Chapter 4                    Biblical  Leadership  Requirements

The  High  Call  of  God....

No  vocation,  office  or   leadership  role   on  the  face  of  the  earth  carries   a   greater  responsibility   than   that   of  God's   leaders.       This is   why    the   Apostle  Paul    named   a    Leadership   role   as    "the high  call  of God  in  Christ  Jesus".    [Phil.3:14].       God's  Leaders in ministry  are  called  &  appointed  by  God  Himself    into   these  top 5-Fold    ministry  offices  of:     Apostle,   Prophet,   Evangelist,   Pastor  & Teacher.          [Eph.4:11].     

Every  Leader  in  any  one  these   5  capacities  is  called  to  the highest personal  standards   of   character,   integrity,   behavior  &   morality  more  than  any  other  office  on  earth.      Why?       Because  of  the  responsibilities  attached  to each  Leadership role.      First,   all 5-Fold  ministers  are  chosen  to  be  perfect examples  who  reflect God  Himself,   speak  for  God Himself  &   to  demonstrate  God's   "will"  on  earth.       Their  2nd  responsibility   is  to   oversee,  protect,   Lead  and  guard   the  eternal  souls  of   God's  precious  children,   the  body  of Christ.      This  is  probably  as  simple  of   a   bottom-line  statement  that  can   be  made  regarding  a   5-Fold  Ministry  Leader's   purpose.

As  emphasized   in   the  prior  chapter,   a  person  who  is  only   "partially-qualified"   for   5-Fold   Leadership  is  actually  unqualified  since   God's   Leaders   are   called   to   be     "above reproach".     [1  Tim. 3:2].       Being    "partially qualified"    or    "partially-above reproach"  does  not  exist    in   scriptures   for   God's   Leaders.           In  fact,    Paul's   strict   guidelines   require   that   a    man    be   "above  reproach"   in   order   to   even   qualify   for   a     "deacon"    position   within    the   church.     [1Tim.3: 8-10].           Not    to   mention   being    "above  reproach"     as    a     5-Fold    Leader    &    "overseer"    of    God's   flock.     [1Tim.3:1,2].            But,   a   bonafide    5-Fold    Leader  of    God    must    be    100% Qualified    for    his   role.            If    he   fails   in    any    of    the    Biblical   Leadership  Requirements,     then    he   shows   himself   as   UNQUALIFIED.

The  Biblical guidelines   themselves   for  Christian   leadership   are made  clear  &  simple   to  grasp.     They  are  also  vital  in   these  End Times  for  the   body  of  Christ  to  handle  accurately  since   these   are  the   most  deceptive   times  in    human   history.     [2 Tim.4:1].       Having   this  knowledge  will   result   in  sharp discernment   for  God's  people   in  order   to   confidently  recognize   "who's who?"   amongst  today's  Christian  Leaders.      

Believers   who   know   the    'bullseye profile'    of   God's    Leaders  will   quickly    identify   each   Leader  who   does   [or  does  not]     match the   true   profile.      But,   unless  a   person  were   to  study  closely   both   a    true  dollar   bill   compared  to   a   counterfeit  dollar  bill,   then if   ever   a    "test"    might   arise   to  accurately  discern   the  true  one from    the   false  one,     then   that   person   would   be   left   in   a total   guessing-game.        How   much  more  vital   is   pinpoint  accuracy in   discerning  true   leaders    from   the  false   ones?

In   the  prophetical  days  ahead,  God's  true  leaders   will   be  recognized  like  bright   flood  lights  amongst   God's  people.     These  will   clearly   prove out  all   of   the   standards  &  guidelines  set   in   scriptures   for    the   high  calling  of  God's   true   5-Fold   ministers. Those  leaders  who  do not   meet   all   of   the  set  standards   will   also  stand  out  to  the  discerning  body  of  Christ.    

1st & 2nd  Timothy:   guidelines for the church & Leaders

In   his   last   2   letters  which  Paul  penned  before his  martyrdom  in   Rome   [about  65-68AD],     he   focused  almost entirely  on  every  aspect  of   the  dealings  within  God's  House.   These  were  the  2   letters  to Timothy,   the  younger man of God.      For believers today,  these  2  letters  provide a  clear & concise detailing  of  guidelines,  requirements    &   the   overall   do's-and-dont's   within   the   House  of God.     2nd Timothy  deals  even  more  in   depth  with  God's Leaders &  their   responsiblities.

In   these  2   letters,   passage-after-passage   is   jam-packed   with specifics  about   conduct,   order   &  the  'rights-and-wrongs'   within the  church  environment.      Paul  contrasts  everything  from  true leaders & their  motives  to   false  leaders,   proper  &  improper  conduct  within  the  church  &   amongst   leaders  themselves,   solid  teachings   vs.   false  doctrines,   spiritual growth  &  self  discipline   vs.  the  worldliness  of  character  &  undisciplined  leaders.     He  also clarifies  many  profiles of  End Time   things  to  come  including  the  religious  imposters  who  are  devoid  of  the  Spirit    [2 Tim.3:5]    &  who  wrangle  the  scriptures about  to  the  ruin  of   their  hearers.      [2 Tim.2:14].    

But,   in   1  Timothy Chapter 3     [the whole chapter]    is   found   a   virtual   condensed    "checklist"    of   Leadership  Requirements.     Every   believer   should   take  time  to   review   these  specifics regarding  a   "Leader".        As  stressed,   having  this  knowledge  from    both   1st   &   2nd  Timothy   will   result   in   clear  discernment  about   the   profile  of   a   true    [& false]    Leader.     

For  example,   very   clear   is   the   fact   that    "a  man"   is  called   to  "oversee"   God's   flock,    not  a   woman.    [1Tim.3:1,2].       Likewise, a "deacon"   must   also   be   "men".    [1Tim.3:8].        Another  obvious guideline   is   that    a   true   Leader   will     be  married  to    "only 1 wife".      [1 Tim.3:2].            This   immediately  eliminates  any   so-called  "man of God"    who  has  multiple   wives  at   the  same   time,    like  a   Mormon  leader.       Another  specific  qualification   is   just   as   simple:   a    Leader    "must  not  be  a  new  convert".    [1Tim.3:6].        In   fact, in  America,    this   has  occurred   alot   &  makes  up   the   bulk   of   the  90%    "unqualified"   Christian    men   seen   operating   as   "5-Fold" leaders   today.
These  are   true  Christians,  some  who are  truly  called  to  Leadership. Yet,   they   jumped   the   gun  &   leaped   into   the   forefront  without  having  become  fully  mature  in   the   "character"   of   Christ.      These   are   those   who  are  seen  today   failing   miserably  in   humility, love,   kindness,   patience    &   "respectable  behavior",      another requirement  of  Paul's.    [1Tim.3:2].       

Typically,   the   prime   [if  not  only]   requirement   which  today's  unqualified  Christian  ministers  show   strong  skills  in  is  the   "ability to  teach".    [1Tim.3:2].        This,   plus  their  charisma,     has  caused   other   undiscerning   leaders    [& the body of Christ]    to   interpret   them  as   seasoned   5-Fold   Ministers.           In   the   Evangelical  circles,   many  of    these    unqualified Christian men   have  strong   spiritual  giftings   which   have   also   played   into   premature   acceptance  of   them   as   a     5-Fold    minister.   

Obviously,   these   are   only  a   few  of   many   requirements   a   solid  man   of   God   must  be   QUALIFIED   in.         But,   regarding  this   "checklist"     [&  both  letters  themselves],      Paul   leaves   no   doubt   about   his   purpose  when   he  states   his  clear  intent   is    "so  that   you may  know   how  one  ought  to conduct   himself   in   the   household   of   God".      [I Tim.3:15].      

100%  QUALIFIED  Leaders....      

Here   is   an   important  fact    to   remember   before  reading   through  the   following   Leadership  Requirements.      That  is,   every   so-called  Christian   leader   who  is   seen    [today or  future]    holding   himself  up  in   front   of   God's   people   as    a     5-Fold   minister    is    automatic- ally   representing  himself   as   being   100%  QUALIFIED,     "above reproach"    &   having   fulfilled   all   of    the   following   requirements  as  set   forth   by   the  great   Apostle  Paul.   

Similarly,  when  a   person enters  a  doctor's  office,   then  that  doctor  is representing  himself  as   "fully qualified"    just  by   walking  into  the room  &  standing  in   the  lead  role  as  the  doctor.    From  the  patient's perspective,  most  every  patient   has   no  second  thoughts  whatsoever regarding  whether  that  doctor   is   fully qualified,   partially-qualified    or  a   medical  phony  altogether.       Currently,   this   is   the  exact  same  scenario  within  the  body  of  Christ  today   in  assuming   that  a   leader  at   the  forefront   is  automatically   "fully qualified".

Logically,   just    by   the   mere   fact    that   a    "Christian"   minister  is  standing   up   in    God's   House   &    operating    as    a      "5-Fold  Leader",     then   immediately    [even  without  that  leader  verbalizing  it] he   is    representing  himself   as   being   100%  qualified.       In  knowing   this,     then   as   believers   begin   gaining   the   knowledge  of Leadership  Qualifications,    then   many     [90%  or  more]     of    today's "Christian"     leaders    &     "Reverends"     will   suddenly   be   accurately discerned    by    believers   as   not   being   100%   qualified   at   all,    which   makes   them   unqualified.      

Most  of   today's   unqualified   leaders   are   wonderful   true  Christian  brothers,   even  gifted  with   true  leadership  skills.     However,   if   they  have   not  passed  ALL of  the  tests     then   they   are   not   ready  for  5-Fold   Leadership   capacity.        Most   believers   [or anyone]    would   rebel   at   the   thought   of   having   surgery   by   a   surgeon   who   was   recognized   as   being   only    "partially-qualified".         How   much   more  alert     should    believers   be   in    identifying   a   qualified    [or unqualified]      spiritual   leader   who    leads   God's   sheep   &    who   is charged     [by  God]     with   watching   over    their   eternal   souls ?          [Heb.13:17].

The  extreme  seriousness  of   a   Leadership  Role...

One very impacting experience  for me as a  minister was in observing a  wonderful  Christian  Pastor  who  always  kept  the  Holy Spirit  in  a  complete  box.    He  had   pastored  this  one  church  for  over  25  years. No  gifts of the Spirit   nor  any  movement  of  God's  Spirit   whatsoever were  welcomed   by   the  Pastor's  own  choice.      After  the  Spirit  had  given  me  a   vision  of   a      "sinking  Titanic  with  only   its   boat's  end  sticking out  of  the  water",      the    church    leaders   came   together   in order   to   hear  of   the   vision   &    "word"    which   I    had   been  given.

The    meaning   of    the    vision   &    word    was   conveyed   that    they   had    kept    the    Holy   Spirit    in    a     box    &    that    God's    people   were   being    neglected    from   many   spiritual    needs.      The  specific "instruction"    which   came   with    the    vision   was   that    the   Pastor    "was   to    begin    allowing   God's   Spirit    to    have    full   priority   &    freedom    there    &   as   a     result    His   people's    needs   would    be   powerfully    met    by    the    Holy  Spirit.            If    not,    then  the   church itself    would     'completely  sink'      &    would  close." 

In  tears,  the  Pastor  immediately  agreed   [as did all leaders]    that   this was   a   clear  word   from   the   Lord.        The   Pastor  &  his   wife  also expressed  to   me  &   the  7   or  so  ministers  present,    that   these  same   things   had   been   prophesied   to  them   many   years  before.     But,  very  sadly,  even  after  the  Pastor  announced  to  the  congregation the  following  Sunday  morning  that  they  had  heard  a  clear  word  from the Spirit,   the  Pastor   &   leaders  did   not   follow   through.       Instead,  the   Pastor  stuck   to   their  religious  mode   which  was  devoid  of   the Spirit   &  neglectful  of  God's  children.       Within  months   the  church closed  abruptly   &   very  sadly   the  Pastor   himself   died  shortly  after  that. 

This   personal   experience   made   a   major   impression  on   me   with  regard   to    the   vital    &   serious   responsibilities   of    standing   in    a  Leadership   role   in   front  of   God's   people.          In   itself,   continually  &   knowingly   resisting    the   Holy   Spirit    is   a    very    serious   matter for   any   person,    especially   a    5-Fold   Minister   in   charge  of  God's people. 

Biblical  Requirements  for  God's  Leaders

A   true   leader of  God  must  &  will   bring  credit,  honor &  respect  to the  Lord Jesus Christ   in   ALL areas   of   Leadership  Qualifications. If   not,   then   he   is  UNQUALIFIED  &  not   yet   fit   for  any   of   the    5-Fold   ministry  roles.         Assuming   a    man  of  God   has   truly   been   called   to   Leadership  &   is    already   baptized  in   the   power  of    the Holy  Spirit     [a  prime key  for  any  believer  or  minister],      then   Paul's requirements  come   into  play   as   the   blueprint   for   that   leader   to  fully  adhere   to. 

Although  scriptures  are  plentiful  with  principles  &  guidelines  for  every "believer"    to  abide  by   &  grow  in,     a    "5-Fold Leader"     has   a whole   2nd  set   of   guidelines  that   he   MUST  ALSO  qualify  in.     As  stressed,    this  Bible  criteria  is  also  solid  for  use  in  accurate  discernment  for  the  believer.       However,   even  though  a   person's    "eyes"    might   be  opened  from   the   following  insights  &  discernments  about  leaders,   every  believer  still   must  make  sure  that   he   himself   has   fully     "taken the log out of his own eye  FIRST"     in  order   to  be  fully  confident   that   he   is   "seeing clearly"    &   by  the Spirit.      [Math.7:5].
Equally   important   is   that   every  solid  &  true Christian   [& especially  a   Leader]     who   "sees clearly"   with  sharp  discernment   will   also   have  the   purpose  &  attitude  of    "helping"   others   to  be  free  from   their  spiritual  blindness.   [Math.7:5].         Never  will   a    true  &  mature   man  or   woman  of   God   project   SPEECH  or   an  attitude  of   condemning  a   person  or   making   "light"   of   a   person's  discernable   downfalls,   sins   or   imperfections.      

The   following   brief  overview  shows   4   key  categories   of  Leadership  Requirements   based   in   various   scriptures   including  1st   &   2nd  Timothy.  

[*Note:     The  discerned  percentages  which  are  presented  refer  specifically  to   the  300,000   or   so    "Christian"    ministers     [ non-Catholic ]     in  America.         IE.   Non-denominational,  Evangelical,  Baptist,  Assemblies of God,   Protestant,   Methodist,   Lutheran,  Church of Christ,   Pentecostal,   Reformed,  Nazarene,   etc... ].

1]    BELIEFS  &  TEACHINGS:            [1 Timothy 4:16]

In  his  beliefs,  every   true  leader  will always  clearly  exalt  the  Lord  Jesus  Christ  as   the  divine  Savior &  Lord  &  as  the  only  way  to salvation  through  the  cross  &  His  bodily  resurrection.     If  not,   then  that  leader  struck  out  all   together.    He  is  not  even  a  Christian,  much  less  a  "Leader"  of   God.       

On  the  other hand,  a  leader  who  professes  true Christian  beliefs &  has  Biblical  teachings   in    NO  WAY   automatically  qualifies  for  Christian  leadership.     Nor  does  it   automatically  make   him  a   true  Christian  at  all!       There  are   still   numerous  other   requirements   he   must  ALSO  collectively meet    to  be  100%  qualified.       Besides, even   the   devil   can   profess  Christianity,    can   prophesy     [Acts 16: 16,17],     teach   the  Bible  &   quote  scriptures  as   he  did   directly   to  the   Lord  Himself.     [Math.4:6].        Scriptures  are  clear  that   "many" leaders   in   the   End Times   will   indeed   claim   to   be   Christians   &   have   the   appearance   as   one.       [Math.7:22,23].  

Regarding   a   minister's   "teachings",     they   are  a   definite   key   in  discerning    a   minister  &   his    concerns     [or  lack of concern]     for   helping   God's   people.      A   minister's  teachings  topics   are immediately   linked  to   Paul's   instruction  to   all   ministers  to   "equip  the saints".     [Eph.4:12].         But,   if   any   Leader   is   not   equipping God's  people,    then  he  is   neglecting  them.      This makes  that   leader  irresponsible  &  immediately  UNQUALIFIED.         Generally  in  the  USA  today,    most    [90% min.]  of   the  Pastors,  highly  visible  TV  ministers   &   the  so-called   "prophets"      come   nowhere  close  to   "equipping"    God's  thirsting  people   nor    "pressing them  towards  maturity"    as  scriptures  instruct.     [Heb.6:1,2].

God's Word is powerful,  but  can  become  "elementary"    [Heb.6:1]    if  continually  presented  to   a  person  or  church  body   who  has  already  internalized   it  &  is  ready  to  move  on.      This  is  exactly  what  has  transpired  in   the  Christian  Leadership  in   the  USA.       Americans  have  been  lulled  to  sleep  in   the  last  20  years   with  continual   teachings  which   have  become    'old  hat'     from  unqualified  ministers   &   mimicks.     

Today's   tiring  teachings  include  "faith",    "prosperity",    "marriage & family",      "the authority of the believer",    "salvation",    "the  importance  of  living  upright  as  a  Christian"    &  others.         Even   unbelievers  &  atheists   can   mostly   quote  these   true   Biblical  topics   at    this  point. These  teachings  are  still   vital   for   various  groups   in   America   like  new   believers.       But,   the  nation  as  a  whole    has  been  ready  for years   now  to   move  on   to  mature  food,    instead  of   being  drowned in   "milk"   by   90%    [or more]     of   today's  elementary  ministers.

The   epitome  of    today's  incredible  neglect   for  God's  people   is  the  fact   that   many   believers  who  attend  churches  weekly  are  not   yet   "filled with the Spirit".        Various  Christian  denominations in  America   have   thousands  of   ministers  who,    as  a  rule,   do  not  give much  attention   or   any   "teaching"   whatsoever   to   this  vital   topic.      Largely,   the  ministers  themselves  are  also  not   filled  with  the  Spirit.   Many  of   these   leaders  are  more  concerned  in  holding  onto  their  position  as  Sr. Pastor  or  church  President    and/or     not  rocking  the  church  counsel   "boat",    instead  of  "equipping  the  saints".

As  a  result,   hundreds  of   thousands   [maybe  millions]    of   God's   precious   people  sit   neglected   week   after  week  while  listening  faithfully  as   their   Leader  delivers   another   "dead work"   sermon.      But,   how  much  more   neglectful  can   a   Christian  Pastor  be   in   not  "equipping"   God's  children?       No   100%  qualified   Pastor  would   leave   God's   children   high   &  dry   from   the   mighty  experience  of  being    "filled with  the power of the  Holy Spirit"    as  the  scriptures  instruct.        [Eph.5:18;  Luke 24:49;  Acts 19:1-6].      

In  contrast  to  many  of  today's  leaders,   when  Paul  came  across  good  Christians  in  Ephesus,  one  of   his  first  questions  was  whether  they  had  received  the  Holy  Spirit.       When   they  said   'no',    Paul   immediately   made  sure  they  were   equipped.        He   laid  his  hands upon  them  &   they  all   received  the  full  power,  being  filled  with  the Holy  Spirit.      [Acts 19:1-6].         

Another  area  of  neglect  is  also  true  with  the  lack  of   "teachings"   on   these   End Times.       Again,   95%  or   more  of   today's  Christian  leaders  in  America  don't   bother  with   "equipping the saints"    with   vital  teachings  &  insight   concerning   these  End  Times.     This  is  a  crucial   mistake   in   the  face  of   the   imminent  foretold  events  &  judgements  of  God   including  the  very  return  of  our  Lord  Himself.    

Only  a   very  few  leaders  in   America    [less than 5%]     can   be  heard today   "equipping"   God's  people  for  readiness.      Today's  greatest  example  of   "neglect"   is   the   Roman  Papacy  itself   who is  never  seen  talking about    "being filled with the  Spirit",    the  End Times or   any   "teaching"    for  maturing  a  believer.        Instead,   99%  of   the  pope's   speeches  are  political,  generic   &  self-serving.      This   leaves his   1   billion  followers  in   the  dark  &  without  any  solid  food  whatsoever. 
To  reiterate  a  key  point,    typically  the   "teaching  topics"   a   leader chooses   can   be   discerned  as   either   "equipping"   God's   people  or  neglecting  them.      In   knowing  this,   it   will   usually   be   very   clear about   a   leader's  faithfulness   in   taking  care  of  God's  children  as he  is   charged   to  do.       In   fact,    the  Lord   specifically   stated   that   even   a    leader's   eternal  destiny   could   ride  on   that   leader's   faithfulness  in   providing   God's  people   their   essential   food    [teachings]    just   before  Christ's   return.     

Jesus  said,   "Who  then  is  the faithful & sensible slave   [End Time leader]   who  his  master put  in  charge of  his household    [the body of Christ]    to give them   [God's people]   their  food  at  the proper time?     Blessed is that slave   [End Time leader]    who his master finds do doing when he comes."      [Math.24:45].        For  those  End Time  leaders  who  would  be  found  not  equipping  the  saints  in   readiness,   then  they  were  assigned  to   a   place  where   "hypocrites"   &    "gnashing  of  teeth"    exist.         [Math.24:48-51].

2]    SPEECH:                   [1 Timothy 4:12;   2 Tim.2:16]

A  true  QUALIFIED   man  of   God's  SPEECH   will   be   seasoned  & perfect.    [Math.5:48].      The  words  he  carefully  chooses  will contain  truth,   wisdom,  accuracy  &  grace.       His  words  will  always   glorify  Christ  even  if  a   whole  different  subject  than  the  Bible  or  Christianity is  being   talked   about.     God's   leaders   will   be  found  blameless  & spotless   even  in   their  SPEECH.        [Eph.5:27; 4:32].  

But  today,  most   Christian  leaders   [especially TV ministers]    can  be  seen  clearly   speaking  with   unChrist-like  SPEECH.     90%  or   more of   Christian  ministers   have   "talk"   which  shows  the  recognizable  consistency  of   being   arrogant,  flippant,  sarcastic,   worldly,   self-exalting,   cocky   &  unbecoming.       Most  of  these  unqualified   Christian  leaders  have   no  idea   how  much  of   a  reproach   they  are  bringing  upon  the  Lord.    This  is  a  serious matter  amongst   today's  preachers   &  Christian  ministers.        

But,  a  person's  SPEECH   will  tell  volumes  about  a  person.   In  terms of  discernment,  sometimes  just  one  word by  itself   can  tell  all sorts of  things  about  that  person.    Jesus  warned  all  believers  that  we  are accountable  for   "every word"    we  speak,   even   in  the  day  of  judgement.      [Math.12:36].  
For example,   one  of   the   popular    [but totally false]    "prophets"   in  today's  Evangelical   circle  has  freely  used  the   slang  term   "That sucks!"     numerous  times  on  the  TV  airwaves.     Just  this  one simple phrase speaks loudly.       No  true  prophet  of  God  would  ever  talk  this way.     God's   true  prophets   [like Elijah,  John the Baptist,   Paul,  etc]    were  too  solid  to  even  make  an   "honest mistake"   like  this.      This  religious  huckster  also   has   an   obvious  pattern  of   SPEECH   which  constantly  exalts &  praises  himself   as   he   spewes  constant reminders   that   he   is   a   "prophet".        This   he  does  while   clearly  failing   to   meet   most   other   Leadership  requirements.     

Today,   this  self-praise   exists   in  a   major  way  amongst   false prophets    and    unqualified   Christian   leaders  themselves.      Some  ministers  are   bold   &  some  are   more  subtle  in   their  patterns  of   self-praise  &  arrogance  of  SPEECH.      Either way,   that  minister  is failing  in   the   "love"   of  Christ    since  Paul  specifically  clarifies  that "love does not brag"    &    "love  is  not  arrogant".     [1 Cor.13:4].       This makes   that   minister  not    "above reproach"    &   UNQUALIFIED.     
[1 Tim.3:2].           [Or,  a   false prophet  altogether.]

Another  common  tip-off  of  numerous  unqualified  ministers  today  are what   I  call   "screamers".        These  ministers  clearly  have  a  pattern  of  consistently   screaming  at   the  top  of  their  lungs  from  the  pulpit.    Numerous  top  Evangelical  TV  ministers   [men & women]     have   this  clear  pattern  in  their  preaching  styles.      Unfortunately,   Evangelical &  various   non-denominational   Christian   ministers  are   the  prime  group in   America   with   this   most   unbecoming   presentation.   

Of   today's  male  pulpit   "screamers",    approximately  80%  are   true Christians  who  are  unqualified  for  ministry.       These  mostly  are   "self-appointed"   pre-maturely   into   ministry   &   widely   accepted   because   of    their   charisma   &   their    "teaching / preaching"    skills.    About  10%   of   today's   male  "screamers"   are   indeed   qualified   for   5-Fold   roles.        These  are   solid  Christian  men  of  God    who at   some   point    became   sloppy   &  off   course.       These  should   be taken   to    the   side   &   privately   corrected.      [Gal.6:1; Math.18:15].     If   they   become  corrected,   they  should   remain   in   Leadership.        The   other  10%   or   so   are   religious  phonies,   mimmicks  &   false prophets  altogether.   

Scripturally,  there  is  NO  place  in  the  New Testament  where  Jesus  or Paul  or  any   of  the  men  &  women of  God  can  be  found   "screaming".        In  fact,  only  several  times  in  the  whole  New Testament  are  there  acounts  of  Jesus  &  Paul   even   "raising"   their  voices.     Then,   it  was  only  with   "a  loud voice"   at   the  very  moment    they   were   calling   into     effect   an   awesome   miracle.     Jesus  cried  out   with  a   loud voice  when  He  raised  Lazarus  from  the  dead.   [John 11:43].       And   Paul,   "with a loud voice",   commanded  the  cripple  from  his  mother's  womb  to   "Stand!   And walk!".     [Acts 14:10].   

But,   even   though   their  teaching  &  preaching   was  with  authority  &  intensity,    the  Lord   &  His  apostles   were   never   'screamers'.        Although  many   of  God's  people  in  America  are  accepting  of  this,   it is   unChrist-like,   unscriptural  &  unbecoming.        If   a   video  of  these   "screamers"   were  to  be  muted,    then  their  facial  contortions,   wild  gesturing  &  flailing  of   their  hands  at   the  pulpit   would   be  recognized  as   mirroring   the   arrogance   &  unbecoming  appearance  of  other  pulpit  pounders  like   Hitler  or   Sadaam Hussein.

Today's   female   "preachers"   &    "prophetesses"   can  also   be  seen  readily   on   Evangelical  TV   as   "screamers".        Of   today's  popular female   "screamers",    99%  are   unqualified altogether  to  be  standing  in   the   forefront  of  God's  House  at   all.       Their   arrogance &  unbecoming   SPEECH    &    behavior   falls   miserably   short   of   demonstrating   Christ's   character  &   "love".         [1 Cor.13:4,5].

Of   all   female  "screamers",    7  out  of  10   seen   in  the  Evangelical circles  today   have  evil  spirits.      They  are  in   the  exact  same  profile of   the  witch  with   the    "spirit of divination"    who  stood   in   the   midst of   Paul's   ministry  as    she   prophesied   accurately    "for  many  days". [Acts 16:18].        But,   by   sharp  discernment  of   a   man  of  God   like  Paul,    he   named   them  as    "noisy  gongs"    [1 Cor.13:1]      &   as  "greatly annoying"     in   the  House of  God.         [Acts16:18].  

Today's   screaming   "prophetesses"    are   the   same.       On  the  other hand,   numerous    "false prophetesses"     today   are  less  of   the  "screaming"   type.        But,   their   evil   intent  is   still   evident  &  annoying   in   their   unbecoming  behavior  &  speech,   arrogance   &   dominating-controlling   character.          Even   their   eyes  reveal   the  demonic  activity   within   them.    [Heb.5:14].        The  other  30%  or  so  of   female  "screamers"   are  true   Christian   females  who   have   been  negatively   influenced   &  should    be   privately  corrected   in   the Spirit  of  gentleness.       [Math.18:15; Gal.6:1].        

But,   most   [99%]   of   women   at   the   pulpits   today   are  "self-appointed"    into   ministry.      They   are  also   completely   out   of   the order   &   structure    which   Paul    laid   out    in   conjunction   with    the   men  of   God   in    5-Fold   ministry.         Largely,    this   has  occurred   from   the   influx   of  unqualified  men  themselves   in    5-Fold   ministry   roles   in   America.         This   will   change  dramatically  for   the   better   in   the  coming  days   ahead.        Many   hand-maidens  of the   Lord   will    be   raised   up   powerfully   in    evangelism,   teaching   &   prophetical   giftings   with   signs   &   wonders   following   them   in   these   End  Times.     [Joel 2:28, 29].       

But,   these   upcoming   women of   God    will   understand   their   roles   in    relation   to    the   order   &   functionality   of    the    5-Fold   ministers  made  up   of    true   men  of  God.      However,   in   these  deceptively  religious   times  ahead   this   profile  of   dominating,   annoying   &  unbecoming   women   in   the   forefront   will   continue   to   exist   to   some   degree. 

But  according  to  scriptures,    a   true   woman  of  God   will   always  demonstrate   "respectful  behavior"    [1 Peter 3:2]     &   a   "gentle & quiet spirit"    which    "is precious in the sight of God".        [  1 Peter 3:4].         This   is    true   Christ-likeness   &    is    easy   to   spot    in   a   solid   woman  of   God. 
The  accurate  discernment   of   most   all   leaders    [male  or  female]    found  in   this  pattern  of  "screaming"    is   that   their  character   is   typically:     impatient,   arrogant   [not humble],    manipulative &   insensitive  towards  others.      These  are  serious  failures   in  areas of  the   "fruit of the Spirit".       [ie. patience,  humility  &  kindness].     

Their  arrogance  in  SPEECH   also  demonstrates   their  lack   of  Christ's   true  "love"  since    "love is patient",     "love is not  arrogant"  &   "does not  act  unbecomingly".     [1Cor. 13:4,5].           This  clearly   places   the   "screamer"    profile  of   leader   in   the  UNQUALIFIED  or false prophet    status  since  they  are   failing  in   the  Lord's   prime  commandment  of   "love".      [John 13:35].          Paul  also  gave  clear instruction:    "Speak  the  truth  in  love."     [Eph.4:15].          Here  again,    many   Christian  ministers   [even  false prophets]      "speak  the  truth",     yet   fail   to  speak  it   in   "love".      This  makes  a   leader  immediately unqualified  or   "false"   altogether.        This  is   prominent   today.

No  true solid  Leader of God   will   have   SPEECH   which  opposes  or  misrepresents   the  "character"   of   Christ.    [ie.  humility,  kindness, patience,  peace,  etc../ "fruit  of  the Spirit" / Gal. 5:22].         Nor   will   any true   bond-servant  of   God   present   SPEECH   towards  people,    not  to  mention  towards  God's  own  people  from   the  pulpit,    that    fails   in   the   "love"   of   Christ.   

Other  Discernments  of   SPEECH  most  common  today  include:

a]  Condemnation:   Many  ministers  use  words   and/or   a   tone  even from the pulpit  that clearly  projects  "condemnation".     Arrogance usually will  accompany  this  trait.      This  is  never  of Christ.      In  33 1/2  years  Jesus  was  never  found   having  any  condemning   tone  in  His  attitude  or  SPEECH  towards  others.     Never  the  slightest  trace  of  condemnation    [like rolling the eyes  or  facial expressions]    could  ever  be  seen  in  the  Lord.       Even  to  those  who  opposed  Him,   He  still   always   projected   a   humility,  respect,   kindness  &  patience  in   tone &  attitude.     There  is  no  condemnation,  none,  in  Christ.    [Rom.8:1].

But clearly,  many  Christian  ministers  project  a  haughty  & condemning  tone  with  words  that match.     Also,  most every false prophet  &  false prophetess  will  definitely  demonstrate  this.       This  condemning  delivery   can   be   seen  today  as   soft  &  subtle  or   it  may   be   loud  &   brash.      Either  way,   that  minister  has   seriously  failed   in  the   "love"  of Christ,   His  greatest commandment.      [John13:35; 1 Cor.13:4-8].     This immediately  disqualifies  that  minister.

b]   Constantly mentioning  "Race":    Any  person  who  has  the clear pattern  of   constantly  elevating   his  own   "race",    is   "racist"   in  nature.      Also,  patterns  of   denouncing  or   speaking  unfavorably  of  a "race"   is  equally  as   "racist".      Typically,   this  ungodly  pattern of  SPEECH   will   manifest   in  anger,   hate,   disrespect     and/or   argumentativeness.     But,  no    true  man  of  God  will   have  any   need for   anger   or   argumentativeness   about   issues  of   "race".

Since  scriptures  are  clear  that  a   person's  words   will   profile  what  is   in   his   heart     [Math.15:18,19]      then   many   "Reverends"   &   so-called   "Christians"   in   America  can   be  discerned  as   having   placed   themselves  into   this   profile.      Today,   America  has  become desensitized   to   commonly-heard  statements   like    " I'm  proud  to  be  white / black / Jewish....."      which  are  clearly  racist   in  nature.    

In  fact,  any  minister   [or person]    found   in   this   profile   has  completely  &  dangerously   placed  himself  outside  of   the  standards  &  principles  of   Christ  &  His   "love"   for  others.        He  or  she   is  no  Christian  at   all.       But,   a  true   bond-servant   of  God    [ministers]    will   have   true   Christ-like   love   &   respect  towards  all   people,   having  no  influence  whatsoever  by   a   person's   "race".        This  is  Christ.        [*Note:   This above discernment of  "racism"  is not related at all to the true favor of God shown to the Jewish race throughout the Old & New Testaments as part of His plan.  But,  through  the  Lord Jesus Himself,   the door has now been opened  for all  people to be born into God's family regardless of   "race".]  

c]   Worldly,  flippant  &  sarcastic SPEECH:      This  is  prominent within   90%  of  today's  Christians  in  the  forefront.        Ministers   [TV ministers included]      disqualify  themselves   by   their   consistent  worldly,   flippant,    "cute",     sarcastic   &  even   ungodly  SPEECH.       Nothing   about   the   Lord Jesus   is  ever  found    to   include   these  common   traits   of   today's  Christian  Leaders'   SPEECH.

3]    The  CHARACTER  &  ATTITUDE   of  Christ:

This  vital  category  of  Leadership Requirements  covers  much  ground for  a  true  man  or  woman  of  God   to  be  QUALIFIED  in.         If  a   leader  fails  in  these   areas,    he   has   immediately  disqualified  himself   as   a   leader.       Most   likely  he   is   bringing  a   reproach  upon   the  Lord.     Both  moral   behavior  &  SPEECH   itself   are  also included  here.           It   also  includes   the   powerful   nature  of   Jesus'    humility  &   "love"    which  manifests     [&  can  be  discerned]      in   a  person's   character,   attitude,   speech   &   behavioral   gestures   towards  all  others.   

In    1 Corinthians Chapter 13    &   Galatians Chapter 5    are  found   the   clear-cut    traits   of   Christ's    "love"   &   His   "character".   [Gal.5:22].       Every  thirsty  believer  can   line  himself  up  with  these  specific   "checklists"   &   become  continually  more  mature  in   Christ-likeness.      

But,   for  every   Leader    [in  fact,  every  believer],    showing  Christ's   "love"    in   one's   own  character   is   the   loudest-speaking  evidence of   all    Leadership  requirements.       Although   scriptures  are   plentiful  with   principles   &   guidelines   for    every     'believer'     to   abide   by   &   grow   in,      a     "Leader"    himself    has    a    whole    2nd  set     of  Leadership   guidelines   he   must  also  QUALIFY   in.

Regarding   the   'love'  of  Christ,     many  persons     [both believers & unbelievers]    make  the  mistake  of   equating   the    'absense  of  hate'   within  one's  own  heart,     as   being   the  same   with   having   the    "love"   of   Christ.      This  is   never   true.        Christ's  love   is   immeasurably  greater    [eternally]    than   just     "having  no  bitterness or hate"     against  anyone.       God  did  not   offer   His  Son   at   the  cross based   on    "the  absence  of  hate".         But   His  gesture  originated  from   His  deep,  eternal  love  for  all  people.     true bond-servant of  God   will   actually   have   the  deep   "desire"   to  show    kindness,  patience,   respect,   care  &   peace  towards  all   people.      This  is  the  real   &   true   "love"  of   Christ   within  a   believer.         It   is  not   just "surface"   gestures  of   the  same  kind   which  even   unbelievers  can  present.

Without  exceptions,   the  "love of Christ"   must  &  will  shine  forth  towards  others  from   a  true &  100%  qualified   man  or  woman   of  God.       If  not,   then   that   minister  is  in   NO  WAY   qualified   to   lead  God's  people.      He  must  step  down.       Sadly,   90%    [minimum]  of   today's   Christian   ministers  come   nowhere  close  to  demonstrating the    "love of Christ"     in    their   character,   attitude  &   nature.
Ministers  in   America    [ie.  church Pastors/TV ministers]      have   so   failed   in    this   specific  area   that    they   have   actually   done   more   to   cloud   Americans   from    seeing   true    Christ-likeness   than   to  reflect   it.   

However,   whenever Jesus  walked  into  a  place,   He  was always observed  as  the  perfect  gentleman.       His   kindness & care  for  all others  was  overwhelmingly  obvious  as  was  His  disarming  humility.  Once  in   His  presence,   even  as  a   child  &  young man,    His  clear respect,   patience  &  kindness  towards  all  people   was  quickly  observable  by  all.      In  His presence,  the  "peace" was  inexpressably strengthening.     Every  person  who  met  eyes  with  Him could  sense  His   true  care  for  their  best  interests  &  welfare.      Later  at  the  cross  &   resurrection   is   when   full   understanding  opened  to   the  eternal    "care & love"    He  had  for  all  people.

But,  scriptures  say  clearly  that  a  leader   who  does  not demonstrate Christ's   nature  &  attitude  of   "love"   is   no   more  than   a    "noisy gong"    &   "clanging cymbal"   in    the   House  of  God.     [1Cor.13:1, 2].  Although   all    "believers"     must     "grow"    into    maturity    &   Christ's   "love"   over   a   period  of   time,      a      "Leader"   carries   even  greater  responsibility.

Why?      Because  a  Leader standing   in   the  forefront   is   already  holding  himself   up   not  only   as   a   "mature believer"   but  also   as a   100%  qualified   Leader.           So,    if   ever   a   "Leader"    is  discerned   as   not    showing   the   true   "love"  of  Christ,     then   he immediately  exposes  himself  as   not   only   UNQUALIFIED   to   lead  God's  people,    but   also  in  need   to  go   back   &   "mature"   as  a  "believer".       

It   bears  repeating   that   the   "love of Christ"   is   what   speaks  the  loudest   of   all    Leadership  Requirements.      When  coming  into   the  presence   of   a    true  &  solid  man  or   woman of  God,     then  their character,  speech,  attitude   &   behavior   is   a    very   powerful   reflection  of   Christ  Himself  &   His   love.       By   this  kind   of   "love", the   Lord   said,    "all  men will  know  that  you  are  My  disciples."  [John 13:35]. 


This  4th  category  of  Leadership Accountability   can  be  detailed greatly.        But   here,  only   a    brief   statement   will   be   made   which summarizes.       The   bottom-line  prime  purpose  for   a    Leader  to  be  accountable   to   other   men  of  God   is   for   the  well-being   of   both   the   Leader   plus    the  body of  Christ   itself. 

100%  Qualified Leaders    who  are  accountable  to   each  other   will   strengthen   each  other   with   confirmation,  guidance,   correction,  reproof,   growth,   protection  &  other  spiritual   needs  each  may   have. This   kind   of   Biblical   accountability   helps   a    Leader   to    fulfill   his  ministry   responsibilities  in   overseeing   God's   children.       As   a   direct  result,    God's   children   will   also  advance   in   strength,   growth &   spiritual  benefits   from   God    &   from    those   accountable   5-Fold  Ministers.        Again,   this   is   the   purpose  &  goals   of  solid   accountability   amongst   God's   Leaders.

Conversely,   any   leader   who    answers   to   no   one  can   easily  sway off   course  &  can  go  unchecked.      This  can  result  in   great  harm  &  spiritual  shipwreck   to   the   Leader  himself  &   God's  children.     Many false prophets,   false religions   &  even  so-called    "Christian"   religious sects   have   been   originated  over   the  centuries   by   men   who   "did their own thing"     and/or    were     "one-man  shows".       Typically,   their  best   targets  have  been  followers   [even true believers]    who  were  unversed   in   the  solid  principles   of   the   written  Word  of  God.

In   America   today,    any   accountability    that    exists    is   mostly   amongst  unqualfied  ministers   of    the   same   spiritually-weak    &   undiscerning   mindset.       This   is   epitomized   by   numerous   Church  ministers,   TV  ministers   &    "prophets"    who   have    been   exposed   in   evil   deeds   in   recent   years      [ie.  homosexuality,  alcoholism,  drug  usage]      while   being   highly  exalted   &   promoted   into   the  forefront   &  pulpits.        As  a  result,    the   body  of  Christ    in   the   USA   suffers   the   consequences  of   continued  neglect   at   this   unparalelled   prophetical   time   in   world   history.         [Math.24:45;  Eph.4:12].

In  Summary:  

To   re-emphasize,   if   any   so-called   "5-Fold  Leader"   fails   in   even 1   of   the    Requirements  for  Leadership,    including   the  above  areas,     then   he   is   UNQUALIFIED    to   lead   the  children  of   God  as   a    5-Fold  Leader.        He   must   qualify   in   ALL   areas.

The  Apostle  Paul  called   it    "being above  reproach"    which   he   said   every   Leader   &   overseer   "must  be".     [ I Tim.3:2 ].        Paul left   no   exceptions.       As   previously   indicated,    he   also   said    that unless   a    man    is    "first  tested"    &    then   found   to   be   "above reproach",      then   he  does    not    even   qualify    for    a     "deacon" position    in   the   church.     [1 Tim.3:10 /  Greek:  "attendant"].           Not   to    mention    as    a     5-Fold  minister    in    charge   of    overseeing   God's   flock.          

But    today,    90%    [minimum]   of    today's  Christian    "leaders"    in   America     fail      Paul's   very  1st    requirement   of    being    "above reproach".      Many   TV   preachers   &   ministers   today   have   such  unbecoming  natures    that    their    unChrist-likeness   can    be   discerned    within   the    very   first    moments   that    they   begin   speaking.         This   shows   them    as    being   unqualified.  

But,   if   ever    a    minister   is    discerned   as    being   unqualified,  then    the   next   discernment   should   be    to   determine   if    that  individual   leader   is    truly   a    Christian   or,    in  fact,    is   a    false  man   or    woman   of   God   altogether.        Here  again,   the  criteria   &  insight    in    this   chapter   coupled  with    the   kind   of   spiritual  discernment   spoken   of    in     Hebrews 5:14     will   clearly   identify    "who's   who?".
However,   at    this   time  prophetically,    if   a    particular   Leader  is  recognized   as    being   UNQUALIFIED    &    not   "above reproach",  then   the   body  of  Christ   must    FIRST   pray   for   that   person  &   for  his   or  her   strengthening   &   that    he/she   will   be   found   &  kept    in Christ.       Secondly,    a    believer   must   consider   prayerfully   about   peacefully    withdrawing   from   that    particular   leader   since   he   has   more   work   ahead   of    him    in   order    to    pass   the     "tests"     &   qualifications   which   Paul   identified   in   scripture.        [1 Tim.3:10].

In   the  New  Testament,   the  Apostle  Paul   gives  many  powerful  insights,   instructions,  encouragements  &  even  warnings   to  God's   Leaders   &  also   to  believers   who  aspire   to   Leadership.      One  major   word   of   wisdom   &  warning  which   he  gave   to   Timothy  is  just   as   vital    [maybe  more]     for    today's   5-Fold   Leaders   in  these End  Times.       The Apostle Paul said:    

"Do  not  neglect  the  spiritual gift  within  you,   which  was  bestowed  upon  you  through  prophetic  utterance  &  by   the  laying  on  of  hands  by  the  elders.     Take  pains  with  these  things;    be  absorbed  in  them,  so  that  your  progress  may  be  evident  to  all.      Pay close attention   to  yourself   &   to  your  teachings;   persevere  in  these  things,   for  as  you  do  this  you  will  insure  salvation  both  for  yourself   &   for  those  who  hear  you."           [1 Tim.4:14-16].

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