Chapter 1   The  Coming  Global  Spiritual  Awakening

Today's  End Time  awareness...

Globally  today,   spiritual  awakening   to   the  things  &  events  of   these    End Times    has    already    begun   &    is    on     the   increase.   Since     the      re-birth    of     Israel     in     1948     which    marked    this   generation    as     the     'End Time'     period,       numerous    increasing   waves    of     global    interest     in     Bible   Prophecy    have     occurred.   Many    scriptures    predict    this.              For   example,    of     the    last   generation's    own     keen     awareness   of    End Time     prophecies    Daniel    foretold    that     "those   who   have   insight     [during   the  final  generation]        will    provide    understanding     to     the    many".       [Dan.11:33].              Jesus    also    gave    instruction    for     End  Time   believers   globally    saying      "When   you   see   all   these   things     [final  prophecies] ,    know   that   He  is   near,    even  right  at   the  door."         [Math.24:33].

The  most   recent   waves  of    'End Time'   interests   were  seen  in  the  1970's    &    again    in     the   90's    &   through    today.          Key   Bible  topics  of   the  End  Times     [ie.  the  rapture,  antichrist,   mark  of  the beast,   666,   Great Tribulation,   etc.]        have     been    popularized   in    books,     movies    &    TV     &    radio   media    with   skyrocketing  &  unprecedented  global  interest.

Today's  'End Time'   global  awareness  is  right on time prophetically  &   lines   up   with  all   other   Bible  prophecies   which  are  now   shaped up   &   facing   this  generation  squarely  in   the  eyes.     As  the   "start"  of   the   7  Year  Tribulation  draws   nearer   by   the  day,    then    today's   spiritual  awakening   of    'End Time'   things   will    simultaneously   grow into   a    heightened    global  transfixation  on  Christ  Himself.   He   will    be   the   coming   ultimate  focul   point  globally.       

In    no    way    will     the     current    awareness  subside    nor   will    it   dissipate.       But,   it   will   steadily   increase   into   a    final  &  global  mindset    which   is  daily   overwhelmed   with   the   awareness   of    the  imminent   judgements  of   God    &    the   closeness   of   Christ   &   His   return   to    this   earth.      Then,   at    a   certain   recognizeable   point   in  the     near-future     an    explosion  of    keen   worldwide   spiritual  awareness    of    Christ    will    occur   as    discussed    later    in    this  chapter &   as   foretold    by    scriptures.

A  Global   audience  focused  on  Christ....

The    world's    first    awareness  of   Christ    obviously    started    in    the  first     century    in     Christ's    first    divine    appearance   which    was   localized   to    Israel.        However,   His  second   appearance   will   be  a  global  event.        In  fact,   His   awesome divine  return  will    be   witnessed   simultaneously   by   all   of   the   earth   and    all   of   heaven.  [Rev.19:11].           

This    is    why   John    the   Revelator   in   95 AD    entitled    his    vision:   "The  Revelation  of  Jesus Christ".        Because   it   deals   with   an   ever-increasing    global   awareness   of     Christ    from    95 AD     &   throughout   the   generations   &   all   the   way   up   to   a    final  world  audience   in    the   End  Times.       Now,   after   2000   years,    this   is    exactly   what    has   happened   as    today's    End  Time   generation   of    6   billion   people    is    positioned    to    literally    witness    His    re-appearance    to     this    world.          Heaven    is    also   awaiting    this   mind-boggling    eternal    event.          [Rom.8:18,19].

However  as   indicated,     this    'spiritual awakening'    today   is   only   in its   infant   stages   compared   to   the   coming spiritual explosion  in this   generation's   very  near   future.      This  is  God's  plan  for  the   End Times.          To    have     a    global  audience    which    is   spiritually overwhelmed    &   collectively    focused    in     the    reality    of    the  imminent,   awesome  &   divine  Re-appearance  of   His   Son  Jesus  back    into   this    world.     

God's  divine  purpose  in   this   is   the   same   with   His   eternal   plan from   in   the   beginning.       Namely,    to   save   as   many  children   unto Himself   as   possible,   &   now  through   His  Son  Jesus,     so   that   the Father   may   dwell    with    His   children   throughout    eternity.        "And  to  as   many  as   received   Him,   to   them   He   gave  the   right  to  become   children  of   God,    even   to  those   who   believe  in   His  name,   who born  not  of  blood,   nor  of  the  will  of  the  flesh,   nor of  the  will  of  man,    but  were  born of  God."          [John 1:12,13].

America's  part  in  these  End  Times...

The    term    'Last Days'    represents    the    last    2000   years    as    a   whole   which    started    at    the    birthing   of    the    body  of   Christ   on   Pentecost    in    the    first    century.     [Acts 2:16,17].              At    times  scripturally,     it     also    refers    to    the    last   generation   in    human   history.     [2 Tim.3:1].         Erroneously,   the    term    'End  Times'    has also    been    commonly    used     by     believers    since    the    70's     to   mean    the   final   generation.          This    is    a     result   of    Christian  prophecy    authors    who    popularized    it      to     mean     the     overall    final   generation     associated     with     all      final      Biblical    events.    [ie.    7   Year Tribulation,     appearance   of   antichrist,     rapture,     great  tribulation,    return   of   Christ,     re-birth  of   Israel,    etc.].     

However,   scripturally,     the    term     'End Times'     [coined  by  Daniel]   strictly     defines    only    the     last     3  1/2   years    of    God's    wrath.   [Dan.11:35,40;  12:7-9].              But,     based    on     today's    common   useage   of    the     term     to    pertain     to     the    last   generation    in  general,     then    this   book   will   continue   to   use   the   term   with    the same    common    useage.        Unquestionably,    today's   generation   is the    Biblically    foretold     'End Time'     or     final   generation    which is    close    to     the     'start'     of     the    Tribulation. 

But,    as   a    major   part    of    God's   divine   plan   to   exalt   His   Son in     this   final  generation   just    before   Christ's   return ,    God   chose to   raise   up    the    United  States   in   1776.           In   doing   so,     He  would    have   a    body   of    people      [a   whole  nation  of   believers  in  Christ]      who    He    foreknew    would    receive  &    then  spread    the  Good   News   of    His   Son    through    the    final   days  &   right   up   to   His   actual   return.       

As   foreordained,   the  United  States   with   all  of   her  downfalls,    has  remained    the    most   powerful   Christian  country   in   the   world, second    to    none    since   1776.         America,   more   than   any   other country,    has   spread  the  Gospel of Jesus    to   the   nations  of   the  world   over   the   first   230   years  of  our   history.  

Now,   America   also   finds  herself   in    the   Biblically   foretold   era of   the    'End Times'    since  1948's    re-birthing   of   Israel,     a    fulfillment  of   major   Bible  prophecy.    [Ezek.38:8].          Since   then,   believers   in America    have   again   moved   in   God's   Spirit    while    ratcheting   up the   preaching  of   Christ.           In    the   1950's,    evangelistic   efforts   suddenly    took    the    TV    airwaves    bringing    the    Gospel    to    our   nation   with   solid   TV   ministers.     

After  that   came    the  move  of  God's  Spirit  upon  America   in  the  late   1960's   &  early   70's.        This  was  another   re-vitalizing   burst  of  believers  who   have   been   used    to   win    millions   upon   millions  to  Christ    in    our    own   country    &   other   nations    around    the    world.  Christian   satellite  TV   itself   has   been   key   in   America   in   the   last  40   years   of       "preaching   the  Gospel   to  the  remotest  ends  of the  earth"     before    His    Son's    re-appearance.        [Math.24:14].

But right now into the  21st  century,     even  though  our  nation   as   a whole   is   clearly   in   need   of   national    repentance,     God   will   raise up   yet   another  mighty  wave  of  believers  in  America.         It    will be   a    final  wave   of     bond-servants    who    will    participate   in    the coming   worldwide    outpouring   of    God's  Spirit    in    readiness   for  Christ's    return.      

Many   believers  are  ready   right   now   by   the   Spirit   &   will  be   used mightily    in    the   awesome    Biblically    foretold   days   coming.         In   fact,    every   believer      [in  America  &  worldwide]      who   is   ready   to embrace    the    Lord  Jesus   &   stand    firm   as   a     living    witness   to Him,     will   have   his   or   her   special     'part'     in   the   body  of   Christ in   the   coming   unparalleled   final   days  of   history.    

America  will  not  only  continue  to  produce  believers  to   "preach"   the Gospel   to   the   remotest   nations  of   the   earth,    but    will   also   bring forth    bond-servants  to    "teach"  deeper   insights  from  God's   written Word.       This   will   be   in   order   to   "provide understanding  to  the many"    [Dan.11:33]      with   clarity   of   the   forthcoming   global   End Time   events   coming  upon   this   generation.  

Preached  until   "the end"...

"Preaching  the  Name  of  Jesus"    to   all    nations   is   a   major prophetical sign  of  His  nearness  today.      As  emphasized,    "Jesus" is    the    exact    peak topic   of    where    today's   spiritual    awakening is   quickly   headed.        God's   people    [the  body of Christ]      will    be   the   ones    "preaching the Gospel".           After   the   Gospel   has   been   fully   preached,   Jesus   said,    "...the end shall come."     [Math.24:14].    
"The End"   is   the   term  coined   by   Daniel   &  used   here   by  Jesus. [Dan.11:27,35; 12:4,13].           Like   the   term   'End Times',     the   term  'the  end'    also   refers   specifically   to   the   Great  Tribulation   period, the    last    horrific    3 1/2   years   of    human   history  at    the   hands   of  the   man  of   sin      [commonly  called   "antichrist"].             Up   until   that  point,     then   the    "Gospel  will  be  preached"     right   into   the   first 3  1/2   years    of     the    Tribulation    by    God's   servants   with    Jesus'  Name   being   increasingly   exalted   in    this   earth.

Once  God's  people  have  "preached the Gospel to all  nations for a witness"     then    the   rapture   event    itself    will    take   place   having  a   huge global impact    on    those   who   still    remain   in   the   world.  [This   is   shown   in    scriptures   as   discussed   later   in   this   chapter.]  The   sudden  disappearance  of   millions  of   believers    [maybe  billions] will    be    an   obvious   divine   fulfillment   of   God's   word    &   an   eye-opening  sign   of   the   horrendous  Apocalyptic  events   &   judgements about    to   take   place   next.         Some   still   will    be   saved   through   the   Great  Tribulation.       However,   it   will   come   with   a    nightmarish cost   since   they    will   have   scoffed    their   way   right    into   the    final 3 1/2   years  of   God's  wrath.     [Rev.16:1].           Or,   "the  end"    as  Daniel   called   it. 

This  is  what  Jesus  meant  when  He  compared   End Time  scoffers  to the   days  of  Noah   who    had    heard   &   fully    understood    Noah's messages  of   the  impending  judgement.     However,   they  had  scoffed their  way   into   being   'locked out'    from  entering   into   the   safety  of the   ark   &  out   of   the  way  of   the  coming   judgement.     [Math.24:37-41].        Uniquely  in  the  Great  Tribulation,   God's  great  mercy  will  still reach out    to  those  who  are  left  on  earth  during  that  time.      This  is because   the  mighty   Name  of  Jesus   &   global   awareness   of   His imminent  return    will   still   continually   increase   throughout   the   final nightmare   on   earth.

Explosive  Worldwide  Revelation  of  Jesus Christ...

As  emphasized,    this  coming  global  spiritual  explosion   will   not  be  another   mystical  or   random  religious  fad  or   passing  experience. What's  coming   will   NOT    be    a     spiritual   smorgasbord   of    each person's  own  perspective  of  God  &  their  own   religious  views  as  is common  today.      But,  what   is   soon  coming  to  this  generation  is  a  total   worldwide  awareness   &    zeroed-in    focus    on   the   divine  person  of   the   Lord  Jesus  Christ.       Literally,   every  person  on  earth, both    believers   &   unbelievers,     will     be   caught    up    into   an  overwhelming   &   consuming   awareness  of   Jesus  Christ.

The  Bible  shows  clearly  that  as  the  End Time  generation  gets  nearer &  nearer  to   the   'start'   of   the   final  7 Year Tribulation period   then the   world's  entire  populace  as  a   whole   [opposers of Christ included], will have become keenly aware   of  key   Biblical   forthcoming  events, antichrist's  appearance,    final judgements   &   the  imminent   return  of Christ.
Today,    as   the   world    heads  on   its    fast-track    forward    then   the actual   next   2  events  to occur on  the  prophetic    'timetable'  are spring-loaded    to   take  place  right   now.        It   may   take   months   or  several    years    for     them    to     occur    but    they    are    ready   now.    These   are    the   "signing"   of   the   7   year   Mideast  covenant   made by    the   man  of  sin    AND    the   attack   on    Israel   by    her   enemies  from   the   north.     [Ezek.38]. 

Both   events   will   be   easily  correlated   by   this  generation   with   their clear   fulfillment   of    God's   written   Word.         The  "signing"   of    the 7   Year   Mideast   accord    itself    [Dan.9:27]     will    soon   swing   open  the     End Time    door    for     the    unbelievable    Biblical    events   to    begin    occurring     non-stop    &    one-after-another    into   the    7   Year  Tribulation   period.  

But,   at   each   occurance  of    these   2   major   events     then   the   world's   prior    heightened   awareness   of    End  Time   things   which    led  up  to    the    7   year   Tribulation    will  ignite  worldwide.         As   previously   mentioned,    this   will    be   because   of   the   world's   ability  to   easily   match    these  next   2  world  events    with   God's   written  Word.        Soon  after  that,    another   shocking   global  event   will   occur as   the   earth   will   literally    rock   back   &   forth    on    its    axis   within  months   inside   the   7   Year  Tribulation.        This   event    in   itself    will  be    the    specific     event    causing     the    'explosion'    of   global  awareness    of    the    Lord   Jesus  Christ.     

This  is  clearly  confirmed  in   Revelation 6.       It   shows  that  within  the first    stages   of     the    7   year   Tribulation,    then    even   the    vilest    & extreme  cursors  of  God  on   the  earth,    from   the  greatest  Kings  & military   commanders    to    the    poorest   of   poor,      will   specifically recognize  in  great  fear   &   trembling   that   Jesus  is  the   "Lamb"   & God  is  sitting  on  His  throne.           Revelation  states:

"And  the  kings  of  the  earth  &  the  great  men   &   the  commanders  & the  rich  &  the  strong  &  every  slave  &  free  man,   hid   themselves  in the  caves  &  among  the  rocks  of  the  mountains;    &  they   said  to  the mountains  &  to  the  rocks,    'Fall  on  us   &  hide  us  from  the  presence of  Him who sits on the throne  &  from the wrath of the Lamb;    for the  great  day  of  their  wrath  has  come;   &   who  is   able  to  stand?'  ". [Rev.6:15,16,17]. 

To   reiterate,   Revelation   pinpoints  the   exact  event      [in  the  string  of events]      that    will    have    triggered    this   explosion   of   global recognition  of  Christ.          It    will   be   a     first-of-its-kind   earthquake in   world  history   within  the   first    3  1/2   years   which   literally   shakes the  earth  back  &  forth  on  its  axis.         "Every  island   &  mountain  will be  moved  out  of  their  places."     [Rev.6:12,13,14].        From  that  point on    into    the   7   Year   Tribulation,     the   sobering    fixation   of   every person  in  the  world    will  be   upon   the   person  of   the   Lord  Jesus Christ   &    the   Tribulation   events   leading   to   His   re-appearance  into  this   world.  

The Return of Christ

As  greatly  emphasized   in   this  chapter,    today's   spiritual   awakening is   in   its   infant  stages  but  will  speedily  increase  in  the prophetical days   ahead.         Every   predicted   event   in    itself    will    be    another milestone  of   shock   &    awe    leading   up   the   spiritual  staircase   of revelation  of   Christ  Jesus  &   His   physical   return.        As  also  stated, with   each     forthcoming    event    will     be    another    obvious   divine demonstration  of  God's   great   mercy   which  He  will  continue  to demonstrate   through   the   Great  Tribulation.        In   the   days  ahead, many  will   be   saved  as   they   will    be    eye-witnesses   to   the   reality that   God    is    truly     "not   willing   that   any   perish,   but   that   all   be saved."           [2 Peter 3:9].   

Incredibly,   this  coming  final  unparalleled   move  of  God  on   earth  will be  performed   all   by   Himself.         Both  God  &  His  written  Word itself   will   be   exalted   globally  in  each  forthcoming   event's   obvious fulfillment  of    His  Word   foretold   thousands  of   years  ago.         It   will  be   a   sovereign   move  of  God    towards   His    loved   ones   &   lost  souls.       God   has  already   stated  His   intention  for   His  End  Time outreach   in   His  own  Words.        He  said:

"And  I  shall  magnify  Myself,   &  I  shall  sanctify  myself,   &  make Myself known in the sight of many nations  & they  will  know  that  I am  the  Lord."       [Ezekiel 38:23].

As   each   of    the    Biblically   foretold    events   begin   unfolding   in   the  days  ahead,    it    will    be    as   if   a    spiritual    'red carpet'    were  being  rolled  out    for   the   magnificent   appearance  of   Jesus   from  heaven.        God   Himself,    by   the   fulfillment  of    His  word   with  each event,     will    be    the    ultimate   One   calling   worldwide attention   to His   beloved   Son's   divine    re-appearance.    

In   Jesus'    first   appearance  to   this  earth  &  at   the   beginning  of  His ministry   God   Himself  spoke  from  heaven:    "This  is  My  beloved  Son in  whom   I  am  well  pleased."       John  the  Baptist  &  a  small   body  of disciples   &   onlookers  at    the  Jordan   River   were   blessed   to   have witnessed   it.        However,   at   Christ's  2nd   appearance   the   entire world   &   heaven    itself   will    have   been   divinely   primed   for   many   years   in   advance    [at  least  7  years]     in   anticipation   of   witnessing His    physical    re-appearance.        It    will  occur  on   the   very   last  day  of    the   7  Year  Tribulation.        [Rev.19:11;  Dan.12:11,12].

Then,    and    at     the    exact   right    time    &    at     the    highest   peak   possible   of    intensified   earthly    &    heavenly   awareness   of   Christ,   the   heavens    will    suddenly    be    pulled    back    from     side-to-side    like    the    curtains    are    pulled    back    at     the     beginning   of    a    theatre    play.        Then  Christ  will  appear.    [Rev.19:11].           This   miraculous   event    is    foreordained   by   God   &   His   Word   in   order to    highly   exalt    &   glorify    His   own   Son,     the    eternally   crowned   King  of   glory.        No   earthly    imagination   can    fathom   the   coming  breathtaking  &  heavenly   fanfare,    the   overwhelming   divine   glory   &  the  spectacular    magnificence   of   Jesus'     re-appearance   as    King.   In   his   vision,     John    the   Revelator   unbelievably   saw    this   all    in   advance.  

For   those  who  are   still   alive  on  earth  on  the  final  day  of  the  Great Tribulation    they    will    look    up    to    the    heavens    to    witness   this  awesome   event.      They   will   not  only   see   Christ   descending  on   a white  horse,    but   ALL OF HEAVEN   coming   with   Him!     Countless  saints   in   heaven    will    be    mounted   on   horses   behind   the   white  horse  mounted   by   the   King   Himself.     The  awesome  descent   from heaven   to   earth    will     be    accompanied    by    an   angelic   escort    [Rev.20:1]       &    will   be    an    event    which   will    be   remembered  &  talked  about   throughout   eternity.        [Rev.19:11, 14].

Prophetically,   today's   global audience     [in  fact,  each  reader of   this very  chapter]     is   being prepared  right  now  by  God  & His written Word  which  mercifully  foretells  all  of  this.      Those  who  refuse  Christ in    these    final   days   coming  will   have  no  excuse  of   having  a   lack of   knowledge.      But,   God's   divine  presence  which  is   now coming quickly   upon   this   world   will    be   so   obvious   in   the   days   ahead  that    salvation    in    Christ    will     be    almost    "tangible"     for    final  decisions   to   be   made   to   accept   Him,    or    not.    

Virtually,  God   is  ready  right  at   this  moment  &  at  all  times   with salvation  &  outrstretched  hands  to  save  lost  souls.      His  immediate readiness  &  His mercies   to  save  every  person  who  surrenders  are shown   clearly   in   scriptures.       One  passage  is   Isaiah 55:6    which states:    "Seek   the  Lord   while   He  may   be   found   &  call   upon  Him while  He  is  near....".          Another  verse  overflowing  with  mercy  states that   these  things  in   the  Bible  have  been  written   to  you  who  believe in  Jesus    "so that you may know that you have eternal life".     [1John 5:13].   

Christ's  Return  DOWNPLAYED  by  Today's  ministers...

Today,  much  of   the   presentation  of   Christ's  return  has   been  greatly downplayed by many ministers & authors in the USA.    Amazingly,  a  very small  percentage   of    leaders   today   even  talk  about   Christ's   return. But,    those   who   do,    have    an   overall    erroneous   portrayal   of   it.  Their   presentation     [from   American  pulpits   &   in   books  written]    greatly   minimizes     [in  many  cases  misrepresents  altogether]       the   true  overwhelming   global  awareness  of  Christ     which   scriptures  show   will    lead   right   up    to   the   divine   event   of   Christ's   return   itself.

This is from a lack of knowledge in studying out  God's word  by  the Spirit. Over   the   last  35  years   or   so   in   America   many   Christian   leaders have   been   taught    "of  men"    on   End Time  topics   &   by   reading other   author's   prophecy   books   rather   than  being   taught   by  God's Spirit   Himself.       The  Apostle  John  understood   this  when  he   wrote:  "You  have  no  need  for  anyone  to  teach  you;    but  as   His anointing teaches  you  about  all  things,   &  is  true,   &   is   not   a  lie,    &   just as  He  has   taught  you,   you  abide  in  Him."      [1 John 2:27].  

But,   today's   downplaying   of   Christ's   imminent   return  is   epitomized by   two  of   the   foremost   best-selling   authors  of   End Time   prophecy novels   who   were   seen   in   March  2007  on  a   popular  TV   interview. Both  authors    [one,  a  Bible  theologian]      were  asked   if   this generation   would   see   the  culmination   of   Bible   prophecies   &   the return  of  Christ.     Both  said  "no".        The  Christian  theologian  added  that   it  probably   will   all   take  place   "within  the next  25  to  50  years".   
But  to  the  contrary,     in   the  mighty  days  ahead  many   Bible  &  prophecy   'experts'     will   have   their   eyes  opened   by   the   Spirit  of God   to   the   actual   nearness  of  Christ  right  now.       Concerning the   End  Times,   Jesus  Himself   warned  all   believers  to  have  sharp discernment  of  the   "nearness"   of   His  return.      He said,  "When you see  all  these  things,  then know  that  He  is  near,   even  right  at the  door."    [Math.24:33].          Although  no  one  knows   the  day  or  very   hour  of   the   rapture,    today's   signs  are  clear   that   He  is   most definitely    "near".         Soon,   He   will   be    "right  at  the  door."      In the   days  &   months   ahead,     global   awareness   will   swell   so   mightily   that   many   Christian   Leaders   who   do   not    'see'   Christ's   nearness   today,    will     'see'   it    soon.   

In   fact,   many   wonderful  Christian   Leaders  &  authors   [like  the  ones just  mentioned]      have  been  used  greatly   in   recent  years  as  part  of God's  plan   to   popularize   'Bible prophecy'    during  these   End  Times. Ironically,   many   of   these  same  ones   have   instilled   blindness   to   the   body  of  Christ   from   their  extreme  mishandling  of  numerous  key End Time  topics.       Most  of   these  mishandled   topics   require  study by   the   Spirit  of  God   to   grasp   their   insight   as   opposed   to   using only    the    'natural   mind'     which   many   authors   &   Bible   teachers   have   operated   in.          [1 Cor. 2:14]. 

Some   of   today's   mishandled   topics   include  the   global  magnificence  of   Christ's  return,    the  rapture  timing,     the  profile  of   'antichrist',      the  meaning of  666,      the  mark of the beast,     the   false prophet   &   the    7  Year  Tribulation   vs.   the  Great  Tribulation.       These   are   just   a   few   of   the   vital   topics   that   God's   people   &   Leaders   themselves    will begin handling accurately in these End Times.      [Dan.11:33].          The  body  of  Christ   itself   will   probably  be   more   inclined   to   grasp   these   insights  quicker   than    many   of  today's    Leaders   &   authors   who   are   more   inclined   to   stick   to  their   own   empty   views    in  order   to    hold   onto   their     'reputation'. 

Today's   "rapture next"   theory...

The  "rapture next"   theory  is   clearly  one  of    numerous   mishandled topics   today   but   which   is   vital   for   God's   people   to   understand. Today's  popular  but   erroneous   theory   largely   diminishes  the  overall glory   &  global   magnitude  of   the   Bible's   true   picture   for  Christ's  return.      Also,   it   inaccurately   teaches   that   the    "rapture"   is   the   "very  next"    predicted   event   that   will   happen   even   before   the  'start'   of   the   7  Year  Tribulation.  

This   great   error   of   the   'rapture  next'   theory  could  cause  serious confusion   to  God's   people   if     left    unattended.        Particulary   when this    generation    witnesses    the    soon-coming     'start'     of    the    Tribulation   &    God's   people    realize   that   they   have   not   yet   been raptured   as    today's   authors   &   preachers    present.         Also,    the   'rapture next'    theory   depicts   an   unsuspecting   world   who    is    left behind    in   general    bewilderment    as    to    where   everyone   just    disappeared   to    &    what   just   happened.       

Again,   this   is   a    huge   misrepresentation   of   the   coming  global    revelation    of   Jesus Christ    &   of    the   keen  global   awareness   of End  Time    topics    &   events   as    they    begin   unfolding    in    the    world's   eyes.           It    also   has   caused    the    body   of   Christ   over   the    years    to    live   daily    in    an    unecessary      'guessing-game'     mode   of   awaiting   the   rapture.        This   is   in    direct   opposition   to  Christ's   own    specific    warning   &    instruction   to    His    followers   to  "know"    exactly    when   He   is   near,      "even  right  at  the  door".   [Math.24:33].            Nevertheless,   Christians   have   been   continually   told    erroneously    by    authors,    preachers   &    TV   ministers   for   40  years    that    He   is     'right  at  the  door'.    

To  be  specific,    God's   written   word   has   not   kept    the   timing  of  a powerful    event    as    the     'rapture'     such    a     mystery    &   sudden  surprise   as    today's     'rapture  next'   authors  &   preachers   present. To   the   contrary,     the    specific  timing    is   exactly    what   God   has  shown   in    His   Word    so    His    children   may    clearly    understand.

When  studying   this  topic  out   by   the  Spirit   then   the  "last trumpet" is  a  key.       Paul  specifically  stated  that   "the last trumpet"   is  what literally   triggers   the   moment  of  the  rapture.    [1 Cor.15:52,53].      This "last trumpet"     is  also   pinpointed   within   the   book  of   Revelation's chronology   of   the   Final   7  Year   Tribulation.
Clearly,   it   is  shown  as  being   within  the  first    3  1/2  years   of  the  7  Year Tribulation.        The  "7th trumpet"     [the  Apostle  John's  term] or    "last trumpet"    as  Paul  called   it,    is  obviously  being   blown   in Revelation 11:15.            This   specifically   places   the   rapture   inside  the   first    3 1/2   years  of   the   Tribulation  period.     [Revelation Chapter 13   itself   being   the  exact    'middle'    of   the  7  Year  period.]         

Indeed,   no  other  trumpet   is    blown   or   even   mentioned    after Rev.11:15     in    the   entire  remaining   passages  of   the   Bible.      [A dedicated  chapter  in   "Here is Wisdom"   all   but  exhausts   the   text   in elaborating  on,   not   the   'day or hour'   of   the   rapture,    but   the  clear  "timing"    of   it,    including   Revelation's   indicators  as   to   how   many months   believers   may   live   into   the   first    3  1/2   year   period.].

But,   today's   erroneous    "rapture next"   teaching    minimizes     [or  leaves  out  altogether]      the   coming   mercies  of  God  on  earth   &   the  global  heightened  awareness of  Christ    associated  with   the    fulfillment   of    each    forthcoming   event.           This   is   because   the    'rapture  next'    theory    portrays   God's   people   as   being   suddenly  'snatched'     from   an    unsuspecting   generation   who   remains   behind &   generally    uninformed   as    to    the   meaning   or   magnitude  of   the unfolding   global   events.      

The   'rapture  next'    theory   also   has    today's   believers   believing    that    a      "pre- 7  year   rapture"      will   prevent    the    body  of   Christ   from   seeing   the   appearance   of    the    man  of  sin    or      from   even  'knowing'     who    he   really   is.           Typically,   the   same   authors   & prophecy    teachers    are   also   responsible   for   this   error.        To   the contrary,     the   scriptures   provide    huge   amounts   of    information   in  order    for   God's    people   to   specifically   identify    the   man  of   sin's  profile   &   recognize   his   appearance.          

In   reality,    these    two  terribly  mishandled    teachings   together     [the   rapture  timing   &   the   profile  of   the   man  of  sin]       have   totally misled    &    even    blinded    God's    people    from   seeing   what    has   virtually   shaped   up   right    in    front   of    us    today.         This  is   what   the   Lord    referred   to    by   saying    that    believers   should    be   alert   so    that   day  does  not    "come  on   you   suddenly  like   a   trap."  [Luke 21:34].      

However,   in    the  days   ahead   God's   people   will   gain   these   vital   insights   from    God's   Word    including    the    true    'timing'     of   the  rapture   as    just   mentioned.           Having    this   knowledge   will   only enhance   &   maximize    believers'     awareness   &   readiness    to   "meet  the  Lord  in  the  air".          [1 Thess.4:16,17].        

This    eye-opening    knowledge   will    also   bring    great    strength   &   preparation    to   God's    people    for    the    unparalleled    &    perilous   times   ahead    including    the    foretold   appearance   of   antichrist    &    the    'start'    of    the   Tribulation   period.         Again,   for   Christians   to have    these    insights    is     key    in    God's    global    plan   of    mercy  towards   reaching    as    many   lost    souls   as    He    can    before    the  wrath  of   God    takes   place,     which   is    the    final    3  1/2   year  period.          [Rev.16:1].    

Truly,   no   believer   who    'misses'    the  rapture   willl   be   able   to  say  it   was   because  of     'a  lack  of  knowledge'.       Nor  be  able  to  blame God   for   not   giving   the   world's   people    'enough warning'.      This  is what    the   Lord   Himself    meant    when    He   warned    End Time   believers    to    "know"      [in  Greek:   "to  know   &  trust  with  deep  conviction"]       that   "He  is near,   even  right  at  the  door."        [Math. 24:33].     

And   He   said,    "Be on  that  day    [the 'wrath of God'  / Rev.16:1]     does not come upon you suddenly like a trap;  for it will come upon  all  those who dwell on the  face of all the earth  [during the Great Tribulation] ......But,  keep on the alert at all times, praying in order that you might have strength to escape   [in the rapture]   all these  things  that  are  about  to  take  place    [during the Great Tribulation] ,    &  to  stand  before  the  Son  of  Man."       [Luke 21:34-36].

In  the  final  days  ahead,   how   many  more  souls   worldwide   will   be prepared,   strengthened   &   mercifully  saved   by   understanding   vital  End Time   insights   inlcuding   the   "timing"    of   the   rapture  event  as shown   in    God's   Word?            How   much    more   glory   &   exalting   can    the   Lord   Himself    receive  globally   when   more   of    His   own children   are    found    increasingly    ready    &   standing    collectively    upright    awaiting    the    'last  trumpet'    while    truly   knowing   that    "He  is  right   at   the  door" ?            [Math.24:33].

The  Coming  Finale  of  Global  Awareness...

In  the vision   on   the   small   Greek  Isle   of   Patmos,    John  saw ahead   over   the   ensuing   2000   years   right   up    to    the    final    7 Years   in   human   history.          This    near-future    7   Year   period   is   so   vital    in    God's    plan    and     for    a     person's   eternal    destiny    that    15   of    Revelation's   22    chapters      [Chapts  6  through  20]     deal    exclusively    with    this    final    period.           In   the   days   ahead,  the   body   of   Christ    will    solidly   grasp    Revelation's    insights   &  meanings   as    God   has   intended    for    His    End  Time   people.

But,    the    Apostle  John    was   also   shown    the   subsequent   events  which    follow    the   Tribulation   period   &   Christ's   return.       He   saw   Christ's   reign   on    this   earth   as    King   for   1000  years,     the  Great White   Throne   Judgement   of   God     &      then    the   unspeakable   glories   of     the   New   Jerusalem   coming   down   from   heaven. 

Finally,    he   was   shown   the   incredible  things   of   eternity   itself   with God's   children    being    locked-into    the   un-ending    glories  of   God's presence   forever.       [Rev.22:3-5].            But,   all   of    these   things   &   events   depicted   in    the    book   of   Revelation   specifically    pertain   to    the    "Revelation  of  Jesus  Christ",     the   encompassing   title  of John's   vision.         [Rev.1:1].   

As   stated  previously,    the  "Revelation of Jesus Christ"   itself  began   in    the   first   century   as   recorded   in   95AD.        Since   then,  the  growing  awareness  of  Jesus    has   been   increasing   in    this  world's   history   over   the   last   20   centuries   exactly   as   scriptures  predict.         In   fact ,    no   other   man   or   historical   figure   in   all   of    history   has   been    written   about   more    than   Jesus   Himself.      This is   only   1    of   countless   facts   today   which   shed   light   on   the   increasing  global impact    from   Jesus  of   Nazareth's    first   divine  appearance   in   Israel.  
Incredibly   today,    2000  years  after  He   walked   the   earth,     all    of  the   world's   people      [including  all  religions,   all   unbelievers  &   every atheist]      witness   the   amazing  global  acknowledgement of   Him   year-after-year,    twice  a  year.          His   birthday    [Christmas]    &    His death   &   resurrection    [Easter]    are   honored   worldwide  annually  by    His   devout   believers.       Even   atheists   must   acknowledge   Him as   a    result.          No   other   person   ever,    except   Jesus,   upstages  all    other    religious   or    historic    figures,      even   slowing   today's    world    economy    almost    to    a    halt     year-after-year,     twice   a    year.    

But,   scriptures   predict   this.        Jesus   Himself   predicted    it    when   He   stated    that    His   Name   would    be    preached    throughout   the  earth    right   up    until    His   very   return.     [Math.24:14].         He    was   right    with    pinpoint   accuracy.             It    is    the   ever-increasing    "Revelation of Jesus  Christ"    to    this   world   as   John   foretold.
Soon   in   this  generation,  the   last  2000  years  of  global  awareness  of   Christ     is    about    to    be    packaged    into   one    last    grandiose  spiritual   explosion   in    these    End  Times    as   presented   in    this   brief   overview.         This   inevitable  &  eruptive  worldwide  awe   of   the   person  of   Jesus  Christ   Himself   is   already   in   process   globally right   now    &   will   speed   up   in   the   days   ahead.      Unquestionably, it     will    then   culminate    in   this  very  generation's    eternal    &    life-changing    experience   of    being    the   actual  eye-witnesses    to  His   overwhelming    &   stunning    return    from    heaven.      

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