Chapter 5                    America's  Future

Birth  pangs  bring  warning  &  mercy 
[Math.24:8; Luke 21:25]

Right   now   as  scriptures  clearly   foretell,    global   'birth pangs'    &  other  predicted  events     are   occurring   simultaneously   &   with  increasing   intensity   &   frequency.      This   is  because   this  generation   was  divinely  marked  as   the   End Time  generation  in 1948   with   the  re-birth  of  Israel.       Today's   'birth pangs'    are   a   key   End Time   indicator   of    the   narrowing   'time'    still    left    until   the   actual    "start"    of    the   final  7  Year  Tribulation  period.        But, with   every  'birth  pang'    comes   another   sign   of   God's   great   mercy   &  salvation   in   Christ   being   extended    to   all  people   worldwide.        This   is   the   actual   divine  purpose   in   today's   foreordained   birth  pangs:       For  more  souls  to  surrender  into  God's  outstretched   arms   as  they  clearly   recognize  His  nearness.     
Importantly,   scriptures   show    that    today's    'birth pangs'     "will  lead  you  into Tribulation" ,      which    is    very    near    to    being    fulfilled    in    this   generation.          [Math.24:9, 33].

America's  birth  pangs...

For   the   United States   [as  a  nation]    more  birth pangs  will  also  continue   to   come  upon   the   nation.        This  will   bring  more   fear of    the   Lord   &   economic   turmoil     [potentially  collapse]     in   order to   bring   America   to   our   knees,   spiritually.       The  purpose  in  this is   so   that   America     [as  an  nation]     will   REPENT   from   all   of our   continual   abominations   before   God   like   aborting   millions  of   babies,    flagrant   homosexuality,   pornography,   corruption   &   immorality   in   our   lawmakers   &   society.  

However,  God's  next  move    in   America   will    NOT   be    "prosperity  to  the  USA"      as    is   commonly    heard   within   the   body  of   Christ.        Numerous   false  prophets,   false  prophetesses   &   even   many   Christian   leaders   themselves   have   been  predicting    this    year   after   year    since    the    mid-90's.       When   it hasn't   happened,    they   simply   have   extended   the   prophecy   for   another   year.        This  is   a    false  prophecy  altogether.    

Why   would  God  Himself   suddenly  pour   riches  upon   a   lukewarm &  unrepentant   country    who   is    stiff-necked   &  continually   slaughters   over    a    million   innocent   babies   year   after   year,    legally?       This,   He   will   not   do.       America's   sins  are  great,   but killing   over   40  millions   babies  is   probably   the   most   abominable act    in   world   history,   second  to  none.       In   NO  WAY   is  America [as  a   world  government]      in    line    for    its      "greatest  financial  reward  ever"     as    is    falsely   prophesied    today.           [ However,  God's   Christian   people   individually   within   America   who   abide  in Christ   are  definitely   in    line   for   His   great   favor   &   blessings,   even   financially. ]  

More  severe  Warnings  coming...

The   current  continuing    mode  of   "birth pangs"    for   America   will show   a    noticeable   increase   in   severity  &  destructiveness.        This   will   include   more   earthquakes,    hurricanes,   tsunamis,    fires,  flooding,    tornadoes,    volcanic  eruptions,     man-made   fixtures   breaking   with   disasterous  effects.       [ie.  dams,  bridges,  buildings collapsing,   etc.].

Why?      To    bring   the  USA   to   REPENTANCE    FROM  OUR WICKED  WAYS.    [2 Chron. 7:14].         In  fact,   the   "next  move"   in America    will    be    our    own    responsiveness    to    God    in    our   repentance    as   a    nation.            Until   then,    America's   sins   will    swell    like   a    balloon   ready   to   burst.       The  coming   birth pangs will     be    even  greater  warnings  to  America     than   prior  warnings   from  God,    who   has   been   patient.         They   will   be   increasingly   more    violent    &    frequent    than    America's    2    huge  wake-up    calls    of     Katrina   &   Rita    in    August   &   September   of 2005.        These   were   two   of   the   most   destructive   hurricanes   in world   history.     

Clearly,   their   purpose   was   a    divine  &   merciful   cry    from   God's heart    to   stop   the   abominations  carried   out    within   His    beloved United   States  of   America.          Unfortunately,   after   the   hurricanes,  most   of    the    short-lived     best-heard   discussions   were   ones   of  bewilderment   of   "why"    this   could   have   happened.       Incredibly, most   of   America's   religious   Leaders   took    the   same   befuddled  position   as   the   matter   was   soon   dropped   to   the   side.       But,   where   were   all   of    today's    so-called    "prophets"     who  stood   up &   identified    these   warnings   from   God   as    signs  to  Repent?

But,  why  New  Orleans?       Since   God's  Word   foreordains   that   various   disasters   [ "birth pangs" ]    like   hurricanes  & earthquakes will    definitely   occur    in    the    last     End  Time   generation,     then   the   next   question   would    be    "where?"    will    they   take   place?   From   God's    perspective   He    will    allow   these    catastrophes   to   occur   in    global    locations   where   the   most    evil    &    sin   exist.     
In   the   United  States,    the   city   of   New  Orleans   clearly   qualified  as   one  of    our    nation's    prime   evil   spots.          New  Orleans  was well-known   for   its   evil   society   of   voodoo   &   witchcraft   practices, criminal   activity   &    its   saturation   with   organized   crime.       That   city   is   now   gone   as   a   result.     

Within   days   after   Katrina   wiped  out   New  Orleans,    one   popular   false  prophet   on    the   Evangelical    TV   airwaves   predicted   the    "rise  of   New  Orleans  again,   to  an  even  greater  city   than  before!". But,    this   will  not   happen.          To   the  contrary,   New  Orleans  will  remain  as   a   reminder     to    all    of   us    in    America   of    the   declining   mode   which    the   USA   is    now   in    &   of    the    horrendous   &    unspeakable    sins    which   our   country   has   committed   before   God.         Moreover,   greater  warnings   to   America    are    just   ahead   until    the   nation   turns   away   from    its   wickedness.

Other   locations   in    the   United  States   which   are   in    direct    line   for   coming   divine    "birth  pangs"     include    San Francisco,    the  cities  of   Los  Angeles  /  Hollywood   &   various  cities  in   L.A.  county, Orange County,     Las  Vegas,      the   pacific  state  of   Washington,    gulf   coast   states   &    cities,      &     the   states   of    New  York    &   Massachussetts    to   name   a    few.

America's  hope...

Potentially   for   America,    God's   written   Word   provides   great  hope.        "Righteousness  exalts  a   nation"    says    Proverbs 14:34 .  And    Romans  5:20   shows  one   of   God's   eternal    laws  of   mercy awaiting   America   in    that     "where    sin    exists   &   increases,     then   much  more   does   the   grace  of   God   abound."         These   powerful   &    divine   promises   are    now   available   for   our   country, IF   America   repents.      

But,    like   the   prophets  of   old   who  prayed   in    behalf   of    their  countries'   sins,    millions  of   devout   Christian  believers   in   America have   continually  prayed   for   our   leaders   &    asked   God   to   forgive   our   nation.          So   far,    He    has    listened   &   is    still    waiting   for   America   to   respond   as    evil    pervades   our   society.    
In    fact,    His   mercies  are   clearly   seen   in   Katrina   &   Rita   where He   miraculously   protected    American's    lives    when   compared   to the   magnitude   of    these  two   natural   disasters   &    their   potential   for    lost    lives.

God's  Chosen  Servants  in  the  White  House

Many   efforts   of   God    have   been   made   towards  our   nation's  repentance    since   1973   when    Roe  vs.  Wade    legalized   fetal  genocide.       In   the  White  House   itself,   numerous  strong   believers in   Christ  Jesus   have   led   our   country   since  1980.      They   were  placed    there   as    part   of   God's   divine   plan    for    America's    repentance.     President   Reagan   [1980-88]   &   both   President  Bushs'    are   clearly   solid   believers   in   Christ   as   their   Savior  &  Lord.   

For   example,   President  George  W.  Bush    [2000-2008]     has  operated   very   powerfully   in   these   prophetical   days   &   End Times   by   performing   numerous  actions  of   great   faith  &  courage.

When  given   the   sudden  opportunity   to   fill    the   vacancies   in   the  Supreme Court,    then   President  Bush    took   bold   &   unwavering  action.        He   promptly   installed   two   Supreme  Court  Judges   who are    now    in    place    to    help  reverse   the   greatest   abomination in    our    land   of    legalized    abortion.         This   was   a    spiritually   strong    move   which   precisely   cooperated   with   God's   divine   intentions   for   America's   repentance.      

Regardless  of   opposition,    President  Bush  did   this   based    in    his   deep   convictions   in   God,     the    Bible   &    Psalms Chapter 139     which   clearly    identifies   the    "forming"    of   a    baby   at  conception   by    God    Himself.

Also, President Ronald Reagan   was  used  mightily   as   a   servant of   God    when    he    brought   great    integrity,    humility    &   wisdom  to   our    country's    leadership    for   8   years.          For   example,   on  June  12,  1987     he   exhorted    Russian   leader   Mikhail   Gorbachev to       "tear   down   this     [E. German]     wall!" .          This    powerful prophetical   word     came     to     pass    effectively     November   1989 resulting     in     an     unprecedented     modern    opportunity     for     the move      of     the      Spirit   of    God     in      East    Germany,      other   countries    in     Europe    &    including     atheistic   Russia    itself.    

Since    then    &   to    this   day,    multitudes   in    Europe    have   been  hearing    the    Gospel  of  Christ  preached    in    these    Last   Days  [some  for  the  very  first  time]      exactly   as   scriptures   predict   must happen    to     'all  the  nations'    just    before   the    return   of   Christ. [Math.24:14]. 

But  prophetically,  what  is God actually  saying  NOW  to AMERICA ?

REPENT!   Turn from  your  wicked  ways!     Humble  yourselves in   My  sight!      And  embrace  the  Lord   &   be  diligent  to  obey  His  Word!             This   is   the  exact   call   to   America   as   a   nation  &    to   every   American   TODAY.

He   is  also  calling  all   Leaders  of   America    [starting   with    true  5-Fold   Leaders  of   God     to    the    President    to    national   &   state government   leaders]     to   stand    up    together   &   call    America   to national    repentance!         And    then    to    stand  upright    as    the  example   as    leaders.

In   fact,    America    is    being   called   to   finally  take  heed   to   the  powerful   prophetical  word   which   was   spoken   over   the   United States  for   8   years   ['80 - '88]    by   God's   servant   President  Ronald Reagan.         He    repeatedly    prophesied   to    America    by   quoting  2 Chronicles 7:14    over   the   American   people.       Unfortunately  at best,    our    top    religious    Leaders   &    so-called     "prophets"    only interpreted      Reagan's     humble     &     soft      delivery     as      being   wonderfully    adept    at    quoting    Bible    scriptures.    

But,  Reagan's   words   were  far  greater  than  just   quoting  scriptures. They   were   divinely   inspired   &   perfectly   timed    to   a     nation which,    so  far,     has   still    not   recognized    nor    embraced   God's  cries    to    America    to    repent.           Today,    President   Reagan's   prophetical   words   hold    even   more   weight   in    their   warnings   to  America   since   the    time   has   now    been   narrowed    prophetically. The   great   American   Christian   President   prophesied:

"And   if    My   people   who   are   called   by   My   Name   humble themselves   &   pray,    &   seek   My   face,     &    turn   from   their wicked  ways,    then   will    I    hear  from  heaven,    I   will   forgive their  sins,     &    I    will   heal   their   land."          [2 Chron.7:14].

An  unrepentant  Country...

In   scripture,   there   is  another  side  of   the  coin  for   unrepentance.  The   written  word  shows  what   a   nation  can   bring  upon   itself   with continual   rebellion   &   wickedness   before   God.        This   other  side of   the   coin   is   exactly   what   America   is   facing   if   she   continues unrepentantly    and/or     if    she    ever   turns   away    from    her    total favor    &   support    for    Israel    which   is    another   vital    principle   of God     by     which    a    country    can    stand    or    fall.              [Psalms 122:6;  Gen.12:2,3].       

So   far,    the   U.S.A.   has  not   been   "uprooted"   as   a    top   world government.          But,    prophetically    in    the    full    scope   of    what's coming   globally    then   clearly   there   is  a    short   time   left   now   for America    to   respond    to   God's   call.        Again,    today's    urgency   is     much    greater     than     before     for     America's     Leaders     to   stand     together    &      boldy    speak    out     concerning     the     sure    consequence    of     America's    continued    unrepentance.         God's   Word    warns    clearly:

"But   if   you   turn   away   &   forsake  My  statutes    [found  in   the written  Word  of God]      which   I   have   set   before  you   &   shall  go   &   serve  other  gods  &  worship  them,    then   I   will   uproot you   from   My  land   which   I   have   given   you,    &   this  house which   I   have  consecrated   for   My  name    I   will   cast  out  of  My  sight,   &    I  will   make   it    a   proverb   &   a   byword  among  all   peoples.           [2 Chronicles 7:19-22].

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