies"    be?      
In  fact,   many  of   today's  unqualified Christian ministers   &   false prophets   themselves  have  something  in   common.      Their  prime interests   have  become   the  exalting  of   their  own    'name'    &   their  own    'ministry'   which   for   most   of   them   have   become   their  own  idols.      Being  recognized  publicly   as   the    'man  of  God'    is   their  greatest  glory.

Most  of   today's  popular  TV  ministries  have   actually  done  more    [by their  unbecoming  behavior,  arrogance  &  worldliness]      to   distance  Americans  from  the  Gospel  than  they  have  done  to  draw   them  towards  Christ  over  the  last  20  years  or  so.        They  have  brought  great  reproach  upon   the   Lord.       Again,   this  is   because  they  are  not completely qualified   as   a    leader   in   the   first   place.        Their  worldliness   &    lack   of   discernment    is   part    &   parcel    with   their   own  unqualified   status.            Plus,   being   surrounded   mostly   by    other   undiscerning   &   unqualified    Leaders    has   virtually    left    them  completely   unchecked   in    God's   House.   

As   emphasized,   over   the  years  now   a   flood   of   immature  &  unqualified   believers   [even  false prophets]    have  easily   taken  the   forefront   as   the    "mighty  man   or   woman  of  God".         Still,   regardless   of   a    leader's   individual   status,    the   Lord   will  always   be   seen    "in  the  midst"   of    His   most   cherished   &   beloved  children,    the   body  of  Christ.        And   He  will   be  there   to  attend  to  His  children's   needs,   His  number  one   priority.

Knowledge  will  bring  discernment ...

For  years  now  in   America,    large  gatherings  of   the   innocent &  thirsting  body of Christ   faithfully  attend   churches   as   they   hunger  for   the  deeper  things  of  God.     Yet  God's  people   [the body of Christ] mostly   have   today's   general   90%   batch  of   unqualified   or    "dead work"    Christian   ministers   to   turn   to.         Today's   "ear-tickling"   messages  make   up   95%   or   more  of   the    'spiritual  food'   coming   down   from the   pulpits.        Although  unqualified  ministers   &  false  prophets   will   continue   to   exist,    the  increase  in  knowledge  &  discernment   within  God's   people   in   the   days   ahead   will   dramatically   expose   &   even   confront   wolves   who  are   found   amongst   God's   sheepfold.     [Dan. 11:32,33; 12:4].

But,   in   a    major   contrast   to   today's   Christian  leaders  in  America,  God's   true  &  100%  qualified  leaders   can   be  observed  in   the   first  century  apostles   who  walked  in   the  great    humility  of  Christlikeness.       No  showiness,   worldliness,   arrogance  or   unbecoming   attitudes   were   found   in   these   Spirit-filled  dynamos   as is  commonplace   amongst   today's   leaders.

These  anointed  bond-servants   of   God   walked   in   the  attitude  of  Christ   by   serving  others   &   with   mighty  demonstrations  of   power   that   accompanied   them.      Their   teachings  were   cutting-edge  &   equipped   believers  with   the  solid  meat  of   the   Word  of  God.    Their attitude   was   one  of    true   humility,    kindness   &   the   love  of   Christ  towards  all   others.        These   End Times   will   soon   see   this   again amongst   God's  true  End Time  bond-servants.

But,   as   God's  people   gain  knowldedge   of   the   clear  profile  of  God's  true   Leaders,    then   it   will   result    in   a    great   appreciation   &   respect   amongst   God's   people   for   the   proven  &  100% QUALIFIED   Christian  Leaders   who   have   been   accurately discerned  as  such.         Simultaneously,   those   leaders  who  fail   the  tests   will   also   be   easily   spotted   by    the   body   of   Christ   as UNQUALIFIED    or    false  prophets   altogether.         Soon,   many   of   today's    popular     "Reverends"     will    be    exposed    as   not    really   being    a     "Reverend"    at   all,     except   by    their  own    self-labeling. 

On  the  other  hand,   those  who  are   not   keen   in   spiritual discernment    from   the   written  Word    [concerning  leaders]    will   set  themselves   up   for   great  deception   &   the    "falling  away".         The   Lord    pinpointed    these   as   "foolish virgins"    [Math.25:2]     who   "were going away"    &    back   into   the   world,     believing   that   the   world   could   possibly   offer   them   fulfillment   in   the   End Times.       [Math.25:10].      

These   will   be   the   ones   who  will   actually   become    "misled"   by   the    false  prophets   of    these   End Times    &   potentially   the   great  False Prophet   himself.     "Even the elect",   Jesus said,   will   be  open to   the  spiritual   &   religious   deceptions  of   today's  prophetical   times. However,   believers  in   the  days  ahead   who  solidly   grasp,   by  the Spirit,   the  written  Word  of  God   on   vital    End Time   topics     [like   "Biblical  Requirements  for  God's  Leaders"]       will    "Not  be  misled".  

God's  true  leaders  will    "Equip  the  saints"...     [Eph.4:12]

"Equipping of the saints"  into maturity in Christ  is  another  prime key responsibility  which  Paul   firmly  charged  all ministers   to  carry  out  as God's   Leaders.         However  today,   most     [95%  minimum]    of Christian   leaders   in    America   continue   in    their    "ear-tickling"   &  elementary   sermons    which   come   nowhere   close   to   "equipping"  &  maturing   God's   people   as   needed   for   these   unparalleled   End Times.         But,    if    a    minister   is    found   as    NOT     'equipping'    God's   children,    then   he  is  neglecting  them.         Every    minister   in    this   particular    profile    is    in    a     highly   dangerous   disposition   before   the    Lord   Himself.  

A   powerful   warning   by   Christ  Himself  for   all  End Time  leaders   ought   to  put   a   self-examining   fear   into   every  Christian   minister  or aspiring   minister   today.      Referring   to  the   End Time  generation  of ministers,    Jesus  said,    "Who then is  that  faithful & sensible  slave[End Time minister]   whom his master put in charge of his household [the  End Time  body of Christ]     to  give  them  their  food     [equip  the saints]    at  the  proper  time?        Blessed  is  that  slave    [minister]   whom  his  master  finds  so  doing  when  He  comes."        [Math.24:45].    

Conversely,   of  End Time  ministers  who are  found  not   preparing God's   people   properly   when   the  master  returns,     Jesus  said   they would   be  assigned   in   the  place  where  the  "hypocrites"   &  "weeping &  gnashing of teeth"    exist.         [Math. 24:48-51].               

Two   prime  examples   of    today's    "elementary"   teachings  are   the true   Biblical   topics   of    "faith"  &  "prosperity".         In  the  early  80's,  these  powerful   topics   were  presented   in   the  Spirit   &   right  on  time.      But  now,   after  almost  30  years,   God's  people  are   still   being   barraged   by   spiritually   weak   ministers   &   mimics   who  are   stuck   in    the   topics   of    "faith"    or    "prosperity".          But,   at   this   point   these   topics   have   become    "elementary"    [Heb.6:1]      to   God's   people   in   America.         Even  atheists  are   well-versed  of    these   teachings.

But,   now   the  Spirit  is   calling  God's   true   leaders  to   "equip"   the saints   [Eph.4:12]     in   these   End Times   with   the   vital   things  of  His Word.      And   to   lead   His  people   "towards maturity"   in  Christ   in readiness  for   His  coming.       In   the  days  ahead,   God   will   have  plenty   of   leaders   &   believers   themselves   who   will   be   found   by  the   Master   "giving God's people their solid food,   at  this proper time"   prophetically.          The    prophet   Daniel   also   spotlighted    this  for   the     End  Times    when    he   said,       "And    those     [of  God's  people]      who   have   insight    will   provide   understanding   to    the   many.....".             [Dan.11:33].

Today's   "Prophets"   &   "Prophetesses" ...

Concerning   Evangelical   &  non-denominational   leaders  who  are  held  up  today  as   "prophets &  prophetesses",    then   most    [99%]    are  no prophets  at  all.       Of   the   men,    most    [90%]     are   actually    true  Christian    "believers".         But,   their   true   prophetical  "giftings"    have been   wrongfully   interpreted    by    themselves,     by   other   leaders   &   by   the    body   of   Christ   as   being    a    "prophet".      The   other  10% or    so    of     today's    so-called     "prophets"     are    completely    false  ministers   &   religious   phonies   altogether.        These  are   those   who have   deceitful   spirits.    [2 Cor.11:13; 1 Tim.4:1].         Only   a   countable few     "prophets"     in     America    today   are    the   true   &   Biblically   sound    prophets  of   God.    

With  rare  exceptions,     the  women   seen   today   at    the   forefront   who   assume   to   operate  as   an   actual    5-Fold   Leader    have  no  business    whatsoever  being   in   front  of   God's   people.     Of  today's "prophetesses",     99%   are   no   prophetess   at   all.         Of   this  grouping,   70%   have   evil  spirits   as   they   are    "deceitful  workers".   [2 Cor.11:13].         The   other   30%  or   so   are   actual   true   Christian "believers"    with    true   giftings.           Yet    these    have   allowed    themselves   to    be    wrongly   influenced   resulting    in    their   unqualified  status    and    unscriptural  position   in    the   forefront.

Either  way,    with   very  rare   exceptions,    they   should   step  down   from   exalting   themselves   in   God's   House.         Also   like   today's  men   ministers,    most   women   seen   in  the  pulpits    today   have   brought    a    great   reproach   &   mockery   upon   the   Lord    with   their  dominating-controlling   &   unbecoming   character,    speech  &   arrogant attitudes.            [*The  next chapter specifically expounds on this.]

Scriptures   are   clear    that   'overseers'   &   'deacons'   of   God's   flock   must   be    "a   man".      [1Tim. 3:1-16].          However,   scriptures  clearly   allow   for    female    believers   to   operate   powerfully   in    the  areas   of    teaching,   evangelism   &   prophetical   giftings   &   even  as   a    prophetess.         But,   always   within    Paul's   guidelines    and     in   conjunction   with    the    5-Fold    ministry   roles    filled  by  men.        [1Tim. 2:12;  1 Tim 3:1]. 

But,   what   has  occurred  over  the   years  in   America   is   a   naivety  & sloppiness  in   Christian   leadership  even   with   the   term   "prophet".   Since   the  1980's  or  so,    this   has   opened   the  door   across   the United  States  for   most   anyone   with   any   level  of  true   prophetical  "giftings"    to   be  quickly   &  widely  accepted   in   God's  House  as   a "prophet"   or    "prophetess".       

In   fact,    today's    false    "prophets  &  prophetesses"      are   deceitful   &   have    evil   spirits   exactly   as     the    woman   who   followed   Paul's  minstry   for     "many  days".       [Acts 16:16-18].              Just   like   today's false    "ministers",      she   could    stand   up    in    the    House   of   God &    deliver    a    perfect   &   true  prophecy    &   probably    to   the applause   of    the    body   of   Christ   who   observed.           Yet,    Paul's  discernment    was    keen    &      "trained  to  discern  good  &  evil".     [Heb.5:14].         At   the   right    timing    &    under   an   anointing   of   power,     Paul   cast    the    evil   spirit   out   of   her.          [Acts 16:18]. 

However,   in   today's  Christian   leadership  &   the  body  of  Christ    the  quick  acceptance  of  most  anyone  as   a    "prophet"   or    "prophetess"  goes   almost  entirely  unchecked.     Here  again,   this  is   because  of   a serious   lack  of   discernment.        Most    [99%]    of    today's   Christian  leaders   would    not    recognize   a   demon-possessed    person   sitting  right   in   front  of   them.       This   is   obviously  confirmed   by   so   few   leaders   today   who,    unlike  Jesus  &  Paul,      are   rarely      [if   ever]   seen   ministering    full   &   powerful   deliverances   to   anyone   at    all.     [Mark 1:23-27].

But,   having  prophetical  "gifts"   in   no   way   automatically   equates  a believer   with   being  a   "prophet"   which  is   a   higher calling  &  office amongst    God's    true   leaders  altogether.       In   fact,  no  true  prophet of   God   will   be   seen   constantly,    as   today's   so-called    "prophets"  are,    as   providing   their   best  prophecies  to   be  personal   messages to   believers  about     "who  their  next  husband  or  wife  might  be",     or  that     "prosperity  is coming  to  a   believer  soon...."    or      "the  Lord  is  going   to  use  you  mightily...."    or      "God  has  a  ministry  for  you...".        
In   the  last  several  years  in   the  USA,     a   popular  message  spread  amongst   God's   people  by   the   "prophets"    is   that    "America   itself  [as  a  nation]    is   about   to  experience   the  greatest   prosperity financially  in   our   nation's   history".         But   quite  to   the  contrary,  unless  this   nation  as   a   whole  first  repents,   this  couldn't   be  more false.        Unlike   the   true  prophets   of   God,     today's   so-called  "prophets"     &    "prophetesses"      have   kept    the    warning   of    "repentance"    almost   nowhere   to    be   found.          But,   in   today's   world,    this    is    exactly   one   of    the    prophetical    "words"     which  should    be    delivered   to    God's    people.            [*This   is  elaborated  on   in   the  chapter  on   "America's  Future".]       

Another  popular  but   completely  short-sighted   message  of  today's  "prophets"    is   the    "find  your  destiny"    pitch.       True,   finding  one's own  area   of   purpose  or   "part"   in    the   body  of   Christ   is  essential.       Yet,   no   true  prophet  of   God   would   focus  only     [as today's   so-called   "prophets"   &   "prophetesses"    have]    on   a   short-sighted    "destiny"   while   minimizing   or   leaving  out  altogether today's   greatest   warnings   to   God's   children  of    the   imminent  judgements  of  God,   including   the  return  of   the  Lord  Himself.

But  in  the  mighty  times  ahead,   God's  true  prophets  &  prophetesses will   be   heard  as   sounding   a   trumpet   in   these   End Times.      The  greatest   prophetical  voices  of   God   in   the  coming  days   will   be  as  powerful  oracles  who  represent  God   &  speak  for  God.        His   true  prophets   in   the  days  ahead   will   in   no   way   be    'less'    than   the other  mighty   prophets  of   old.         In  fact,   in   most   ways   they   will   be    even  mightier   in   the  days   ahead.

They   will  also  have  God's   people  as   their   prime  concern  as   they  announce   End Time  insights   which   point   to   the   global  judgements   &   imminent    re-appearance  of   His  own  Son.       It   is   a global    "word"    which    His    true prophets    will   be   heard  speaking.     Namely,   "Repent!    For  your  eternal   "destiny"    is   at  hand!".       This   lines  up   exactly   with   all   other   scriptural   warnings  for    the   End Time   generation   including   the   Lord's  own   warnings  to His  End Time   people   when   He   said:     "When  you  see  all  these things,   Look up!     Because  your  Redemption  is  drawing  near!". [Luke 21:38].     

In   reality,    if    the  true prophets of  God,   like  Elijah,   Elisha,   Daniel, Ezekiel,   John the Baptist,    the  Apostle Paul    &    John   the  Revelator   were   to   stand   as   a    group   on   stage   next    to    today's   American  ministers    &    so-called    top     "prophets  &  prophetesses",      then   the stark  contrast    would   be   immediately   obvious   to   all,      even   unbelievers.

So  far,   today's    so-called   "prophets"    are   in  perfect   line   with   the  prophet   Jeremiah's   foresight   for  these   End  Times   when  he  warned:

"In   the   Last  Days   you   will  clearly   understand   it.       I     [God] did   not    send   these   prophets,   but   they   ran.         I   did  not  speak  to  them,   yet   they   prophesied.      But,   if   they  had  stood in  My  council,    then   they   would   have  announced   My   words  to   My  people,    And   would   have   turned   them   back   from  their   evil   way   and    from   the   evil   of   their  deeds."            [Jer.23:20-22].

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