Chapter 2        

Those  who  have  insight...           [ Dan.11:33,35; 12:3,10 ]

Great  insight  is  coming to  God's  people   in   the  days  ahead   as  foretold  in  scriptures.       The   'End Time'   body  of   Christ  will   be  the first  ones    in   the   world   to   receive   this    fresh   insight   which  is   found  in    the   written   Word  of  God.       This  knowledge   will    involve  a    vast   array   of   Biblical  topics    which   will   be    vital    to   God's  people   in    the   unprecedented   times   ahead.        Ultimately,   the   purpose  of   these   various   insights  will   be   to   point   to   the   Person of    the    Lord  Jesus  Christ   &   His   imminent   return   so   that    God's people   will    recognize   these    truths,    embrace   Christ    &    become ready     to     'meet    Him'      face-to-face.         [1 Thess.4:16,17].    

These   coming   eye-opening  truths   are   not    'new'    to  God.       He authored    them.      But,   they    will    be    as    'new'     to    the   body   of  Christ     as    sudden   &   clear    understanding   of   God's   Word    will    become    illuminated.         Some  of   these   insights   involve   numerous 'End Time'     topics    which    have   been    largely    misunderstood    and/or     mishandled    within   the   body   of   Christ,    even   by   leaders. But,    the    coming    accurate    handling   of    these    truths   will     bring  great    light   spiritually    in    order   for    God's    people    to    'see'   &  discern    clearly    in     the    fast-approaching    darkest    &   most    deceptive     times    in     world    history    as     foretold    in    scripture.      [Dan.12:1;  2 Thess.2:10-12].        

For   God's    people    who    'have  insight'    [from  the  Word]   &   who 'see'     by     the    Spirit     then     the    true    complexion   of     what    is  foretold   for     the   End  Times    will    become   as   clear   as    looking out    the    front    window.          Right   now,    key    foretold    prophecies  which   lead   up    to    the     'start'     of    the    Tribulation   have    already  shaped    up    into    plain    view    yet    are    still     not     'seen'     by    God's   people.       This   has    much    to   do   with    today's   Shepherds &   church    leaders   who   have    not    dug   out    the    deeper   &    vital  things    of    the    Word    in    order    to    equip    the    body   of   Christ.   [Eph.4:12;  Math.24:45].            Several   of    these    vital   topics  necessary    for    God's    people   to    understand   are    the    profile   & appearance  of    the   man   of   sin,     the   scenario   of    the    'start'    of  the   Tribulation   &   the   magnitude   of   perilous  times  ahead   which Christians   are   about    to    face.         [1 Tim. 4:1].

However,   God's  people  will  gain  these  insights    regardless   of    leaders    who    might    be    slow    to     'sign  on'.          God's   Spirit   &   Word    together    will     reveal     these    insights   to    all     those    who thirst    to     'see'   &    'hear'.      [1 John 2:27].                For   example,    in  receiving    the    great    vision   of    Revelation,     John    was   not     told by    the     Lord    to      'take    this    to   the    leaders    first    &    make    sure    they    bear    witness   to    it......'.               To    the  contrary,    John  was    told    to    write    it     &     send     it     FIRST    to    the    body   of   Christ,     the   7   churches.         [Rev.1:11].
In   fact,   the   books  of  Revelation  &   Daniel   have  been   the   most hotly   debated   &   misunderstood    books    for   centuries,    particularly  Revelation.         But,   in   the   days   ahead    their   stunning    truths    will enlighten   believers    to    the    virtual-reality   of   what    is    shaped   up  prophetically   today   &   its   shocking   nearness.      What   people  have generally    shied    away    from    for   centuries   is    about    to    become suddenly    crystallized    to    God's    people    as    they    discern    that    what    Daniel    &   John   saw   &   wrote   about    is    right    in    front   of  this   generation,    right   now.         

Believers    will     also    recognize    that     the    Lord    will     not     'tarry'  for   another   generation    as    some    ministers   can    still     be    heard pondering    publicly    today.           But,   God's   plan   is    to    show    His people    the    precise    truths   &   insight   of     His   Word    in   advance so     that     His    children   can    prepare,     be    strengthened     &     be  ready    for    what    they    clearly    see    coming.      

"Insight"   through  the  entire  7  Year  Tribulation...

The    'start'    of   the    7  Year  Tribulation  period   which  is   imminent in   this   generation  is  elaborated  on   by   the  prophet   Daniel.      The  book  of   Revelation   goes    into   even   greater   detail    &   completely  confirms   Daniel's   foresights   written   in    586 B.C.            

But,   from    beginning   to   end    in    his   detailing   of    these    final    7  years     [Dan.11:21-12:13]       Daniel    states   4   times   that    "those  who  have  insight"     will    clearly   understand   the   final    prophecies as    they   occur.          This   shows   a    continual  global   recognition  throughout    the    coming     7  Year  Tribulation    of   unfolding   Biblical events    leading   up    to   Christ's   return.        The   book   of   Revelation also   exactly   mirrors   this    fact.     

Daniel    first   mentions   'those  who have  insight'    in   Daniel  11:33 &    again   in    11:35.          Both   of    these   verses   clearly   depict   the first    3  1/2   years   of    the   Tribulation.       [Dan.11:36   itself   marking the   exact    'middle'    of   the   7  years].          This   shows   the   body   of Christ    as     'having  insight'    inside    the   Tribulation    period.       It   also     lines    up     exactly    with    what    Jesus    foretold    about     the  Gospel    being    preached    to    the    world.          After   the   preaching   is   completed    [within  the  first   3  1/2  years]     Jesus  said   "then  the end  shall  come"     [Math.24:14]        referring     specifically     to     the  last   3  1/2   years    precisely    identified   by    Daniel   as    "the  end". [Dan.12: 6, 7].        

Daniel   also   depicts    'some'    Christians   as   being   killed   within   the   first   3  1/2  years    saying,      "And   some  of   those   who   have   insight   will    fall....".     [Dan.11:35].            He   is   careful   to    reaffirm this    scenario    being    within    the    first    3  1/2   years    by    noting    [in  the  very  same   verse]     that     'the  end   time     [last  3 1/2  years]   is    still    to   come   at    the   appointed   time.'         [Dan.11:35].            

Confirming   Daniel's  account  of   the   first    3 1/2  years,    Revelation  also   clearly    identifies    Christians    who    will    be    'slain'    as   a    direct   result   of     'the  Word  of  God     [their  faith]     &    the   testimony which   they   had    maintained."       [Rev.6: 9, 11].            Potentially,   this  will    occur    in    countries    where    the    concept   of    believers   being 'slain'     because    of    their    Christian    faith    already   exists    today.
Not    coincidentally,     countries    where    today's    persecution    of   Christians   already   results    in    a     life-threatening   enviornment   are   some  of   the   very   last   countries  now   having   the   Gospel  preached to   them   before   Christ's   return.      [ie.   China,   Russia,    Iran,    Iraq,   India,   Africa,   etc.].               Comparitively,    safer   locations     [like  America]     seem   less   likely    in     the   days    ahead   to    experience  killings  of   people   specifically   because  of   their   Christian  faith.    But in    itself,      the    concept    of     believers    being     'slain'    for     their  faith    is    no    new   concept   at    all    since   this   has   occurred   since the    birthing    of    the    Christian    church     two   thousand   years   ago  &    right     up    through    today.
Daniel's    final   two    references   to    'those  who  have  insight'    are shown   within    the    final   3  1/2   years   of    Great   Tribulation.        He states    that     "those  who  have  insight  will  understand."     [Dan.12: 3, 10].             Here   again,    this    shows    people   globally   recognizing   &  understanding    the   magnitude   of     final    Biblical    events    even    through    the    time   of     'the  end'.        [Math.24:14;  Dan.12:7, 13].          Revelation   confirms   Daniel   by    also   identifying  "saints"     who    "have  faith  in  Jesus"      within    the    last    3  1/2  years   of    the    Great   Tribulation   period.        [Rev.14: 12,13].          

Although    these    particular    believers    will     be    ones    who    finally   accept    Christ    after    the    rapture   of    the   church,     they    will    still  'have   insight   &   will   understand'     the    Apocalyptic    times  occurring    throughout    the    Great   Tribulation.       These     left -behind  'saints'    are    as    much     'God's   people'     as    the   believers    who were    ready   &    taken    from    the    earth    when   the    'last  trumpet' sounded    prior    to    the    Great   Tribulation.          [Rev.14:12,13;   Rev.11:15].

The   body  of  Christ  will    'provide  understanding' ...

In   Daniel's    prophecies   for   these   End  Times,     he   described   a pattern    which    God    operates    in    throughout    Biblical    history    &   of    which     the    body   of    Christ    is   about    to    experience.   Namely,    that    God    chooses    to    reveal    the    hidden    things   of    His    word      ["insight"   as   Daniel  called  it]      to    His   own   people  first.         Then,    His   people    [having   received   His   'insight']      will become    His    oracles    by    announcing   in    advance    God's    Word  to    the   multitudes.          

This    is     shown     in     Daniel's    foresight    of    Christians      [present  within    the    first   3  1/2  years]       who    will    be    first     to     receive  'insight'     &      then     respond    by     'giving  understanding  to  the many."    [Dan.11:33].          This    is   a    prime    purpose   of   God   for His    people    in   the   days   ahead.         To   spread   the   Word    about Christ,    salvation    &     His    imminent   return.  

Then,   after    the    body  of   Christ    receives   these    insights    &   also announces    them    globally     ["to  the   many"],     God  will  follow   the  announcement   of    His    Word   by   powerfully   carrying    it   out.       By  this   divine   order,    then   God   will    be    magnified   &   highly   exalted in     the    fulfillment    of    each    subsequent    foretold    event.         The    prophet     Amos'    prophecy    also    pinpoints    the     same    divine   principle    when    he    prophesied:     "Surely   the   Lord   God   does  nothing   unless    He     [first]      reveals    His   secret   counsel   to   His   servants   the   prophets."         [Amos 3:7].   

Daniel    himself   foretold   of   an   incredible   blessing   associated   with God's   people   in    these    End  Times   who    "have  insight"   &   who also    "give  understanding   to   the   many".      [Dan.11:33].           It   refers    to    the    eternal   blessing   awaiting   all   of   God's   people who    experience    any    part    of     the     7   Year   Tribulation   period    including    believers    taken    in     the     rapture     and       those    who    were    accepting   of    Christ    afterward    in     the   Great   Tribulation.     He    said:      'And    those  who  have  insight     will    shine    brightly    like    the    brightness   of    the    expanse   of    heaven,     and    those    who    lead     the    many    to    righteousness,     will    shine   like  the    stars    forever   &    ever.'          [Dan.12:3].       

Perilous Times  ahead...         [2 Tim. 3:1]

Today's   global    birth   pangs   are   on    fast-track   now.        They   will   increase    in    intensity   as    this   generation   draws   closer    to    the  'start'   of    the   final   7  Years.          Once   the   7   Year   period    itself  begins,    then    today's    birth   pangs   will    turn    into    the   'perilous times'    which   the    Apostle   Paul    talked    about.      [2 Tim. 3:1].        Jesus   Himself   clarified    this    in   stating    that    'birth  pangs'    will   'deliver'    the    final    generation    'into  Tribulation'.      [Math.24:8,9].  Although    the    7   Year   Tribulation     itself    will     be    the    most   stressful    period    in    history,      it     will    grow    progressively    worse  from     the    very    beginning    to    its    defined   destructive    'end'     in  the    last    3  1/2   years.         [Dan.12: 6,7].

Soon,   this   generation   will    observe    the   'start'   of    the    7   Year   Tribulation    by    the     'signing'    of    a    7   Year   Mideast   Peace   Agreement    mediated   by    the    man  of   sin.     [Dan.9:27;  Rev. 6:2].    Once    this   is    executed,     then    Revelation   shows   clearly    that    today's   declining   global  condition   will    immediately   &   drastically begin    imploding.        

Just   inside    the   Tribulation,    Revelation   states   that     "peace  is  taken  from   the   earth".     [Rev.6:4].         This   represents   spiritual   turmoil    globally   &   is   clearly   the   beginning  of     'perilous times'    worldwide   for   all   people   including  Christians.       The   same  verse   also   specifically   shows   that   a     'great  sword  was  given'     to  the  2nd   rider     ['red horse']     "that  men  should  slay  one another".      This  unmistakably     indicates    worldwide  bloodshed    at    all    levels   ranging    from   various   military   actions   to   anarchy   in    the   streets.

During   this   perilous  beginning  stage   of    the   7   Year  Tribulation,  Daniel   &   the   book  of   Revelation    [&  other  scriptures]    portray   the body   of   Christ    as    anointed    to     'preach  the Gospel'    &   as   being      'those  who  have  insight   &  give   understanding  to  the  many'. [Math.24:14;  Dan.11:33].       Although   an   increase   in   persecution  of  Christians    will    also    occur    within    the    Tribulation    [Math.24: 9,10] great    comfort    &   strength   will    come    to    the    body   of   Christ.   

This    will    result    from    scriptural   knowledge   &   understanding   while     witnessing     the     initial    unfolding    events    within    the    Tribulation   period     and     knowing    that   Christ   is    near.         Daniel  confirms    this   by    saying    that     'the   people   who   know   their   God will    display   strength   &   take   action'.      [Dan.11:32].            However,  also    at     this    time     'some   will   fall   away   from   the   faith' .        [1 Tim.4:1;  Math.25:1].

Not  destined  for  wrath...

As    previously    mentioned,      scriptures    show      'some'    believers   'will   fall'      [Dan.11:35]      &     be     'slain'       [Rev.6:9]      from    the   'great  sword'      which    the     red   horse    is    given    right    after    the   'start'     of     the    7   Year  Tribulation.     [Rev.6:4].            However,    the   body  of   Christ   today    can    be   confident    that    by-and-large   God's people   will    be    miraculously  preserved  &  protected   throughout the   beginning   stages   of    the   Tribulation   until    the    rapture   of   the church.     

This  is   confirmed   in   scriptures.       First,   God's   people   are    'not  destined  for  wrath'      [1 Thess. 5:9]       which    is    the    final    3 1/2   years  of    unprecedented   destruction   &    horror.     [Rev.16:1].          In   fact,     readied   believers    who   have    insight   of    the    true   destiny   prepared    by    God    for   His    people   are    the    ones   who   will    be taken   in    the    foreordained    rapture   before    the     'wrath  of  God'   occurs.      This   is   God's   prime   plan   &   His    promise   to  His  own  children    who    recognize    Christ's    nearness   &    are   ready   when   'He  is  right  at   the  door.'        [Math.24:33;  Luke 21:36].

Secondly,   Daniel   specifies   that   after   the   Tribulation   begins   then   only    'some'    of   those   who   have   insight    'will   fall'.    [Dan.11:35]. This    also    confirms    that    overall    God's    people    worldwide    will   be    divinely  guarded   into    the     7   Year   Tribulation   period    even though    great    bloodshed    will   be   occurring    globally.         The   fact that      a        'fourth'      of      the     earth      [Rev.6:8]       will     be     killed  within    the    first     3   1/2  years     [by   the   sword,  disease  &  famine] &    then     another      'third'      originating    in     the    Euphrates   River region     [Rev.9: 14,15]      in    no    way   changes   God's   divine   overall protection    of     His    people    globally.          Only    'some'   of    God's people    will     fall.           [Dan.11:35].

This   scripturally    true    picture    of     what    the    body   of   Christ    will  experience   in    the    coming   perilous   days   is    vital    for    readiness &    sharp    discernment.        The   coming    'signing'    of     the    Mideast Peace   Agreement    by    the    man  of  sin    will    suddenly    thrust    this world     into    an     immediate    downspin.     [Rev.6:4].             However,   today's    popular    ministers    &    authors    have    all     but     eliminated this    true     concept    of     believers    facing     any    of     these     global troubles   coming.          Their    erroneous   portrayal    of    God's    people being     'raptured  at  any  moment'      &     'before'     the     'start'     of the    Tribulation    has    blinded    the    body   of   Christ    [so   far]     from giving     much     attention    at     all     to      the     scriptural     reality    of    what's    coming    &    is,      in   fact,      imminent.  

The   final  generation  of   Anointed  Believers...     

As   foretold    by     Bible   prophets     like     Daniel,    Ezekiel,     Paul    & John,      today's     spiritual     blindness    &     naivity     amongst     the     body    of    Christ     &     ministers     will     soon     change     as     God's   End  Time     people    begin    handling    accurately   the    written   Word by     the   Spirit.         Although    great    spiritual    darkness    is    coming &     false    prophets    will     arise,      both    God's    people    &     their    own   understanding   are   about    to    become   incredibly  illuminated by    the     Spirit     from     gaining    vital     key   insights    dealing    with what's    coming    prophetically.       

Then   as   a    result,     God's     End  Time  people    will    rise   up    &   stand   out    as      the   true,     holy,      blameless    &    spotless     body  of    Christ     in      this     world     as     also     foretold     by    the     Bible    prophets    &    our    Lord    Himself.      [Eph.5:27;  Luke 21:36].            At   that    time   soon   coming,    a     final    anointing    &    glory    unmatched in     history    will     be     poured     out     by     the      Father     upon     His children     as     they     fulfill      Daniel's     &     Jesus'       prophecies    as  being    'those  who  have   insight   &  who  provide  understanding to   the   many'       while    preaching   the  Gospel      'in   the  whole world,    for   a   witness    &     to   all    the   nations.'         [Dan.11:33;  Math.24:].            

These     are      His     beloved     &     anointed      End   Time     children    'who   know   their   God   &   display   strength   &    will   do  mighty exploits.'      [Dan.11:32].                These    are    the    ones    who    will   'shine   brightly   like   the   stars   forever  &   ever'     [Dan.12:3]     &  who    will     bring     the    greatest    glory    &     honor    to    Christ     that  this    world    has    ever    seen    globally    as     today's     'end   of    the age'       moves   quickly    towards    His    divine    return.       [Math.24:3].

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