Ambassadors  for  Christ...

Many  believers  in   the  body   of   Christ   are   not   sure  what their purpose   is.    Here‘s   good   news.     All   believers  have been   given   the   same   ultimate   divine    purpose    for   their own    lives   which    is    already    ordained   by    God’s   Word.      
Whether  a   believer  is   a   minister,   a   housewife,   a   young adult    or     even      a      brand-new     born    again     believer, every     believer     is     called     as     an      Ambassador  for Christ“.      (2 Cor.5:20).         This   is   powerful   to   know.            
This    means   that    each  believer    has   been   divinely    ap- pointed     by     the    King     (Jesus)      to     go    out     &      to perfectly     “represent”      Him    &     His    kingdom    while    we walk    through    this    world.         This    is     every    believer’s ultimate   purpose,     which    is   divinely   ordained    by   God’s written   Word. 

In   fact,   believers   who  continually   examine   themselves    in the     areas    of     their    own    character,     attitude    &    love of     Christ    towards    others     and       who      are    pressing towards    maturity    in    them,      are    already    carrying    out  this     ultimate    purpose    that     God     has      ordained     for their   lives.       

Importantly,    all    of    the    other    specific    plans     or     pur- poses     that     God    might    also    add      to     a     believer’s life     (like  being   a   mother,    a   minister,   having   a   certain occupation,   etc.)      become     tremendously     enhanced     &  blessed    of    God     when     a     believer    makes     his  top priority to   demonstrate    Christ’s    love,   character,    attitude &    His    life,    towards   all   others.      This    is    our   ultimate purpose,     which   makes   us    “Ambassadors   for   Christ”.

Ministry  of  Reconciliation...       

In    the   same    text   in    2  Corinthians,     the    other   aspect of    God’s    purpose     for     every     believer     is     identified. Namely,   every     believer   has    been     given     the     exact same      “ministry”     as    our     Lord    Jesus   which    is    the “ministry   of   reconciliation”.    (2 Cor.5:18).      Here   again, this     is    every    believer’s    ultimate     “ministry”,    which    is ordained   by    God’s    written    Word.         It’s    an   attitude. 

So,    each    of    us    as    believers    must    take    the    exact same   attitude   that    Jesus   projected    towards    all    others. This    is     the    specific   attitude    that    God    is     within   us (as   He  was   in  Jesus)  with   the   same   desire   &   purpose. That   is,    to    beam    forth    from  us     His   love,     kindness, respect    &    forgiveness    towards    all    persons,     in    order to      “reconcile”     them     back     to     God     through     the salvation    found    only    in    Christ   Jesus.         

This   should    be    every   believer’s    daily   attitude    towards all    others.     The    “ministry  of  reconciliation”    is   every believer’s    daily      “mission”      which     is     bound     together with    our   purpose   of   being     “Ambassadors  for  Christ”.

2 Corinthians 5:18-21:

“Now  all   these   things   are   from   God;   who   reconciled   us to   Himself   through   Christ,    &    gave    us   the    ministry   of reconciliation,   namely,    that    God    was   in    Christ    recon- ciling    the    world    to    Himself,     not    counting   their    tres- passes    against    them,    &    He    (God)    has   committed   to us    the   word   of    reconciliation.   Therefore,    we   are   am- bassadors    for   Christ,    as    though   God    were    entreating through     us;    we     beg    you    on    behalf    of    Christ,    be reconciled   to   God.       He    made   Him   (Jesus)    who   knew no    sin     to    be     sin    on    our    behalf,     that    we    might become    the     righteousness   of    God    in     Him     (Jesus).”

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'For all who are being led by the Spirit of God,  these are the sons of God.'        [ Romans 8:14 ]
Excerpt from 'Living Above Sin' / Copyright 1991 / Rob Conrad / US Library of Congress
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