Just naming ourself as a 'believer'  or  a  'Christian'  is not full proof  that we are TRUE followers of Christ.   Even the demons of  Satan  'believe'   as  the  scriptures  say.       [James 2:19].

At this time prophetically,  it's time that true  believers in Christ begin proving their Christianity in  their  SPEECH,  BEHAVIOR, ATTITUDE  &  gestures in life towards  all  others.     Then, the    TRAITS OF CHRIST  &  HIS  LOVE   within  us,    as  true Christians,   will   be   recognized  as   truly   Christlike. 
But,  it  is  up  to us  as  believers &  can  be  accomplished  IF we:  1]  line ourselves up with Him and His written Word & then  2]  conduct ourselves in  His  likeness.

Jesus said, "Why do you call me  'Lord'  but you do not do the things which  I  say?"  [Luke 6:46].   Today,  many people [including   many  TV  personalities  like   Dog Chapman,   Ann Coulter,  Bill  O'Reiley,  Glenn Beck,  etc  etc.....]   claim  to  be  'Christians'    yet    their    SPEECH,   BEHAVIOR,   ATTITUDE TOWARDS OTHERS  and  their  gestures  towards others bring a  terrible reproach upon the  Lord & also totally distorts &  misrepresents  true  Christlikeness.    Many  Americans are like  this  today,   being  only   '1st base'   believers.

In  reality,  they  may  be  'true believers'  since  they  decided one  day  to  'believe'  in Christ,  which is  the  greatest  FIRST STEP   towards  eternal  life,   'believing'   in  Christ.      [John 3:16].     However,  having  Jesus as  'Savior'   but  not   'Lord'  by   not   'doing what He says'    &   not  lining  ourselves  up with   His   'words'   as   Jesus  requires,  can  result   in   that  true  believer  making  a  mockery  out  of  Christlikeness  and even  distance  many   people   from  Jesus,   which  has  hap- pened   alot  from  TV  personalities  in  America.

Unfortunately,   today's  TV   pulpit  ministers  overall  are  the greatest  misrepresenters  of  true  Christlikeness  in  America today.        Their  arrogance,   condemning  &  condescending attitudes,  worldliness  of  SPEECH  &   BEHAVIOR,  cockiness, FLIPPANT  attitudes   and   their   disrespect   towards  others  IN  NO  WAY REPRESENTS THE  TRUE  LIKENESS  OF THE LORD JESUS.

BUT,  TRUE Christians who  know  their  Lord  &  walk with Him will  demonstrate  His humility,  kindness,  love  &  respect to  ALL OTHERS AT ALL TIMES  never  projecting  condem- nation   OR  a  condescending  attitude  to  others  who  might oppose us.    This  is  how  Jesus was,  AND STILL IS.     HE is the   most  humble,   gentlemanly  to  all,    kind  to  all  people,  respectful  towards  all  others  even  those  who  oppose  Him,  His  speech  &  attitude  towards  people  are  KIND,  GENTLE, PATIENT  and  CARING......He  is  self-controlled  IN  SPEECH, KIND  GESTURES  and  behavior and THERE IS NOTHING OF WORLDLINESS  in   the  SON OF GOD  as  we  see  so much  of   in   today's  arrogant  &  worldly  TV  preachers.

For  believers  who  desire to  quickly begin  lining themselves up   with   the   Word  in  order  to   be  more  LIKE  HIM,   then  Galatians Chapter 5   AND  1 Corinthians Chapter 13   are 2  powerful  checklists  by  which a  believer  can  begin recog- nizing   the   TRUE TRAITS OF CHRISTLIKENESS,   and  then BEGIN  LINING  ONESELF UP  WITH  IT TO  BEGIN SHOWING OTHERS  CHRIST  WITHIN  US.

How  many  times  can  someone  be  heard  saying,   'Oh,,,,,I love  God......'.            Yet,   Jesus'   own  Words  about  who   'Loves'   Him  require  much  more  than  just  a  simple shrug of  the shoulders comment about   'loving Him'.    He said,  'he who loves ME,  will keep MY words...'.          [Gospel John 14:23].         For  example,   many   preachers  today    'know' God's  word  well,  yet   they  are  not   'keeping'   it   by  their  failure  to  exhibit  Christ's  love,   which  is  His   ultimate  com- mandment   which   proves  [or  disproves]    our  true   nature  as   Christians   &   demonstrates  His  LOVE   to   all  others.   [John 13:34,35].  

It's  time now  for we  believers to PROVE our true Christianity by  KNOWING HIS WORDS,  then  BY  KEEPING HIS WORDS,  AND  MOSTLY BY  DEMONSTRATING  HIS  LOVE  TO  ALL OTHERS.      

It  is  by  this  "love"  that  the  Lord  said   "....all men shall know  that  you  are  MY  disciples.....".     [John 13:34,35].

Above is excerpt
from Living Above Sin
Copyright 1991 / 
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Rob Conrad
Jan 14, 2008
Proving our  true  Christlikeness  according  to the Word