Eliminating  sin   from  our  life  is  an   absolute   "must" for  believers.    Many  believers  (& ministers)   today  in the  United  States  still   hold  to   the  view   that   "every Christian    is   still   a    'sinner'   &   that   sin   is   always going    to    be   part   of    a    Christian's   life,    so   we might   as   well   get  used   to   it."

But,   this   is   a   major  contradiction   to   God's  Word.
This  erroneous  belief  will   lead   a   believer  right  into "slop"   Christianity  &  open  all  sorts   of  doors  for  the enemy   to   enter   through.     Ministers   who   continue to   mislead   the  body   of   Christ   this   way   will   stick out   like    a    sore   thumb   from   the   awesome  light &  holiness   that   will    increase   within   the   body   of Christ   in   the   coming   prophetical   days.

In   fact, scriptures   in  the   New   &   Old   Testaments squash   this    empty   view.        Scriptures   make   the clear   command   to    believers   to    "Stop  sinning!". (1 Cor.15: 34).     And,  "Be   angry,  yet   do  not  sin!"  (Eph.4:26).        And,    "I     (John)    am   writing    these things   to   you   that  you  may  not   sin...".     (1 John 2:1).      David   wrote,     "Tremble,    &    do  not  sin!". (Psalms 4:4).      Paul  wrote,    "Therefore,   do  not  let sin  reign    in   your   mortal   bodies....".    (Rom.6:12). Jesus   Himself    instructed   a   woman   who    He   had just   healed,    "From  now  on,   sin  no  more."   (John 8:11).       He   meant   this.

These   are   only   a    few   passages   (of  many)    that clearly  instruct   believers  to   eliminate  sin  from  our lives.        Also,   an   important   fact   for   believers   to know   is   that   separating   ourselves   completely  from sin   does   not   have  to   be   as   difficult   &   as    pro- longed   as   many   might   think.       In   fact,   any    be- liever    who    makes    his    (or  her)    mind    up,    can usually    experience    freedom   from    sin    quickly   or even   instantly.

But,   it   requires  that   the   believer   examines  himself according   to   God's  Word,   &   then   makes   a   com- mitment   within  himself  &   to   the  Lord   to  turn   away from    sin.       A   believer   must   actually   decide   that he  wants   no  part   of   a    particular   sin   whatsoever.  
Since     "We    can    do    all    things    through   Christ"  (Phill.4:13)      and      since      "We    are    more    than conquerors   in   Christ"      (Rom.8:37),     then    turning away  from   behavior,    speech   or   habits   that   are of   sin,   can  also   be   conquered. 

Prophetically  at  this   time,  God  is  calling   His people  to   live  above   sin   so   that    'He   might present  to   Himself   a   church   in   all   her  glory, having  no  spot   or   wrinkle  or  any   such  thing; but    that   she   should    be    holy   &   blameless.'  (Ephesians 5:27)
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